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Found 6 results

  1. Here are suggestions I would like to share and hope PUBG developers take in account for future updates. Please share your humble opinions for optimal feedback but please reply in a respectful manner. WEAPONS 1st. G36C By Hekler & Koch. - Assault Class - 5.56x45 Nato - Rate of fire 750 / minute - muzzle velocity 850 m/s sounds ideal due to a short barrel. Make damage the same as all 5.56 Rifles. Attachments: Red dot to Acog, no 8x scopes - Extended Mag - Flash Hider / Compensator / AR silencer - Fore grip (maybe angled) Fire mode: Single / auto Make world spawn 2nd. FN-P90 - Sub Machine Gun class / PDW - 5.7x28mm - 900 rds / minute - 715 m/s - Make damage higher than all sub machine guns but less than assault rifles. PUBG wikia places the Tommy as the highest with 38 damage, place this at 39-40 or lower Tommy gun damage. Fire mode: singe / auto Attachments: Red dot to acog - compensator / flash hider / smg suppressor - no extended mags (standard mag 50) - no fore grip / angled grip. Rare or drop item 3. L85A2 or as SA80 - Assault Class - 5.56x45 Nato - 610-775 rds / minute - 940 m/s - Make damage as all 5.56 assault rifles - Add all regular attachments (maybe no scopes?) Fire mode: single / auto World Spawn 4. H&K G3 - Assault Class or new class Battle Rifle - 7.62x51 Nato (.308) - 500-600 rds / minute - 800 m/s - Make damage same as MK14 EBR (60 damage PUBG wikia) Attachments: Red dot to scopes - extended mag - Compensator / flash hider / AR suppressor - Fire mode: single / auto Make very rare or drop item 5. H&K MP5 - Sub Machine Gun Class - 9mm - 700 - 900 rds / minute - (too many variants highest is 400 m/s muzzle velocity) make damage the same as Ump-9 or slightly less. Attachments: Red dot to Acog - Extended mag - compensator / flash hider / SMG suppressor. - Fire mode: Single / Auto World Spawn 6. H&K MP7 - Sub Machine Gun Class - 4.6x30mm - 950 rounds / minute - 735 m/s - Make damage slightly - little less than P90. Attachments: Red dot to Acog - Extended Mag - Compensator / Flash Hider / SMG Suppressor. Fire Mode: Single / Auto World Spawn (maybe rare?) 7. M40A5 - Sniper Class - 7.62x51 Nato - 777 m/s - Make damage between Kar98K & M24. The Kar98K is the only world spawn bolt action rifle it would be nice to have more options, make this as world spawn aswell or make this drop item and make M24 as world spawn. Attachments: Red dot to 15x scope - SR suppressor - Extended Mag - Cheek Pad World Spawn or drop item 8. Barrett .50 - Sniper Class - 50 BMG - 853 m/s - Make Damage as a 1 shot kill or as 1 shot down with level 3 gear. Level 2 gear or less, 1 shot kill. Attachments: 8x - 15x scope with drop item. Suppressor - Extended Mag - Cheek pad? Drop Item That is all for Weapon Suggestions. Thank you.
  2. Add new Snipers.....

    Should add a Barrett 50. cal and a Soviet Dragunov* with their own limited ammo similar to the AWM to drop crates, and move the mk14 and m24 to high value loot that can be found in the map. *Drag does not shoot 7.62x39 as found in the AKM. It shoots 7.62x54. I think the Drag should come equipped with its standard PS0-1 site, and the Barrett should come with a x15 scope in the box as well.
  3. Pretty self-explanatory. Please let me create another sniper only server in EU. There is currently one but it is literally always at 100/100. Thank you!
  4. Shotguns weapon balance discussion

    Addressing the power of shotguns or as I like to call them "Shotty Snipers" I am shocked that no one else, as far as I can see, has addressed the issue of the "Shotty Snipers" in this game. First, let's look at the purpose of a shotgun: A shotgun is designed to use in a close-quarters, face to face combat situation. If there is a shotgun in existence today that it's specific purpose is long range neutralization, please inform me. I am not above admitting if I make an error. Second, let's discuss the pellet spread, with and without a choke: All shotguns that I have ever heard of have pellet spread. Pellet spread is the result of the shell opening after pulling the trigger and this makes them less effective at long ranges, even with a choke which reduces the pellet spread for better accuracy. Again, I am unaware of any shotgun in the world that has the ability to have a perfect pellet spread, especially when the target is more than fifteen to twenty-five feet away. I have personally experienced, as recently as an hour ago, being killed by a shotgun at a distance of around forty to fifty feet. This is a huge problem in my opinion because several 1v1 situations I have experienced on this game, have resulted in ultimately losing the fight by a "shotty sniper". Just a little while ago, I was in a situation where my opponent was at least fifty feet away and although I was using the AKM with the fire mode set to full auto, I lost the fight because I was hit one time by the S12K. What makes it worse is the fact that I hit him with at least ten rounds as he peeked around the corner. Once he was in full view, at least five shots appeared to hit as there was blood splatter indicating a hit. He just walked right through the barrage of bullets and boom! That's all she wrote. Please, please fix the "shotty snipers". It's not fun losing a gun fight after shooting an enemy multiple times, only to have them blast me with the world's most accurate, longest effective range shotgun. I will gladly upload a video to my YouTube channel once I can catch this happening on video.
  5. Bipods for sniper rifles

    Bipods. They decrease sway/recoil and possibly increase accuracy, but you must be prone and it takes longer than normal to put it away/get up. Might also do this for the M249 or future machine guns (maybe a pickup trick with a MG on the back?).
  6. What would you guys think about implementing the Battlefield 1 scope system for all scopes? (Mentioning BF1 just so everyone understands, but it is really a general thing) I really LOVE that kind of scope, where the contour isn't black but is actually what you would see without the magnification, feels much more realistic to me. Hope this will get some attentions, cheers