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Found 37 results

  1. MISSING Items

    Hello, i sent in a report ticket using your support system about two of my items that just disappeared. I lost a pair or black combat pants and a Ballistic mask. I want the BP points returned or my items returned to me ASAP. See below the conversation with one of your GMs which is totally unacceptable . _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I wrote, I opened two crates..... one had black combat pants and the other had a Ballistic mask. I tried to trade my black pants in for BP points and they disappeared.....then i logged off and rebooted my PC and BOTH the MASK and the pants were not on my toon. They BOTH poofed........please help? PLEASE give them back? Sigh if i cant get the items back i at least want my BP points back....but i really wanted the mask.......sigh ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jun "GM Massive.Alien" wrote... 2017-08-18 04:16AM PDT Greetings! Thank you for contacting support, Unfortunately, we don't have a way to restore any items including battle points at this time. I apologise for any disappointments. For the mean time, please post this issue on our forums. So that our Dev team can take notice and collect it as a bug report. http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/10-bug-reports/ Regards, June "GM Massive.Alien" EME Customer Support ** OUR STAFF WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD ** ** Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You wrote... 2017-08-18 11:03PM Hello, I am very disappointed with your response and find it very concerning that you tell players there is nothing you can do about this. First of all, we both know this is not the truth and is very misleading information that you are on the record saying. We both know "there is something you can do, but you are choosing not to". So lets get that clear. Let me explain, I was a GM with Everquest for over 5 years with SonyOnline Entertainment. I then was a GM at Blizzard with WOW for two years. I know what can and cant be done. You all have logs of each players BP points and items they received and can verify that very easily. The skins you reward players actually have a monetary value and are even traded online for money, which you don't support, but you don't condone it either, therefore the items that your system ate, actually become more of an issue / liability than you all have thought. You have a responsibility to refund or compensate the player, because you could be accused of artificially controlling the prices of the skins in the market if your system eats the items and you do nothing to compensate the player for their losses. So I will ask you again, to please think about what i have said and maybe think outside of the box, on a way to compensate a devoted customer that has bought 4 copies of your game. I lost a pair or black combat pants and a Ballistic mask. I want them returned to me or 4800 BP points. Thanks and I look forward to your response and solution to our problem that allows us both a win win. Thanks, Scott
  2. Hey Devs and fellow PUBG community. This has been on my mind for some time and I wanted to make a forum post about it addressing it! During season 2 I went hard for rank and managed to hit 15 in NA for Squads and other high ranks for duos and solos. But after I got done grinding my rank, I had nothing to do. Sure winning and going for high kills is fun but the game gets stale and repetitive. Especially since it's in early access and the longer you play you start to see more bugs that just annoy you and make you want to get off sooner. I want to introduce you all to an idea that I think would make PUBG last an extremely long time and keep every player engaged and motivated to play. Something that games lack now a days is incentive. There's generally no incentive to play games anymore, and I think the addition of a leveling system and challenge system in PUBG would be incredible. After every game you play you get XP based on how many kills you got and how close to winning you got. In H1Z1 there was a leveling cap, but I believe you should bring in a good ol' prestige system. Every prestige you hit gains you some sort of patch to put on a vest, a charm for a weapon, or something cosmetic that lets players know hey I've put this much time in. A good challenge system would be amazing as well. Challenges for more XP to gain. Some people argue that this would be turning the game into Call of Duty, but who says that's a bad thing? Modern Warfare and Black Ops are some of the most well received shooters of all time. The challenges could give different rewards based on difficulty etc. This wouldn't be a difficult system to implement I know that, but I also know the team at Bluehole is limited in numbers and something like this comes after other priorities. I'm just asking that you guys consider it, because if all this game has to offer is some stupid crates and micro-transactions, the player base will decline. It won't be today or tomorrow. Might not even be this year or the next, but gamers need something to work towards, they need something to show off to their enemies or friends and say "hey, I have this and I worked hard for it"
  3. Okay, so we can customize our characters with clothing on every level - except the waist so far. In the coming crates, what if we could get some (tossing examples) red leather satchels, some white leather utility belts, or some 90's esque - pink/blue/neon yellow - FANNY PACKS. Who wouldn't love that. Thoughts?
  4. Gamescom Kiste(n)

    Wie wird es mit der Gamescom Kiste sein , wird sie nach dem 27 Aug noch in mein Inventar vorhanden sein? Kann man sie dann auch noch öffnen können ( Key im Shop kaufen) bzw kann ich diese Kisten noch verkaufen? oder wird der Verkauf gesperrt und diese Kisten verweilen im Inventar?. Vielleicht weiß es ja einer hab dazu leider nichts gefunden und wollt mal sicher gehen
  5. When the game is stable and has been officially released, are there any plans for a way to make skins that can become official in-game skins like in CS:GO? I really like making skins, so that would be a big draw for me. It would be really nice if you had a tool to make it easier to implement than in CS:GO, because unless you have Photoshop, making skins is a hassle and demands at least four different programs. I would like to stress that the implementation of a way to make skins that can then be voted on by the community, and approved by the devs, is a nice-to-have feature. It is not something I want so bad that I think it should take priority in any way. Stability, improvements and core-game features should always be prioritized.
  6. So in the Dropped Frames interview there was a brief mentioning about skins and if Player Unknown wants to go in the direction of monetizing through skins and such where he mentions; "I want to create a skin economy and there will be crates like and skins probably more like the CS:GO model. Like you've probably noticed already when you're playing the cost of the crates goes up by quite a lot and that's to put a soft limit on the amount of crates you can buy in the game so that there is an economy there, not everyone can have hundreds of crates." "We want to create like, skins being valuable and you're kind of rewarded for playing the game but we'll announce more about that over the next 6 months" Source at revelant time: So what does this mean? 1. Skins are going to be pretty costly on the steam market as the amount of skins being unboxed will be limited due to the pricing system of the crates, making the cooler skins more sought after. 2. With Skins being potentially profitable for those who like to (god forgive me for saying this) play the [steam] market, we can expect third party sites to get in on this as people will want to try and sell/cash out items. (We've seen this with CS:GO and H1Z1 with OPSkins) 3. The Devs will really have to make a lot of customisation items. Why do I say this? Because the game will be fully moddable, PlayerUnknown states that through microtransactions such as skins they potentially wouldn't have to charge money for DLC/future maps etc but why does the game being moddable effect this? Well let's look at CS:S and CS:GO as an example, if any of you guys used to play CS:S back in the day I'm sure you're familiar with FPSbana and downloading mods to make your guns look fresh and funky, where asCS:GO having as many skins as it does eliminates the need for that. Everyone can have a loadout for a pretty cheap price and for some it's easier to just but a £5 skin than learning about opening steamapps/csgo/custom/ etc. 4. Deluxe costume will be a gamble. Later on the interview, PU is asked how many keys the team had for beta in total since they all sold out which he couldn't reply with because sensitive information. We know that half, maybe even less than half were deluxe edition and the fact the game sold out so quick guarantees we've got our first limited rare item in the game. People are going to be selling the Deluxe skin almost straight away for easy profit, but if they hold on to the skin for a while, depending on how often new costumes get released this could be incredibly profitable later on down the line- I know I'll be gambling by buying a few extra deluxe skins. (If it works out well, sweet, if not, then I can give them to friends :D) 5. The game will have Fashion Players. This is a given with any game that has custom clothing, we'll be having two kinds of people; Those who dress super seriously to get as much advantage as possible (camo clothing, dark clothing etc) and those who'll dress up in the most expensive items they own to kind of show off what they have. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this plays out, it's always interesting to see how the playerbase evolve with custom clothing, I just realy hope we don't go too jokey like H1Z1, I don't mind jokey but there's a limit to how many people walking around with pig masks I can take haha. What are you thoughts on this?
  7. With the addition of new skins/wearables on the way I thought I'd share my love for the dog tags and hogs tooth necklace that are included with some of the tank tops. I'd love to see these appear as their own wearable. It'd be nice to be able to toss that in the Mask slot, and wear it with whatever shirt we may be wearing.
  8. So i'm sure everyone has seen the outrage on reddit about the paid crates. I personally don't care all that much about it. However i am disappointed that certain cosmetics (ie. the majority of them) from the new cosmetic releases are going to be limited to the paid crates which will only be accessible for a short time span during the tournament. I think BH should make a very small chance (like 0.1% chance) to get one of the rare cosmetics from the paid crate in the normal crates. This way, players don't HAVE to spend more money on crates to get the cosmetics they want. It's more of a gamble, but at least there is a chance for players to get the cosmetics they want. Players have already paid for the game, so at least give us some sort of option to get the cosmetics we want without having to drop tons of cash on these paid crates.
  9. Nothing really important but I think special items/skins for the players, who reach Top100 until XY (monthly reset?!) would be cool. Just a small one like a crown or a medal Similar to rocket league with their "season rewards".
  10. Which would you prefer?
  11. Weapon skins

    I'd love to see weapon skins in this game. Recollors, animated skins or even skins that makes a weapon another weapon with the same stats. Like the m416, a super rare skin makes it change into a honey badger, an94, stg 44 ( WW2) Just the weapon skin changes, but the stats don't. For clothes i'd love to see some WW1/ WW2 designs, or mad max stylish clothes. What ideas do you guys have for cosmetics? Thx.
  12. ¿Nuevas Skins en PUBG?

    Buenas a tod@s! En este post pretendo hacer eco de la noticia dada en la web inglesa PC Gamer. Un usuario "minero" de código ha encontrado en los archivos del juego armaduras, chaquetas y otros objetos cosmeticos presentes en el código del juego, pero sin acceso ingame. Las skins que vereis a continuación puede que sean un simple placeholder o que no lleguen a implementarse nunca y sean retiradas del código. No obstante, algunas tienen un aspecto increíbe y me gustaría saber que opina la comunidad hispana al respecto. Sin más ahi van las imagenes más destacadas a mi parecer: Fuente original:http://www.pcgamer.com/pubg-dataminer-uncovers-armour-suits-poison-apples-leather-dusters-in-game-files/
  13. Twitch Prime issues

    In Game Screenshot
  14. Maybe its the 9th where they are idk but I want the skins
  15. PUBG skins?

    Will in PUBG be skins like in H1Z1 for helmets,armor,backpack,etc.
  16. Revamped Pioneer Crates

    PUBG is an extremely fun game and you can easily find yourself sinking several hours into it. My only real complaint isn't much to do with the gameplay at all but the crate/reward system. After you purchase one pioneer crate using BP earned in the game, the cost of crates goes up. (Example: 1st: 700Bp, 2nd: 1400Bp, 3rd: 2800Bp, etc) and nothing is changed about the quality you receive from them. Keep in mind Bp can be very hard to get. For winning a match in solo you are rewarded a prize of 800Bp for your rank plus rewards for any kills and hitpoints you may have achieved. Now I understand at this moment there isn't much you can acquire from these crates and this may be an attempt to keep players from obtaining everything so fast. Unfortunately, this is a very unappealing method of dealing with this situation. At this moment I am unaware of any rarity marks or duplicates being acquirable but these would help rationalize the price increase in crates and would not only make players desire this higher price but give them a stronger goal and drive them to keep playing. (Example: Higher the cost, less likely for duplicates and more likely for a higher rarity.) These odds don't need to increase by some crazy amount each time a Pioneer Crate is purchased as long as you inform the player of the change and over time, let's say by crate number 6 for 7000bp there is at least a noticeable change making all the effort the player devoted to this cause seem worth it. Our brains work on a reward system and the more you reward the player the greater the determination the player will possess.
  17. new skins

    hope they release some sweet skins like in h1 soon
  18. Jugadores, ¡Es casi el momento de empezar a vestirse de morado! Nos alegra anunciar que a partir del 9 de Junio, miembros de Twitch Prime de todo el mundo podrán obtener skins únicas en PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. Tendrás 30 días para conseguir los siguientes objetos: camiseta, pasamontañas y zapatos. ¡Mata o muere con equipamiento Twitch durante tu batalla para ser el último hombre en pie! ¿Qué es Twitch Prime? Twitch Prime es una experiencia premium en Twitch que está incluida con Amazon Prime. ¡Los beneficios incluyen juegos gratis, objetos en tus juegos favoritos, poder ver Twitch sin publicidad, una suscripción gratuita a un canal cada 30 días, y más! Más información en Twitch Prime FAQ ¿Qué es Twitch Prime? Twitch Prime es una experiencia premium en Twitch que está incluida con Amazon Prime en Estados Unidos, Canada, Italia, Francia, Alemania, Bélgica, Austria, España y el Reino Unido. Twitch Prime está incluido en Prime Video en más de 200 otros países y territorios. Twitch Prime incluye juegos y contenido gratuito, una suscripción a un canal cada 30 días sin coste adicional para ser usada en cualquier canal Partnered, poder ver Twitch sin publicidad, emotes exclusivos, y una insignia en el chat. ¿Cómo consigo skins de Twitch Prime? 1) Enlaza tu cuenta PUBG con tu cuenta Twitch haciendo click en el icono en el lobby del juego 2) Si eres miembro de Twitch Prime y has reclamado la oferta en Twitch.tv, la caja (crate) será enviada a tu pantalla de "Personaje" 3) Los objetos pueden tardar un tiempo en ser entregados 4) Los objetos serán intercambiables/vendibles cuando la promoción de Twitch Prime termine el 7 de Julio (Más anuncios por venir) ¿Quién puede canjear skins de Twitch Prime? El anuncio de hoy de skins exclusivas de PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS coincide con la expansión del programa Twitch Prime, que ahora alcanzará mas de 200 países y territorios. Los miembros de Prime puede desbloquear los beneficios de Twitch Prime incluyendo las nuevas skins de PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS el 9 de Junio de 2017 en www.twitchprime.com. ¿Podré conservar mis skins después de que la promoción haya terminado? Sí. Podrás quedarte las skins de Twitch Prime. Si conecto más de una cuenta Twitch Prime a mi cuenta PUBG, ¿Podré optener skins de Twitch Prime adicionales? No. Solo puedes obtener una skin por cada cuenta de PUBG. Si ya soy miembro de Amazon Prime, ¿Cómo consigo Twitch Prime? Si ya eres miembro de Amazon Prime, consigues Twitch Prime sin coste adicional conectando tu cuenta Amazon con tu cuenta Twitch. Ve a www.twitchprime.com y haz click en "Ya tienes Amazon Prime? | Already have Amazon Prime?". Obtienes ésto sin coste adicional, simplemente conecta tu cuenta Twitch y sigue las instrucciones. Haz click para conectar tu cuenta Amazon con tu cuenta Twitch para acceder a los beneficios. ¡Cuando tu cuenta Amazon esté conectada, tendrás Twitch Prime y acceso a todos sus beneficios automáticamente! ¿Y si no soy miembro de Amazon Prime? Ve a www.twitchprime.com, y asegúrate de que tu país aparece en la esquina superior derecha de la página de registro. Identifícate o crea una cuenta Amazon. Haz click para conectar tu cuenta Amazon con tu cuenta Twitch para acceder a los beneficios. Introduce tu dirección de facturación y detalles de pago, y comienza tu afiliación. No vivo en Estados Unidos, Canada, Italia, Francia, Alemania, Bélgica, Austria, España o el Reino Unido. No soy miembro de Amazon Prime ni de Amazon Prime Video - ¿Cómo conseguir Twitch Prime? Ve a www.twitchprime.com, y asegúrate de que tu país aparece en la esquina superior derecha de la página de registro. Identifícate o crea una cuenta Amazon Prime Video. Introduce tu dirección de facturación y detalles de pago, y comienza tu afiliación. Identifícate en tu cuenta Amazon. Identifícate o crea una cuenta Twitch. Haz click para conectar tu cuenta Amazon con tu cuenta Twitch para acceder a los beneficios. ¡Ahora eres miembro de Amazon Prime Video y tus cuentas Twitch y Amazon Prime Video están enlazadas! Puedes ajustar tu configuración de Prime Video en cualquier momento desde tu página de preferencias en Twitch Para más información sobre registrarse en Twitch Prime, por favor ve a la página de ayuda.
  19. Twitch Prime Skins

    Hello , so regarding the twitch prime skins , i linked my account and seems like i still didn't receive any skins yet , i just want to make sure if its only takes a while or its not working ?
  20. So the current characters skin system allows us to recycle skins for points (which is awesome cause we can't get rid of them cheap skins otherwise). The suggestion I have is simple, allow people to recycle all the duplicates of the selected category. Something like "Recycle duplicates" button that also recognizes that you're for example browsing just pants so it will delete only pants duplicates for you (for the case of when you actually get expensive skins and they're not pants, you could simply recycle the ones you don't need).
  21. Skins

    Are there coming more skins and perhaps skins for guns???
  22. Ranked E-sport, nouveauté à venir !

    Je viens de finir la vidéo sur toutes les nouveautés que nous réserve les devs ! les rankeds et autre joyeuseté ! https://youtu.be/TpUf6Z7S1vs
  23. Achievements... put in achievements that reward you skins or money or something. I my self is a achievement whore.. make some easy but make some hard and then even harder... IE. Win one battleground raward bronze crown.. win 5 get silver crown win 10 get gold win 30 get platinum. Also kill x amount of players with this gun get this skin.. so on and so forth..
  24. Player Unknown Set

    Wasn't sure where to put this, but this section will work. I have been seeing people with the playerunkown set for the game with the super cool bandana, coat and stuff, and was wondering how people originally got it because it is selling for like 300$ on the steam market. Is it no longer available to get naturally anymore?
  25. I come with a suggestion that I think most people will like. One thing all gamers love is to show-off both with skins and titles. So my idea is to go the way Rocket League is going with seasonal exclusive crates and titles. For example titles such as: Season 3 Finalist or Season 4 Contender, Season 1 EU Solo Champion etc. And make like 5 skins than you can get during those seasons in ranked matches. Some common, some rares and a very rare skin. Still using the in-game currency to buy crates. :-) What do you think?