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Found 38 results

  1. I think it would be awesome if PUBG added some kind of qualifier for a big tournament on Xbox or ven Xbox/PC crossplay? I don't know anything would be cool. Like how Fortnite had the ProAm/Celebrity at e3 and they than announced the Fortnite World Cup in which ANYONE ON ANY SYSTEM CAN QUALIFY!!!! PUBG needs to do something like this it would be crazy especially if it was on the Sanhok when it does get released for the Xbox, because being a smaller map it would create a more action packed match for people to watch and not lose interest if they were watch on Mixer/Twitch. It would also give some unknown and very skilled players to get their names out there not just the top ten on the leaderboards(I'm not saying they are not good I'm pretty sure they are very good and would like to qualify). I know, I know that PUBG definitely needs to focus on the optimization and crashes as their number one priority and I 100% agree. How could they do this if the game is not running smoothly? But I do think PUBG is going to make some very large improvements to these areas and others in the next two updates. This is just my opinion and I might just be filled with false hope and hot air but I really do think they will get this game running how they want very soon( hopefully). But I think they should at least start thinking of something like this or something similar for the Xbox player that would like to give competitive gaming a go and show case their skills. What do you guys think? Would you try to qualify or just blow it off? I would like to see a solo and squad ladder or whatever if they did for sure, What would you want if they did? LMK guys I would like to read what you guys think of this or if you could care less and you wouldn't be interested in it even if they did do something along these lines.
  2. Grafikstein

    Grafiksteins Gaming Community

    Hallo und Moin Moin, wir sind auf der Suche nach weg Gefährten die uns durch die dicht behügelten Landschaften in Miramar oder durch die Wälder in Erangel begleitet, uns den Rücken freihält und wir gemeinsam auf der Suche nach dem „Chicken Dinner“ sind. Wir sind eine nette und familiäre Community die zusammen Quatsch baut, zusammen spielt oder auch zusammen lacht, weil es sich bei einer Community auch so gehört. Ihr solltet schon Ü18 sein, da bei uns auch gerne verbal gesprochen wird und offen. Unser Durchschnitts Community alter ist 25 Jahre. Wir haben einen TeamSpeak3 Server: ts.grafikstein.de ihr könnt gerne jederzeit reinkommen, keiner beißt euch.
  3. John Shiny

    Dinner Before Dishonor

    So I've never won a PUBG Solo match. I've put over 50 hours into the game and the closest I've came to date is 5th. Mostly just from luck and keeping my head down. I'm not an effective at engagement with other players and often lose even if I have an advantage. However, I'm just sick of being "that guy" on the team. The guy who doesn't contribute and is often just spectating others play the match. So I've decided to start this series, Dinner Before Dishonor. I'm going to win a Solo Match no matter what. This is my journey. Any and all tips welcome. It's okay to laugh at how bad I am too. I know.
  4. Grupka ludzi poszukuje chętnych do wspólnej gry bez spiny, jęków, fochów, wymądrzania się itp. Zapraszamy na Discord https://discord.gg/u2ysAMy jest nas na razie 12 osób wiek od 25 do 40
  5. AzFullySleeved

    Buildings not rendering

    This is the second day I've officially played the PTS servers on Miramar, only issue I've ran across is it's 50/50 if the buildings are rendered/visible while parachuting/landing. I will be able to see the loot/gear floating in the location/floors they will be before the building appears. I've only played FPP solo & Squads, and it doesn't seem to make a difference if there's other players around or the building quantity in that landed location. Besides this I've been having a blast and haven't had the normal Server problems🍻 2T S Xbox.
  6. I just want to share my experience. This is not my first time to encounter this kind of players, But the first time I took it seriously and reported them. PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS 2018.05.21 -
  7. Just curious to see what everyone's favorite mode is, solo, duo, and all the squad options, and why is it your favorite?
  8. hello guys ! I'm streaming in Facebook ! Please stop by in my page thank you! https://www.facebook.com/flipgamingus/ enjoy!
  9. Murf72

    Duo Matchmaking not matching

    Duo TPP keeps putting me in matches by myself, I have to exit to lobby 4 or 5 times or more before it pairs me up with someone.
  10. http://xboxclips.com/Lennyuk/ae7046e4-702a-4a52-90cc-c8bf2ce42864 Safe to say I wasn't impressed at all :-(
  11. JL cameron

    WHY ?

    Can someone tell me what the fun is in playing random squads. When none of my mates are online i play solo, the satisfaction of besting someone in a gun fight or even taking their head off with a Kar98. without them knowing, them dropping dead and seeing your kill count rather than them going down is so much more satisfying. Is it because its easier to get wins in squads ?
  12. OurSavageGaming


    I am new to youtube and newer to this forum. I hope to become very active here and on youtube. I would love to invite you all over to my youtube channel! OurSavageNature @ OurSavageGaming!
  13. Dam when you win a Solo CHICKEN DINNER its pretty cool but then when you join a 1 man squad right after and you get another CHIKEN DINNER that's bad @$$
  14. Endside Gaming

    Endside Gaming sucht Dich!

    Guten Tag liebe PUBG-Community, Wir von Endside Gaming sind auf der Suche nach neuen aktiven Membern, welche Interesse an einem Clan haben. Zu Beginn ein paar Informationen über uns. Wir sind eine Community, welche bereits seit 2011 besteht und ständig wächst. Die Community teilt sich größtenteils in Counter Strike, Overwatch, HotS,LoL und selbstverständlich PUBG auf. Natürlich werden noch andere Spiele wie z.B. 7 Days to Die, Diablo III, Minecraft, etc. gespielt. Die Community besteht aus ca 450 aktiven Mitgliedern und ist seit kurzem ein eingetragener Verein. Jetzt kommst du ins Spiel! Wenn du Lust auf eine starke, freundliche und treue Community mit familiärem Flair hast, bist du hier genau richtig. Hier habt ihr die Möglichkeit einfach nur Spaß am Spiel zu haben oder auch etwas Größeres zu erreichen. Dein Rating ist hierbei nicht relevant – jeder ist willkommen. Was erwarten wir von euch: -ein Mindestalter von 18 Jahren -eine gewisse geistige Reife -aktive Teilnahme am Communityleben -und natürlich Spaß am Spiel! Was wir euch bieten: -ein Teamspeak-Server und ein Forum -eine aktive und gut geführte Community -regelmäßige Events sowohl Online als auch Offline -die Möglichkeit, Teams zu erstellen bzw. beizutreten und dabei unterstützt zu werden -zahlreiche Gaming-Server Haben wir euer Interesse geweckt? Besucht uns doch einfach auf unserem Teamspeak: endside-gaming.de und meldet euch dort bei einen Memberbetreuer (grüner Stern) oder auf unserer Homepage: endside-gaming.de Ihr könnt uns auch gerne via Steam unter folgenden Accounts kontaktieren: http://steamcommunity.com/id/r4le/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/Quacksmuacki Die Community freut sich auf euch! Mit freundlichen Grüßen Endside Gaming e.V.

    Fight Club

    http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/soberrrscopez/video/44207550 It would be insane if all 100 players waited till the end...
  16. Finally got a chicken dinner it’s been weeks since I’ve been able to secure a win, there was moments I shouldn’t have survived, sorry for double clips I forgot to record last 5min. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Black Dahlia NZ/video/43852939 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Black Dahlia NZ/video/43853032
  17. I was wondering if there would be an option in the future for the Xbox to create a game of solo, duos, or even squads with just friends in the game. I know PC has custom lobby's and that's where I get the idea from. Yeah it's fun and all to play against random people with friends but having an option to play against friends and see who would be the better player would most definitely be awesome to have in the game. But the main point is, will there be an option to play against just friends?
  18. hi guy`s. so I play a lot of pubg with friends and alone on the xbox. and we are usually with 4 people, so perfect to do squad. but the last few days we only play duo`s and solo. which is a lot less pleasant than sqauds. why do you wonder. it is always more fun to play games with friends than alone. but the reason why we no longer play sqauds is really only one reason. and that's the loot drop in sqaud. I can give you a few examples. when we land as a team of 4 in Rozhok and we have the whole city for ourselves. then we need luck to ensure that everyone has an AR when we leave the city. Or if you are lucky you get a M16A4 with 30 bullets. never enough bullets to fight against another sqaud. but if you go there solo or in pairs. then you have all your loot you need to start attacking within 4 houses. 2 AR often and often also an x2 or x4 scope. as a team of 4 we are only working to ensure that everyone has a (normal) weapon so that we can attack other teams. but the loot drops ensure that it does not happen. and we only fight when it is really necessary. and this is not the way the game should be played. IMO I know that the loot in the game is random. but me and my team feel that the loot in squad is a lot less than in a solo or duo game. making the game a lot less fun in sqaud. because you are only looking for a weapon instead of attacking other teams. So what I want to know is are we the only ones who experience that the loot in sqaud is a lot less than in solo or duos. Or do you think the loot in sqauds is fine like it is? thank you if you want to give your opinion below about the loot drop in sqaud and the difference with the loot in duos and solo. p.s. sorry for the bad eng. its not my 1st language.
  19. Treebandz

    Solo kill cam

    i understand why the killcam would be bad for teams but if i'm in solo it would be nice to know where the hell i got shot from. Ya know help for next game or my skills in general, like knowing where to keep an eye on for enemy players.
  20. ...bist Du auch auf der Suche nach Mitspieler? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig, besuche unsere Deutsche Playerunknown´s Battlegrounds Community. Community Website - klick hier! In unserem Forum erfahrt ihr immer die neusten News und Gerüchte rund um Playerunknow´s Battlegrounds. Ihr habt die Möglichkeit eure Erfahrungen über PUBG mit der Community zu teilen und andere Mitspieler zu suchen. Mit einem aktiven, hilfsbereiten Team können wir Euch einen erfahrenen Support gewährleisten! Custom Games Darüber hinaus erstellen wir täglich Custom Games exklusiv für unsere Community! Ihr könnt mitentscheiden was gespielt wird, postet einfach eure Ideen in unser Forum unter pubg-community.com. Twitch Streamer Wir bieten für Twitch Streamer eine sogenannte Streaming Partnerschaft an. Als Streaming Partner werden Eure Channels auf unserer Homepage gelistet und Ihr erhaltet auf unserem Teamspeak Server einen separaten Channel. Darüber hinaus besteht die Möglichkeit, durch die Reichweite unserer Community eure Follower Zahlen zu steigern. Twitch Channel - klick hier! TeamSpeak Server Unser Teamspeak Server ist mit 512 Slots ausgestattet und wir haben mehr als 495 aktiven Usern aus aus aller Welt. Dort findet Ihr auch Searching Mate Channels, sowohl für FPP und als auch TPP. In den Solo, Duo, Squad und Custom Channels könnt Ihr eure sehr intensive Actionmatches genießen. Auf unserem TeamSpeak Server läuft ein aktives Ranksystem. Bewertet wird deine Onlinezeit die du auf unserem Server verbringst. Mit dem Aufstieg im Ranksystem steigen auch deine Rechte auf unserem Server. Aktive Boardmember in unserem Forum werden mit PUBG-Coins belohnt, mit diesen Coins können unter anderem Private Channel auf dem Teamspeak gekauft werden. Natürlich haben wir auf dem Teamspeak auch ein paar Regeln, diese sollten natürlich eingehalten werden. Am besten wenn ihr auf den Server kommt schaut ihr erstmal im Blackboard vorbei. TS3-Server IP: ts3.pubg-community.com Steamgruppe Unsere Steam Gruppe mit mehr als 320 Mitgliedern ist es auch schon gut gefüllt und es ist somit nicht schwer einen passenden Mitspieler zu finden. Es lohnt sich somit auch dort mal vorbei zu schauen. Steam Gruppe - klick hier! Facebook Es lohnt sich auch mal bei unserer Facebook Gruppe vorbeizuschauen. Facebook Gruppe klick hier! Was wir euch bieten: tägliche Custom Games exklusiv für unsere Community Ein modernes und übersichtliches Forum mit allen aktuellen News, Patch Notes und eigener Wiki Eine freundliche und hilfsbereite Atmosphäre mit über aktive 495 Usern pro Woche TeamSpeak-Server mit 512 Slots und Ranksystem eigenen Discord-Server Twitch Partner Eine koordinierte und erfahrene Leitung der Community Unterstützung und Hilfe bei Fragen als auch bei Problemen Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch! Webseite: https://www.pubg-community.com/ Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/pubg-community-com Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/pubgcom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/136777993571881/ Diskord: https://discord.gg/7akMrAQ TeamSpeak Server IP: ts3.pubg-community.com
  21. ImLostInSauce

    Patch #4 UI Glitch

    I just updated my game to Patch #4 and I noticed a UI glitch after my first round. Underneath “Start” on Solo where FPP and TPP appear, it looks like there’s another layer with some text on a lower opacity underneath it. This is also in my BP. My BP says 338 but before the first 3 there’s a lower opacity “B”. This is all hard to explain, but I provided pictures of what I’m talking about. Thanks!
  22. I just noticed something yesterday about the game. I near the pollution and power place or whatever you call it, and I I picked up a scar-l with a red dot sight a long with a uzi. When I uzi It only shot 1 bullet and usually a uzi is basically a rapid fire weapon. What this done on purpose?
  23. AndiM202

    Black Screen while playing

    Hi there! I am playing pubg for over 300 hours now. Had no problems until now. Whenever I am starting a game it occasionally crashes and my screen gets black. The only way I can access my PC is to press the power button to shut him down. I tried several different graphics driver , updated my sound drivers and so on. I got this problem just when the rubberbanding patch (for about 1 week) came out. My specs: Intel i7 4790k AMD R9 390X 8GB DDR5 16GB DDR4 480GB SanDisk SSD
  24. Myhrern

    Solo selected, gets put in Duo

    So I have been playing a lot of duos lately. So I was going to play a bit of solo. I just left the team lobby I was in (I was the leader), and I think I also exited the game. After going back to the game, the button saying solo was already clicked, so I just went in thinking I was gonna play a solo game. Turns out I was put in a duo game, and I realized that after I shot a guy and only knocked him... So I go out of that match and again the solo button is clicked (I thought I accidentally had it on duo in the previous game) so I went in another time, and again it was duo... Please make it so it either actually is a solo game it puts you in when the solo button is clicked, or change the button to what's actually clicked and selected. I have now clicked solo myself, so I'm gonna test if it actually puts me in a solo this time, or if I have to click a button that's not already clicked, then click solo again.
  25. BFang

    Not getting BP after win

    Hi, i just won a game recently, my only and first solo third person game after 1.0 patch and i didn't get my BPs (around 900) - 8 kills in Miramar My ingame name is BoxFang I tought it was lag at first but after some mintutes and after reopening the game there is no changes. I uploaded an image, its the proof that i played and won only 1 solo game Thank you for reading