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Found 2 results

  1. For some time now me and my friends have joked around regarding a detachable sidewagon on the sidewagon bike. Imagine the e-sports fun plays, the in game strategies to split up in the middle of the drive to flank and be able to do some sick plays! Gameplay The one sitting in the sidewagon will have the option to pull the sprint and split from the driver. The sidewagon will continue in the speed the bike was in before detaching and depending on a hill downward or upward it gain or boost speed, until it finally stops and the player can jump out safely. The sidewagon can be controlled from the player to lean right or left but it will be hard to control it! It can be shaky and if near a jump or objects it can send the player flying. Let us witness the mad plays and fun stuff from a detachable sidewagon! I believe that the game can still be realistic and have the core goal even tho more fun and corny stuff like this exists to boost the gameplay and strategies in the game. Best Regards, Zangie
  2. Reezy86


    So lately my running buddies came upon a video that said most people only jump to loot within a km (1square) from the plane and that it’s better to jump secure a vehicle and drive far to loot. Forgot the fact I mentioned this to them months ago but they weren’t willing to try it. We’ve been doing it lately and been getting done good success. What other strats have been working for you? -bridge camping. High risk high reward. Sometimes do it for the fun of it -riding the circle - staying on the edge, even the smaller end and running in just when the circle is about to move - hit drops - in military, pochinki, school - do these just to warm up till the play doh effect is properly fixed look forward to copying and pasting your strats!