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Found 6 results

  1. I present http://gametactic.org/pubg, a tool to collaboratively draw/plan/strategize on the pubg map. It's simple, fast and has more features than you probably need. Give it a try, no registration or download required, just press the new room button. You can copy paste the link and give it to other people to plan together in real time. PS: A moderator can move this to community content, where it really belongs
  2. Hello mates! I have died hundreds of times in this game and I have learned more from mistakes what i have made. 1. don't drop to prison, you will face many players and surviving is minimum.. Loot is good but there are military loot other places also. 2. when you go to supply drops. go near to it, and wait atleast few minutes, I recommend to go high ground because you can see proning players coming towards you. 3. There are 2 police stations. in georgopoll and yasnaya, nobody never goes these buildings. I have found full gear from them almost everytime. And everytime I got chicken dinner, I started from those. 4. stay near the edge of deathwall. 5. stay prone in bushes. I have seen players running like a dog in open field, I always think what the fuck are you doing dude? and shot him in the head. 6. when you get shot, NEVER go prone! just don't do it.. For surviving from that, run left and right all the time when you find cover 7. don't use cars in last 3 circles, the sound tells your location. Only in emergency situation where you get shot many directions, take a car, bike or buggy, do the same like running, left and right repeatedly. harder to get shot. 8. when you get ghillie. Stay PRONE. It's useless if you stand or crouch. 9. use full auto on close combat, and dont use scopes like 4x or 8x or 15x when enemy is like 20m away. 10. and the last. Don't panic!. stay calm. follow these tips, you will get your chicken dinner. these are my tips to survive and win in this game. It's kind of stealth strategy but I have got 8 chicken dinners in 4 days
  3. Tactics while IN vehicles

    I'm sure many of us will find ourselves behind the wheel of a vehicle or at least as a passenger in one fairly often in PUBG. How do you play when your in them? Tips/Things I've noticed When you are a passenger in a vehicle with other open seats, change your seat positions (control 1-6) while taking fire to avoid bullets If you are on the back of buggy, if you aim backwards... you sit and if you aim forward...you crouch. If I'm underfire and can't get a clear shot, sometimes I will try to spin around circles to vary my position, you might get a little dizzy. I know I'm making my target bigger and smaller by doing this but I feel its better than just sitting still and it will be harder to get a headshot. A great "camping" strategy I've seen is people will park their vehicles in vegetation so the cockpit is hidden by branches. People will rarely check to see if anyone is just randomly sitting in a vehicle, especially when you can't even see the cockpit and the vehicle is off. I think this is pretty hilarious. UAZ can be great for climbing certain buildings via using it as a step stool. Park vehicles in garages / bikes in houses if you want areas to remain appearing unlooted. Use them for cover Whenever a squadmate leans out the window to shoot enemies, they are usually the one who gets knocked out of the video and dies. If you really want to engage hostile shooters I recommend finding cover first.

    The red zone is terrible. All it does it A) Ruins people's game by killing them B) Make unnecessary noise C) Let everyone on the map know where you are. The red zones are not "random". They will always drop on an area with at least one player. I've had multiple times where the red zone dropped on my location 2-3 times continuously. Yesterday I found a glitch where i jumped a car onto a roof of a house, jumped out, and got stuck between the inside of the house and the roof. I stayed there and sat in the blue until i died from it. During that period I was over half the map away from the circle and the red zone dropped DIRECTLY on top of me. Just a few minutes ago I had three red zones follow me while I was driving which the last killed me. This is suppose to be a strategy game and there is nothing strategic about the red zone.
  5. Hi, It would be fun that wounded characters leave a subtle trail of blood (little blood spatters would do) The bleeding would not affect the health points. The wounded player can stop the bleeding by using any health item. After an engagement a wounded player can be tracked by the trail of blood spatters. A wounded player can use its own trail of blood to ambush his persecutors. I don't know how feasible is this, but it could add another strategic ingredient to the game-play.
  6. Hey, To start off, the examples and situations im talking about are top 5 situations only. The final few circles where there are only a couple teams alive, or a few teams, or solo players. So we all know that there are end circles that go RIGHT TO THE EDGE, and tilt the favor of whoever is in that area because they dont have to move at all, and can just camp and kill anyone running into them. Heres a situation, although its a little extreme and perfectly placed, I believe this solution could work for almost any scenario or ending situation. Original ending circle: The red dots are players. Lets say its a 1v1v1, Top 3. Right now everyone is in their spots and sitting. No one moving or shooting because they feel safe and want to wait for the next circle to see if they have to move or not. In the CURRENT STATE, this is what could happen: Now here is where things get really unfair and the LUCK comes into play. This guy at the bottom of the circle just got almost a free win. I'm not going to say that the other 2 guys cant win, or cant outshoot that player, but his chances of winning probably increased by like a LARGE PERCENT. So he has positional advantage, he doesnt have to move, and the other two players both have to move which makes them likely to see eachother first, also means that the guy in the circle can easy spot them running right into him and get the kills. The exact same situation could have happened if the circle spawned on the player at the TOP or if it spawned at the player on the WEST side. This is what a lot of the top players are currently frustrated with because it really gives one person or team a huge advantage and there isnt much way to outplay that player since there are no flank potential. So basically it becomes a shooting contest with one person in a field and 1 person behind cover. I understand WHY the circles can move to the edges of the blue electric zone. They made it this way so the circles can be unpredictable and have lots of map variation and end zone variation in the EARLY/MID GAME so it doesnt get stale and boring always being central in the middle and never goes to the edges of the map. SO, NOW TO THE POINT OF THE THREAD... The solution to the LATE GAME circle luck: I don't know the exact number of circles it takes to bring people to a top 10/top 5 situation, but lets say 4-5 circles. AFTER 4-5 circles, I suggest that the next circles become completely central in the current white circle once the blue circle closes in. Heres the situation with my suggestion: ORIGINAL SITUATION: Now instead of LUCK, all 3 of the players KNOW the next circle will be directly in the middle of the current one. So there is a lot more strategy and outplay scenarios. Yes, someone can run right to the middle of the larger circle, and be in position for the final circle and everyone would have to come to them. But the differences are 1) He has to actually MOVE from his position and take that risk, and 2) he is now exposed to ALL directions of attack on the next circle. 360 degrees of flank. Heres what the situation would look like now with my suggestion: Sorry for bad paint skills, but imagine that circle being exactly centered. So if the south player decides to run to the middle of that circle, the north and west players can either shoot him while running, or if they dont see him they can flank left or right and wrap around (SIMILAR TO WHAT PEOPLE IN ARMA DO when they run outside the circle and flank the other side). This way ALL 3 PLAYERS will have to move. And all 3 players will be in danger at all times from flank, or from moving. It still forces those gun battles, but doesnt give positional advantage to a single player or team. There are many strategies that can be played. You can rush the center and try to be the "king of the hill", you can ride the gas in and try to fight anyone else doing the same, you can flank 360 degrees in a circle and try to backstab someone running in. I think this idea of making the final circles 100% predictable and centered make it for a more skill based ending and remove some of the insane luck some people can have in the current state. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK ON THIS IDEA! Think of all the possibilities, negative and positive, and keep the future of the game in mind and how things may change later on. Thanks. EDIT: Talked to Hawkinz and we think it could also help that the final circles that get centered the electric field moves SLIGHTLY slower. I know that when the white safe zone is centered the electric moves slower all around, but maybe even just decrease the speed a little more could help make some strategies work better. It just creeps in like a slow fog.