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Found 180 results

  1. Hello. I have this bug where when I die, I am given the normal after death screen with the player points I have earned, ect and I click to exit to lobby, it comes up with "Ok" or "Cancel" I believe. I press "Ok" and it stays stuck/hangs. None of my friends have the bug, and never have. I have a high end rig with a GTX 970, I7 CPU, Windows 7 Operating System. (if you require further info please ask but I highly doubt It will have any relevance. I don't believe this to be a hardware bug. I have heard of a fair few other people online complaining they have the bug as well. Every time I finish a game with either my friends or by myself, I am required to end it via Alt tabbing and ending the process in task manager, and to restart the game. I have no complaints (actually some minor ones about it taking forever to load on high settings, but thats besides the point of this post) but the one requiring me to end my game in a very unusual way every time I die after a match. I have also found by experimentation that the longer I am in a match for without dying, the longer it takes for me to load back to the lobby/the more likely it is to hang. The longer I'm in a match for, the likelyhood of it hanging gets very very high. If it's a short match of 5-10 minutes it will take 30 seconds to 1 minute to load the lobby. Please help. I have had this bug since almost the beginning of my purchase. I purchased the game like 4-7 months ago. No update, or bug fix has solved the issue. None of my friends have ever had it.
  2. Stuck in ADS

    Bug Description: Occasionally, ADS doesn't activate on double click, so I have to repeatedly click RMB until it does. Then, occasionally, this will make ADS stay locked, so that it is the default (no button press required). Double-clicking while bugged will activate general aiming again, but then revert to ADS when buttons are no longer pressed. It requires repeatedly clicking RMB to fix issue, which usually results in me dying Date Seen: Since I started playing 3 months ago. Every patch. Server: NA/AS Troubleshooting Attempted: Reinstall game Launch Options:None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Asus Strix 1080 CPU: i7-2600k Ram: 16GB
  3. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    I did drive on buggy, few moments later I stopped and get out, but my body stuck in the wall and i did fall is infinite
  4. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    So, our squad was landing into one of the ruins, and I so happened to land in what looks like a ruined castle turret. As it turns out, instead of simply landing on top and jumping off, it has and interior but, unfortunately, no way to actually get out, or in for that matter. I don't know if this is intentional but it would be appreciated if there was a way in or out, or at least a suicide button so I don't have to wait for the game to finish so I can escape.
  5. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    In Mylta Power i ended my looting on roof of the building and wanted to quickly jump down to my car. I tried to split up the jump not to take so much falling damage and therefore landed on the rail-covered pipes. Unfortunately, it turned out you can fall between the rails and not be able to move. If you crouch (failing to crouch-jump or trying to climb out underneath) you will kind of slide on the pipes getting stuck underneath the rails so that you can no longer even stand up straight. The picture illustrates my position on the map aswell as where I got stuck in-game. I have to say though, that I was lucky to get to stand up again and the crouch-jumped out, but it took a long time just to even get upright after crouching.
  6. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    I have attached the screenshots, me and my friend got stuck there and couldnt move at all. Please fix this bug. LOL My ign is itachi_draco and my friend's is pK15
  7. So, I was playing perfectly fine on WIN 7. Today, after the update, I installed a fresh WIN 10 and now PUBG is stuck on main menu... Clicking is hard, avatar is displayed but it is stuck. here are my drivers and system specs.. PLEASE help Is it the new UPDATE? is it My windows 10? is it my drivers?
  8. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    Not much to say. Got stuck on some area in the northern part of the map. I'm not sure where it is, but I screenshotted it for exact clarification.
  9. In the location 125.359 x 49.578 outside the couple of houses inbetween the 2 containers and the road there is one rock. After hiding behind it while fighting a duo, I realised while sidestepping that I cant go further. Then I saw that there was no other object which was rendering me unable of moving and thus I got stuck into that rock while crouching. Prone/standing was no option. It was like only my lvl 2 helmet was attacked to the rock. I didnt try removing it. I was using the f emale model. I hope I helped. Cheers
  10. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    I get stuck between truck and wall. And you cannot get out of it.
  11. AUTO stuck on AS server.

    Every time that you end a match your default server will be as and if you forget to change it you will play with bad connection
  12. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    Got stuck in a fence near Ferry Pier, I attached screenshots of where I was on the map and what it looked like for me.
  13. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    Why can you still get stuck in the pipeline of Mylta power factory like please i got stuck there like 1 month ago pls fix
  14. Hey, first of all sorry 4 bad eng Iam launching the game at steam and opening , bluehole seems and game stucking at loading screen my fps downing from 100 to 1and nothing happening. this happened 2 days ago and i cannot playing. I have 169 hour gamplay at steam this never ever happened before . Help pls
  15. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    My friend and I were running along and I found this rock that was hollow on one side as you can see in the screenshot. I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to go through it and immediately just got stuck. We tried having my friend down me and revive me but nothing would get me out so we had to disconnect.
  16. Got stuck in Ruins

    I was looting through the ruins and got stuck between two walls. First pick is where i was moving into cover.. Second pic is where i could not move...
  17. Stuck at menu

    I activated PUBG like 2 months ago but did not played yet single second. When i start the game everything is ok ,until menu appears without options( Screen 1). I tried fixes from website (Connection/steam/launch issuses) but most of it did nothing. Except some of them i tried all. I found out that i don´t have any folder with PUBG on C:\Users\"your user"\AppData\Local\ - there should be PUBG i don´t know if that is normal. I am out of ideas when i am in menu and press F5( screen 2) appears and with press F4 dissapears again. Last i can try is to put my processor back to brand 3,4 Ghz from 3,7 Ghz and see if that will help. Screen 3(system),4(Display 1) are Dxdiag. Edit: Processor Ghz back to 3,4Ghz (brand) did not helped.
  18. Stuck on roof

    Tried to land on Roof on Polyanna when I landed I was stuck we tried to knock me out and revive.. my avatar was hopping so the revive would not go off.. this is the 3rd time weve had this issue...
  19. stuck in a net

    so i was trying to pass under a torn net close to the sea and found myself stuck
  20. Stuck in Door?

    So if you get stuck in the door (a bug in itself), you can switch to first person using "v" and then it will give you the "open door" prompt to hit "F". Cheers!
  21. case 1(see pic1 and pic2): Date Seen:something like 2 weeks-1 month ago but not sure about this one Server: it was on live server Other Information: attaching pic1 for this one, these are the houses near left bridge connecting military base-rest of the island, theres a fence which looks like it allows to go through it crouching but when i attempted it at the time i got stuck and couldnt leave, i got randomly unstuck after like a 1 minute or so, i didnt walk out of it i got teleported or something Troubleshooting Attempted: i tried getting out by myself but it simply wasnt possible case 2(see pic3 and pic4): Date Seen:today which is 2017-09-06 (yyyy-mm-dd) Server: it was on live server Other Information: got stuck after attempting to prone on barrel Troubleshooting Attempted: i tried getting out by myself but it simply wasnt possible, making it happen again in another game took me like 5 seconds so its easily reproducable
  22. Oyuna steamden giriş yaptıyorum herşey noral gidiyo o bluehole yazısı çıktıktan sonra gelen loading screen inde birden fps im 100küsürden 1 e 2 ye düşüyo ve orda takılyıo hiç bişi olmuyo. çözümü bilen varmı acaba ? Bu arada steam 169 saatim var ve bu ilk defa gerçekleşiyo.
  23. crossbow reload

    hi, When reloading prone with the crossbow (perhaps other weapons), you can't move at all or cancel the reload, or at least I don't know how. I think that movement should take priority over reloading, particularly with the long reload times of crossbow. Dying because you can't stop the reload animation prone is frustrating.
  24. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    Since i cant post in bug/feedback. Here it is, stopped for sniping some1. And got stuck(tried everything, prone etc). Couldn not drink/use first aid and got killed by zone. Please fix this, 20minutes i wont get back in my life.
  25. Falling through Map

    My english skills are not good and its my first bug report so i will make this short, the title is actually enough of explanaition, i did land and immediatly fall of the map, i was stuck in water under the map as u can see in the screenshots that i"ll upload with this bug report. I did swimm around for a while but i didnt find a way out so i just killed myself by drowing, the depth of the water under the map is endless by the way. Idk if this can happen anywhere and if this is random, was the first time for me though, happend in "CM" - picture of map will be uploaded (happend somewhere in the black circle) Good luck at fixing this devs.