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Found 3 results


    TDM GAME MODE PLEASE!!!! limit the map with play zone and put weapons all around the map have us spawn with pistols 20v20 !!!!!
  2. More than just one game type

    it’ll be nice to focus the game on all types of game modes it’s boring dying once and starting all over again. limit the map make a team death match 20v20, make it fun playing one game mode just to win for more points is boring, i’m pretty sure this game would be 100% if it was competitive, not everyone plays for fun.
  3. Greetings PUBG Team, Something that would really enable players to experience the game and get some practice in using the array of weaponry in the game would be to have a kind of TDM / FFA Deathmatch mode. Players who jump into this practice mode will be able to run around , pick up weaponry that randomly spawns around a designated area and just shoot it out with each other practice using cover and work on fine tuning their aiming and recoil handling. This will allow players to learn how to use the weapons better and for people waiting for their squad members to get online have something to pass the time.! Give it some thought ! CP out