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Found 10 results

  1. Please add a KillCam

    I think and ask everybody to see if u agree with me... Would you like a kill cam? lets say like COD or OverWatch... Just to see how we've been spotted and plus cheaters will be reported with a much less margin of false-positive report.So, when, someone reports if the killcam shows something very obvious as hack you wont have to watch each player plays to detect if they're cheating (dw/o speedhack) and if its a legal kill we could learn tactics and implement it themselves to our gameplay Do u think is a good idea? I create this thread because I know BlueHole really cares about what players think.Well this is my apport.... If you are agree it would be very nice!
  2. Failed to initialize STEAM

    If I want to play PUBG there always come the error "Failed to initilize SSTEAM". The support couldnt help me. I tryed every methode on Youtube and google and nothink works. Can anyone help me?
  3. Consistent mid-round crashes and BSOD

    Ok , so i have this problem with pubg, the game randomly crashes on me , usually only when i am in the menu before entering a match , if i`m in the game there are no issues. It's very annoying and disruptive. -System -Ryzen 7 1700 -MSI Krait gaming x370 -16gb Corsair ram -M2 SSD wich the game is installed on -1080 GTX I have latest drivers for graphics , latest windows updates and also tried verifying game integrity on steam nothing helps.
  4. Wall bugging out

    Hello I'm a player of PubG and I find many different bugs in the game that I don't know how to send them in and I hope this will get more word out and it could get fixed! Here is a link to the video, Sorry for the audio :
  5. As you guys can see the crosshair is pretty much a dot at lower resolutions giving my enemies a huge advantage.
  6. I was playing a game earlier this week where I was duoing with a friend, and we were in two pretty distant locations (still could see each other on the minimap, but we were by no means close). Right as I revealed myself behind cover I got instantly headshot, and my duo partner did too. From the same guy. But we were very far apart. My conclusion is that A) he's hacking, or B) there's a bug where if one person goes down then you both die instantly. Either way it would be much appreciated if it got addressed. Here's a link to the video I posted on my channel about it:
  7. Soundless buggy glitch

    Buggy completely silent, freaked me out a lot, and definately woke me up, video:
  8. As a suggestion for another use of battle points, I think there should be a separate game mode from the standard battle royale. For free, using battle points earned, create a new game mode, where you can buy(1 time use per game) armor, weapons, accessories, etc. to start with for that one round only. You can still play the game without purchasing anything, for 2x bonus points at the end. Also, same concept but with "Gold Coins", that can be won in the Pay 2 Win mode, X amount per kill and wins just like the battle points. In this mode you can either purchase armor, weapons, accessories, etc. , but also an option to pay and permanently start with those items. The money spent on the actual purchase of Gold Coins, solely goes to developing the game. Also, just like the other mentioned mode, you can still choose to not use any items, for a 2x Gold Coin bonus for a win. Also, perks could be bought, one time use only, or permanently in the Pay 2 Win mode. Perks, shows initial flight path, shows the zone areas, etc. Just think it would be cool to have other options, the original game mode is great as is, no hate. And I hate Pay 2 win, but I think it would be a challenge some would like to take on. Someone fully loaded in gear, and gets annihilated by a crossbow, or 7.62 pistol. hahaha
  9. Y'all add me on steam to play duo or squad's sometime y'all need to have fun http://steamcommunity.com/id/Fancyhere/ im waiting for someone right now , it depends on what time you see this post HURRY UP
  10. Pioneer Crates

    Bought my first pionner crate, opened it then got nothing. Bought my second crate, it said that it failed to open, then I also got nothing, lost the crate and now I have to buy the third crate. Why can't you fix this already? I've read that you have had these kind of problems since launch.