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Found 4 results

  1. Im looking for some duo partners that want to tryhard and win games and play almost everyday to grind the leaderboards. If you want to play add me on steam or comment your steam name down below..... Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/rigovz
  2. Eagle SQ Howday lads I am TheWhiteEagle, a military fellow, 2 years in Syria. 23 years old. right now i am looking for some squad members but not just any, the guys that have a good personality and are willing to put the team before themselves (at least in the game). as you see i did not say i need good players that are skilled , i care about someones personality and their ideology of team. i going to explain about it down here, gonna call them Most Important requirements Most Important Requirements 1st: Loyal 2nd: Adult 3rd: Willing to learn 4th: Serious about it now that you guy know the MIR, i am going to tell you the other Requirements which still it is allot better to have them, but it's not very vital Req Know English well enough that not gonna run into problem in comminication have a good amount of IQ are gonna play at least some hours in day don't have a potato PC,Headphone,mic have headphones played pubg for a while and know the game well and know some advanced stuff LOVES TO PLAY FPP this were the requirements but now i have to tell what is my view of a good squad member i want some one that knows what the team stands for know's how to communicate efficient give direct answers to questions follows the leader and get's enough shooting and playing skill in the game that his not gonna be the one dragging the team down i like to play my games tactical, and i take my games serious. most people that join the squad had some good games with me but they didn't like it because they thought it's too serious and to militaristic, i agree with them, because it's what brings fun to me. don't get me wrong i don't want yes sir not sir of the mil. i want the tactics and the covering and sometimes the way of the comms because they got it correct (the military guys). so if you ok with all above and want to join my squad you have two options but the first option at this time is better 1st Option: put a comment on here and say you wanna join and you discord name 2nd option: TBA i will contact you ASAP and will talk to you to see if you are qualified or not if you got any question post down here, i visit my page everyday Happy Hunting!
  3. Guarantee a Gun In Every House. LeSs RNG

    Sick of going to high populated areas only to go through multiple 2 story houses with little to nothing in them only to be chased down by someone who's been blessed by the RNG gods. On another note. what are your guys's thoughts on some main places haven't 100% guaranteed certain items. would add more incentive to go to high populated areas and get involved.Also if this game ever gets into the esports scene it would add another aspect for the casters to talk about. For Example: pochiki-kar98,4x scope miltitary base- m16-ar suppressor milta power-SKS or M24(is that in this game?) 8x scope. Stuff like that would add more of a tactical approach to where i wanna land rather than asking the question, do i wanna get dirty or do i want to go as far away as i can and loot in peace.
  4. DependableDanes Suggestions and Ideas

    Suggestions 1) Interactable Map What i mean by this is, playing duo's and squads is all about playing tactical and doing team work. I would really like that you could be able to set "Team Waypoints", Draw on the map for possible enemy activity or last known locations. It would make great for team play! 2) Shared "Markers" I would really like to see an option for placing down markers. Lets say i spotted an enemy, im aiming down my sights and wanna tell my team mate where he is by simply pressing a buttom that then translates into describing the terrain. This should obviously be kept away from hardcore modes, but would be sweet for the casual player. 3) Custom Standard Settings For Each Weapon Being able to have a menu in the "settings" which would allow you to customize each weapon for... lets say a firing mode would be great so that every time i pick up my SCAR-L my character automaticly sets the firing mode to "Full Auto" this wouldn't remove any of realism you're aiming for with the game. 4) Multiple Ghillie Suits So far i have only seen one ghillie suit, and it's all green. Being all green is great for hiding in tall grass or inside bushes, but since 30% of the map is also covered in grains and hay it would make a great addition to have multiple ghillie suits. P.S This is obviously my own personal oppinion, but i like going around being the "lonely sniper" in solo's but just playing as a sniper seems almost impossible since 90% of the snipers and the ghillie suit can only be found inside crates. Make the "sniper class" more playable. As of now everyone can go around and pretend to be rambo, or kimbo slice.. while only 10% get's to enjoy the awesome feeling of being a sniper. 5) Add Wildlife Again this is only suggestions. I saw someone mention a snow map and the ability to track people by the footsteps they make in the snow. So i figured "hey that sounds pretty neat why not lets us track people with wildlife". What i mean is.. Imagine having a flok of crows sitting in a tree, you don't notice them and scare them by walking too close to the tree, so that they fly away. This would alert other people of a possible enemy location. I dunno if this is a good or bad idea.. Maybe it would just be an annoyance to look out for all the time.. But in my oppinion it would be fucking awesome. This Thread Will Be Updated From Time To Time! Kind Regards DependableDane