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Found 41 results

  1. Hi all! I have a problem with tracking my stats. I had 40h+ in game when my stats were reseted and after 60h+ it happend again. Now after 10h of playing nothing is shown in stats page (0 matches played, 0 kills etc. but I've won about 5 games till now...). Between those resets steam blocked my keys twice with message that "payment problem" (I bought keys from shop and they give me another key once and after steam cancel that one too they give me back cash so I have my 3rd pubg key bought from steam now). Is there any fix or someone from devs can solve my problem? My steam tag is aodsto. Thanks for replies!
  2. i won 3 solo wins yesterday ,first one in asain ,two others in SEA . but i still haven't been counted 2 wins in SEA server .plz help me dev
  3. Win doesn't show in Statistics

    Hello, Win isn't in Statistics. Can you help? Thanks.
  4. Statistics Not Updating

    Hi PUBG. My kill count has not updated in a while. I'm not a prolific killer but I noticed my kill count and K/D ratio have not changed even after I've had mildly successful rounds (I killed some dudes with their backs to me...) Cheers. MajorFun
  5. Statistics are empty

    Hello, i played about 40 games last week but my statistics are empty. Also i cant see my rank in solo leader. Everythink is empty. Can i do with it something ? ? Any other game on steam works fine... Thanks
  6. Statistics Update Bug

    I just won a solo match with 7 kills, but my statistics is not updating my win. I'm guessing it's because I didn't leave the game an waited till I was kicked out of the game. I attached the pic I took when I won as evidence. Can you guys update it or sth?? Thanks.
  7. I currently have no items for this game, thus I`m unable to view my inventory. and when I pay for the reward with 700 coins,System show words" Fail to recive reward",and I also can not change my character with coins,of course I·m always 'naked'。 with the update these days,my coin shows N/A,my coins are gone?!10000+coins!and can not get the coins in the games now!!!
  8. Statistics

    Hey, I have started to play solo games yesterday and won 3 ttp games. I checked the stats today and it says 2. why?
  9. stats also not updating

    Just mentioning that early in August my stats stopped updating. Tried to reload UI many many times to no effect. While individual stats not updating includign kills (stuck at 11) it does show my decline in overall position game after game from 100,000's to 400,000's
  10. Stats Never Updated

    Hello, My stats are never updated in game. I make sure I choose the correct region and correct game mode, however they are stuck since my 13th game round and never updated. Also despite having connected it earlier (received my twitch prime stuff) currently my twitch icon is grey and I can not unlink/link the game with my Twitch account. Thank you for your time.
  11. False statistics

    Hi, my statistics shows less wins than yesterday !!, any idea what could be the reason ? Steam and PUBG id is BillyZ1
  12. Statistics/Leaderboard/BP Issues

    My top 10 finish is not showing in the stats (solo eu) why is that the case. I came 7th. It sucks to not be rewarded. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Just started today. EDIT: I am an idiot. The stat update was delayed.
  13. Won a Soloround, stats doesnt show the win. restarted and refreshed few times.
  14. Statistics/Leaderboard/BP Issues

    Hi I played already ~50duo games but my statistics got stuck at 7 games and 2 wins now I should have like 50 games ~150kills and 12 wins or something and same with SOLO and SQUAD also my leaderboard isn't accurate I drop lower every day but I won a lot of games and had many kills so that can't be possible please fix that my ingame name: milfhunter12 (i know this name is inappropriate but I thought there is a possibility to change it, if u can change it while u are trying to fix that, go ahead and get me a new name) If u need any further details pls reply to this post or contact me via e-mail Thank you for your great work
  15. 1) Character Customization: Date Seen: 09.08.2017 Server: EU Error Message: - Other Information: I was playing this game via "Family Share" option of Steam. And yesterday my friend gifted me this game but i did not create a character. I got a character which was ready to play, with my own nickname but wity random customized look. Troubleshooting Attempted: - Launch Options: - System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 1050 CPU: i7 3820 Ram: 8GB ----------------------- 1) Statisctics: Date Seen: 09.08.2017 Server: EU Error Message: - Other Information: I played so many games but i can't see them in the "Statistics" pannel. Troubleshooting Attempted: - Launch Options: - System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 1050 CPU: i7 3820 Ram: 8GB Please help me about these subjects, thank you.
  16. Right now I imagine a lot of the community is confused about what exactly the attachments do. A nice wishlist item for me would be to have stats for the weapons attachments in game in that they will increase/decrease stability, power, recoil etc... by X %. I suppose additionally having some kind of in game display for weapons stats would be nice too.
  17. Leaderboard not tracking

    I've been experiencing multiple games, especially those I pop off on not showing up on my statistics. Its frustrating trying to get an actual look at my KD and Win rate when the games I win or pop off on don't show up and it brings my stats down to a very average of 1.00. Especially the games I won with a 600m headshot and that doesn't even register. I know stats are reset monthly, but PUBG still keeps the records of our stats as they are.
  18. Hi, i play solo 1PP only after patch, 1PP is not counted in my statistics? or there is some bug? Seems like my statistics is frozen like it was before patch
  19. Solo win isn't in stats

    Won my first solo yesterday on ASIA server. But, still that win isn't in statistics. Never happened to me before. It is so annoying that your only solo win isn't there.
  20. Statistics and Achievements

    Hello Everyone, I want to talk about the monthly stats reset. I think there should be a history about recent Ranks and statistics for the recent months or maybe overall if possible. It could be a bit like in sc2 where you can choose the Month and see how you did perform in this time. Maybe with a feature that highlights your best overall ranks and achievement. I am writing this because I have the feeling, that if you guys just reset the leaderboard every month, people will feel like they lose everything they achievement so far. That means you lose your ranks or whatever you are proud of and want to share with friends. Hopefully someone is going to read this, I am thankful for every comment, Kind regards DooDLeZ
  21. My stats on the SA servers have not been updating for a while now, it has been a week i believe. I have got some wins on squad since then and it has not been appearing on my stats. Similiar issues has occured to all of my friends who play on the squad with me, same goes for Duo and Solo.
  22. K/G Instead of K/D

    Yesterday I played a match on the OCE server. I won, and got 8 kills in that game, so I was surprised to see that my K/D was 0. This does makes sense since I didn't die (8/0 = 0), but I hadn't realized before that the kills from games one wins and survives don't count toward their K/D. I think the kill to death ratio should be changed to a kill to game or match ratio, or at least make the K/D include kills earned on matches a player survives. So this way players will receive credit for the kills accrued in matches they have won. I thank you for your time and consideration! ^-^

    I just won my first solo match and to my surprise, it isn't showing on my stats board. Can you guys fix this? It's not like this is an easy task to accomplish for it to be brushed off as just "another issue". I've invested a lot of time on this game and this is seriously extremely disappointing. Below is a screen shot I took as proof. Thanks.
  24. End Game Damage Statistics

    At the end of each round, I'd like to see more stats. Ideally I'd like a kill list for that game. For me, the kill list would contain 5 columns Column 1- list of players that I damaged or who damaged me Red background - They killed me Green Background - I killed them Clear background - just damaged, no kill Yellow name - normal player Blue name - team mate Column 2 - Total actual damage that inflicted on that player (Damage before armor/helmet protection) Column 3 - Total body damage that inflicted on that player (damage that actually wounded them) Column 4 - Total actual damage that I received from that player Column 5 - Total body damage that I received from that player