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Found 235 results

  1. Clan-Run Public Discord Server. Reliably find teammates for SQUAD and DUO. Adults preferable. Skilled players essential. Owned and Maintained by DEATHSERPENT INC. Est.2013 https://discord.gg/5p3dkwE
  2. 10 MAN SQUAD Please

    Note to the Devs : I would here by send a simple request ; Good evening , my friends and i , are often facing a big Dilemma . We're all in chat , trying to see who wants to play . Very Often , we are between 8 and 15 people willing to play together . PLEASE , would it be a Big deal for you guys to " TRY " at least try it on test servers , to let us players decide how many people we want in a Squad ? maybe with a maximum of 10 to 15 players ?? 15 would still be 6 Teams if we would NOT put more then 90 players on a single map .... all tough we all wish we could be 200 on a map . 10 would be simply 10 teams if we keep a 100 . i mean guys try it ... at least a 8 people Squad . It would definetly be a interesting game play , more tactical even i suppose like in some mods from """ Arma 3 KOTH """ maybe not supposed to mention it by name ... just let me know what you are planing . Take care
  3. ...bist Du auch auf der Suche nach Mitspieler? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig, besuche unsere Deutsche Playerunknown´s Battlegrounds Community. Community Website - klick hier! In unserem Forum erfahrt ihr immer die neusten News und Gerüchte rund um Playerunknow´s Battlegrounds. Ihr habt die Möglichkeit eure Erfahrungen über PUBG mit der Community zu teilen und andere Mitspieler zu suchen. Mit einem aktiven, hilfsbereiten Team können wir Euch einen erfahrenen Support gewährleisten! Custom Games Darüber hinaus erstellen wir täglich Custom Games exklusiv für unsere Community! Ihr könnt mitentscheiden was gespielt wird, postet einfach eure Ideen in unser Forum unter pubg-community.com. Twitch Streamer Wir bieten für Twitch Streamer eine sogenannte Streaming Partnerschaft an. Als Streaming Partner werden Eure Channels auf unserer Homepage gelistet und Ihr erhaltet auf unserem Teamspeak Server einen separaten Channel. Darüber hinaus besteht die Möglichkeit, durch die Reichweite unserer Community eure Follower Zahlen zu steigern. Twitch Channel - klick hier! TeamSpeak Server Unser Teamspeak Server ist mit 512 Slots ausgestattet und wir haben mehr als 495 aktiven Usern aus aus aller Welt. Dort findet Ihr auch Searching Mate Channels, sowohl für FPP und als auch TPP. In den Solo, Duo, Squad und Custom Channels könnt Ihr eure sehr intensive Actionmatches genießen. Auf unserem TeamSpeak Server läuft ein aktives Ranksystem. Bewertet wird deine Onlinezeit die du auf unserem Server verbringst. Mit dem Aufstieg im Ranksystem steigen auch deine Rechte auf unserem Server. Aktive Boardmember in unserem Forum werden mit PUBG-Coins belohnt, mit diesen Coins können unter anderem Private Channel auf dem Teamspeak gekauft werden. Natürlich haben wir auf dem Teamspeak auch ein paar Regeln, diese sollten natürlich eingehalten werden. Am besten wenn ihr auf den Server kommt schaut ihr erstmal im Blackboard vorbei. TS3-Server IP: ts3.pubg-community.com Steamgruppe Unsere Steam Gruppe mit mehr als 320 Mitgliedern ist es auch schon gut gefüllt und es ist somit nicht schwer einen passenden Mitspieler zu finden. Es lohnt sich somit auch dort mal vorbei zu schauen. Steam Gruppe - klick hier! Facebook Es lohnt sich auch mal bei unserer Facebook Gruppe vorbeizuschauen. Facebook Gruppe klick hier! Was wir euch bieten: tägliche Custom Games exklusiv für unsere Community Ein modernes und übersichtliches Forum mit allen aktuellen News, Patch Notes und eigener Wiki Eine freundliche und hilfsbereite Atmosphäre mit über aktive 495 Usern pro Woche TeamSpeak-Server mit 512 Slots und Ranksystem eigenen Discord-Server Twitch Partner Eine koordinierte und erfahrene Leitung der Community Unterstützung und Hilfe bei Fragen als auch bei Problemen Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch! Webseite: https://www.pubg-community.com/ Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/pubg-community-com Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/pubgcom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/136777993571881/ Diskord: https://discord.gg/7akMrAQ TeamSpeak Server IP: ts3.pubg-community.com
  4. Team UI Location

    Hi, First of all I'd like to state that I LOVE all the improvements coming in the 1.0 release. Great improvements overall. However being a User Experience Designer myself there's one thing that greatly bothers me and that is the placement of the Team HUD/Info Display (however you want to call this). Generally the Team HUD is quite important. It tells you how your teammates are doing and if they are in need of help (e.g. support or even picking up after they've been downed. Also how much time you have left to do so). Taking into account the F-Shape Model (or F-Pattern) of how our eyes work the HUD currently is located in the 2nd to last position of how we take in information and process this. Also it becomes very 'full' and confusing if you're in a vehicle. Having the vehicle information on the bottom left and team HUD on the top left (most important location for us to take in information) would be best, like it is on the current servers. I now often am not aware of my teammates state because my focus isn't on the bottom left of my screen. That is, currently, all I have to 'complain' about the hud. Kill-Feed on the top right is ace, even according to the F-Pattern. If a fellow player is unaware of what the F-Shape model is, go to google (it wouldn't let me copy a direct URL to the set of images), type in "F-shape UX" and click the images tab. It will show heat maps of what our eyes do when scanning a screen. It's predominantly a 'web' pattern but applies to anything on screen. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please keep up the awesome work that you're doing! Best regards, kcNL http://www.twitch.tv/kcnl
  5. Please add the squad of 5 or more people, my friends and I want to play together.
  6. german players

    Heyho, ich suche noch nach paar mates fuer duo oder squad, ggf such ich auch ein Team fuer cups, tournaments oder sonstiges einfach adden und mal sehen, was daraus wird. https://steamcommunity.com/id/xatoyabu
  7. Random Air Drop

    I was playing on the new Dessert map, Miramar in a squad game, and the plane dropped everyone at the same time at the earliest possible drop time. While this was definitely a bug, it was actually really fun and exciting. I think it would be a really great idea if there was a game mode where players could intentionally enter these games, or a low percentage probability of something like this happening in every game. It was chaotic; one of the best PUBG games I've played. Note: This occurred Monday 12/11/17.
  8. Matchmaking mit Freunden?

    Moin Leute, hat noch jemand das Problem seid, dass man seid ca. ner halben Stunde nicht in Duo's oder Squad's joinen kann? Wir sitzen einfach ewig in der Matchmaking Schlange und finden einfach kein Game. Hilfe benötigt... Danke im Voraus.
  9. Hello, a few minutes ago I was playing in squad mode with random players. Everything was going well despite the language barrier, they spoke Chinese and I couldn't understand a single word Then we went to a house to loot, in one room of the house there was a first-aid-kit. We all ran to grab it and I managed to grabbed the first-aid-kit first. They were not happy that I grabbed it first, they were clearly angry even though I didn't understand what they were saying. The thing is, they trapped me in the room (by putting their bodies at the door), they were laughing like crazy via the voice chat. 30 seconds went by and I felt bullied because they were not letting me out and they were still laughing. I felt powerless and weak. Then, I don't know what happened, but I went in an extreme rage mode and took my AKM and killed them both. Then a third team-mate started to shoot at me, and I killed him too. Finally, I left the match feeling like trash... I want to apologize for taking extreme measures, and will fully understand if I receive a temporary ban... For next time, how should I handle if my teammates are trolling/mocking me?
  10. Hi guys, Wouldn't it be great if we could make the squad battles more squad-orientated, so that squads die together and leave the game together more often. What if we removed the fact that someone can be killed after they are downed, but rather make 'bleeding out' the only way to die on the ground. This way, someone won't just quickly be "killed twice" and be left waiting for his team to finish the game. Instead, the focus will be on his squad to resurrect him, while the enemy team focuses more on eliminating the squad than getting a quick, almost spiteful pick-off of one squad member. If the downed enemy's squad decides to not help him, then he will simply bleed out as per normal, but it shifts the focus to a more holistic squad focused objective. This will make squad battles more epic. Also early game, you won't just run into a building and be downed twice quickly before your squad can even attempt to assist you. It will be so cool if someone downs you, and your squad now has to attempt a rescue mission while you are bleeding out. Perhaps shooting a downed enemy for the second time, should then rather paralyse him, so that he can't crawl further and the enemy team forced to rescue him there. Hope you consider this suggestion, as it is a minor change that could be a big improvement, and will help avoid players being killed early and left watching their teammates. Squads will now live and die together more often. Regards, Puppy
  11. Squad autofill

    Is there anyway to turn off the auto-fill on squad game play? I have 3 players total and cant find a 4th is there anyway i can turn off the autofill.?
  12. PUBG Group Finder

    Would like to invite you guys to join us on Player Unknown's Group Finder doesn't matter if your new to the game or seasoned and looking for regular squads. Come be a part of our growing community! https://discord.gg/gAeggg2 english and a mic is a must!
  13. Teammate Names

    In my opinion , it is very hard to tell who is your team because the tag is so faint. The circle is clear but I think a little boldness to the name would be helpful. I often mistake my teammate for the enemy or vice versa.
  14. Implement "Squad Kills" display

    Hey guys! It would be very nice to see how many kills your squad or duo mate(s) got after the end of a round. You could implement this feature in the End Of Round Screen! Look at this example: (Yes, I know, it is a solo round, it's just for imagination...)
  15. Yellow team marker

    I have found that the yellow marker that tells me where my teammate is is pretty hard to see when it's against the ground. I've had to open my map to be able to find the yellow player on my team before because I can barely see the yellow marker that floats on him in a lot of situations
  16. On current live servers to create a duo or a squad with steam friends it takes one mouse movement to the bottom corner and one click to invite to the squad og duo. 2 clicks on test servers, you have to click the bottom right, which is fine, then click online dropdown then click invite. Have the online default expanded. 3 clicks on live servers to create a duo or a squad with randoms off discord make one movement to the bottom corner click type and click invite. short simple easy. 2 clicks on test servers, this is where it gets tricky, click the bottom right, then click search icon, then click inside the Nickname, type the name, click search(Enter does not work), then click invite( + icon). 5 clicks Also there is no quit or exit button when the game can't connect to the servers, only the reconnect button. Must use Alt+F4 or task manager.
  17. Reconnection Glitch

    При реконнекте случается проблема: мой напарник не видит меня как напарника, он не видит опознавательного круга. Напарник видит меня в локации первого спавна и при моей смерти, он не видит, что я умер. Но через несколько минут он видит, что я умер от зоны. Случалось два раза за 5 часов игры.
  18. Squad Hud back to top left?

    Hi I would like to suggest that the HUD for squad members is moved back to the top left of the screen? I feel it is obstructive in the bottom left of the screen. I have found in certain circumstances that it gets in the way of gameplay... such as when guarding steps/stairs and such. thanks Smeg_killA
  19. Whenever i try to play with friend or squad my game crashes on loading screen and if I reconnect than there is a ui error where there no number on my top so my teammates wont knw and also if i get knocked then they dnt even get the option to revive me plz fix this it crashes a lot apparently..!! Ty and btw really nice work with the game graphics its awesome
  20. Bug Description: Immediately crashes on loading screen after the whole team or partner is ready Happens on both duo and squad. Date Seen: 08/12/2017 Server: Test server Troubleshooting Attempted: Validate files from steam (Works sometimes after validating) Other Information: Fatal error! Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000003 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DB5FDB34 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DB5FDF0E TslGame.exe!0x00000000DD134696 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DD135009 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DB5E1B06 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DB5E2268 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DB5E67EC TslGame.exe!0x00000000DB6D5577 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DB6D2CB4 KERNEL32.DLL!0x000000003C5F8364 ntdll.dll!0x000000003CA37091 ntdll.dll!0x000000003CA37091 Crash in runnable thread TaskGraphThreadNP 0 Launch Options: No launch options put System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 14393) Graphics Card: Radeon R9 280 Sapphire Dual-X OC 3GB Edition CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) X4 860K Quad Core Processor (4 CPUs), ~4.1GHz Ram: 8192MB RAM
  21. Immediately crashes on loading screen after the whole team or partner is ready Happens on both duo and squad Logs: Fatal error! Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000003 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DB5FDB34 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DB5FDF0E TslGame.exe!0x00000000DD134696 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DD135009 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DB5E1B06 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DB5E2268 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DB5E67EC TslGame.exe!0x00000000DB6D5577 TslGame.exe!0x00000000DB6D2CB4 KERNEL32.DLL!0x000000003C5F8364 ntdll.dll!0x000000003CA37091 ntdll.dll!0x000000003CA37091 Crash in runnable thread TaskGraphThreadNP 0
  22. If one of your teammates crashes before getting in the plane, this teammates indicator and number stays in the prison. So you can't identify your teammate, offcourse when you shoot him you get the warning for friendly fire. When he is down you can't revive him. When this happens again I'll add a video.
  23. On the new menu screen, inviting people does simply not work. It will show one of the following messages: ...has blocked invites ...is busy ... is offline, even though the person is online, has not blocked invites and is not i n a game. I have restarted the game, refreshed UI and blocked and then unblocked invites multiple times. Not only I am experiencing this problem, i have had 2 full squads where no one could invite anyone and multiple reports of the bug on discord servers. Please fix this asap so we can all play with our friends again ! Thx in advance
  24. Can't invite

    can't invite certain people(a lot of people) not just me others as well, get a "busy" message when they have block enabled, when they DON'T have block enabled, it says person has block invite on. but other people are able to invite that person but not the others, aka not being able to squad/party up with certain friends at all.