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Found 12 results

  1. I'm looking for a Duos partner to grind the leaderboards with and to eventually compete in duos tournaments under a organization, contact me (twitter: @MMoshhLFT) Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/MMoshhH1/ ) - Comment you added me to talk about PUBG Related. Thanks! ~MMoshh
  2. None of my normal teammates are available for this tournament next Friday through Sunday. So i am last minute trying to find a teammate. Sign ups are at 5pm est today and will fill extremely quick. If you are interested in teaming up with me just reply or send me a message. My IGN is KMK89, check out my stats and see if you feel up to it, let me know your IGN if you are interested as well. We have like 4 hours to figure this out so act quickly!!! http://www.cursetrials.com/index.html The qualifiers are next Friday and Saturday (see schedule under the Rules section). I do not believe we get to choose which slot we get put into so you have to be available for any and all qualifiers on Friday and Saturday and then the final on Sunday
  3. I think it would be useful if the nameplate indicators for our teammates relative positions could change colors based on the distance they are from us. Something like green if within 10 meters, orange if 50, grey if 100, etc. It would be useful even if it was a close/not close determination. This would let us know at a glance how close our teammates are without having to pull up the map. It would also prevent me from not shooting an enemy because I thought he was a teammate since my teammates nameplate was above his head: https://streamable.com/migoz
  4. So when a teammate got knocked out, all his grenades went off, grenade x2 and smoke after that.
  5. Teammate Duplication

    Teammate's client crashed before plane, and reconnected, only to find that his body stayed on the island (pregame lobby). Once reconnected, he found that he was also in the plane, but his body had no gamertag over his head, and his health bar status indicator showed his "island" body slowly dying to circle, but had no indication of the status of his playable body. The map also showed him on the island, and the blue indicator on-screen showed him on the island, as well. Attached is a picture of the game notifying him that his "island" body died to circle, but his playable body was still alive.
  6. Hello! I am pretty mutch a noob but I'm looking for some on to play player unknown battlegrounds with. I have Skype so if you to would have that would be great. Ohh i play in EU servers by the way my steam account is megamind03
  7. Dead partners/squadmates should be able to access the map by pressing "M" to give the player who is still alive some useful information. I always provided useful information to my squadmates in ARMA 3 BR when I was dead. Examples: possible loot locations (100m to your right is a small village), white circle ("continue looting, you are right in the center of the circle, don't worry"). You get my idea. I think it's a shame that this great feature has been taken out / has not been implemented yet into the game. Most of my friends just tab out and start to watch videos and don't care what the other person alive is doing. I think giving dead players this opportunity is a great way to make the game more interesting, but also to increase the cooperation needed in duos/squads to survive. Another, however very questionable idea is if dead players should be able to switch to 1st/3rd person view of the player they are spectating and maybe even zoom in a bit (the same as in ARMA 3) to help spotting. But this could also be a bit overpowered and could give too much of an advantage. Another suggestion: Each player should have their map marker in their own color and other squadmates should be able to see them. Example: Playing with a squad of 4 people total. Player A has a red dot that he can place anywhere on the map (just like the yellow dot that everyone can place in the current build of the game), but all squadmates can see the red dot on the map. Player B got a green one, C got a yellow one and D got a blue one. Players can remove their own colored dot at will (the same as the yellow dot currently). A map symbology on the left of the big map indicates which color of the dots belong to whom (Red to Player A, Green to Player B). Below the map symbology should also be a box that you can untick if you do not want to see the dots of other squadmates except your own dot on the 2D compass (the one at the top of your screen: "W - NW - N - NE - E"). This box could remove some of the clutter on the 2D compass if some squads are not that organized... However, there does not necessarily need to be a box to untick. Players would HAVE to communicate then in order to avoid a mess on the 2D compass (this would encourage cooperation as well). If you have any improvements to my suggestion or want to criticize it / want to give me some feedback, please write a comment in this thread! Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad London (London is not my first language) Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Universe
  8. Where's my teammate?

    Hi, Some games I don't get a teammate in duos. Even when there're 100 people in the game. Also the name and health bar on the top left hand corner doesn't show up. Thank you
  9. Reviving dead teammates animation stuck

    Hello. My friends and I were just playing a squad game. Two of my team mates went down, and I tried reviving one of them however; He died while I was reviving him and my character was stuck in the reviving teammate animation where you sit down and such. The issue with this was I was unable to get out of it. I tried laying down, jumping and all kinds of things. I wasn't able to aim in and every time I shot the bullets went into the ground if I wasn't aiming insanely high. Was unfortunately not able to get a video nor picture since I was in top two and died.
  10. When you enter the lobby, you have a chance that your teammate you currently have might leave the game. Because of this, the game should allow the server to find you another teammate for you before the game starts. Doing Duo's literally Solo is pretty pointless. More or less, if another player in the server also doesn't have a teammate, the server puts you and that other player together for that match. If you don't have a teammate while your in the game, while a player is matchmaking they should join you in the plane (without going to the lobby and adding more time to the countdown clock).
  11. Duo Teammate: Who were they?

    I have had two rounds now where I really wish I could go back and find my duo teammate. Not sure if I am just missing a feature, or if this is something that needs to be added. But would really appreciate.
  12. Here's a suggestion: Resurecting teammates should require either first aid kit (for resing with slowly regening to 75 hp) and bandages for resing with 25 hp. Both should start from 5, gradually regening hp. Big health kit would start from 50hp immediately upon resurecting. If your teammate got shot in the head AND he had NO armor left on his helmet OR no helmet at all - res should not be possible.