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Found 9 results

  1. Before 1.0, I used to be able to perform a drive by shooting by swapping seats and leaning out of the passenger window while the vehicle coasts. Now when I leave the driver seat, the vehicle's brakes are applied and it stops. Could you bring back the old coasting so solo players can perform drive-by's again? Realistically, no one is in the driver seat, so the brakes should not be applied when exiting. The vehicle continues to roll if you kill a player who is driving or exit the vehicle while it's moving, it should do the same when swapping seats.
  2. Why not have a swap partition?

    So the BIGGEST problem ive seen in this game is the initial drop, if you drop in too quickly especially into bigger populated areas like towns it takes a minute for the system to catch up and render the buildings, furniture, and spawns. So why not add a swap partition to the install? The game is being published by Microsoft anyway on the Xbox, so surely they have the means to add a 2GB swap partition to the game to allow for virtual memory to be used once the Xbox hits its limit and needs a bit more. If they did this they could go 2 different routes, they could allow the partition to be accessed throughout the whole match increasing performance slightly, or increase view distance while dropping in automatically to allow the buildings to render a bit faster and use the swap partition there to take some of the load off so there wouldnt be a dramatic FPS drop. Sure it would mean for a little bit larger file size on the xbox but i think it would be well worth it. Whats everyone's thoughts?
  3. AR mag bug?

    still cant swap or drop ar mags/clips when inventory is full
  4. Vest broke in a firefight which set my capacity over the maximum As a result couldn't swap helmet or unequip the broken one before I dropped something and the error "Not enough space" comes up even though helmets don't take up any.
  5. Auto switching FPP off?!

    In the main menu, after playing an FPP match, the game automatically swaps matching from FPP to 3rd person search instead of maintaining itself on FPP search so when I ready up for the next game I get into a 3rd person view game instead of my expected FPP match. This does not happen if im in a group/team, only when playing solo, and yes, it happens after every game, regardless wether of it being a loss or a win!
  6. Hi, I really love Battlegrounds, but there is one bug that really annoys me: Everytime I try to swap weapons in Battlegrounds using Slovak (SLK) keyboard, it just doesn't work. I think that the main problem is that English keyboard has those keys: ` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = and Slovak keyboard has those keys: + ľ š č ť ž ý á í é = ´ It's not really a big problem, but it's really annoying to swap keyboards everytime (when I sprint and press ALT to look around my keyboard always swaps between ENG and SLK layout, it's literally 50/50 if I can swap weapons or not ) and my friends are even sometimes raging over it . If needed I can try to help you with anything (for example sending you stuff about Slovak keyboard). Best regards, MatoBoost.
  7. When holding down a grenade throw or cooking a grenade, and then switching to another item on the belt without letting go of the grenade will kill the throw arc but the grenade continues to cook on your person. For example, readying a throw with a frag grenade then swapping to a pistol will cause the frag to explode on the player once the fuse expires, despite canceling the throw and holding a pistol in your hand. This happens for frag, stun, smoke, and molotov.
  8. No Swap File = Game Crashes

    If playing PUBGs without swap file enabled on my windows 10 x64 pro mashine (wich i usually do because ive got 16gb ram and dont need a swap file slowing my system down) it crashes with error not enough RAM. Also possible error with this config: not enouth video memory. Enabled SWAP again (+restart pc): error gone. Disabled SWAP again (+restart pc): error back.

    Firstly, I am loving this game!! Was hard into H1Z1 previously to this.. I have vowed never to go back since playing this! This glitch only started this morning... But whenever I get into a battle and begin firing my weapon.. I will automatically just swap my weapon after firing a 2-5 shots.. This makes the game completely unplayable and I will not be promoting, playing nor following the game until this issue is fixed.. I understand all the issues that need to be fixed.. But the game is still playable.. This issue however.. considering the genre and style of the game.. Makes it pointless to play.. Please fix asap Unfortunately it's back to H1Z1 for a while =[