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Found 122 results

  1. Since there is a high amount of reports of Sound Issues, please follow the bug format and be as descriptive as possible. Some of the issues may be with drivers on your headsets, others will be addressed in the patch on 2017-04-06. If you still have issues after 2017-04-06 please contribute to this thread. Thanks. Okay! since the other posts have been deleted due to not following bugreportformat.. lets have another shot at this.. Bug Description: When encountering multiple sounds.. as in bombings nearby or when 3-4 players or more is having a shootout (lobby 100% of the times).. or when two cars are driving nearby I get crazy audio stutter/distortions. The volume of this stutter only gets louder and louder as if it is a feedback of sorts. While this was happening for me during the BETA last weekend 18th-19th of march i got really bad framedrops during the "feedback" however during EA 23:rd-24:th the frames seem to have gotten better atleast. When teleporting into the plane for airdrop the soundissues dissapear untill you're on the ground close to bombings or bigger shootouts. Youtube link for this phenomena recorded today: Date Seen: I encounter this everytime i play but the specific dates are: 18th-19th of march (beta) 23:rd-24:th of march (ea) and yes.. I do realize this is not the kind of bug you necessarily need the dates for but w/e Troubleshooting Attempted: During Beta I first verified the gamefiles VIA steam. No issues encountered. I then re-installed the game (SSD) - no difference. I then installed it to a normal raptor SATA and had the same issues and longer loadingtimes ofc so I re-installed it again to the SSD and the same audio issues were still there. I did the same thing as above with the Early Access install and it was no difference. I have reinstalled GPU drivers and my audiodrivers. Nothing helped so far. I have swapped the graphical settings between minimum - average - maximum, it made no difference on sound. I adjusted the soundlevels and it made no difference. I tried other headphones and a different output, made no difference for me or the stuttering. In the end I even Optimized the game with the crappy "G-force Experience" and disabled V-sync but it made no difference. Other Information: When this stutter occur mid-game on the island.. say i am in a small town and someone is throwing a grenade, two people are shooting rapidly and a car drives by.. this stutter occur but it fades away pretty quick after some of the "different sounds" dissapear.. and then the sound is back to normal if there are no extra sounds for a couple of seconds. So its not unplayable for me unless im in the middle of a warzone heh. /C
  2. Bug - No Sound

    Yeah, guess there was a new major bug patched in just now. Went into a squad-game (3rd in a row, first with this issue) and had no sound following the pregame lobby. Confirmed that the game wasnt muted via Audio manager and ingame shortcut, audio manager showed no audio output by the game. Tested my headsets sound with other applications, worked fine. Hope this gets fixed asap.
  3. control sliders

    hiya just noticed how hard it is to adjust the sliders accurately to a specific number, can we have the ability to type anumeric value into the box beside the slider? regards
  4. You can hear it here slightly towards the end of this clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/ExuberantSpineyHedgehogCopyThis was much easier to hear in game.
  5. Sound Issues: stuttering, lobbies, loss of, etc.

    Been troubleshooting this for a couple of days now... Since the recent update my ingame voice chat isn't working properly. I can't hear others but I do see that in squads my voice is getting activated and friends can hear me but I cannot hear anyone else. Same goes for solo and duo. To keep it short, my voice works fine and has worked fine since PUBG release but now I can't hear other since the latest update. I have verified my game integrity several times and tried CTRL+T countless of times.. My GameUserSettings.ini looks like this: bIsVoiceInputMute=False bIsVoiceOutputMute=False bUsePushToTalk=True bUseGlobalVoice=True bUseTeamVoice=True I'm out of options and it's really bugging me out that I cannot hear anyone speaking. (Software and hardware wise nothing has changed in or on my PC)
  6. I just installed the game via steam and there's no sound at all. I think the game is selecting the wrong output device although I've set up the correct one as standard in the windows settings. Every other game and apllication is using the correct device. System: Windows 10 1703 Build: 15063.483 Output Device: SABRE 24/96 DAC_DigiT connected via USB EDIT: There is sound in the Test Server version (althoug I can't connect)
  7. Sound Issues: stuttering, lobbies, loss of, etc.

    Bug Description: When another player is shooting and landing shots, their weapon does not always play the shooting sound. Date Seen: 8/13/17 Server: Live Troubleshooting Attempted: I had a player shoot and their weapon didn't make a sound on a few shots. Other Information: Launch Options: None. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 X64 Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU: Xeon X5690 Ram: 24GB DDR3
  8. Sound Issues: stuttering, lobbies, loss of, etc.

    If I sit still out side, a loud wind-like noise starts to build it. It goes away the second something else makes noise though. Unsure if the problem is me or a bug. Source:
  9. Players without shoes

    Most of players don't wear shoes, and when they walk on the grass and don't hear the sound of footsteps. That thing ruining all gameplay after half of the match and until the end of the match. Fix it pls
  10. Setting, reinstalling, device, cure all will not solve the problem
  11. No sound whats so ever

    so last night my desk collapsed a bit and my keyboard and mouse hit my headphones jack I noticed no difference so this morning I was playing round with my discord voice settings and I played around with attenuation and but it to the full and put when I speak and when others speak on, they are the two main reasons why I can think of why I have completely no sound, if someone could hep that would be great
  12. Hello everyone. First of all i wanted to say that i dont know if this is the exact right place to post my Issue because this is not a bug or issue with the game but with my hardware. Im running a Sennheiser GSX1000 Gaming Audio Amplifier along with my Sennheiser cs598 Headset. I dont exactly know how to use my settings to get the best sounds. The issue i have is that if i queue duo with my friend he can hear the enemys footsteps by a far longer distance (same goes for cars). Is someone here also using the GSX1000? If so, what settings are you using? Im currently using the "Shooter" profile on 7.1 I turned my Ingame settings almost to the max, so i know that cant be the issue Thanks for helping in advance. So long
  13. Sound?

    So it's 1v1 and I'm in that cave thing at the military base. The other guy is above me I can hear his footsteps round around. Then a few minutes later, he runs around and I still hear him up there, but somehow he threw two nades as if it's right outside the entrance. If he dropped I should've been able to hear it. Anyone else has similar issue? Thanks
  14. Turn down the Buggy

    turn. down. the. buggy. I have to literally yell over my teammates
  15. The Buggy's Audio

    The Buggy's sound needs to be changed in my opinion, it sounds really bad and hurts my ears I just hate how it fluctuates so much, could It change to something more realistic? I have to Ctrl + M when driving in it because it sounds that bad, which doesn't let me hear the gunshots at me.
  16. Buggy Audio

    Sometimes when friend and I enter a buggy there is no sound, we managed to fix it temporarily by re entering the buggy
  17. Hi all, I feel like there are way too many little audio bugs and glitches in this game, for example when you first start driving a car, it's almost like you can hear the car engine twice. Another example is randomly throughout the game I feel like I can hear a really quiet car in my right ear, it's doesn't last long but still gets me checking to see whether a car is actually there. Another example could be when you switch weapons, you hear a footstep or two, which again, as you can probably tell is rather annoying and gets me paranoid. I feel like these need to be fixed ASAP, as I'm sure most of you would agree, audio is a huge factor in this game! Thanks for reading!
  18. Hi Team, The sounds of any vehicle and rain is really loud. Especially in First Person View, it's super loud and can barely even hear people on discord. Overwatch had a great video explaining the different levels of the sound design, which really makes a lot of sense. I'm sure you've already seen it, but I couldn't find the link now. Best, Jacob aka. hankat
  19. "I don't know were to put this, but i think a mod will know" Every (early) game when i have a close combat engage and shoot, my enemy ' blinks' out of position. I don't know why or what, but i think it (also) has to do with the sound. It is possible that it is a combination with sound, dsync, server-lag and posible frame drop. If someone knows the solution i am thankful and i will not shoot you when i see you If not, then the underlined sentence is of the one that needs to read the bugreports and relay that to the dev team. TNX for all who know the solution and/or want to help ps. dont ask for a vid. if i had it i would post it.
  20. Half way though the round the sound just started to glitch out and continued until the end. Game crashed after lobby but unable to upload bug report. [YOUTUBE] Pubg Soung Glitch but with a chinken dinner
  21. When first entering the pregame lobby, before it's fully rendered, if you press Ctrl+M to mute sound, it will crash the game, every time. I have tested this several times now and 100% of the time it crashes.
  22. No Sound Whatsoever

    Allow me to say that after watching some game play I desperately wanted to buy and play the game. But upon opening it up for the first time I noticed an odd lack of music, thought nothing of it due to my excitement and played a round to which I noticed absolutely no sound, I think it would help my strategy to hear incoming players so please help
  23. Sound Glitch?

    I dont hear the plane's engines, foot steps (mine or others), if i turn the sound from the plane dropping care packages drops off VERY quickly when i turn away. Is it me, a setting, or a glitch?
  24. Vehicle engine sounds

    Will you ever improve the engine sounds for vehicles? The sounds are barely mediocre and more in line with lawnmowers, especially for cars. Some nice engine sounds would do a lot to create a better sound experience. You have done a really good job with the thunder and rain SFX, so I know you are capable of higher quality.
  25. Hey there. I'm an okay player and only been playing for a week or two so maybe these things come with time but the gunshot audio is sometimes very hard to pinpoint when people are shooting near you. My suggestion is to change the audio of the bullet flying past you. The bullet flying past me should not be louder than the gun it is being shot from, with how dependant players are on audio i'm positive a little noise of a bullet hitting an object near you, the ground, or even making the "whizzing" noise about 50% quieter would not affect ability to hear that a bullet just went past your head. At the end of the day 90% of the playerbase probably plays on a decently high volume, so the whizz would not be missed even at 50% of it's current volume. Other than that good job on the game devs, it has it's problems but I really do enjoy the game even if it has a lot of kinks to work out