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Found 32 results

  1. Since there is a high amount of reports of Sound Issues, please follow the bug format and be as descriptive as possible. Some of the issues may be with drivers on your headsets, others will be addressed in the patch on 2017-04-06. If you still have issues after 2017-04-06 please contribute to this thread. Thanks. Okay! since the other posts have been deleted due to not following bugreportformat.. lets have another shot at this.. Bug Description: When encountering multiple sounds.. as in bombings nearby or when 3-4 players or more is having a shootout (lobby 100% of the times).. or when two cars are driving nearby I get crazy audio stutter/distortions. The volume of this stutter only gets louder and louder as if it is a feedback of sorts. While this was happening for me during the BETA last weekend 18th-19th of march i got really bad framedrops during the "feedback" however during EA 23:rd-24:th the frames seem to have gotten better atleast. When teleporting into the plane for airdrop the soundissues dissapear untill you're on the ground close to bombings or bigger shootouts. Youtube link for this phenomena recorded today: Date Seen: I encounter this everytime i play but the specific dates are: 18th-19th of march (beta) 23:rd-24:th of march (ea) and yes.. I do realize this is not the kind of bug you necessarily need the dates for but w/e Troubleshooting Attempted: During Beta I first verified the gamefiles VIA steam. No issues encountered. I then re-installed the game (SSD) - no difference. I then installed it to a normal raptor SATA and had the same issues and longer loadingtimes ofc so I re-installed it again to the SSD and the same audio issues were still there. I did the same thing as above with the Early Access install and it was no difference. I have reinstalled GPU drivers and my audiodrivers. Nothing helped so far. I have swapped the graphical settings between minimum - average - maximum, it made no difference on sound. I adjusted the soundlevels and it made no difference. I tried other headphones and a different output, made no difference for me or the stuttering. In the end I even Optimized the game with the crappy "G-force Experience" and disabled V-sync but it made no difference. Other Information: When this stutter occur mid-game on the island.. say i am in a small town and someone is throwing a grenade, two people are shooting rapidly and a car drives by.. this stutter occur but it fades away pretty quick after some of the "different sounds" dissapear.. and then the sound is back to normal if there are no extra sounds for a couple of seconds. So its not unplayable for me unless im in the middle of a warzone heh. /C
  2. Every time I open the inventory my frame rate will almost half, causing the game to noticeably hitch/stutter, this happens every single time. I'm running the game on very low GFX with a GTX 970, 3570k @ 4.3GHz, 16GB 2133MHz, SSD.
  3. HIGH FPS with a huge stutter

    I am at a loss and i was wondering if someone who is better with this stuff may be able to help. I was running pubg fine until i stupidly messed with my graphic settings. Now whenever i try to play i have high fps but the game has huge stutters where it pauses for 2-3 seconds and then starts again. My Memory and CPU usage when playing jump up to around 70 and 80 percent, im not sure if that matters. I am running a I5-4690k and a gtx 1060 GB with 8gb of RAM. Also using a SSD. I have changed my physx settings to my GTX 1060 and ive also tried setting my power management mode under 3d settings to maximum performance. The only thing i can think of is that i need more RAM. but ive been running the game for some time. I know there is a memory leak and usually just restarting my comp or the game would help. But this is consistently happening. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  4. I have dual GTX 970 sli enabled. Whenever I have sli enabled, the game seem to run better which is good. BUT... when I'm in the main menu, it's all screwy. When I'm scrolling through my items in the inventory, some items stay where they are some lag and go to the middle. Some disappear until I put my mouse over it and it appears on screen. When ever I open and close any tabs in the main menu, it stutters and leaves almost like a shadow behind. This includes opening friends list and the play button options. Sometimes nothing is visible and it's black in the tabs (just the tabs when I open it). This all goes away if I disable sli. ALL of my drivers are up to date. I've tried pretty much everything out there for improving performance etc like the launch setting all that. I seem to be the first to talk about this. It's really odd. Anyone know a fix for this?
  5. This doesn't happen all the time, but about 1/5 gun fights, there is a stutter and by the time the game picks up again, I'm dead. Anyone know any fixes? I've done most of the fixes that are on youtube. I'm still getting this. Is it that I need 16 GB of ram and an SSD? Thank you Date Seen: 11/August/2017 Server: Live server- Asia PP1 Solo Launch Options: -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 -maxMem=8000 System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 8.1 64 Graphics Card: Gtx 960 4GB CPU: i5 4590 3.3 Ghz Ram: 8 GB
  6. does anyone have wierd freezes in their game like this ? lag on his part? hacks? is it in the game since the patch yesterday ??
  7. I love the game and everything but I'm just having problems like low frame rates and stuttering, the game is just unplayable for me. My fps is not even 30 fps, I get frame drops below 10 fps and on average I get between 10-20fps and the occasional 25-30 when still and not looking at much on screen. i know I don't have the best pc but I should get at least 30fps on average and I know the game is in early access. My pc: Cpu: amd fx8350 8 core 4.2ghz overclocked Gpu: nvidia gtx 750 ti 2gb Ram: hyperx fury 8gb CAN SOME ONE HELP ME SORT MY FPS OUT AND GET SOME BETTER PERFORMANCE! Thanks
  8. FPS/ stutter

    Hi I just bought this game being all enthusiastic after watching so many youtube videos, but I kind of forgot to check whether my laptop could even run it. Im having issues with FPS and frame stuttering problems. This is my set-up (its not a gaming laptop really): I7-6500U 3,1GHZ Intel HD graphics 520 (graphic card) - 2109 mb memory 16GB RAM I play with 'very low' settings but still encouter a lot of stuttering. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  9. I recently updated to Nvidia driver version 384.94 as of July 29th and as of playing on July 30th around 20:00 PST I had client stutter on a GTX 980ti and 4790k on the lowest settings. This stutter happens every 30~ seconds or so and causes some less then desirable effects that I'd rather not go into publicly. I also see there was a server side update on the 28th of July and can't rule out that being the cause of the problem. I'm posting this due to the ill effects of the stuttering as they felt exploitive in nature. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.
  10. Awful FPS

    Okay, so before I begin I am just going to list my CPU and GPU: CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six Core Processor 3.4GHz. GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB. So I used to suffer with bad FPS when I had my old CPU which was AMD A6 6600K APU Dual Core 3.6GHz, I used to get 25-30 FPS. So I decided to replace it with the above one (Had to get a new motherboard for the correct CPU socket and up-to-date RAM) so that my performance would be better on the game but I still get the same FPS except sometimes it range from 25-40, not much of a boost in FPS? I have tried all the recommended 3D settings that people have been doing with NVIDIA GPU's and also the different launch settings through steam that you can do but nothing seems to want to change or get better? Is there a hero out there that can help solve my problem in the slightest?
  11. Date Seen: 8/4/2017 Server: SEA Error Message: Not yet crash Other Information: Plugged Razer Naga Hex v.2 mouse ,Enter game Normal FPS around 40 but by moving the mouse FPS drop extremely to 1~5 FPS.I do it with other mouse.There's no more FPS drop. Troubleshooting Attempted: Done , not working So I use Logitech mouse to play Launch Options: -malloc=system +mat_antialias 0 window -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -maxMem=16000 -force-feature-level-11-0 System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GeForce 940M CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U @2.20 GHz Ram: 16.0 GB
  12. FPS Tanks when players nearby

    After every update this Issue persists with me and a few people on the forums. When another player gets close FPS tanks to sub 30fps and game stutters which makes CQB unplayable. I get a sold 60FPS normally when ever apart from when someone gets close. Team mates close by are fine those which is odd. My specs FX8350 4Ghz 16gb RAM 500gb SSD 3Tb Hybrid drive GTX 780Ti
  13. Razer mouse bug

    My normal Fps in game in Very low settings around 50 Fps. I just bought mouse called Razer naga hex v.2 So I plugged it in.By moving the mouse in lobby and gameplay FPS are extremely drop to like 1~5 FPS.So I unplugged it change to other mouse. FPS raised to normally. Is this a game bug or something?
  14. Hello everyone so in every round I've played shortly after the update other players including my team mates when they run they are almost stuttering across where they are running. My internet is fine, my connect to the game is fine, I can hear everyone fine, when I loot and use guns, vehicles, doors etc everything is fine just when players run. It's made it impossible to get kills and well basically play the game in a sense. Also this has been happening a lot this doesn't really bug me. Is it the update? I know the hotfix didn't fix everything but I've asked my friends that also play PUB they haven't experienced this player problem and I've looked around and have found nothing.
  15. In my last game of PUBG I landed at the hospital. At first the sound was fine, gunshots and footsteps were all normal. However, after 2 minutes all sound was replaced by a stuttering, bit-crushed jittering, like if you slowed down walkie-talkie interference or something. This is obviously a game-breaking bug, so I was wondering if anyone can help?
  16. So i have a gtx 760, and i was experiencing a lot of fps stutters, game crashes I've tried all the fixes that are out there with no success. So last night i decided to do some more researching, not only looking at pubg but trying to find similar problems with other games. 1 thing i came across was 1 problem that multiple games had in common, fps stutter low fps. The 1 fix for this. delete old drivers fresh install new drivers. To do a decent clean install use the following program to remove old drivers and registry settings. http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html It did wonders for me, even had my first solo win after the reinstall.
  17. So, the patches are making the game run much, much better. I still get slideshows and it is nearly impossible to aim when people are near me and we're in a firefight. Graphics definitely aren't the issue as the can be set to anything and the same behavior occurs. When people aren't nearby, the game runs like candy. Really need to work on the problems when players are nearby each other, as I can unload 3 magazines without being able to actually keep my crosshair on the person at all because its so bad. Every so often it won't do it but 9 out of 10 fights are a struggle just to force the aim to move somewhat accurately.
  18. Weird RubberBanding issue.

    For the past 2 days I have been recieving a lot of lag in PUBG. It like rubber banding, but it doesn't make the game unplayable, just really really annoying and not optimal. I just ran a speed test and I am getting (19 ping, 39.35Mbps down, 9.13Mbps up). My old build/ISP was running the game fine, but I moved. Before my speeds were (36 ping, 34.56Mbps down, 6.79mbps up). I also changed my PC specs. I now have: i7-7700k, Upgraded from 4790k MSI A Pro z270, Upgraded from some random micro ATX Intel board. 16GB ddr4 Ram, Upgraded from 12gb ddr3 EVGA GTX 1070 FTW, Upgraded from EVGA 980 FTW This game and Overwatch lag a lot, but Overwatch doesnt rubber band or anything and just lags. It lagged with my old internet as well. My FPS stays solid when the rubber banding happens, so I dont think it is a issue like that. I have the game installed on a Samsung SSD, so no issues there. I have a wired connection to my router. Games like BF1, H1Z1, CSGO, and LoL dont have any stuttering or lag issues. Just this game and Overwatch. I have a the latest drivers for everything on my system, and I have restarted my PC multiple times This is what it looks like (Not my video), but my FPS is good (above 90)
  19. When I bought the game (yesterday) it worked fine, but today its not. In every match i get a sort of mouse lag. The game is running at a smooth 60fps with no part of my computer under full load. Randomly throughout the match the mouse completely stops responding for 2-5 seconds (with intervals of anywhere from a couple seconds to a couple minutes). I am still able to use my keyboard to walk around, I still have a great ping, 60fps and I see no spikes or alike in task manager. When i finally regain controll it quickly jumps to where my character would have looked if the mouse was responding the entire time. Specs MOBO = MSI 970 Gaming CPU = AMD FX-6300 GPU = AMD Sapphire R9 390 8Gb RAM = 16Gb DDR3 I have tried Reinstalling the game Lowering the priority of the game in task manager Restarting the computer Reinstalling mouse drivers Updating Windows drivers Updating GPU drivers Updating MOBO drivers Verifying game cache Lowering in-game settings EDIT: Day 3 now and the issue mysteriously disappeared, thanks anyways <3 EDIT2: Day 4, it's back, fuck.
  20. Lag while ADS/Aim

    Hey guys, since the big content Update end of may I got a issue. Every one in the while my game will lag when using ads or inventory. Inventory is a known bug afaik but ads seems to be new. --- Bug Description: Game freezes for 1 - 3 sec when clicking RMB to aim. Holding RMB not affected. No pattern when this happens, every once in a while. Date Seen: Last today. Pretty much since may monthly update. Server: Normal servers. Troubleshooting Attempted: Turned graphics to low, freed up every bit of RAM. Kept an eye on my CPU/Ram usage, doesn't appear to spike. Other Information: Also got issues with the inventory randomly freezing. No idea if they are related. Launch Options: No launch options. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU: i5 4670 Ram: 8 Gb
  21. Mouse Input Stutter

    Bug Description: When moving the mouse from side to side at any speed the camera stutters almost as if it were locked to specific degrees. Date Seen: 4/21/2017 The first two days after the new patch ran normally. Server: This is on the regular servers. Troubleshooting Attempted: My fps does not drop at all so it is not frame lag. I have played over 50 hours previously with no problems at all. Restarting the game did not fix the problem nor does restarting the pc. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the game with no luck. This behavior does not occur in normal menus or in any other game that I play. Launch Options: Default Launch Options System Specifications: Pictures Attached.
  22. FPS Stutter and freeze

    I get crazy stutter and I finally got a log. Anyone what the fuck it means? I can't find out what causes the crash and stutter. This is the log: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <FGenericCrashContext> <RuntimeProperties> <CrashVersion>3</CrashVersion> <CrashGUID>UE4CC-Windows-E252EAB14A2E0102AFCCAB8DF6E15F1D_0000</CrashGUID> <ProcessId>10908</ProcessId> <IsInternalBuild>false</IsInternalBuild> <IsPerforceBuild>false</IsPerforceBuild> <IsSourceDistribution>false</IsSourceDistribution> <IsEnsure>false</IsEnsure> <IsAssert>false</IsAssert> <CrashType>Crash</CrashType> <SecondsSinceStart>849</SecondsSinceStart> <GameName>UE4-TslGame</GameName> <ExecutableName>TslGame</ExecutableName> <BuildConfiguration>Shipping</BuildConfiguration> <GameSessionID></GameSessionID> <PlatformName>WindowsNoEditor</PlatformName> <PlatformNameIni>Windows</PlatformNameIni> <EngineMode>Game</EngineMode> <EngineModeEx>Unset</EngineModeEx> <DeploymentName></DeploymentName> <EngineVersion>4.14.3-0+++UE4+Release-4.14</EngineVersion> <CommandLine>-LobbyUrl=front.battlegroundsgame.com/index.html -SM4</CommandLine> <LanguageLCID>1043</LanguageLCID> <AppDefaultLocale>nl_NL</AppDefaultLocale> <BuildVersion>++UE4+Release-4.14-CL-0</BuildVersion> <IsUE4Release>true</IsUE4Release> <UserName></UserName> <BaseDir>C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/PUBG/TslGame/Binaries/Win64/</BaseDir> <RootDir>C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/PUBG/</RootDir> <MachineId>DFAF88C74118CE946C1263BBD0379DB6</MachineId> <EpicAccountId></EpicAccountId> <CallStack></CallStack> <SourceContext></SourceContext> <UserDescription></UserDescription> <UserActivityHint></UserActivityHint> <ErrorMessage></ErrorMessage> <CrashDumpMode>0</CrashDumpMode> <CrashReporterMessage></CrashReporterMessage> <Misc.NumberOfCores>4</Misc.NumberOfCores> <Misc.NumberOfCoresIncludingHyperthreads>4</Misc.NumberOfCoresIncludingHyperthreads> <Misc.Is64bitOperatingSystem>1</Misc.Is64bitOperatingSystem> <Misc.CPUVendor>GenuineIntel</Misc.CPUVendor> <Misc.CPUBrand>Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz</Misc.CPUBrand> <Misc.PrimaryGPUBrand>AMD Radeon (TM) R9 380 Series</Misc.PrimaryGPUBrand> <Misc.OSVersionMajor>Windows 10</Misc.OSVersionMajor> <Misc.OSVersionMinor></Misc.OSVersionMinor> <MemoryStats.TotalPhysical>17119604736</MemoryStats.TotalPhysical> <MemoryStats.TotalVirtual>140737488224256</MemoryStats.TotalVirtual> <MemoryStats.PageSize>65536</MemoryStats.PageSize> <MemoryStats.TotalPhysicalGB>16</MemoryStats.TotalPhysicalGB> <MemoryStats.AvailablePhysical>0</MemoryStats.AvailablePhysical> <MemoryStats.AvailableVirtual>0</MemoryStats.AvailableVirtual> <MemoryStats.UsedPhysical>0</MemoryStats.UsedPhysical> <MemoryStats.PeakUsedPhysical>0</MemoryStats.PeakUsedPhysical> <MemoryStats.UsedVirtual>0</MemoryStats.UsedVirtual> <MemoryStats.PeakUsedVirtual>0</MemoryStats.PeakUsedVirtual> <MemoryStats.bIsOOM>0</MemoryStats.bIsOOM> <MemoryStats.OOMAllocationSize>0</MemoryStats.OOMAllocationSize> <MemoryStats.OOMAllocationAlignment>0</MemoryStats.OOMAllocationAlignment> </RuntimeProperties> <PlatformProperties> <PlatformIsRunningWindows>1</PlatformIsRunningWindows> <PlatformCallbackResult>0</PlatformCallbackResult> </PlatformProperties> </FGenericCrashContext>
  23. So I went on the top of an UAZ and game started to lag/stutter it only happen on top of the car. Haven't tried other cars.
  24. Date Seen: 1/06/2017 and pretty much the past few weeks. Information: GTX 960 4GB i5 4590 3.3 Ghz 8 GB RAM Windows 8.1 Bug Description: Recently, as in the past few weeks, this game has had more stutters and lags than before. Especially during the beginning of a game, and during fights, especially close quarters. Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted: Lowered graphics settings down, no effect.
  25. When looking towards the centre of the map, regardless of where I am, the frame rate drops from around 60-70 to 15 even on lowest video and view distance. It seems that upping the view distance has no change in effect.