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Found 47 results

  1. The killcam in solo FPP crashes the game consistently, there is a loading screen for a half a second and then it's gone. Windows 10 GPU: 2x GTX 660 in SLI CPU: Intel i7 4771 RAM: 16gb DDR3
  2. Hungry for chickens

    Hey guys. I'm playing this game since the first season and started my channel a few weeks ago with my own footage. I only play FPP now and you will find great shots, clutchs and of course chickens. I already have a few videos and all of them are in HD 1440p60 so enjoy Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgZQnWezFbX_4ANOtLqsA2Q If you dislike any video please let me know. I really appreciate any feedback or sugestions. See you on the ground!
  3. I've noticed that no matter how hard I try, every time we go back to the lobby after a game, if we're in duos or squads, it saves the choice of what type of game we are playing. If we play a solo FPP game, make it so that when it loads back we can simply just click "Play" and save the FPP choice. Instead when we get thrown into lobby after a solo match, we're automatically slammed back into 3rd person mode. If I had the SDK I'd gladly write the code for you. And you've already got all of the "if checks" in place for duos and squads, so can you please focus on making this a saved thing soon in the next patch hopefully for those of us who prefer to save our solo game choice?
  4. The Muffin Man

  5. Hi guys, Even tho, there are so many problems with this game, there's always a game you enjoy. This one was mine, i hate FOG so im pretty happy about this end. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/188138665 Also check out my twitch, https://www.twitch.tv/kimbocake
  6. Hey guys, I recently started a youtube channel and I was wanting some feedback. Thanks everyone, have a nice day.

    https://youtu.be/IrWFvDdaJgY This is me playing solme squads as SOLO and taking out full teams. Hope you guys enjoy and make sure to subscribe if you would like to see more content from me. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.
  8. Hello! My name is tefnek and I am a leaderboard junky! I will be streaming occasionally while I rank up in both SOLO FPP and DUO FPP! I am currently ranked 181 in SOLO FPP as of posting this and have a KDR of 2.14! I am serious about keeping in the top 500 in SOLO FPP and will be streaming nearly every day in the evening hours pacific time likely between 6pm and 11pm or around those hours! If you'd like to hang out and watch me be horrible as hell at this game I'd love to have you! You can find my stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/tefnek Bonus Meme: every 100 followers I will be doing a giveaway for a $20 Steam Gift Card to one lucky randomly picked active viewer!
  9. 30+ hours a video

    Hey, just thought I let people on the forum know of my content. I spend a lot of time on each video and they are currently not even monetised so I don't gain anything from this. I Just want to share my passion of editing. Be sure to let me know what you think as all I get is compliments which is great but it doesn't help make the content better. It would be better to use the comments on YouTube as I get notifications there if you want to ask me something.
  10. Cheating has killed this game

    I have over 600 hours in this game and for the most part I've loved every second of it. However, this last week I have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of players using cheats which has ruined the experience completely for me. Today alone I have played roughly 20 matches and in every single one there has been someone using a hack. Hacks I have noticed: Speed hack- The player can move faster than me whilst I am sprinting and they are in crouch, they also seem to be able to fire their gun whilst sprinting. Aim hack- Multiple times I have been behind cover only to have the exact spot my head is behind bombarded with bullets, almost as if the enemy can see my head position through surfaces. Not to mention the times my whole squad has been wiped out by a single enemy using an AKM at long range, in a matter of seconds, no shots missed. Teleport hack?- This may or may not be a thing but my squad was driving full speed in a UAZ only for us ALL and I honestly mean all four of us to instantly die to one guy getting headshots on us. We waited around in the game and watched the kill feed only to see the same guy take down multiple squads all by himself in quick succession. Either all these squads were close together in the circle or this guy had some way of moving between locations at impossible speed. From what I've seen the accounts using hacks often have similar names, for example I have encountered numerous cheats called CN-(series of numbers) or a random arrangement of letters. Check out the NA solo 3pp leader board, same name almost in all top 10 spots. As far as I'm concerned there's nothing I can do other than stop playing the game, and despite people suggesting to play fpp or on a different regions server, I am still experiencing numerous hackers. Please let me know if you're experiencing this too, and I hope to God there's a solution to this crap in the near future!
  11. High kill games

    sup peeps i'll be posting a video every week over hire hoop you like it, thank you. new video: video from last week: thx for watching and all the support
  12. Dream-gaming ツ

    Hey, Leute! ツ Ich heisse liriC_00 und habe eine schöne kleine Community. Wir haben einen neuen Teamspeak. Du suchst neue Mitspieler? Du spielt PUBG? Dann bist du hier genau richtig. Wir haben tolle und nette Leute die sich um euch kümmern. Der Teamspeak wurde neu erstellt. Wir freuen uns immer wieder auf neue Mitspieler. Bei uns hat man Spielspass und alles mögliche. Auf Dream-gaming gibt es viele verschiede Channels. Falls ihr Fragen habt dann meldet euch bei uns. Jeder ist Herzlich Willkommen. Ich wünsche euch viel Spass beim gaming! ツ Teamspeak3 IP: dream-gaming.teamspeak.de
  13. Cheating has killed this game

    https://pubg.me/player/aaaasd2211 Impossible.
  14. Hey everyone, I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing these problems but I'm often encountering these two issue's A LOT today - After launching the client I get one of two errors, either "Too many logins" or "Too many users" - When attempting to match make (on the NA Server), It says matchmaking but i remain at the lobby screen for several minutes, unable to cancel the search. The only way to stop the issue or frozen match making is by closing the game entire, in which case I'm met with the first issue again. Hopeful for a quick fix Also, how about that annoying auto select to AS Servers, am I right?
  15. How does the PuBG Community feel about receiving a "Chicken-Din Crate" for Winning the game? My thoughts were, if you stay alive in a game and Win..you receive a "Chicken-Din Crate" This crate should have Limited Winners items. This Idea could go as far as having "Solo Win Crates", "Duo Win Crates", and "Squad Win Crates": - In Duos if you win with one person you get the "chicken-din crate" - If you win with both players you each player will receive a "Chicken-Din Crate" as well as a "Duo Winners Crate" - In squads it would be the same.. Everyone has to be alive to win both the "Chicken-Din Crate" & the "Squad Win Crate" - If just 3/4, 2/4, 1/4, win the squad game the players only receive a "Chicken-Din Crate" I have won quite a few games and all I received was small number of BP's The BP credit was close to the same as if I placed second or even 12th So why not add a "Chicken-Din Crate" for winning? It could have Camo Bandannas, Hats, Army HeadGear, Camo Clothes, or any other Winner's Gear Thanks For Reading My Rant I ADDED A POLL PLEASE GIVE YOUR OPINION OR COMMENT BELOW
  16. How does the PuBG Community feel about receiving a "Chicken-Din Crate" for Winning the game? This crate will have Limited Winners items. My thoughts were, if you stay alive in a game and Win..you receive a "Chicken-Din Crate" I have won quite a few games and all I received was small number of BP's The BP credit was close to the same as if I placed second or even 12th This Idea could go as far as having "Solo Win Crates", "Duo Win Crates", and "Squad Win Crates": - In Duos if you win with one person you get the "chicken-din crate" - If you win with both players you each player will receive a "Chicken-Din Crate" as well as a "Duo Winners Crate" - In squads it would be the same.. Everyone has to be alive to win both the "Chicken-Din Crate" & the "Squad Win Crate" - If just 3/4, 2/4, 1/4, win the squad game the players only receive a "Chicken-Din Crate"
  17. In the current live version, we are able to join solos in squads and duos but I propose that there is an option to join a lobby with solo squads and solo duos where all 100 players are put into teams of people they do not know. This would change up the style of gameplay, communication and mentality required to win. I have put together some benefits and disadvantages of this below: + Meeting new players/friends + Earn more points (https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/68x6vj/psa_queuing_solo_into_squads_without_matchmaking/) + Greater fulfilment when you win with a bunch of strangers + If there is an MMR or Skill-based system implemented, it will match you to those who are closest to your rating vs. queuing with friends and MMR could be all over the place. + ??? + Profit - Requires more situational awareness (skill) to work as a team. - Flaming/griefing if you lose/someone wants your 4x - Consistency of teammates - Teaming (cheating) could take a whole new form? - More game modes added with dilute the servers - may not get a full lobby... I think this will be a fun idea and many other games have also incorporated this. With the game mode, you never know what you're going to get.
  18. Hey guys! I am currently ranked ~#10 NA solo and just made my first video commentaries to help intermediate players get better. First, before the wall of text, here's links to the videos: Video commentary #3: HERE (RECORDED LIVE) Video commentary #2: HERE Video commentary #1: HERE These are full length games (with some fast forwarding) - I wanted to start by narrating every single thing I did to help them understand why I do what I do. Feel free to skip around the video if you get bored, though. I will be the first to admit, my playstyle isn't for everyone. I don't play to entertain (there are plenty of other streamers/YouTubers you can watch), I play to win, and my ~25% win rate is proof of that. While they're objectively amazing players, I am ranked higher than Shroud (rank #29,169 w/ more games played than me) and Summit (rank #11,837 w/ 3X more games played than me). They play for entertainment, not effectiveness. It's totally fine if you prefer more action! These videos are for those who want to get better at winning chicken dinners more often. Twitch: HERE - Follow for when I stream (though probably not until later tonight) AMA now for the next few hours and here's some general advice if your goal is to consistently rank up Don't drop closer than two big squares away. This reduces your chances of competition in your first circle. Ideally drop in a good town that is a hell of a parachute distance away. Dying in the first circle is EASY to avoid and surviving usually puts you in the top 40-50 just from that. Also, uncontested loot allows you to loot quicker and without fear of being randomly shot. If a player or two do happen to go where you go, get a gun as soon as possible (something with medium range) and hunt them discretely. Don't focus on looting, focus on eliminating your threats instead of potentially being hunted by them while you loot. Kill them and take their loot. If you shoot and miss, RELOCATE. Go far and wide where they wouldn't expect you to be, or potentially just GTFO. If a vehicle comes to your starting town, be aggressive. Hunt them and gain vision as quickly as possible and then eliminate them. Ideally before they exit the vehicle otherwise hopefully you camp outside their first building and kill them when exiting. Know where the nearest vehicle is before landing. I prefer to have a vehicle with me (ideally Dacia or UAZ). If I only have a bike or buggy, I swap to the nearest Dacia/UAZ on the way to my next location. After looting - be the first one to the best hard cover in the center of the circle. Keep your vehicle within close distance of your house. Even right outside is fine. Sure it reveals your position, but you can use sound to make sure people don't get to you before you can kill them. Don't let people get near your camp spot. If the next circle puts you outside the circle or too far from the center, relocate immediately and repeat step 5. Being the first one to the center reduces your risk of running into a camper but doesn't eliminate it entirely. Be mindful of vehicles parked outside and listen carefully for footsteps when getting near a house. If you see a vehicle, you can choose to go to the next closest area, or go to a different house that you think they are less likely to be in. For example in an area with four houses and the car is right next to one, go to the furthest house. Or, if three houses have doors open and one doesn't, go to an already looted house (again this doesn't guarantee anything but certainly is less likely to have a camper). NOTE: The meta certainly seems to be changing towards this more and more. I see a lot more people going for center circle, because it works. So that does mean you will have to fight for the position, but it's a fight you can control, where as if you play edge early on and go by foot, you have too many angles to worry about. Stay on the bottom floor and cover your entrances. People WILL try to come to your spot (more so the smaller the circle is). Defend the entrances and ideally shoot them from the first floor windows because once they enter it becomes much harder. Stair case fights are so hit or miss. Rinse and repeat until the circle is too small to be driving and just play edge and find good cover (trees, bushes, hills, etc). Don't reveal your position unless you have to, and ideally use a silencer. Shoot to kill only. The MMR system works. It gets a lot harder to win at higher ranks. You get punished for mistakes (looting in the open, standing still, revealing your position with no cover). Mistakes get you killed so don't make them. Hope you enjoy the video and I would love feedback!
  19. Hello everyone my name is David. I am looking for a competitive duo/team to join that is based on NA servers and speaks English. I have experience playing FPS shooters for a good amount of time now and am looking to continue to improve. Currently, I am ranked 2000 in solo with a rating of 2011, and continuing to rise everyday as I have been seeing how far I can make it. Duo/squad has been mostly friend play and hasn’t been taken as seriously up until this time. Here is a link to my current stats: https://pubgtracker.com/profile/pc/Yusougle?region=agg I have a high end PC and am serious about taking my gaming to the next level. I play mostly between the time of 6-11pm Eastern Time. Adult teams only please. Prefer third person, but can adjust to fp. My discord is the same as my steam username: Yusougle Here is my steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/yusougle If you would like to see how I play, check out one of my live streams on Twitch. Twitch.tv/yusougle Find updates about my game time and streams at twitter.com/yusougle (I’ll try and get better at keeping up to date) If I interest you in any way, feel free to post here, message me, or contact me via steam or discord for more information. Thank you, Yusougle
  20. Hi all! We have an English speaking PUBG community growing on discord! Come and join if you are looking for serious or even casual gameplay! Everyone is pretty chilled! Everyone is welcome! We also organise events! And maybe in the near future making a serious team to join tournaments! Just join the link : https://discord.gg/seRwBUW Or add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198026245337/ Hope to see you in game soon !
  21. This was a video of my first ever solo win, i have lots of other good videos too i would love some feedback! Please feel free to leave me some!
  22. no se si a alguien le pasa igual que el highlights graba varias muertes y cuando cerras el juego te queda solo la primera,o hay alguna forma de configurarlo?
  23. Community Mega Thread *POSTING RULES IN HERE*

    Hello community of the great game of Playerunknowns Battleground! This is an introduction not only for myself but for my very good friends stream. He is a true gamer just like me with a great attitude towards winning! Tiltproof and skilled he will combat the obstacles in gaming without showing off too much! You will learn tactics from a skilled veteran with many battle scars should you join this beautifully hosted stream. As the title suggests these are not just words! He has the stats to back it up! TOP 50 In the world of europe with a distinguished top 15 finish in the duo section of the game! He aims higher than the clouds in the new first person player mode! Why don't you join me in spamming his chat with one two three and franker zee? Godspeed, Pubg community. And GG. And HF. And prosper. And be well. Quality 10/10 Audio 10/10 Gameplay 10/10 Languages; English, Swedish. https://www.twitch.tv/tejler https://pubg.me/player/sk0g
  24. Killcam

    Maybe can we get killcams in solo games?cause so many times I get rekt and I dont know if is a cheater or lucky or what, or some times people kill me with supressor and I dont know where is.
  25. 20 Kills BRIDGE MASSACRE FULL ACTION SOLO Game Win Subscribe us for more Videos.