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Found 8 results

  1. Revive Timer Display Bug

    has anyone encountered this bug where the person reviving can see the revive timer counting down, but the person who is downed isn't able to see the timer? just happened in one of my games and am wondering if this is something you've heard of or encountered. thanks.
  2. Hi, I've noticed that when the timer shows up saying "Proceed to play area marked on the map in X MinXX Sec! There needs to be a space put between the word Min and the number of seconds. Screen shot:
  3. Let me paint a picture for you. One I'm sure many of you have experienced. You drop from the plane, you pull your rip cord and make your way to what seems to be a clear area. Nobody has spotted you so far, good. You finally manage to loot all you need for an intimate round in PUB. You remain un-spotted, the numbers in the top right tick down, "soon", you you say with much elation. "Soon, the much coveted Chicken Dinner will be mine". Suddenly you notice something, after what feels like a lifetime the number 10 is staring at you from the corner of your screen. Your heart beings to hammer with antici....pation. Heavy shots ring out to your right, a big boy gun, a fast "rat-tat-tat" to your left, a Scar-L. As you sit there, in your cover, what feels like an impregnable fortress, waiting, watching as the time counts down, You down enough pills and energy drinks to kill 5 men. The feared blue wall of gas flies past you, chunking your health at what feels to be a ludicrous speed. Risking death, you sprint to the next AO, praying nobody sees you. Your health, still ticking down, faster, faster! Success! You made it, right to the edge of the gas of death, with but a sliver of health, where not but a mouse could find solace in having such a minuscule amount. You scan behind you, nothing, surely nobody could be in the gas of death in the top 10? You pop a FAK and gain your bearings, it's time to move forward, time for you to claim your crown! "Tak-tak-tak", betrayed by the gas of death that so eagerly sought to end you, a player emerges out of the gas of death to shoot you in the back and thus ending your chance for the sought after Chicken Dinner. TL;DR; The gas of death needs a boost, it feels underwhelming, especially in the top 10. I've played the line game perfectly, nearly getting killed by the gas (as intended), only to have some player who shouldn't be alive pop out to shoot me inside the safe zone. If I nearly died, how could they be alive? If I barely make it, and I watch behind me for a good 20 seconds, there is no reason anything should save a player who willingly stayed in the gas that would have killed me from full health and boosters out the ass.
  4. Reduce game wait timer to 10 seconds when there is 90+ players are waiting!
  5. At the moment when i spectate i can't see the timer for the circle and the position of the player i'm watching. Just add the information above the minimap for the spectating mode.
  6. Bug Description: I was playing duo with my friend i had been shot and i went down, my friend came to revive me but while he was doing it the timer doesn't stop and i got killed. Date Seen: 22.04.2017 22:30 CET+1 Server: EU-Duo-normal server Troubleshooting Attempted: None Other Information: None Launch Options: None System Specifications: GTX980 i5:4690k 8GB RAM Windows 10-64bit
  7. Revive bug.

    Hi. So my friend tried to revive me but we got this. (pic) After like 16 seconds his game is crashed.
  8. I think including an in-game clock would do wonders to the game. When you're looting a town and you know there's 2 more people there close-by and you hear shots nearby, the only way to know if it was a kill and there's one less person to worry about is seeing if it appeared on the kill feed. The problem with that is that if you don't have your eyes on the feed the moment that the person is killed, you won't know if that was the person you're worrying about or some other player on another side of the map that died 5 seconds ago. I know distinguishing the gun sound helps but it isn't 100% reliable since that's not the only gun of that type on the map. Therefore, showing the second that the kill took place on the kill feed could help you know if it indeed was the one you were wondering about or if it was another before that. Also, make the circle also give you the time on the in-game clock that it will start closing.