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Found 12 results

  1. We can already set most functions of movements and aiming to be toggle or hold - why not first and third person view? Simply put, when playing third person mode, allow the free look button to switch to third person until it's released. Regular first person players don't have to fiddle around with the buttons and can spend most of the game in their usual mode, and easily switch any time they need to use third person free look.
  2. I tested it out over these last couple of days and the aimer in any third person situation is out to the right by a fraction. It seriously mars any kind of mid to close range engagements using third person or “hip firing”. The reticle should shoot exactly the same as to when I ADS. I blame other games that have an aiming cursor where they are true to form for making me feel entitled to this opinion... Please fix this issue.
  3. New Update

    I know PUBG was trying to fix lag put PLEASE bring back the ability to switch between FPP and TPP. It was so nice to switch and It really helped me play well. PUBG please bring it back it is so needed.
  4. Third Person Aiming

    I've played this game for a while now, and honestly the one thing that has killed me the most other than the constant crashes is the third person aiming. For example, my aiming reticle would be right on the enemy, and my bullet would hit the ground or wall right in front of me. I don't understand why you would make this a feature in the game. If you are to have a aiming system in place for third person, at least make sure it works correctly before launch. Since you rushed the game to the xbox preview page, you should have at least just made it straight first person because it make absolutely no sense to implement a third person aiming system that doesn't work properly. P.S. I had high hopes for this game getting released on xbox, but the developers have proved everyone wrong by publishing a game too early for release. PUBG being available on xbox preview is no excuse either, especially if you are putting a price on a unfinished product. It's like me purchasing a car, but it doesn't have a steering wheel AND frequently shuts off when I am on the freeway. Good luck fixing this garbage dump of a mess devs.
  5. Killed a player in a car and his body got stuck in the driver seat and wouldn't disappear. When I tried to drive the car his body was in my face and blocking all view and forces me to go first person even though I kept pressing V it wasn't changing back to 3rd person.
  6. Auto switching FPP off?!

    In the main menu, after playing an FPP match, the game automatically swaps matching from FPP to 3rd person search instead of maintaining itself on FPP search so when I ready up for the next game I get into a 3rd person view game instead of my expected FPP match. This does not happen if im in a group/team, only when playing solo, and yes, it happens after every game, regardless wether of it being a loss or a win!
  7. TPP switches to FPP

    The first 2-3 circles (looting phase), for example, it's TPP. When the mid-/endgame hits, the perspective switches to FP for everyone. The idea behind this game mode is to mix all aspects the game has to give, while playing each phase with the perspective's given advantages. No more looting and surprising attacks in FPP. No more dull and tired chicken tree fights in TPP.
  8. Third Person Bug

    This happened to me twice; I start a game, match starts, i fly down no problem. But when I land, I cannot rotate the camera with my character. I can see the character moving around when i move my mouse, but the camera does not pan with the character. This forces me to only play in first person. Not even holding Alt in third person works, neither does it work in a vehicle, so I am forced to drive in first person too. I have died both times because of this bug, while playing on normal mode (third person) and not FPP. It is really annoying to have a disadvantage because of a bug. Hopefully this is fixed for the tournament as well. And I hope that the team works on this asap because I can't be the only one that gets this.
  9. Camera Glitch

    Date Seen: 04/08/2017 Server: Oceania Solo, latest live server as of 12:00PM +10GMT Other Information: Encountered lag during landing, and upon the game removing my parachute, I could not look up or down, third person camera movement was limited to the horizontal axis, and was "laggy", taking time to turn if I moved too fast. Using the alt key to freelook moved the compass wheel and moved the players head, but did not move the camera otherwise. In addition, moving the normal camera allowed me to move the entire player model without moving the camera, for a few moments before it would snap into position. Photos are attached. I was forced to play in first person as the first person camera was entirely unaffected. Troubleshooting Attempted: The issues only lasted one game. Repeatedly switching view, or alt tabbing or trying to "unstick" the alt key did not fix the issue. Launch Options: None. System Specs: OS: Windows 10 Creators Update Graphics Card: GT840M 2GB CPU: i75500U @2.4GHz Ram: 8GB
  10. I had this bug (not sure?) yesterday where I wasn't able to view up and down in third person mode. I was only able to view correctly in first person. I could also move the camera through walls in third person, you can see it very briefly on the clip posted below (very briefly at 0:02 and 0:04 second, looking through the wall corner) - I can upload a proper clip with that if needed asap. How it happend: I'm not sure, but I was tabbed out of the game and tabbed in as soon as we we're in the plane, I was able to parachute normally but when I landed the bug occurred. Heres a clip of the incident: https://i.giphy.com/hUHpOb5sCBJfO.mp4
  11. It's sad I have to write out a preface like this, because if you don't, a bunch of zealot loyalists won't even refute your point but will just show up to strawman your entire thread. I really enjoy this game despite its early access flaws. I'm impressed with the developers, I like their decisions and I think they have a great vision for the game that will likely succeed beyond what most early access games provide. With that said, I personally think the weakest aspect of the game is the third person view, and for more reasons than what's obvious. I think it's the cause for a lot of people's initial beefs. First of all, I understand that third person is a staple of a lot of battle royal games, and a lot of people are quite fond of it. It does give the game some style and looks cool, don't get me wrong, but it's troubling for more than the obvious. The obvious being that I'm sure people are quite aware of the fact that you can cheese with 3rd person to the point of absolving almost all risk from a defensive position from anybody moving, with few exceptions. Since the camera is overhead, if I'm standing behind a wall that's just higher than my character model, I can still have full reign on everything in front of me without having to sacrifice anything in regards to position to get information. If you're on a roof, you can prone towards the center and have a full 360 degree compass without exposing yourself to anybody, outside of people who are level with the roof, or above the roof on a hill or something. Moving past the obvious, a lot of people are complaining about the pace of the mid game. While we all know the point of the game is survival and not kills, I see multiple discussions of people talking about the lackluster mid game, where people are just posted up in a house waiting for a door to fly open (this is largely from a solo-queue perspective, squad is totally different). I think we can also make the argument that third person is what's causing the lack of movement in the mid game as well. You hardly have to move your body in order to get full information about what's around you. This is really where there's such a huge difference between camping in a first-person game and camping in a third-person game. In a first person game, if I'm going to camp and look at one position, I would have to move around more to get information. That in itself is a massive sacrifice. You're sacrificing your fortified and ideal camping spot for movement to get more information, or your sacrificing more map information for your ideal position. Third person in a lot of situations largely absolves that. Following up on the larger degrees of movement, it would probably open up more situations to use more of the guns in the game, or perhaps a better way of saying it would be there would be more viable styles that allow other guns to shine due to the increase of movement and perspective. Perhaps you could be more of a high-movement player with the SMGs in the trenches and buildings, relying on intelligent movement and exploiting their view granted in first person. Again, third person largely absolves this. I don't want to see third person removed, and I've seen recommendations of not rendering things that aren't in your line of sight. I'm also aware of the fact that there's talks of some kind of hardcore mode that is first person only and removes the crosshairs, which I think would make a lot of people have other gameplay options and have a lot of fun. The point of this post is to maybe see how others feel about it, and if there's large enough discussions, perhaps we can put the first person game modes on a higher priority list for people to enjoy. The game is fun as it is and I'll still play it, but I truly think the game would change by an order of magnitude in several regards just in changing the view perspective alone. Also I'd like to thank the developers for making a really fun game. I'm not trying to bash the living daylights out of it. For every beef I have with the game, I enjoy several more aspects of it. Just a few tweaks and some optimizations and you have a beast of a game and that's why I care so much.
  12. I realized while playing that 3rd person shooting is way too strong. As in, there is almost absolutely no reason to use first person at all. You can snipe people miles away with third person. I wanted to use scopes but it felt like they were unnecessary 99% of the time as simply 3rd person was not only enough, it was actually better than first person.. You get a better field of view. You can scout around walls, and above hills without revealing your position. So to be able to just pop out and fire with that much accuracy just feels wrong to me. Third person, imo, should only give you a good FOV, The moment you attempt to fire you should miss 90% of your shots. The accuracy in 3rd person should be absolutely terrible. First person should be the way to go for shooting imo. Someone using first person vs someone using 3rd person, First person SHOULD always win or atleast have a 95% win rate. First person should be the DEFAULT GO TO way of shooting,.If third person can compete with ADS, then there will be no reason to ADS. I personally would like to have 3rd person crosshair removed, AND tremendously reduce the accuracy. If you only remove the crosshair, people will put a black dot on their computer screen for where the crosshair should be. So removal of crosshair alone wont fix it. A reduction in accuracy is needed. I felt bad sniping people from afar but i was left with no choice cause if I had used first person, like I tried many times, I would have lost. I know you want a Hardcore mode in the game too. This will only further divide the community. The hardcore mode will die down cause the regular mode will be easier. Why? Cause people will just 3rd person it out since it's a lot easier to aim and hit in 3rd person. So splitting the community like this will not address the 3rd person vs 1st person thing. It will only kill off Hardcore mode cause most people want the easier version. Which is third person shooting. I predict HC mode will die down if 3rd person shooting remains this strong, Please make 1st person the go to way for shooting, and 3rd person should not even come close. I really enjoy this game and would hate for fights to turn in H1Z1 where people just spray and pray in 3rd person. Scopes become useless and trying to ADS puts you at a disadvantage when 3rd person is this accurate.