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Found 63 results

  1. Dinner Before Dishonor

    So I've never won a PUBG Solo match. I've put over 50 hours into the game and the closest I've came to date is 5th. Mostly just from luck and keeping my head down. I'm not an effective at engagement with other players and often lose even if I have an advantage. However, I'm just sick of being "that guy" on the team. The guy who doesn't contribute and is often just spectating others play the match. So I've decided to start this series, Dinner Before Dishonor. I'm going to win a Solo Match no matter what. This is my journey. Any and all tips welcome. It's okay to laugh at how bad I am too. I know.
  2. Go in with guns you choose

    Why not make a game type that is a slightly smaller map where people get to go in with guns they choose and instead of finding guns you find weapon upgrades that further increase the weapons ability? Or have an objective that people can work towards while they search around other than surviving? I know a lot of other pubg competition has come out lately so pubg could just take some of their ideas and use them to evolve the game
  3. Fight Club

    http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/soberrrscopez/video/44207550 It would be insane if all 100 players waited till the end...
  4. Finally got a chicken dinner it’s been weeks since I’ve been able to secure a win, there was moments I shouldn’t have survived, sorry for double clips I forgot to record last 5min. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Black Dahlia NZ/video/43852939 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Black Dahlia NZ/video/43853032
  5. Looking for some people to create duo's or squad on Xbox. I'm ranked 232 in solo's and would like to play with people around the same level. Play most nights (GMT).
  6. Solo Squads

    When playing "Solo Squads" what leaderboard does it count towards, Solo or Squads. I couldn't find the answer for this anywhere so any info helps thanks!
  7. Hey guys. I'm Phil, and I play PUBG. I try to have fun and play well. Hope you'll come watch my stream.
  8. Home screen

    Could you guys set it up so the game stops changing any settings to a default of Third person perspective? It is super annoying when i only want to play in FPP that i have to change it back every single time. Or when I am in a squad wanting to run a 3-man only and the game keeps switching us back to 4-man squad every time we get out of game. Also add a kick player button to the leader of a squad. Not being able to kick a player when they exit out of game is super annoying. Then we have to remake the entire squad and if I'm not friends with each person in the squad, then i gotta remember all of their names so we can completely remake the squad.
  9. I was wondering if there would be an option in the future for the Xbox to create a game of solo, duos, or even squads with just friends in the game. I know PC has custom lobby's and that's where I get the idea from. Yeah it's fun and all to play against random people with friends but having an option to play against friends and see who would be the better player would most definitely be awesome to have in the game. But the main point is, will there be an option to play against just friends?
  10. hi guy`s. so I play a lot of pubg with friends and alone on the xbox. and we are usually with 4 people, so perfect to do squad. but the last few days we only play duo`s and solo. which is a lot less pleasant than sqauds. why do you wonder. it is always more fun to play games with friends than alone. but the reason why we no longer play sqauds is really only one reason. and that's the loot drop in sqaud. I can give you a few examples. when we land as a team of 4 in Rozhok and we have the whole city for ourselves. then we need luck to ensure that everyone has an AR when we leave the city. Or if you are lucky you get a M16A4 with 30 bullets. never enough bullets to fight against another sqaud. but if you go there solo or in pairs. then you have all your loot you need to start attacking within 4 houses. 2 AR often and often also an x2 or x4 scope. as a team of 4 we are only working to ensure that everyone has a (normal) weapon so that we can attack other teams. but the loot drops ensure that it does not happen. and we only fight when it is really necessary. and this is not the way the game should be played. IMO I know that the loot in the game is random. but me and my team feel that the loot in squad is a lot less than in a solo or duo game. making the game a lot less fun in sqaud. because you are only looking for a weapon instead of attacking other teams. So what I want to know is are we the only ones who experience that the loot in sqaud is a lot less than in solo or duos. Or do you think the loot in sqauds is fine like it is? thank you if you want to give your opinion below about the loot drop in sqaud and the difference with the loot in duos and solo. p.s. sorry for the bad eng. its not my 1st language.
  11. Solo kill cam

    i understand why the killcam would be bad for teams but if i'm in solo it would be nice to know where the hell i got shot from. Ya know help for next game or my skills in general, like knowing where to keep an eye on for enemy players.
  12. Shutting off vehicles...

    All, Wanted your thoughts on completely shutting off vehicles after the circles has moved “X” amount of times, say 3? At which point, you would no longer “need” a vehicle anyway. Too often I see people not playing the game and literally driving around in a vehicle as the circle gets smaller and smaller running up next to trees, rocks, and through bushes simply to get kills with zero effort. It is becoming a plague in solo rounds. Yes, I shoot them and kill them, or try to in all instances, however it seems it distracts from what the game is really trying to achieve when the circle gets small (and conceptually as a whole); strategy. I have not read read through any other posts or threads regarding this topic. If there is a major topic already going for this please point me in the right direction.
  13. I have been encountering people who are friends working together in solo mode, riding shotgun literally in vehicles and shooting everybody while they're driving. People who want to play collaboratively have the option of playing in squads, but they're wrecking solo mode. Thanks.
  14. Top 1% FPP/TPP Clan always seeking to grow the community and active roster of those who are also in the Top 1%. We recruit from any bracket, FPP or TPP, as long as you are serious, skilled and have a mic, we will give you a shot. No discrimination here! Unless you're not 1% Find more details and join us at the 1% Kings discord server linked below. If you choose to join the community you must post a screenshot of proof of 1% to validate your claims into the verification channel of the server. https://discord.gg/v9Fey4x Special thanks to all the founders from our creation just last night and all the chicken dinners that followed thereafter! You guys rock.
  15. Patch #4 UI Glitch

    I just updated my game to Patch #4 and I noticed a UI glitch after my first round. Underneath “Start” on Solo where FPP and TPP appear, it looks like there’s another layer with some text on a lower opacity underneath it. This is also in my BP. My BP says 338 but before the first 3 there’s a lower opacity “B”. This is all hard to explain, but I provided pictures of what I’m talking about. Thanks!
  16. We're The Lab 2.0 a PUBG based gaming community that facilitates finding mature and fun squads/duos for players to team up with. We: Are EU/NA based and strictly English speaking. Offer teams for both FPP and TPP. Have Staff on duty 24/7. Have players from all over the globe active at all times of day. Established a ranking system based on activity/veterancy. Have our own promoted Streamers. Do giveaways and rewards. Have Social media pages and are active on reddit,steam,PUBG maps ect... We look forward to meeting you on the discord, for any issues or queries feel free to contact any member of staff once you're there. Happy hunting! Join our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/f4a9SR5
  17. I just noticed something yesterday about the game. I near the pollution and power place or whatever you call it, and I I picked up a scar-l with a red dot sight a long with a uzi. When I uzi It only shot 1 bullet and usually a uzi is basically a rapid fire weapon. What this done on purpose?
  18. Solo selected, gets put in Duo

    So I have been playing a lot of duos lately. So I was going to play a bit of solo. I just left the team lobby I was in (I was the leader), and I think I also exited the game. After going back to the game, the button saying solo was already clicked, so I just went in thinking I was gonna play a solo game. Turns out I was put in a duo game, and I realized that after I shot a guy and only knocked him... So I go out of that match and again the solo button is clicked (I thought I accidentally had it on duo in the previous game) so I went in another time, and again it was duo... Please make it so it either actually is a solo game it puts you in when the solo button is clicked, or change the button to what's actually clicked and selected. I have now clicked solo myself, so I'm gonna test if it actually puts me in a solo this time, or if I have to click a button that's not already clicked, then click solo again.
  19. Black Screen while playing

    Hi there! I am playing pubg for over 300 hours now. Had no problems until now. Whenever I am starting a game it occasionally crashes and my screen gets black. The only way I can access my PC is to press the power button to shut him down. I tried several different graphics driver , updated my sound drivers and so on. I got this problem just when the rubberbanding patch (for about 1 week) came out. My specs: Intel i7 4790k AMD R9 390X 8GB DDR5 16GB DDR4 480GB SanDisk SSD
  20. We are the Lab 2.0, new and improved over The Original Lab. This is a PubG based discord group meant to find new and cool people to play PubG with. Active owners and admins keep the server toxic free. The Lab 2.0 is the best place to find awesome people to squad up with whenever you're feeling lonely on PubG running solo. We also run giveaways for our top recruiters with Steam Cards for rewards. Be it a new game or that one skin you really want, helping us recruit new members can get you that for free. A few things to note about The Lab 2.0 is we strive to keep this a fun, friendly, toxicity free environment where anyone can play. We have people from several different nationalities and will not tolerate any sort of racism. Join our discord here: https://discord.gg/f4a9SR5
  21. I think a good idea would be to fix it so that people using soft skin vehicles and FAV's run low on fuel in the last few circles, and eventually without a stop and a top up with the jerry can, come to an all embarrassing juddering spluttering stop, making the driver and any occupants more susceptible to enemy fire. Who knows, might even draw people out, making it an interesting show down? If your looking for a solid and reliable team player in Europe add a like, and then add me to your friends list to form a Squad. Outlaw2sHero (Xbox One)
  22. (Pending Custom Game Access eSports Partnership Application Approval) FastFrags - Competitive Gaming League is an up and coming eSports platform designed first with the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) community in mind. Our mission is to create a highly marketable eSports platform that can provide a stable, sustainable, scale-able competitive environment for existing and aspiring professional gamers alike. Our plans for Custom Game Access are to create and host two (2) primary types of events: Tournaments (1-3 day events). Seasonal Leagues (8-10 week event/season). Tournaments: will often be geared towards players who are looking for a quick event that they can participate in and will be Solo, Duo or Squad (FPP/TPP) based, weekly or monthly events. However, a tournament may also be used for special cases like League Qualifiers & Finals, as well as Sponsored events (with limited prizes) that are more competitive in nature. Our primary target audience for Tournaments will be the "Semi-Competitive" and "Semi-Casual" players, while also giving these players a chance to compete against the pro's and dip their toes into the competitive PUBG scene. Tournaments may support several "lobbies" at one time, allowing more than the standard 25(squad)/50(duo)/100(solo) teams (or players) to enroll (top players from each lobby would advance to a "playoff lobby" within the tournament for another BO3/BO5 series of games to determine the event winners). Notes: Tournaments may also be used to experiment with game settings, weapons spawn rates, and more via "PlayTest" events. FastFrags is also considering offering existing PUBGPartners the ability to create and host their own branded tournaments through our platform (using their own custom game access to host the event), allowing them to easily organize, track, and manage their own private events; allowing streamers and communities to promote their own channels. Leagues: on the other hand, are currently designed to solely support Squad FPP (4man teams) and be geared towards aspiring and current professional "Cyber Atheletes" and "Hardcore-Competitive" players. Leagues will divide players into skill based divisions (i.e: Open/Main/Invite/Etc.), each consisting of a series of weekly (BO3/BO5) matches where teams compete for 8-10 weeks for a shot at Finals. We're Recruiting! As a newly forming Competitive eSports Organization, we are looking for volunteer staff to fill everything from senior to entry-level positions. If you are looking to gain experience or take your first steps in the world of eSports, FastFrags is the perfect place for you! As a new organization, we offer endless possibilities for advancement within the organization as we continue to grow and develop our platform. Get involved at the ground level today! All Staff Positions can currently be found at https://fastfrags.com/NA/staff What we need from You! (The PUBG Community) Being that we are currently pending approval for Custom Game Access as a Tournament Organizer, we need your support to show the PUBG Corp - eSports Partnership Program that the pubg community want more Tournaments and League events now that PUBG is officially launched on PC and XboxOne! Early User Registration and Team Signups will help us continue to develop and test new features, as well as find any existing BETA Bugs, while we await approval to begin hosting "PlayTest" tournaments to iron out the wrinkles and establish our broadcast team for official events... Website: https://fastfrags.com Discord: https://discord.gg/jmmKUJg Twitter: https://twitter.com/FastFragsLeague Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/fastfragstv
  23. Hello world

    Hello guys! I'm new here, do not kick much *)
  24. Not getting BP after win

    Hi, i just won a game recently, my only and first solo third person game after 1.0 patch and i didn't get my BPs (around 900) - 8 kills in Miramar My ingame name is BoxFang I tought it was lag at first but after some mintutes and after reopening the game there is no changes. I uploaded an image, its the proof that i played and won only 1 solo game Thank you for reading