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Found 9 results

  1. https://www.twitch.tv/gingerinotv if youre not sure to tune in just check out this -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5wK65xPK88rdhwBiVGOMjA
  2. Hello! My suggestion for the Map would be more customization in order to fit everyones personal strategy and gameplay. By adding a drawing tool to the map similar to the one in Arma 3, it would allow the player to play much more planned and logical. I see it as PUBG is not a game, in which you blindly run around, looking for enemies. It´s a tactical shooter, where the right strategy and forward thinking helps to get the much disired chicken dinner! Different markers for different objectives would simplify the squad communication immensly. "Marker skull enemy, North 400 meters!" "Loot Marker X then proceed to marker Y" I hope many Players feel the same way Greetz Schnickk
  3. Last Updated: 5/26/2017 Hello, I am a veteran player of many survival games and have decided to make a guide so new players can get more adapted to PUBG and not need to ask for so many nerfs or handicaps to help them. I will try to keep this guide updated as new patches or changes are released. They are in no specific order. This information should help you stay alive longer if you start to build this advice into your daily gameplay: + Pay attention to which direction the building doors are open. This will indicate the direction a player was headed as well as if they are still inside. Be sure to close all doors behind you if you have time so that players so not know you are inside or which direction you have been looting. + When jumping from a plane look as far down as you can and press forward move to gain top speed. Once you hit over 220 PHM you will be able to pull the parachute lower than the players who just coast. + If a target is within 100 meters aim below the spot you are trying to hit. This game has realistic bullet physics and the height of bore will cause your shots to hit above the reticle or ironsight if they are very close. + If you land with a player and you both hit a loot spot at the exact same time grab the ammo while they go for the gun. I have taken ammo from a player so many times who had a rifle and had to run away because they could not shoot me with it. You can always use that ammo in another gun but they are running around with a paperweight until they find more ammo. + If you are Solo/Duo you can switch seats in the car while moving to both shoot and avoid shots. If players are on the left move to the right side of the car or the reverse if needed. If you are Solo you can switch to passenger and shoot while the car is coasting then switch back and keep driving. + Never peak over the top of something when you can peak around the side of it. This helps stop players from headshotting you and makes it easier to move rather than having to crouch and pop up from behind a box or object. The lower below cover you are the less chance of catching bullets. + Always use the ridge line when moving as a shield from incoming shots. You can move from each side of the ridge depending on where you are getting shot from and it removes half of the chance of being spotted. If you run on top of the ridge everyone can see you from all angles clear as day. + After you prime a grenade you can then use right click to roll them instead of throwing. This helps alot indoors and stairwells to help keep the grenade from bouncing back at you. + If you have the time and ammo shoot out tires of cars you are not using to stalemate other players from getting out of the circle. I have wiped entire teams just by blowing out thier tires and driving away while they get stuck in the circle moving. + With the current meta you always want to run a shotgun indoors and a rifle outdoors. Get in the habit of switching accordingly as you move in and out of buildings. This is especially useful if you are in a squad and have cover fire in case your shotgun hits miss and you have to back out. + Removing shoes and running barefoot can help reduce the noise you make when walking on terrain. It does not completely silence your footsteps but does dampen the sound. + Use vehicles as cover when you jump out. If you are the driver try to drift sideways so your team can get the most coverage from behind the side of the vehicle. If you can bring a vehicle to the final circle and you can use it as cover while everyone else is stuck prone in am open field. + Try and split the teams weapon calibur when you are in a squad. This both helps for better looting options and keeps everyone from always being short on ammo because you are all using the same calibur. + When in a squad try to never go more than 10 meters from another teammate to ensure that you can get them back up if downed with minimal movement behind cover. On the reverse side be sure to leave enough space so that your entire squad is not all stuck behind one rock and gets steamrolled by players who break off and pinsir you. + Always assume all buildings and structures have players inside of them. The shotgun campers never sleep. + Use quick, concise voice communications when in a Duo or Squad. Say things like North West 150 Rock or two story top left window. Some clear indicators can make combat much more smooth instead of long run on sentences trying to over describe the location. Also consider many players are color blind and may be shy to admit it so color descriptors are not always the best method. + Always callout both NESW location AND the estimated distance of the spotted enemy. Location is great but if you do not say estimated range your teammate still has to scan the entire field from you to the end of the map. + Only reply to voice communications if you have an affirmative answer. So for example someone asks "Anyone have 5.56?" Instead of 3 people all saying No/Nah instead say nothing and let the one person with a "Yes." answer. It just helps with audio spam when trying to listen for players. + Always load the first box of ammo you get before picking up additional. If someone turns a corner while you are trying to pick up two or more boxes and your gun is empty you are screwed. Pick up a box, load it so it's ready and then continue to pickup the rest of the ammo. + Always reload your pistol or secondary weapoon before switching back to your primary. If you do not do this you will try to switch to an empty gun and it only takes one time to learn from this mistake. + Try to scout the area for a minute before running into a town or city. Most players have ADHD in this game and will move after about 30 seconds from a camping spot. + Always move with cover instead of going directly from point A to point B. Many players just run right through open fields to get where they are going as fast as possible but once you start getting shot in the open you are in very bad shape. Use things like trees and rocks to "leapfrog" from cover to cover moving towards the final destination. + If possible always try to flank and hit players from behind rather than rushing into thier face. This will give much better chances of getting the kill and saves on meds from return fire. Use ridge lines and walls to stay hidden while moving so the enemy assumes you are still at the first point of contact. + If you are sniping never shoot more than 3 times from the same spot. If you get too afraid and camp the same area for too long another player will almost always come up behind you while you are trying to hit the initial player you shot at. + If you get caught and feel like things are going south make sure to look behind you for cover that you can run/jump backwards to to get away from the other player. So many people get sucked into the fight and end up dead when they could have just backed out and used the trees to get around the player and shoot them in the back while they push towards where they "think you are". + Use the 100m white lines on the minimap to help call out distances of players you spot. This is also useful if you have time to zoom on the map and mark where you last saw a player when in Duo or Squads. + Pay attention to windows that have broken glass as this usually poins to where a playre shot you from if there are many windows on the building or structure you were hit from. + If possible save energy boosts for the final circle so you do not have to focus on medding in those last crucial minutes. The speed boost also helps alot with flanking when it comes down to a 1v1 battle. + Be sure to search 360 degrees around buildings or structures before entering to get the best sense of if the location is clear or not. Use windows to check all angles from the outside before going inside. + When moving through a building be sure to clear open doors/rooms in buildings before pushing closed doors "in a row". Logic makes you want to clear each room in a line but if you choose to open the next closed door and the following door is open, you may very well get shot in the back. Open doors and rooms take priority over closed ones when sweeping. That is all for now. I will continually add to this list as I continue to play and learn. Please like this post if it helps your win ratio and if you want more help you follow me on my twitch channel and I will happily Squad or Duo with your friends to show you these tips in real time from in game. https://www.twitch.tv/insightknight Thanks, - InsightKnight
  4. How loud is your audio?

    I turn my audio up high because I read that other people recommended it. I can hear someone meters away but I am wondering if it messes up the stereo. I have real difficulty knowing which direction vehicles or the supply planes are coming from. Comments?
  5. The amount of complaining, rhetoric and hyperbole about using shacks/buildings as a tactical advantage has to stop. Using buildings to your advantage is a viable tactic/strategy that allows you to formulate your next move and assess your current situation. There are many times when you will not have the best gear due to various factors and need to play more conservatively. Using houses to your advantage is precisely why they exist. You can choose to try and remove the person from the building, you can leave them in their position and not engage or you can take a tactical location and wait for them to leave and kill them. There are inherent risks to camping. If you choose to wait too long to act, you will not have enough gear or meds to really compete later on. If you stay too long, you might have to run through the gas and risk facing people who are already positioned in the next circle. When you decide to leave, you are often at a disadvantage because you are coming from a location that everyone is watching while your enemies can be in any number of locations. One of the strongest plays against camping is to simply leave them in their position. Changing the shacks to be destructible would be a terrible idea. People could fire upon the structure from a tree or bush with impunity. Vehicles are already extremely strong in the mid to late game. If you allowed vehicles to destroy these buildings, anyone who gets to the circle with a vehicle can careen through these structures with low risk. How often are buildings/shacks in the final 2-3 circles? In my 300+ games of experience, I would say a building or shack is in the final 3 circles roughly 30% of the time. Just because you are not a proponent of a particular play style does not mean it is wrong or cheap. Everyone does not need to adhere to a specific set of tactics. Someone sitting on the top of buildings with a scope and a sniper rifle or AR is not camping. Going prone and hiding in bushes waiting for unsuspecting enemies is not camping. What’s next? Complaining about being shot in the back while engaging with another enemy? Maybe we should ask to become invincible while looting? We have all died to things we felt were ‘unfair’. This is part of the game and is the REASON why winning feels so gratifying when you do.
  6. Help For Top 10?

    Hey guys, so I have a problem. I can easily reach the top 10 placement in say 2/3 matches just using basic strats like staying on the outskirts of the play area etc. But I always seem to come up short in the top 10, my best result so far being #2. I usually die around #4 or #5 just before the last one or two zones. Can anyone help with tips for actually staying alive in the last zones?
  7. So from my experience from the CBT and Early Access release, I've learned a lot of things that I thought I'd share to the new guys. Hopefully this helps out some of you, or at the very least get your minds thinking about your own tactics. Note that I am NOT a writer and this is my first ever guide. 1. Always go into buildings expecting armed hostiles, always! Sweep the entire building thoroughly before looting up, because the second you put your guard down without checking is the second someone blows your head off with a shotgun. Also close doors behind you! 2. Hording is almost never a good thing to do, yes, make sure you keep stocked on ammo and medical supplies, but you do NOT need 400 rounds for each weapon! Once you get a good amount of ammo, medical supplies and higher tier armor should be your only priority, but never put your life in danger to do it. Looting late game is a good way for desperately low supplied hostiles or a house warmer to sneak up on you and take you out. 3. Always play as if you lack an abundance of supplies, if you are well/over stocked you and/or your team may tend to become over confident and end up getting slaughtered before putting any of it to good use. 4. Vehicles may not always be the best option. Sometimes hoofing it on foot is a better option, especially if you have a sniper rifle, or you are a good shot with a assault rifle. Vehicles are loud and often give your presence away long before you can be seen, or give people in buildings time to gear up for a fight which gives you and/or your team the disadvantage. I prefer to only use vehicles when I am far away from the safe zone, or low on supplies and use it to get to hopefully none looted area as fast as possible. 5. You and/or your team land far off from looting locations or got a bad start and have no to paltry supplies? Do NOT loose hope and play reckless. Keep calm and collected, think about where on the map people may not have been able to reach via the plane drop, if close by run to it, or if far away look for a vehicle asap. (which are usually found on the side of roads or by houses) and haul ass. If the place you go to looks like it's been gutted, don't stop and keep moving on until you find a place. If confrontation is thrown at you and/or your team mates and it is unavoidable and you are still ill equipped. Make good use of spotting the hostiles, locations, exact directions, etc... and play smart and wait for them to mess up to strike hard and quickly. Usually well equipped hostiles that realize you are ill equipped get cocky and do stupid things that you can use to drop em. 6. Rare guns don't always mean they are better. If you are good and confident with certain guns, ex: AKM and SK12. Do not drop them for a gun that you may not be as great with because it's of a higher rarity to spawn/find. Having an AWM, M416 or M249 doesn't do you much good if you can't use it as effectively as you would with your favorites and die as a result. Of course if that is all you access to by all means use whatever have to to survive. 7. If you are in the top 15 to 10 remaining, and the circle is quite small and/or out in a large open area, do NOT waste your time looting enemies you kill, unless you and/or your team is in desperate need of supplies. It is not worth getting picked off by that pesky sniper for ammo or medicals that you don't need. 8. Once the circle or match begins to get to it's final stages, and you are not able to get to the center safely, skirt the surrounding area, going cover to cover, and waiting out to the last possibly second before rushing to the next edge of the safe zone. This should be done with extreme care, as a sniper in a good spot can always pick you and/or your buddies off, or if you go to quickly, hostiles doing the same may shoot you from behind. If timed well you can usually get a few kills of people who run in to early, and hopefully getting info on the last few remaining players as they kill others. Keep in mind that at this stage, any energy drinks and painkillers you have left/collected should be used. You want to take enough of them so your boost bar is full, and try your best to keep it topped up. They give you a little sprint boost and also keep your health going up if you get shot a few times along the way to the safe zone or in combat in the small area that is left, since stopping to heal with health/med kits may not be an option again due to combat or time. Remember these are all suggestions, give them a try if you want, or keep doing your own thing, or do a blend of these and yours. If anyone wants to add anything please feel free! See you guys on the battlegrounds!
  8. So this is a quick video I recorded from my stream and also a clip I saved before of me showing you guys how to clear houses and show you your best chances to kill those campers! Subscribe to my YouTube for more and check out my Twitch streams for more tips! www.YouTube.com/BMilitant www.Twitch.tv/BMilitant [YT]
  9. Hey guys, Started working on a Tactical Planning Tool for the game, will keep this thread updated as I release more features. http://www.pubgmap.com Currently available... Map with 7 levels of zoom Co-ordinate System for shareable locations across the community Lookup and focus of an x & y location. Dynamic URL updates to include zoom level and map coords center on the middle of the currently zoomed screen. Ideal for sharing. Steam Authentication (More for coming features) Double click event on map to stamp your current location (ideal for group use - future dev) Current development functionality... Plotted Vehicle Spawn locations Ability to create groups Ability to search and join groups Ability to view a map overlay for a group or privately. Ability to quickly add locations of interest for you (or your group) Clickable points to allow you to share meet up locations or to convey enemy locations with group mates Ability to create and save "Tactics" Tools to draw and add text markers to the map (in tactic mode) Ability to save markers as a tactic for you or your group to use and select. Ability to share a location as an image Future Ideas Loot Spawns / Density Mapping Happy to consider any future ideas if anybody would like something adding. Cheers, -Xaiin PS: Hope this isn't outside the T&C's guys, I had fun making a similar map for H1Z1 (http://www.h1z1db.net/map).