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Found 13 results

  1. Pressing right on the D-pad no longer cycles throwables after 12 January XBOX update. Instead of cycling throwables “NOT ENOUGH SPACE” appears on screen even when there’s plenty of backpack space.

    Is it by a reason or just haven't think about it. To have ability to switch your shoulder view. This is very useful at cornering. So you can hide your left arm the same way as you always hide your right arm while you are at the corner. I will try to provide an example later, for more clear description.
  3. Some people may remember, when the game first released, you were unable to rebind mousewheel from scroll weapons. Many people, myself included, pushed for the ability to rebind mousewheel, and a few months ago this was added. I was very happy to be able to bind mwUp to primary weapon, and mwDown to secondary weapon as I do in all games. However, now that I've changed these, whenever I'm in my map and I'm zooming in and out (since the mousewheel is still linked to that), my character is constantly switching weapons . Personally, I am totally fine if I was not able to switch weapons while using the map, or any other UI screen. Some others however, may want that ability. My suggestion is a set of radio buttons in the Gameplay options, such as follows: Disable weapon switching on: [_] Map Screen [_] Inventory Screen Obviously if these are set to true, input that normally switches weapons should fail to fire if the selected UI screens are currently open. If there are any other UI overlays that might belong here, please suggest them.
  4. Weapon Switch Bug

    I have died so many times to this it is actually annoying. sometimes the game will randomly switch my gun even while im in close quarters. Its so fucking annoying and i have gotten 2nd place games because of this so much. It happens at random times, this seriously sucks. Please fix
  5. Auto switching FPP off?!

    In the main menu, after playing an FPP match, the game automatically swaps matching from FPP to 3rd person search instead of maintaining itself on FPP search so when I ready up for the next game I get into a 3rd person view game instead of my expected FPP match. This does not happen if im in a group/team, only when playing solo, and yes, it happens after every game, regardless wether of it being a loss or a win!
  6. TPP switches to FPP

    The first 2-3 circles (looting phase), for example, it's TPP. When the mid-/endgame hits, the perspective switches to FP for everyone. The idea behind this game mode is to mix all aspects the game has to give, while playing each phase with the perspective's given advantages. No more looting and surprising attacks in FPP. No more dull and tired chicken tree fights in TPP.
  7. Hey, There is a bug where you are unable to switch the weapons using your number keys if you have other language layout on your keyboard that uses special characters. In my case, for example, number keys represent special characters such as č,š which correspond to 1,2 number keys respectively. Pressing these keys whilst having other language set that is not English does not result in the action in game. That is, nothing happens. Character remains with previously selected weapon, unable to change it, until the language is changed back to English or any other language that does not have special characters assigned to number keys. The only workaround that i found for this issue so far, is either changing the binds for weapons or disabling the language that has special characters in windows. I used the Lithuanian keyboard layout. Date seen: 3rd of July and forward. Server: Stable Launch options: Default Operating System: Win10Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce Gtx 660CPU: Intel Core i5 3570 @ 3.40GHzRam: 8gb
  8. Since the last Update. Windows 10 Prof 64Bit GForce 1070 GTX
  9. When holding down a grenade throw or cooking a grenade, and then switching to another item on the belt without letting go of the grenade will kill the throw arc but the grenade continues to cook on your person. For example, readying a throw with a frag grenade then swapping to a pistol will cause the frag to explode on the player once the fuse expires, despite canceling the throw and holding a pistol in your hand. This happens for frag, stun, smoke, and molotov.
  10. My Rig = http://valid.x86.fr/lmgq8k [ Got a German Keyboard ] https://clips.twitch.tv/BrainyZanyHippoStoneLightning To whom it may concern, I can't switch Car Seats sometimes I can switch to a random back seat. I am using the CTRL / STRG key as prone key. Thanks in advance for looking into it.
  11. Another Weapon-Switch-Bug

    @PUBG_FWG FYI Win64 03.31.2017 -
  12. Hello PU community I would like to share my opinion about shoulder view in BG . Over the games i've played the past 3 weekends there wasn't much that I felt was wrong or missing in your game , excluding what you already changed/are planning to change , except one thing , changing shoulder view *without aiming* . I have been playing alot of TPS games since I am like 10 back when the 2nd socom came out on PS2 and I just feel like something is wrong when I have to aim to change the shoulder view as i'm checking the corners on my left it feels very awkward I'm not sure if it was unintentional/you didn't deem it nescessary/still working on the feature but honestly I am surprised that there isn't more people asking about it . Not only does it feel awkward but a couple of times that I switched over my view while aiming to peak a corner then just finished fighting or just went on my way and happened not to aim for a couple minutes I forgot that my aim was still switched over and then got into another fight and died as a result . While I understand that it is primarly my fault for forgetting obviously , I still feel like something better could be done because in my eyes shoulder view switching in a TPS is mandatory and shouldn't require you to aim to do so Thank you