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Found 5 results

  1. GPU temperatures!

    Hi! I constantly play this game and absolutely love it. However, I am not certain if my GPU runs a bit too hot when playing this game. My specs: CPU: i5 7600k GPU: Dual Fan MSI OCV1 (factory OC'ed) GTX 1060 6 GB PSU: Corsair CP-9020097-UK VS Series ATX/EPS 80 PLUS Power Supply Unit, 550 W Case fans: (I do have insufficient airflow in my case, I know) 1 * 120 mm fan, 2 * 80 mm fans (2 exhaust, 1 intake) RAM: 16 GB Corsair 3200 MHz CPU COOLER: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO FPS AVG: 62 (I have caplocked at 62 with RIVA, otherwise its like 95+) I have temps of a constant 70 degrees celsius all the time, even in the interface when waiting in the lobby for a game. I personally think that it is quite high bearing in mind im running this on a rivatuner stats fps cap of 62 FPS and everything except for foliage and shadow (very low, and low) are set on HIGH with screen scale on 120. Isnt that too high for GPU?
  2. GPU Temperature

    Hello, I've been playing the game for around a week now and initially all things were fine but following an update mid week I have been running into problems, Namely the fact that when I play the game my GPU temperature goes through the roof and then the CPU shuts it down to prevent damage. I have cleaned everything out, removed dust, rewired the computer and added a fan directly cooling the GPU and re configured fan speeds to be higher at temperatures over 70c but nothing seems to help. The card is an AMD R9 290 (with 2 fans and a heat sink) which are known for running hot but this is over the top, the temperature in the menus alone is 94 Celsius on very low graphics and in game runs near 100, other games such as the Witcher 3 on high/ultra run at no more than 74 Celsius. Has anyone else experienced this problem, could it be something to do with how the games is coded because it is loading the graphics card like a test program and super heating it as a result
  3. Character screen

    The amount of graphical rendering in the character screen (the start one) is higher than even playing the game on the lowest settings. My pc gives the best example - rendering the character screen pushes the temperature of the graphics card over 75 degrees celsius, while playing the game it takes a lot of effort to even go over 67 degrees celsius. I want to request removing some some (ok quite a bit) of clutter. I suppose this is an optimization thing, but it'd make it a lot easier on the graphics card. - Mind you a newer (with working fans) graphics card would probably not show this as easy.
  4. Bug Description: Game is taxing processor and, to a lesser extent, the GPU resulting in a temperature related shutdown to prevent damage to hardware components. Even on lowest settings, the only improvement that is seen is a slightly extended amount of play time before thermal shutdown is triggered. In my individual case, CPU is triggering thermal shutdown, but based on rates of temperature increase, GPU would also do so, but is cooling itself slightly better than my CPU manages. Date Seen: 4-9-17 through 4-20-17 Server: NA - Production Server Troubleshooting Attempted: All settings except for draw distance were reduced to lowest settings, computer was opened up and compressed air was used to remove all dust, verified that all fans were spinning properly, installed a temperature monitor and monitored while using other programs to attempt to rule out possible hardware failure, computer was reseated to attempt to improve airflow, box fan was used to attempt to draw off excess heat, MSI Afterburner and Speedfan were installed and configured to set fans to maximum RPM prior to loading the game. None of them suceeded in preventing overheating to the point of thermal shutdown. This is the only application I have run into in the years since building this machine that has taxed my hardware to thermal shutdown. Other Information: The worst temperature spikes appear to occur in the initial lobby area prior to the game starting(seriously, get rid of it. It serves no point and needlessly stresses machines) and after dying while in spectator mode. Launch Options: No launch options are being used System Specifications: See attachments, I can provide further information if requested.
  5. PUBG pushing my GPU and CPU to the max

    Hello, Wasn't 100% sure where to place this post but is anyone else having an overheating issue with PUBG? This is the only game that is giving my "Gaming Laptop" an issue. It's putting my GPU and CPU from 95-102 Celsius and feels like its burning a whole through my keyboard and the bottom. I have a Lenovo Y700 Gaming Laptop. Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M and the CPU is i7-6200HQ. I have played many different games on my laptop with no issues at all but for whatever reason PUBG puts it to its max. I have graphics on the lowest. The bottom of my laptop becomes so hot you literally could not hold your finger to it and the heat radiates through the keys and physically burns, its crazy. Any thoughts? suggestions? or similar issues?