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Found 131 results

  1. Target Sighted - Keybind

    It would be nice to have a static voice that calls out the compass value (aka compass direction) over the com for the squad when you hit a certain key-bind. Or at the very least have it pop-up in the chat for the squad to see.
  2. Enemy spotted feature

    For duo or squad games a "pointing function" would be realy nice and helpful and according to reality to. I mean if some stands beside me, ich can show him a direction with my arm/finger. Something like that would be realy helpful. Some examples of implementation: - while u press the "pointing" button an angle shrinking transparent cone appears - the longer u hold the button, the smaller the angle of the cone gets(the finer the cone gets; the more pointy the cone gets) - the more u are away from the player who points at something, the more transparent the cone gets - Ofc only teammates can see the cone - when u stop holding the button, the cone fades away over few seconds - u cant shoot while pointing Sens of this function: - u can show your near teammates a direction very fast - u can show them an percise direction or point the longer u show them this direction
  3. La Team Elysion PUBG recrute 8 joueurs, nous sommes une team Amateur, pas besoin d'êtres un PGM coréen, commentez tout simplement que vous voulez rejoindre et vous passerez un entretien vocal sur discord ! -Varn - Capitaine de l'équipe Elysion PUBG
  4. What if there are team modes for 50 vs 50, 100 vs 100, 4 teams or etc My idea for this massive team modes is For instance of 50 vs 50, each team is consist of 6 squads (8 players). Each team starts with their team plane, and in this 50 vs 50 mode, it will be 2 planes. There is going to be a leader per a squad who has a right to decide where to jump out from plane all at once. (6 sqs = 6 leaders ) and that squad leaders will also have an ability to communicate with other squad leaders, such as sharing a map, map mark, and voice communication, So the leader can ask for help to the other leaders, tell where to hit, locate the enemies, or such The leader can discuss with his members, and deliver the idea to other leaders using a different channel. Squad members will be sharing a map, but just for the same squad just like normal squad mode. On squad leaders' map, there are going to be 2 different colored marks. 1 color for squad and 1 color for team. So there can be total 8 squad marks and 6 team marks on the leaders' map.(thinking of members' marks as tiny gray one) 6 squads are 48 people, so it will 48 vs 48 precisely, but here is another idea. What if 49th member be the control center for the team. 49 vs 49 He will not join the battle. He will be just looking at the map, but will receive radio from the squad leaders. He can locate squad leaders only. He can launch missiles to where the squad leader has asked. (no more red zones) Thru looting, players can find laser guidance for the missile launch, and the control center will confirm the launch. There is not going to be random air drops anymore, but the control center guy will control it. He can send meds/ammo drop, or weps/ammo drop to where requested. not a lot, there is going to be cool time. I really hope there are team modes, and if you guys have other ideas, i wish to discuss.
  5. Hey guys, I feel like the BP rewards for Squad and Duo games are not really satisfying, so I did some maths and created a PDF about it. Explains the Idea, contains the math AND has a function plot https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8e0EoVuDBFZQ3FYRy1GSkI3eEk/view Check it out if you like. GL on the Battlegrounds Vlad
  6. I have discord and mic. I am okay at the game, but play to have fun :).
  7. Looking for Players

    looking for people to play with that speak english and play on NA or EU servers.
  8. Friendly fire is a major issue.

    So over the last couple of days of FPS mode I've been enjoying myself more so, the game is an absolute masterpiece with not many issues. First time I've ever played an early access game before without complaints. Until recently... Especially on motorcycles if a friend is returning fire to someone who is shooting at us both, I turn to dodge their attacks and it swings my friends gun to my head and downs me. Or sometimes when I stay up late and none of my friends are online I sometimes go with randoms who sometimes likes to team kill. I was thinking friendly fire should be turned off for either just FPS mode or even both. I find it extremely tedious if you've gathered decent gear, out geared someone else and they shoot you and take it. Nothing more annoying. It may or may not be everyone's thing but I personally would like to see it happen.
  9. Salut les gens ! Je me permet de vous proposer mon serveur discord vous permettant de faire la rencontre d'autres joueurs afin de passer de bons moments. Le serveur discord est ouvert à tous, peut importe votre niveau, débutant comme expert vous êtes les bienvenues. Vous retrouverez un système avec une connexion à vos statistiques vous permettant de consulter votre niveau à tout moment (".stats eu/na nomdujoueur solo/duo/squad") Un système de bot musique automatique (".music play lienyoutube") Un staff agréable et toujours disponible pour vous aider. Et pleins d'autres encore à découvrir ! https://discord.gg/63peadC A venir: Plus d'options sur le discord. Un groupe steam. Un forum dédié à la communauté. Une ouverture à d'autres jeux (en terme de joueurs, pour l'instant: PUBG / Counter Strike / H1Z1 de manière générale.) Un recrutement de personnes voulant aider la communauté en entrant dans le staff par exemple.
  10. Hi. As in title, i'm looking for a permanent team/clan/squad to play with on EU. I'm not looking for a "fun" team, or to socialize excessively, I'm in here for the organized plays, tactics, wins: the PRO part. I'm very competitive as a side note Cheers.
  11. Can not create party.

    In Steam I have 11 friends who have this game. but in the game itself only 8 are displayed and some I can not put in duo or squad.
  12. Hello Everyone, Lets start right to the point. I had an idea that is probobly earlier on been advised to do. At that case I did not see that post and I am going to be making another one. (this one) The idea is simple. Select: War Mode for matchmaking and you will be able to join automaticly one of the 2 teams. Its the same idea but only now there are 2 teams instead of much more teams. You go find stuff and work together to win. You can both have Red or Blue. Simple. Teamhitting is turned OFF... Becouse in War mode teamkilling is easy enough and It will ruin your day. Thank you all, and we will see.
  13. Reward points distribution unfair

    It's just simply not worth it in duo or squad to play for BP. Even at best ranked #5 with lets say 5 kills, you'll only get maybe 400ish but if you did that in solo you'd get 800, I get it they are trying to cut the rewards in half but it shouldn't be in half more like a quarter or something similar. Because the difficulty is still the same.. it's just.. you get to enjoy the game with others. And Mods before you try to sync this with some old thread I looked for it and there wasn't one I could find. People wish for this option and we need an answer whether it's something we can realistically believe in or not.
  14. Tired of playing with random players that are less than fun to team up with? Come join our community at www.pubg-clan.com, we have people from all NA, EU, and AS! TeamSpeak server always has people in it no matter the time of day! Join a gaming community that has been around since 1997!
  15. Example situation You are playing in a squad of 4 people. One person has died, notices the time, the tells you he/she has to go offline (e.g. go to work) or this persons internet goes down. This person does not take the time to go to the lobby and leave the team before going offline, or is unable to do this (in the case of internet going down). You now end up in a situation where you have to recreate a team, because one person went offline. So instead of one action, the game needs to perform between 6 (3 leave team, 3 team invites) and 8 actions (3 leave team, 1 disband team, 3 team invites, 1 team creation). Depending of course on how the game's team creation mechanism works. Suggestion Being able to kick a person from the team. Only available while everybody is in the lobby and the search for a game has not started yet. Potential benefit For gamers People won't have to recreate a squad because one person went offline without leaving the squad. For the game Less actions to process. Example implementation Because I know it's easy to just say something, I'll add an idea for implementation as well. While you are in the lobby, waiting for people to ready up, you already have all the characters in the lobby screen. An option on how to implement this suggestion could be to add an indicator of which character is offline and a "kick" button for that character. A relatively easy indicator would be to make the offline character go from full-colour to grey-scale. Variation of the kick button A variation of the kick button would be that a character that has not been online for an X amount of seconds would be removed from the team automatically. Downside of this, is that if someone's internet goes down briefly the game might remove the person from the squad, while the rest have chosen to wait. Thus creating 3 or 4 more actions to process (countdown, remove, invite, loading into lobby).
  16. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a third person single-elimination shooter game that is enjoyed by many people. I personally love playing PUBG and I have decided that I would like to form a professional Gaming team. The team that have made is called (TeamTakeYourShot)! From experience of playing with many people in Battlegrounds I have found a wide variety of people who have a lot of skill and are very good at the game. For anyone who is reading this, I ask that you follow us on twitter @PUBG_TYS and join our team! We are accepting people starting today (August 6, 2017) through the 25th of August! Please Direct Message us on twitter and ask to join! You should receive a reply in the next hour after your message is sent. TeamTakeYourShot is accepting anyone and we will help people who are in team. No matter what skill level. Although we do have a few requirements, we accept everyone who is up for the challenge! So if you are someone who really likes to play Battlegrounds professionally and loves the game in general. Then what are you waiting for? Contact us on Twitter and Take a Shot at joining our team! From CEO/Owner of TeamTakeYourShot
  17. Mature organised Multi Gaming Clan adding pubg to our list of games. Looking for a Team to Rep us for PUBG, for more info get in touch via a link below! Website - https://dryad-gaming.enjin.com/Twitter - https://twitter.com/Dryad_GamingDiscord - https://discord.gg/d4SM6xv
  18. Hi Me and my team mate played FPPduo's When joined we could not see that we where in a team. not on the left side nor as a pointer on the map. now comes the part that was strange. if one of us gots shot & died we both die. even if i'm still alive. as if the games thinks of us as 1 player. See screenshot for the alive gameover msg.
  19. Sometimes team play really gives one terrible experience. You die after 2 minutes and you have to wait for half an hour until all of your teammates are dead. However, if you play single mode, you can start a new round immediately. Why not we make a new mode, a more relaxing mode which you won't get so bored if you die too fast. My idea is that, in this mode, you won't really become permanently dead. If you are knocked down, you can move, and you're killed again, you are dead, just like the current mode. Your items can be taken away and you enter spectator mode.defibrillator However, one thing new is that, there is one item that can revive a dead playey, maybe a defibrillator. However if one player is killed it still has a heavy impact on that team since his items are taken away that he maybe revived naked. This feature is just to not make the dead player so bored. At least he still has hope to join the game again instead of switch screen to do other things. I know this may affect balance, that's why I call it relaxing mode. It should be player's freedom to decide if they play this mode or normal mode. 30mins waiting is really painful and makes me sick of this game. Please consider this suggestion
  20. If you want to play with someone, join our discord https://discord.gg/Qecwttd ! We have many people who love to play with others! We still need people, I would be so happy to see more active members join the community! You don't have to be amazing at the game or anything, but the only requirements are that you have at least 35 hours on PUBG and you play on NA servers! I'm 14 by the way, if anyone was wondering. Also I'm located in NA, as you can probably tell from the title of this post. Good luck on the battleground everyone!
  21. MadCorps - Communauté Multigaming

    Salut à la communauté Française ! Je me présente sous le pseudo DarkyBreiZH, membre de la Communauté Française MadCorps qui est une structure multigaming regroupant toute sorte de jeu, dont celui-ci ; PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Si des personnes recherches des joueurs pour ce jeu, nous vous accepterons avec plaisir ! Ne jouez pas seul, la MadCorps est prêt à vous accueillir sur leur teamspeak ; ts.madcorps.com Plusieurs sections sont disponibles pour pleins d'autres jeux, n'hésitez pas à me contacter ou vous dirigez directement sur notre teamspeak pour nous découvrir ! A bientôt in-game ! DarkyBreiZH - Membre Madcorps id steam : MCp.BreiZH Fureur (76561198101374868) | TS : ts.madcorps.com
  22. duo or squad

    EU or Asian Servers https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198303737099/home/ lets have some fun
  23. Suche Mitspieler für Duo/Squad

    Hey, derzeit suche ich ein paar Leute mit den man gern mal spielt.. bin eigentlich jeden Abend online zu mir selbst: bin 23 Jahre Stream abundzu mal mit Freunden bin für eigentlich jeden Spaß zu haben (Pan Challenge oder sowas) Spiele eigentlich aus Spaß, aber spiele deswegen nicht schlecht es steht für mich einfach nur der spaß im Vordergrund Hab Ts3 ich suche keine leute die sich gleich mega aufregen nur weil mal eine runde schlecht bzw scheiße läuft.. mal ein bisschen toxic sein ist ja vollkommen ok schreibt mir bitte einfach hier drunter oder privat! Steamnamen will ich nicht jedem geben .. man kann ja nur begrenzte freunde haben Mit freundlichen Grüßen Tom
  24. Getting Downed in Vehicles

    You should not get kicked out of a vehicle when you get downed that is not realistic. If you get downed in a vehicle you should not be able to shoot or get out of the vehicle but you should still be able to ride in it.
  25. Building a community

    Hello, I have A Facebook page with a small community that we are trying to grow, if anyone is interested in joining us then please head over to Facebook and search for "PUBG UK (Battlegrounds UK)" or you can follow this link: http://facebook.com/groups/761334180731146 we will be eventually setting up a custom server once we have enough people and will be looking for Admins, Streamers & YouTubers to help out, the page is UK based but anyone is welcome to join!!! Thanks!