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Found 68 results

  1. no se si a alguien le pasa igual que el highlights graba varias muertes y cuando cerras el juego te queda solo la primera,o hay alguna forma de configurarlo?
  2. Hello community of the great game of Playerunknowns Battleground! This is an introduction not only for myself but for my very good friends stream. He is a true gamer just like me with a great attitude towards winning! Tiltproof and skilled he will combat the obstacles in gaming without showing off too much! You will learn tactics from a skilled veteran with many battle scars should you join this beautifully hosted stream. As the title suggests these are not just words! He has the stats to back it up! TOP 50 In the world of europe with a distinguished top 15 finish in the duo section of the game! He aims higher than the clouds in the new first person player mode! Why don't you join me in spamming his chat with one two three and franker zee? Godspeed, Pubg community. And GG. And HF. And prosper. And be well. Quality 10/10 Audio 10/10 Gameplay 10/10 Languages; English, Swedish. https://www.twitch.tv/tejler https://pubg.me/player/sk0g
  3. Endside Gaming sucht Dich!

    Guten Tag liebe PUBG-Community, Wir von Endside Gaming sind auf der Suche nach neuen aktiven Membern, welche Interesse an einem Clan haben. Zu Beginn ein paar Informationen über uns. Wir sind eine Community, welche bereits seit 2011 besteht und ständig wächst. Die Community teilt sich größtenteils in Counter Strike, Overwatch, HotS,LoL und selbstverständlich PUBG auf. Natürlich werden noch andere Spiele wie z.B. 7 Days to Die, Diablo III, Minecraft, etc. gespielt. Die Community besteht aus ca 450 aktiven Mitgliedern und ist seit kurzem ein eingetragener Verein. Jetzt kommst du ins Spiel! Wenn du Lust auf eine starke, freundliche und treue Community mit familiärem Flair hast, bist du hier genau richtig. Hier habt ihr die Möglichkeit einfach nur Spaß am Spiel zu haben oder auch etwas Größeres zu erreichen. Dein Rating ist hierbei nicht relevant – jeder ist willkommen. Was erwarten wir von euch: -ein Mindestalter von 18 Jahren -eine gewisse geistige Reife -aktive Teilnahme am Communityleben -und natürlich Spaß am Spiel! Was wir euch bieten: -ein Teamspeak-Server und ein Forum -eine aktive und gut geführte Community -regelmäßige Events sowohl Online als auch Offline -die Möglichkeit, Teams zu erstellen bzw. beizutreten und dabei unterstützt zu werden -zahlreiche Gaming-Server Haben wir euer Interesse geweckt? Besucht uns doch einfach auf unserem Teamspeak: endside-gaming.de und meldet euch dort bei einen Memberbetreuer (grüner Stern) oder auf unserer Homepage: endside-gaming.de Ihr könnt uns auch gerne via Steam unter folgenden Accounts kontaktieren: http://steamcommunity.com/id/r4le/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/Quacksmuacki Die Community freut sich auf euch! Mit freundlichen Grüßen Endside Gaming e.V.
  4. Killcam

    Maybe can we get killcams in solo games?cause so many times I get rekt and I dont know if is a cheater or lucky or what, or some times people kill me with supressor and I dont know where is.
  5. 20 Kills BRIDGE MASSACRE FULL ACTION SOLO Game Win Subscribe us for more Videos.
  6. Hey guys, new here and interested in streaming very soon, I'm just working on the channel and will run some test streams soon. I'm from the UK will play/stream on evenings and weekends, I play solo as I don't have a core group to play with. If anyone/group's out there need an extra man, hit me up. Audio will be important for my streams so a decent mic and appropriate language is a must and I would prefer to communicate over discord with push to talk so I don't get constant background noise. I don't care about skill level, I'm not great at the game right now but getting better. No chicken dinner yet but 2nd place twice and a lot of top 10's. Let me know if you're interested. ~Frik
  7. Hi all! I'm turning my stream into a FPP only stream. Hope you'll join for the fun, I'm going live now. Do you prefer third person or first person servers, so far? Come on down!
  8. Hey guys, I thought I'd share everything I've learnt so far. I just want to add I am still a noob at this game, I'm still yet to get a chicken dinner, but I'm getting quite peckish that's for sure! I'll credit people if I can remember where I found the info but feel free to add any useful info to the comments and I'll try to keep the OP updated. In no particular order... and there's so many tips I know I'll forget a fair few.. I'll kick it off with credit to six3gaming posts he's made here and his YouTube channel. There's plenty more videos to check out! Parachute Zoom-out - When you're parachuting if you press the key that is bound to changing you from 1st person to 3rd person while you're parachuting, you can zoom out. Mastering the Blue Circle - Six3's post on 'Mastering the Blue Circle' taught me heaps, highly recommended! Crouch Jumper Keybind - Another tip that I seen in a Six3 video 'Essential Crouch Jump Keybind' which allows you to JUMP OUT WINDOWS it's a must watch! Credit goes to Listedz for these ones from his YouTube videos, there's a bunch to check out. Barefoot Bushman - Take them boots off, get in touch with nature! Catch-a-Crate - If you can land the crate the plane drops onto a vehicle you can drive off with it and loot it in a safer area. Don't get Bandage happy! - A bandage heals over time in 5 increments, use your next bandage on the 3rd increment to chain them one after the other without wasting them. Shoot the driver - When you're shooting at a car load of players, aim to kill the driver first, usually the other players wont react quick enough to make a speedy escape, leaving them like sitting ducks. Credit to WackyJacky101 for his posts here and his YouTube Channel. He has plenty of videos to check out! Spotting Enemies - This post from WackyJacky101 'How to BEST spot enemies like a PRO' contains a great video with plenty of detailed information and tips on spotting enemies. _________________________________________________________ Remember to reload your new weapon. If items are piled on the floor, open Inventory while standing on top of the items to see the loot without needing to pick up unwanted items. If you've got earphones/headphones, use them! If you're looking to do some looting before joining the firefight, when you exit the plan, glide as far away from the flight path as possible to lessen your chance of bumping into another player. If you find a vehicle at the start of the game, take advantage of it by travelling to good loot spots that are too far from the flight path for someone on foot. Close doors leading outside while looting, most players will check buildings as they're passing, if your doors are open you'll probably have a camper waiting for you to leave. When you're traversing this massive landscape, try to stick close to obstacles (trees/rocks/debris/etc.) and move in the shadows Every time I find myself with the inevitable task of crossing a large open field this scene runs through my head. Don't forget the vehicles can run out fuel. Avoid going for the towns/buildings directly under or very close to the flight path unless you want an instant shoot-out, or punch on, or you're punching and they found a shotgun haha. Going prone in long grass and staying perfectly still keeps you pretty camouflaged, use free-look to scout the area so you don't move. If you're dropping a weapon you've put attachments on (even if you're swapping through interacting with a new weapon on the ground) the attachments stay on it, remove them first if you want them. Remember which ammo you're using, don't block up your inventory with unneeded ammo. [Personal Experience] If someone is after you and you're in a room, close the door, stand beside it so that when it opens it puts the door between you and them, I feel I have a better chance in case they're opening the door from the side and can't be seen the moment the door opens. Or you could crouch-jump out the window now you know how to do that Don't shoot at a player unless you're certain it'll result in you killing them, you don't want to let the neighbourhood know where you are for no reason. Keep moving! Unless you're ahead of the heard and have miraculously started close to the center of the 1st circle. You don't want to have to throw all disregard for stealth and safety out the window because you couldn't stop looting to try and catch the blue circle, players hunt this type of baboonery! It's mentioned in WackyJacky's video but if you're playing to win, Low settings are the way to go, if you're running High, a bush you see as a hiding spot may not even exist on Low. Map attached to the post with heaps of positions of loot/vehicles. This is all I can remember for now, I'll keep on updating it. I take no credit for any of the tips except maybe that one about running out of fuel (I was in a boat so far out!) I just don't know where to give it. If you feel any information that's given can be improved, may possibly be incorrect or you know who deserves the credit don't hesitate to comment. Good luck on scoring dinner tonight!
  9. Fear the DEATH CAR!!

    Hey guys, I was streaming the other day and the strongest thing happened.... The car I Hijacked took over and ended up getting like 4 kills lol. I cut up the video into something easier to watch since the stream itself was 2hrs. Hope you enjoy; Death Car
  10. In the main menu, after playing an FPP match, the game automatically swaps matching from FPP to 3rd person search instead of maintaining itself on FPP search so when I ready up for the next game I get into a 3rd person view game instead of my expected FPP match. This does not happen if im in a group/team, only when playing solo, and yes, it happens after every game, regardless wether of it being a loss or a win!
  11. 15K SOLO WIN!! MK14 Gameplay!

    Got a nasty 15k solo game win and used the MK14 for the first time. It's a beast of a gun! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/168386979
  12. YouTuber TheArgual stellt sich vor :)

    Servus Leute, ich mache aktuell nur Videos von PUBG und Mittelerde Gerne könnt ihr auch mal auf meine mKanal vorbeischauen. Hier bei dem Video habe ich meine erste DUO Runde aufgenommen, die garnicht mal sooooo schlecht war. Gruß TheArgual
  13. I have gotten 2 solo wins now and waited a day for each of them but neither have shown up in my stats. I have both of these wins in the first peson servers, do the first person servers wins not show up in solo win statistics. I also won a first person duo game but that has shown up in my stats someone please help me.
  14. An Amusing Tale-

    So I had started up a Solo FPP and decided to use the restroom, thinking I would comeback during the plane flight. My timing was slightly off as when I returned I had already been forced out of the plane, and had already landed in the water between the mainland and the military island. As i sit down to play, a boat rolls up, probably attempting to kill the AFK'ers. "Great" I think "I can steal his boat" So I climb aboard on the passenger side, but the original occupant is still inside. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1103466226 Fortunately for me, she is unarmed. We look at each other awkwardly for 10-15 seconds before she takes off towards the town along the coast. Beaches the boat, we both run off trying to be the first to find a gun. The town had already been looted, but fortunately the original looters had moved on. I get lucky and find an Uzi with Ammo. I see the other player, who has found armor but no weapon. I take chase, able to score a few hits, but nothing fatal. I run after her into a house. I scour through the house looking, until I stumble upon the player who attempted to hide in one of the side rooms. Weaponless, she stands up, ready to accept her fate. But I am a player of honor, and decide not to kill a defenseless player. I holster my weapon and drop painkillers. I run off I start running towards a buggy and as Im about to drive off 2 single shots ring off nearby. The other player has found an uzi as well and is running towards me. I get out, taking up a defensive position behind the buggy, letting her get closer to give her a full burst. As she approaches, she slows to a walk and holsters her weapon. I stand and do the same. I get in the buggy, and she jumps in the back The plan was to just drop her off somewhere random and drive off, allowing fate of the battlegrounds to decide what happens. As fate would have it, right as I drop her off, another player appears and guns her down. I kill him, then loot both bodies, getting my painkillers back. -End I didnt think of this at the time, but I hope this doesnt actually count as "teaming up" as we didnt fight together. I just thought it was an amusing turn of events to occur in a random solo game.
  15. When playing duo first person only games but queueing solo, it happened to me in two out of two matches that the match randomly ended for me. I also noticed that the text message of someone being killed in the killfeed was red. I remembered that the same kind of message appeared, when playing duo and your mate gets killed. I concluded that there must be a big misdetermination on the server if you queue in solo for a duo game. It seems that the server saw the specific player, whose kill message was red, as my teammate and with his death my game ended as well.
  16. Found that sometimes buildings won't load in on the first person servers, you can glitch yourself inside and out of them and kill people without them being able to shoot back. Video evidence : Hopefully this can help identify the source of some kind of issue. Only happens to me on the FPP servers, solo OR duo. Stays like this for the whole game, by the way. Thanks bois
  17. I went from 1 win to 0?

    So last month I got my first solo chicken dinner on the NA servers. But ever since a few days ago (after the update), it now says 0 wins. Is it because of the update, or did the game glitch out? Thanks
  18. PUBanterGrounds

    Hey guys! We are a group of english speaking lads, playing mainly PUBG we have a small community set up! If you like to win and cant take a laugh don't hesitate to come and join our discord and add me up on steam! See you soon in game ! Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198026245337/ Discord : https://discord.gg/seRwBUW
  19. 9 Kill Solo Win

  20. Solo win isn't in stats

    Won my first solo yesterday on ASIA server. But, still that win isn't in statistics. Never happened to me before. It is so annoying that your only solo win isn't there.
  21. Hey guys and girls. The name is Kooky and as the title says i'm looking for skilled competitive hungry players who want to horde up on some free chicken dinners. I need a squad to DOMINATE the NA servers and starve everyone who isn't apart of our group. That goes for NA, EU idgaf lol. On a serious note though, I'm all about communication and playing as a team. It's great if you have mlg aim and want to 1v99 but that doesn't compare to everyone being on the same page. 100% of the time a squad falls apart is when someone wants to rambo and ruin 30 minutes of pointless looting. I run a stream here https://www.twitch.tv/kookymonsters and if anyone is interested just leave a reply to this topic and introduce yourself in my chat whenever you see me go live and we'll give you a shot at joining THE BEST squad to ever grace the lands of Pochinki. EVERYONE is welcome to join my discord as well if my squad or duo happens to be full, there's always someone looking to play there https://discord.gg/yy8ntv.
  22. Building a community

    Hello, I have A Facebook page with a small community that we are trying to grow, if anyone is interested in joining us then please head over to Facebook and search for "PUBG UK (Battlegrounds UK)" or you can follow this link: http://facebook.com/groups/761334180731146 we will be eventually setting up a custom server once we have enough people and will be looking for Admins, Streamers & YouTubers to help out, the page is UK based but anyone is welcome to join!!! Thanks!
  23. Kicked to Spectate mode in Solo

    Hello! During my last solo game, I entered a house, killed a player who was waiting to ambush me on the top floor, which put me in the top 10 players left. Being light on supplies I pressed F to loot the player, and as is usual there was some lag opening the inventory/loot screen. However, after a couple of seconds of the menu trying to load, the menu closes, the screen turns the sepia colour, I've lost control of my character and there is text saying that I am now in spectator mode, with no way back into the game, the only other option being to quit to menu. If you need any more details I'll try my best to provide them although all this happened quite quickly and I was mostly disappointed about not being able to continue that particular round! If it helps I was in one of the two houses on the hill, slightly to the south west of the large ruins. 110+ hours on record and this is the first time I've encountered any such bug. Many thanks