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Found 128 results

  1. can i download pubg for steam

    actually my college blocked some of websitein fortigaud vpn and i can't bypass from windows and steam has problem in installing in my debianso how can i downlaod this game can you please upload your game that i can download from linux os can you please provide me steam game of pubg
  2. Selamlar. Bugün yani 17 Ocak 2018 tarihinin 2.30-3 suları sırasında aldığım bir ürün steam'de envanterime geldi fakat oyun içi envanter kısmında gözükmüyor.Hatta resimlerle destekleyeyim.Bu Tracksuit Pants'ın Steam envanterimde ki görünümü. : Bu da oyun içi envanterinin görünümü. Çok net şekilde görebileceğiniz üzere Tracksuit Pants'ım oyun içinde gözükmüyor. Nedeni ne olabilir? Şunu düşündüm ben şimdi kadın bir karakterle oynuyorum hani dedim acaba o yüzden tracksuit giyemiyo olabilir mi dedim ama bir çok yerde pubg'de cinsiyetlerde kıyafet ayrımı olmadığını okumuştum. Yardım ederseniz sevinirim. (Oyunu kapatıp açtım,lobiyi tekrar yüklemeyi denedim.)
  3. Merhaba arkadaşlar, Öncelikle biraz kendimden bahsetmek istiyorum, ismim Hasan Can ve öğrenciyim. Twitch üzerinden arada sırada yayınlar yapmaktayım ve bazı oyun içerisindeki replaylarımı ve yayın kliplerimi burada sizlerle paylaşmaya karar verdim. Bir çok video paylaşmayı ümit ettiğim bu konu devamlı güncellenecek olup yeni çekeceğim videoları da en kısa zamanda bu konu üzerinden sizlerle paylaşacağım. Şimdiden sizlere teşekkür eder ve iyi seyirler dilerim. PUBG Stealth #1 - CSMGalahad - 16 Oca 2018 tarihinde yayınlandı https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POxfBKLI-cA
  4. Steam family mode with PUBG

    Recently my brother bought PUBG in steam with his account. We did the family sharing so I could play from the same computer but with different accounts. However, I can open the game with my account but inside the game I'm logged in to his or I can just play with his. Do always have to play through his account? For example, In rocket league I can play with my own account eventhough he bought it. Thanks for the help.
  5. [UK] New streamer! Looking for 3's

    New streamer to the block looking for some chicken dinners! Would love for some of you to come down and play with me if not support the stream, whether its watching, chatting or dropping a follow! It would be much appreciated!! https://www.twitch.tv/itsfeaturingmyself Feel free to add me on steam as well http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198174525941/
  6. So I'm currently trying to buy some Desperado Crate's from the steam market after buying a bunch of keys but it is bugged. First bug is of course the price. It says its £2.49 but when I click on it, it goes down to £0.69, but then when I try to buy some crates i get one of the following errors: One of the two. If anyone knows a fix for this please let me know. I'm using chrome to do it too.
  7. Can't buy crates

    It seems the servers are having a hard time with the amount of crates being put up for sale and the amount of people trying to buy them. I have been trying to buy a desperado crate for hours and no luck. game servers are to busy or there was a problem with the purchase. LOL steam and bluehole are and will lose heaps of $$$$$$ as the price of the crates has tanked and may never go back up to the price of a couple days ago, I have seen them there for 9c. Well done steam and or Bluehole, shot yourself in the foot with this one.
  8. Duo & Squad için Oyuncu Bulma

    Discord grubumuzdan arkadaş bulabilirsiniz https://discord.gg/usdX2fM https://discord.gg/usdX2fM
  9. Steam Market

    I got a couple items from the desperado crates, but I already see items from it up on steam, but mine I have to wait until the 18th to start selling. Why is this? Did they not get the 7 day wait? Thanks
  10. update issue

    hello, since today i can't play. at the game there is a message who says that i need to update but at steam there is no update. what can i do? ill drop pictures here to show you my issue. hope u can help me. im from south america! :D!
  11. Сразу извиняюсь что пишу в эту тему, видимо я слепой и не заметил нужную. Вообщем, предлагаю сделать на торговой площадке стим при выборе игры PUBG чтобы были фильтры, как например в других играх, микротранзакции в игре уже присутствуют, существует как я знаю 8 кейсов, некоторые уже нельзя конечно получить, но вещи с этих сундуков не пропали, будет неплохо и намного удобнее если можно будет выбрать в фильтрах какой кейс, также можно добавить фильтр по типу, предмет на голову, куртка, штаны, обувь и т.п. Подобных предложения я не видел, думаю это хорошее объективное предложение. Искать на ТП без фильтров нужную тебе вещь сложно если не знаешь ее названия, спасибо.
  12. I bought the game on release day 1.0 and had the NA BP issue. I found out later that this was an old issue from last year and many people are still waiting for a fix. PC patch #1 was released claiming this is fixed - the problem still persists. PC patch #2 also released with no mention of the bug - the problem still persists. I paid for the game via Paypal and was able to file a dispute via their system instead of steam where they just count the # of hours played. (I had about 30+ logged, but this is a moot point) Dec 20, PUBG was released as 1.0 so my assumption is that the game should be working, save for some unexpected bugs but this one was known for months. 2 patches later and still no fix tells me otherwise. Playing the game with this bug is similar to starting over as a new account, not to mention missing out on rare loot crates. The game is still playable, but again this isn't what I paid for and I can't make excuses for PUBG corp or hold them to a lower standard simply because the game is so popular. Even if the bug is fixed later, getting compensation is another issue so I hope whatever they will offer is satisfactory for those affected. After filing, about 1 week later I got a full refund via Paypal. Open and closed, there is no argument for selling an objectively defective product being advertised as "release". So I hope this helps people out there who feel that they are stuck with a broken game whether it be for the NA/BP bug or some other issue the devs haven't addressed. You can try to stick it out hoping for that one magical mega patch, ladder reset, etc. or vote with your dollars and get your money back.
  13. i need help!

    The game name on my steam is XDM-bibi,I've never used an illegal program,There are many ornaments, the game time is more than 300 hours,I've been to Chinese Internet cafes, but I was in Japan today.Show that my account was banned by VAC,What is this?Who can help me with my complaint
  14. Steam refund

    Word is on the street that steam is allowing players to refund the game due to something blue hole said about the state of the game and it not actually being at that state , this happened with rust a while back and 200k copies were refunded even though the play time on most of them was well over 2 hours and well past the 14day limit , anyone have any other information pertaining to this ?
  15. Добрый день. Приобрели игру в Steam в декабре. За компьютером сижу как я, так и моя сестра. Аккаунты Steam у нас разные, но пользуемся функцией Steam Family Sharing. Недавно выяснилось, что на каждую купленную копию игры создается лишь 1 игровой профиль, вне зависимости от того, используется семейный доступ или нет. Таким образом кто первый вошел в игру и создал профиль, того и тапки. Во всех остальных играх привязка идет к Steam аккаунту, под которым выполнен вход, в связи с чем никаких подозрений возникнуть не могло, т.к. никаких предупреждений на этот счет не было. Таким образом я сейчас имею в своем распоряжении купленную и привязанную к моему аккаунту Steam игру, со статистикой сестры, с женским персонажем (изменить внешность которого теперь можно только за внутриигровую валюту к слову) и женским ником, под которым у меня нет ни малейшего желания играть... В игре нет возможности создать другого персонажа или удалить старого (с созданием нового разумеется), нет возможности изменить ник персонажа. Таким образом, заплатив честно деньги за игру, мне приходится мириться с тем, что я практически играю за чужого персонажа... При этом и сестра оказывается ни с чем, т.к. все шмотки остаются на моем аккаунте. И даже купив еще одну копию для сестры, я не смогу играть за своего персонажа из-под своего аккаунта, поскольку профиль уже создан. Как быть в такой ситуации? Просто ждать и надеяться на то, что после релиза (который уже состоялся) в игру всё-таки введут возможность семейного доступа или создания/изменения профиля/ника игрока?
  16. ~ Anyone is welcome; Casual or hardcore players. ~ The community is still very small so if you join it'd be appreciated if you could help us grow by recruiting other players. ~ Games we support: PUBG, CSGO, DOTA 2, PALADINS, ROCKET LEAGUE, TF2 = JOIN US HERE = https://discord.gg/5p9btn8
  17. Hi there, I'm wanting to create a website that will use player stats for comparing with others and also get a run down of how you're doing. I have been looking for information on how to access this data and seeing there is no api yet. I can't wait for you guys to make an official api, but for the mean time i need to sort something out. I have read and saw people who do it already (I.E. pubgtracker....etc) and i would like to make my own because they set request limits. What people say you can do You can open the game, use wireshark and use websocket to make request, if the game is closed the connection is still open for a little. Someone on reddit said they found a way to use steam tokens to keep the connection going but for some reason i can't find any information regarding how to do so. My concerns As this will be a website, how do i get the information without having the game open? because it's on a server so i can't open the game on the server and then store the data that will be fetched. How do you generate steam tokens to keep the connection going...etc At the end of the day, i'm wondering how pubg tracker is doing it because doing this method mentioned above will be extremely inefficient. Because they have a ton of people hitting there api. It would be amazing if someone from the team could at least point me in the right direction (wishing for a lot, i know)
  18. https://www.twitch.tv/withoutaim Добро пожаловать на мой стрим,немного обновил пк и теперь могу играть на стриме в пабджи. Играю на мой взгляд выше среднего,короче что тут говорить заходите и сами все увидите=)
  19. Has anyone encountered this error upon launching? It seems my BattlEye is blocking the launcher of another steam game: Natural Selection 2 every time I stop playing it and I launch PUBG. The first time the bug fixed by itself after a few time. The second time it happened, I had to be forced to uninstall Natural Selection 2 to fix it. Upon trying to verify files from both games, logging out and in from Steam countless times, waiting and restarting the computer, nothing worked. I thought it might have been a miscomunication from my Steam current status with BattlEye somehow (unsync?) or files being shared. It's quite annoying. I've researched and saw it happening to other files (.dll's) and other games.. But.. Other Steam games? This sadly made me force to uninstall another game since I couldn't find a fix anywhere. I'm afraid it might be some flag or registry set on BattlEye. There's a not there some file blocks can be ignored.. But, how to do you "ignore" them? Am I the only one? Any "real" way to fix it or is the cause known? I've tried everything from above.
  20. Tried everything in the pubg troubleshooting support thread and then some, game still will not launch. Re-installed steam and pubg, I'm not going to reinstall my entire OS for this title. I have more hours than the steam refund policy, but have owned the game a little over a week. Is Blue Hole going to issue a refund if the game is unplayable? Tried everything on this thread, nothing worked. Haven't had a problem with any other Steam games.
  21. Kupiłem końcem grudnia PUBG i oczywiście problem, gra się nie odpala wywala okienko do raportowania. Szukałem jak to naprawić i znalazłem żeby jako administrator odpalić. Tak więc ustawiłem te wa exe'ki jako admin i zadziałało ale pojawił się problem w grze: Pierwszy błąd na starcie to Steam Initialization Failed po klikniecie aby ponowić błąd Server is to busy... No postanowiłem coś podziałać wpadł mi do głowy jeden pomysł(video i moim fixem):) I działa Od razu mam wejście do gry hehe. Mam nadzieję że się komuś przyda, bo ja już miałem o kase do zwrotu się starać Pozdrawiam.
  22. Seeing the amount of hackers and the most common reason that is to farm BP points to sell in game items on steam, a viable solution, besides the ban, would be to cancel all currency obtained by PUGB items. If the hackers continue to purchase the game it must be viable to gain more from the trades than the cost of the game itself. What do you guys think?
  23. Compartilhamento de Conta

    Boa tarde, Meu irmão comprou PUBG a uns 3 dias e compartilhou pela Steam comigo, eu joguei 1 partida e nunca mais entrei no jogo... Hoje recebi uma mensagem dizendo que os desenvolvedores do jogo tinha me banido da VAC, e não dava mais detalhes, e meu irmão também foi banido (aparentemente por causa de mim). Gostaria de saber o que aconteceu, PUBG nao pode ser compartilhado pela Steam? E isso resulta em BAN sem aviso nem nada? Aguardo resposta.
  24. Salut tout le monde, La French Kiss community, non ce n'est pas un film érotique, mais bien une communauté multigaming plus de 20 ans basée sur le Fun et l'entraide ! On TryHard, on s'amuse, et on troll aussi quelques fois ! Donc si tu es intéressé(e) pour rejoindre notre bande de Troufions, voici les conditions: - 20 ans minimum - Avoir un micro - Les règles ? Juste avoir du savoir vivre Notre communauté dispose de certains atouts/supports: - Une centaine de membres entre les différents jeux ( Overwatch, Destiny 2, PUBG, Fortnite) - NOTRE site web, géré entièrement par le Staff ( www.frenchkisscommunity.fr ) - Des partenaires "particuliers" : Instant Gaming, Twitch, DropinGame - L'humour débordant du rédacteur de ce post. Donc si tu es chômeur, étudiant, patron ou même souffleur de bougie éteinte : 👉🏻 Rejoins notre Discord ou contacte moi directement sur Steam : Beardless / https://discord.gg/M7ZeBgp Bonne game à tous, et à bientôt furturs troufions !
  25. Greetings, Hoping someone can provide instructions on how to change the player name, or if that's even a possibility. I cannot find a method to do so. Apologies if this is a duplicate post, nothing turned up in a search. Gracias, BT