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Found 143 results

  1. I personally don't like the servers being refreshed on a monthly basis but I know why it's also necessary, I love looking back on my stats and with the server refresh I can't do that which is why I had this idea a few days ago; Player Profile stats. This would be a player side statistic log of everything like longest kill, most kill streak, longest life, total wins, total kills, total deaths, most used weapon, most killed by weapon, shots fired, shots hit, headshots, vehicle kills, distance travelled on foot/vehicle etc. You get the idea. I'm almost certain that someone has suggested this before but i thought i'd post it anyway just in case. I personally love being able to look at 'lifetime' stats like this in games and I'd love to have this incorporated into Battlegrounds too.
  2. Hello! My suggestion for the Map would be more customization in order to fit everyones personal strategy and gameplay. By adding a drawing tool to the map similar to the one in Arma 3, it would allow the player to play much more planned and logical. I see it as PUBG is not a game, in which you blindly run around, looking for enemies. It´s a tactical shooter, where the right strategy and forward thinking helps to get the much disired chicken dinner! Different markers for different objectives would simplify the squad communication immensly. "Marker skull enemy, North 400 meters!" "Loot Marker X then proceed to marker Y" I hope many Players feel the same way Greetz Schnickk
  3. In the gameplay tab in the settings, have each gun listed with a "default firing mode" option. It's just a small quality if life change, as I don't think I've ever wanted a Micro Uzi or a Vector in single fire mode. This would be appreciated if this was implemented. I know its not something very high up on the list of things to, but if you guys could get around to it sometime, that would be awesome.\ Vizra
  4. Change Username

    I'm pretty sure I've seen this spoke about before but I can't seem to find it anywhere now... I'd like to see the ability to change your username implemented in some way. I know it could cause some issues with cheaters/hackers, or that is to say locating them after they've been reported (depending on if you can always link one username to a Steam profile at the time of the match being reported). But this could be handled so that instead of giving people the freedom to just do it themselves in-game, you could just have it set that you have to email a member of the team or something - I would still be very happy with this. Also it could be put that you can only change your username once every 3 or 6 months. I've seen others here and there mention they'd like to have this option. Personally, I just want it because I set my username to my YouTube channel name, and then within a month I had made the decision to start a-fresh with a new channel but doing this has left me with this one game that still has the old name and (currently) no way to change it.
  5. Here is my quick suggestion for loading screen animation. I've done it really fast. I think this animation looks way better than three dots, catch eye so players can notice what company made this game. http://imgur.com/a/oVOsb I would like to hear your suggestions.
  6. Parachute skins

    I would love to see differend Parachute skins, maybe costomisalbe or diffreend kinds of skins to unlock. Thank you
  7. some suggestions to improve the game

    some ideas: Binoculars: I think it would be cool to add binoculars in the game. I would pay for that. Crossbow improvement: reloading time is too slow to be usable weapon. Please accelerate loading time. Adding favorite new squad players to a list: it would be great to be able to replay again with the same squad after a match or having the option to save squad members in a friendlist for future matches. adding jetskis: would be cool ...fit 2 players only...faster than boats. Players would more easily be able to go around the island looting remote towns out of the plane flight path adding claymores and mines: would be cool to be able to booby trap houses or roads and bridges. hope this helps, Silverstar22b
  8. Wouldn't it be possible to just render the grassy areas as a single huge mesh on great distances instead of not rendering them at all? If I'm barely visible in the grass at close range I'm pretty much totally invisible at longer range so it shouldn't really be an issues with hiding the player inside the mesh. It's getting old sneaking up on someone in the grass only to be shoot in the head from 500m away by some x-rayed superman sniper.
  9. Ping indicator

    Hi , I m from South Africa , we generally get a ping of 200 +, can you please at the top left of the in game UI show a ping value indicator , so we can monitor ping spikes and lag please. or is there a setting that we can use to monitor ping ingame? Regards WarPig
  10. Change Username

    Hello! Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this - I originally thought about putting it in the suggestions section, but as it's more of a question I thought I'd start with here... Basically I'm wondering is there a way to change your character's name / you username? Or are there plans to get such a thing implemented? I can understand giving people the ability to change their names on a whim could cause issues with cheaters/hackers. With this in mind I didn't know if it would be something you could only do, say, once every 6 months, or maybe you'd have to contact someone on the team to have it processed. I'm personally asking because I chose my name based on my YouTube channel I ran for about 4 and a half years, but a few weeks later I thought I'd go for a fresh start on YouTube with a whole new channel. Problem is this has left me for months now with people seeing my username as something completely different to my new channel name in my streams or videos, which leads to people getting confused and/or asking why the difference. So for myself I'd just like to change it to correspond to my current channel, but I imagine there are others with legitimate reasons who'd like to change names too, so thought I'd ask if it is or will be possible. Do please let me know if I should've posted this in the suggestions section and either I can post again or someone could be kind enough to move it. Thank you.
  11. Nade hold problems

    All right, so I was playing duos with my friend today and he got killed early on. I managed to make it to #11 but died because of my own frag. How? I threw the first frag from a third floor towards a door on a house where some guys were hiding. I crouched when I had the second frag and when I got ready to throw it, it wouldn't let me stand up, so it bounced back at me and killed me.
  12. Hi, When you hover over an item in your inventory or in the vicinity columns, show its size in the inventory as a colored line overlaid over your current inventory fill meter.
  13. Sometimes team play really gives one terrible experience. You die after 2 minutes and you have to wait for half an hour until all of your teammates are dead. However, if you play single mode, you can start a new round immediately. Why not we make a new mode, a more relaxing mode which you won't get so bored if you die too fast. My idea is that, in this mode, you won't really become permanently dead. If you are knocked down, you can move, and you're killed again, you are dead, just like the current mode. Your items can be taken away and you enter spectator mode.defibrillator However, one thing new is that, there is one item that can revive a dead playey, maybe a defibrillator. However if one player is killed it still has a heavy impact on that team since his items are taken away that he maybe revived naked. This feature is just to not make the dead player so bored. At least he still has hope to join the game again instead of switch screen to do other things. I know this may affect balance, that's why I call it relaxing mode. It should be player's freedom to decide if they play this mode or normal mode. 30mins waiting is really painful and makes me sick of this game. Please consider this suggestion
  14. Simple principle: small backpack, few items in inventory, just one weapon = run faster big backpack, big vest, many items in inventory, 2 big weapons with loads of ammo = run slower (or not at all) This could maybe add some spice into the late game, where players would be able to outrun the circle if they compromised on weapons and ammo to run faster. Maybe even more extreme: A player is way outside the circle, throws in some boost, drops all his fire arms and backpack to run as fast as possible back into the circle, only armed with a vest, some healing items and a machete. Now he needs to sneak up on someone with a firearm and kill him with his melee weapon to get back in the game. On the other hand, all those greedy goblins carrying an awm and m416 with 400 shots of ammo basically NEED a vehicle to move any faster than jogging, because they are being weighed down by their heavy l3 vest and all those ammo shells in their l3 backpack. Also this could maybe introduce some kind of "build" system, where players could build a "tank" that goes slowly, has two big weapons, sustains loads of damage and can not run. Others could do a "runner", with only a light vest, smg and no secondary weapon that can flank quickly but also dies to 2 or 3 ar hits.
  15. Hello, so today I think I have found a possible solution to the stream sniping issue, without streamers having to add delay to their stream. In my opinion there should be an option added on the game to disable the "Early Access (version) (server)". That way people wouldn't know if they are in the streamer's same match. Also, if streamers want to go even safer they could just add an overlay or don't broadcast the game image until he/she is in the plane. That way people can't try to join the streamer's match and by adding the option of disabling the "Early Access" on the bottom of the screen the stream sniper would not have any way to tell if he is in the same match. Thanks for reading my suggestion, sorry for my bad English.
  16. Hello Bluehole ! FIrst of all sorry for my english this is not my mother tong and congratulation for your great game. My suggestion is about the environment animation. By environment I mean animals, weather, plants, etc. Some ideas to explains what I mean : - Birds take of when player are too close of them - Dogs bark if they see a player or heard him too much - If it rains and a player go inside a house it let some footprints on the ground - Destruction of plants - Wind can influence the parachut jump And many more. I know this is hard to implement and not a priority but it could be nice to improve the game quality. Regards,
  17. Hello everyone, i've been playing PUBG for 41 hours now and i have crafted a list of bugs i found (and especially today with the FPS Server), so here they are: -You can't press Ctrl+A+Q to lean walk to the left while crouching (leaning right works, basically E works, Q doesn't). -When prone (Z) and near a rock or any un-even surface the character glitches out instead of "automatically", so to say, get in position when aiming down the sights (ADS). -When driving any vehicle and landing a jump the character has an animation and in FPS the character head goes thorugh it's arms and it is very annoying if you're in a difficult situation. -The arc the grenade line doesn't take into account obstacles on top of the player. Here are some sugestions for future patches in order for the FPS mode to be more stealthy and tactic-wise and also for overall better gameplay: -You should be able to shoot while "walking" prone, because currently the animation doesn't allow but many War games (not talking COD or BF, but proper war simulators) the player prones while holding the weapon solely on his shooting hand, obviously some weapons wouldn't work like that, SR's or M249, but any AR should and right now it doesn't allow it. -You should be able to lean slightly when prone. -You should be able to shoot handguns while driving at the cost of handling (one hand on the wheel basically means less turning and reaction). -Add Binoculars, they would help a lot in fps servers. -Remove the ability to zoom without using ADS on FPS servers, basically the zoomed crosshair. -Crouch, or duck a little when inside a vehicle for added protection. -Add Variable Zoom Scope, 8x to 16x or even maybe 24x (drop only to be fair). -Add bipods for AR's and SR's (used in the foregrip spot), which automatically deploy when prone or at the press of a key when near windows for example. -Facemask should reduce damage taken (for cases when you have tier 1 or 2 helmets, since tier 3 already has facemask). -Passengers on the car should be able to heal themselves (except the driver), and to minimize abuse, switching seats becomes a cast and not instant (12 second maybe). -Akimbo Pistols (why not), shoot one with Lmb and another with Rmb. Good Hunting everyone! BrunoSuicida
  18. Locked doors/boxes

    I think it would be interesting to add locked doors or boxes around the map. Maybe every now and then a house would have a locked room somewhere, or a warehouse would have a locked box. Whether or not the locations are random is debatable. These rooms and boxes should require a lockpick to open, and at least a 5 second interaction timer. The lockpicks themselves should be a relatively rare, though not as rare as what is behind the doors or inside the boxes. There should be a big incentive to open these locks, and subsequently hold on to lockpicks. Perhaps a guaranteed level 3 piece of equipment, or as least a level 2 with a higher chance of a level 3, or rare or highly sought after weapon attachments.
  19. Hud colorization

    Please add options to colorize your hud, i would love to choose another color for compass. White is somewhat hard to see...
  20. I don't know if this is intentional or not on the part of the devs but, I think it is pretty cool and should permanently implemented into the spectator mode. It would be intense and make for some cool footage if I could watch my friends play like this more. The audio was pretty quiet so I took the liberty to put some cool war audio over top, enjoy.
  21. Training Range Idea

    First off, if any admin feels like this is repetitive feel free to remove it or ask me to remove it. I was thinking earlier today while playing a few rounds of PUBG that if the map already has the gun range, why not incorporate an offline training mode within the gun range where you can test out some combinations on the guns and other things? One possible way this could be achieved is that the tables that are already on the map would have ammo, guns, and attachments on top of them. This would be an easy way for a player to simply pick up a gun and try it out. Another method would be to add something where you can have a form of menu to spawn in a gun or attachments. I figure that might be slightly harder to implement, but it would be a better system as a player could spawn in ammo if they run out, and with the previous suggestion a player would not be able to spawn in ammo. I realize that the game is still in early access and that the PUBG team has other things that might be prioritized higher than adding a training mode, but I feel like this would be beneficial to many players, along with people who just want a chance to use a weapon that is found only in crate drops or is just very rare. Thanks in advance to anyone that reads this or has anything to contribute to the idea of a training range. -HalfALifeLeft
  22. Air Drops/Crate Packages Suggestions

    Hey guys, been playing for a while, new on the forums, hope I put this idea to the right spot! ^^ I've had an idea since more and more items getting into cratedrops, adding new colours to crate could be better for the tactical part of the game, like if you would swim half km to just get a crate for a Tommy Gun mostly seems a waste. On the contrary, it would decrease the amount of people trying to get the crate if it is not what they'd like, so instead changing the colour of the smoke might be better, since it's not permanently there, and sometimes first some crates can still be found un-opened in early-midgame, it might be better off like that. I'm thinking about like Long range snipers getting a colour of blue smoke maybe, and all else red smoke, I'm not sure how green smoke would look in areas that are mostly green, maybe a third colour could be purple if needed. Any further ideas regarding this are welcome, let's make this game better and more enjoyable! Sky
  23. Character Customization!

    Hi, I'm a player who typically drops into combat with no clothes on aside from the holster bag, mostly as a joke. After playing several games butt-nekkid, I was thinking to myself that a lot of people (based on how many other naked players I see running around on the queue-ing island) would appreciate if the game had body paints for their character to help them blend into the foliage, without having to sacrifice their pride and put on some clothes. I feel like this is a reasonable request that would add a lot of life to the game, please and thank you for your consideration! Included are example pics from Malcom in the Middle (S:1EP:13)
  24. Perks to Clothing

    I've read that different clothing effects how much you can carry but I've also read that clothing has no effect what so ever. I was thinking that different clothes could have different effects on the player. Wearing this shirt makes gives you more Hp, wearing these shoes make you faster, or makes your stealth quieter. Now I know this is most common in like RPG's but I feel this could work in someways. You get different gear and eventually cosmetics will be out for sell. Why should I wear this purple jacket and beanie people will see me and head shot me? "Oh but they both give me extra health, I heal faster? Okay I see why I'll wear it." Or, if you have a helmet and vest your defense is up but speed is down. I mean look at this pic! The guy on the right would definitely be spotted and killed. All these people are wearing some kind of standard gear. What does the community think? Yay or nay? Its just a thought.
  25. I've been playing Arma 3 BR a lot and i have come to grown use to having the earplug option. I find it difficult to communicate with my team in lobby, in the plain and when riding in a vehicle. Especially when using the boost. In Arma 3 BR i would simply use my earplugs in these situations and honestly it's one of the things i miss the most from Arma 3 BR and i wish for it to be implemented here. Does anyone have any info about this subject?