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Found 6 results

  1. Had a game yesterday where i got downed by one of the entrances of shelter. The guy was down the tunnel and my buddy threw a flashbang down. It went off but apparently it did nothing and we both ended up dead. It was just at the beginning of the round and I had a frag on me. If my teammate could've looted/taken that frag off me it could've changed the outcome of that engagment. Many a times, you find yourself having to kill off the enemy before being able to safely revive. Could it be an option to be able to loot a downed teammate? i know the implications can be some people just downing someone to steal their gear, but I'm talking to the more civilised and mature players here. What are your thoughts?
  2. KanaNugetti1337

    Teammate appears as enemy

    Me and my friend were trying to play a duo on the test servers, but when we started he suddenly crashed, when he came back, he was able to play normaly, but my minimap showed he was on the spawning island, and i didn't see hes marks, or presence in the minimap. I saw him in the game when we met up, but he looked like an enemy to me, i shot him and it told me the "friendly fire" notice.
  3. So when a teammate got knocked out, all his grenades went off, grenade x2 and smoke after that.
  4. jayhawkfan882

    Teammate Duplication

    Teammate's client crashed before plane, and reconnected, only to find that his body stayed on the island (pregame lobby). Once reconnected, he found that he was also in the plane, but his body had no gamertag over his head, and his health bar status indicator showed his "island" body slowly dying to circle, but had no indication of the status of his playable body. The map also showed him on the island, and the blue indicator on-screen showed him on the island, as well. Attached is a picture of the game notifying him that his "island" body died to circle, but his playable body was still alive.
  5. Dayman

    Where's my teammate?

    Hi, Some games I don't get a teammate in duos. Even when there're 100 people in the game. Also the name and health bar on the top left hand corner doesn't show up. Thank you
  6. ✪ Heekz csgo500

    Reviving dead teammates animation stuck

    Hello. My friends and I were just playing a squad game. Two of my team mates went down, and I tried reviving one of them however; He died while I was reviving him and my character was stuck in the reviving teammate animation where you sit down and such. The issue with this was I was unable to get out of it. I tried laying down, jumping and all kinds of things. I wasn't able to aim in and every time I shot the bullets went into the ground if I wasn't aiming insanely high. Was unfortunately not able to get a video nor picture since I was in top two and died.