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Found 13 results

  1. XI Red Death XI

    Future Event Suggestion

    Map: Sanhok Mode: Squads (100 players) TPP/FPP: locked to FPP only Weapons: only melee and non lethal grenades Rules: set up just like this Forty-Fivers was but has faster circles and a smaller zone at the start. No vehicles, no heals, and if you get knocked your dead. Supply drops: drop less frequently as they did in Forty Fivers. Would include a ghillie, pan, and grenades. Weather: thick fog, heavy rain, and loud lightning. My goal if something along these lines was brought into PUBG for xbox is simply to... get players who have never tryed FPP a reason too, the weekend playlists have been packed since the first one on Miramar. Some may find out they actually like it a lot more. FInding FPP games with full lobbys can be tough, yet whenever I click TPP 3 seconds later I'm in a match. I've had wait times of up to 20 minutes for a single FPP solo game. This event would be non stop fun! Hopefully filling the FPP servers up more after it ends. I can just picture myself in a ghillie with a pan low on health. Final zone is closing, me vs three players. I ninja one in the head behind the tree. The other two are in sight, I pop two smokes and run edge to get behind them. They are clueless I'm behind them and are wearing all white so I'm assuming they are pros. I flashbang them both run up to go for the kills then notice them slowly walking backwards into the zone. They both died to playzone and my squad won, sometimes you just get lucky I guess. GG's in the chat...ignore any spelling/grammatical errors Please add this Bluehole, much love ❤️
  2. One of the new achievement notifications just got me killed - I’d popped a stim and was listening as I knew an opponent was close. All of a sudden I get some random achievement for stimming pop-up along with accompanying deafening sound. FFS. And of course, enemy chose that exact few seconds to move on me and kill me, and of course I couldn’t hear him. These need to be disabled during the games. Totally ridiculous.
  3. Question in the topic title. Given we’re going to end up with multiple beige skins, why isn’t there an option to get BP back for unwanted weapon skins like we can with items of clothing?
  4. Learning bullet drop, bullet time travel, how guns shoot in general and how recoil works in general is very, very hard. The only way you could improve is trough online matchmaking, where you have to first find the guns, not die, and if you do want to find out how it handles; you have limited supplies, and you're revealing your location. A single player mode, or a "training" mode would be a perfect move. For example, have a shooting range. Once you load in, you have all the weapons and it's attachments placed either in your inventory or outside. Unlimited ammunition would be preferred, without affecting magazines. You should have targets at different rages LABELED, such as at 100m, 200m, 300m.. and so on. It should also show where you hit the target. This would be one of the best things to come to PUBG. People could learn how everything works there, and be able to actually play the game and know how it all works. I hope this gets popular and seen by the devs.. this definitely would be a step in the right direction.
  5. The VSS, the 9 mm sniper rifle it accepts SR mags and AR mags. all magazines that are technically not for pistol ammo use I suggest for consistency that the VSS be made to accept the sub machine gun magazines. your thoughts?
  6. It's basically reverse zombies mode. Small team of "Predators" fighting against humans. Develop new alien weapons for the game mode. Predator Kit: Heat-Vision (spectator vision, see through walls) Minor-Invisibility trinket (Grenade Slot, Cooldown) Extra Health Healing Crystals (Reskinned Bandages with more potency) Energy Pulse Rifle You can think of the rest. It's just an idea. What do you think? Ideas?
  7. Crate ideas: M60 Machine Gun : 7.62mm with a bipod Sight attachment WA2000 : .300 Magnum Sight attachment Cheek pad attachment Muzzle attachment Magazine Attachment FN P90 : 5.7mm (new ammo type) Sight attachment Muzzle attachment Ground Spawn Ideas: ARX160 : 7.62mm (SCAR-L 7.62 equivalent) Under-barrel Attachment Sight attachment Magazine attachment Muzzle attachment Attachment ideas: Muzzle Break : ++ Vertical Recoil control - weapon steadiness Laser Sight : + Hip fire accuracy (best used with SMGs)
  8. Maybe the answer to people leaving the lobby before the match starts (when everyone is in the plane) and people not having balanced teams is to just rebalance the teams before the match actually starts and everyone is in the plane. I don't believe it should be very difficult.
  9. I've been playing Arma 3 BR a lot and i have come to grown use to having the earplug option. I find it difficult to communicate with my team in lobby, in the plain and when riding in a vehicle. Especially when using the boost. In Arma 3 BR i would simply use my earplugs in these situations and honestly it's one of the things i miss the most from Arma 3 BR and i wish for it to be implemented here. Does anyone have any info about this subject?
  10. 我发现游戏中的切换成auto mode的枪, 在单击鼠标左键的时候很容易变成burst fire(连续两发打出来),原因是按下鼠标左键和松开鼠标左键的间隔太长, 大概超过0.08秒(自我感觉的数字, 没有经过测试),所以如果想在auto mode下单点,我必须非常小心的单击鼠标,确保按下和松开鼠标的间隔很短,或者干脆切换成single mode,但是这会浪费很多时间, 这在实战中给我造成了很大的困扰, 实际上在很多别的FPS游戏中, auto mode的枪检测按下和松开鼠标的时间间隔不会这么短, 我认为这是很不人性化的一个地方
  11. Hello everyone, i've been playing PUBG for 41 hours now and i have crafted a list of bugs i found (and especially today with the FPS Server), so here they are: -You can't press Ctrl+A+Q to lean walk to the left while crouching (leaning right works, basically E works, Q doesn't). -When prone (Z) and near a rock or any un-even surface the character glitches out instead of "automatically", so to say, get in position when aiming down the sights (ADS). -When driving any vehicle and landing a jump the character has an animation and in FPS the character head goes thorugh it's arms and it is very annoying if you're in a difficult situation. -The arc the grenade line doesn't take into account obstacles on top of the player. Here are some sugestions for future patches in order for the FPS mode to be more stealthy and tactic-wise and also for overall better gameplay: -You should be able to shoot while "walking" prone, because currently the animation doesn't allow but many War games (not talking COD or BF, but proper war simulators) the player prones while holding the weapon solely on his shooting hand, obviously some weapons wouldn't work like that, SR's or M249, but any AR should and right now it doesn't allow it. -You should be able to lean slightly when prone. -You should be able to shoot handguns while driving at the cost of handling (one hand on the wheel basically means less turning and reaction). -Add Binoculars, they would help a lot in fps servers. -Remove the ability to zoom without using ADS on FPS servers, basically the zoomed crosshair. -Crouch, or duck a little when inside a vehicle for added protection. -Add Variable Zoom Scope, 8x to 16x or even maybe 24x (drop only to be fair). -Add bipods for AR's and SR's (used in the foregrip spot), which automatically deploy when prone or at the press of a key when near windows for example. -Facemask should reduce damage taken (for cases when you have tier 1 or 2 helmets, since tier 3 already has facemask). -Passengers on the car should be able to heal themselves (except the driver), and to minimize abuse, switching seats becomes a cast and not instant (12 second maybe). -Akimbo Pistols (why not), shoot one with Lmb and another with Rmb. Good Hunting everyone! BrunoSuicida
  12. OdraCyRax

    Map Download

    Hello, I bought the game yesterday (after viewing a lot of gameplays) because I felt in love with the game. My computer run it perfectly in very very low, but sometimes the game run a bit slowly because it is charging the zone where I am. My suggestion is about activate a kind of button that allows the player to download the map on his/her computer. I think that if we have the map precharged or downloaded in our computer, we will only need to charge loots, vehicles, effects (like open/close doors, broken windows...) and the players in the map. Also, I think it will be a good improvement in the game to run it faster and let the computer breathe a little more than now. What I am suggesting is delete some charge from Internet to the computer and let the computer charge some files for the game from it's hard disk, it will make the game runs better and it will requires less broadband connection at playing. I am spanish, so thanks for understand me if I didn't express my suggestion very clearly as I wanted to do. Because that, I leave you the message in spanish below that I can express myself clearlier. Hola, yo compré el juego ayer (después de ver muchos gamplays) porque me enamoré del juego. Mi ordenador ejecuta el juego perfectamente en muy muy bajo, pero a veces el juego va un poco lento porque está cargando la zona donde estoy. Mi sugerencia se trata de activar una especie de botón que permita al jugador descargar el mapa en su ordenador. Yo pienso que si nosotros tenemos el mapa precargado o descargado en nuestro ordenador, nosotros solo tenemos que cargar objetos, vehículos, efectos (como puertas abiertas/cerradas, ventanas rotas...) y los jugadores en el mapa. Además, pienso que sería una buena forma de mejorar el juego para que vaya más rápido y deje al ordenador respirar un poco mejor que ahora. Lo que sugiero es eliminar algo de carga desde Internet al ordenador y dejar que el ordenador cargue algunos archivos para el juego desde su propio disco duro, eso hará que el juego vaya mejor y que requiera menos conexión de banda ancha al jugarlo. Thanks for listen to (read) me. Greetings, OdraCyRax.
  13. CasualCranium

    Issue while prone and free looking...

    Greetings all! This may already be a known issue, but I've found that while in prone and using free look, once you let go of the free look key bind, your character points their entire body to the left and then resets at the position you were looking originally. Thanks again for such a great gameplay experience! I hope this helps and all the best! CasualCranium