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Found 12 results

  1. GoodFella GotEm

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    All my Xbros out there, San Andreas is now available for backwards compatibility 😎
  2. B0B0Cop

    Bug Bounty??

    okay so 14th of May was the close date for the bug bounty.. coming close to a month now an not a word about it?? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. Had an interview with PlayerUnknown pop up on my phone's homepage. I'll drop all his quotes(there's only 3) but here's the link if you wanna give it a read: https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2018/4/16/17243216/playerunknown-pubg-red-zone-get-good “And people say there’s no reason to it but it provides audio cover, it really looks cool when you’re fighting in it,” Greene told Eurogamer. ”And really, you shouldn’t be dying to the red zone. If you’re dying to the red zone then, I’m sorry but you’re not a very good player.” “It’s like, you know there’s a hundred meter safe zone around the edge of it, if you’re in a building there’s a very little chance of you getting hit, it’s there for a specific reason, it looks really cool and it provides tension,” Greene explained. “If you’re trapped in a fight in the Red Zone, it’s exciting! People say that it has no reason, but it does. It’s there for a very specific reason which is providing audio cover and even when it’s a little bit in the distance it provides enough cover to run a little bit, so, there are reasons.” “But, that said, if there is an outpouring of hate towards it, we may consider [removing it,]” Greene said.
  4. GoodFella GotEm

    Bad Feels

    You're running inside the blue, health is draining fast and you're starting to lose patience. Then on the horizon you see a beacon of hope, a motorcycle placed my the RNG Gods.. Your heart starts racing as you plan out your route to freedom, making sure to avoid large bumps when possible. You get closer and you double check your inventory to make sure you atleast have something to rejuvenate you when you cross into the safe zone. You finally make it to the bike, you frantically start attempting to get in but you cant. Then you see it, there are no animals in Erangel but the bike looks strangely close to a fried piece of bacon. As the blue swallows what is left of your health a sudden wave of peace crashes over you. You close your eyes, clench your fists and with the rest of the air in your body you let out a powerful war cry that shakes the hearts and minds of those that remain. FUCK YOU REDZONE!!!!
  5. Been playing PUBG on Xbox One for 7 hours now. The controller for looting is fine (just takes time to learn), I love the freecam-option, I love how you can heal only using the D-pad, and I love that PUBG was released on Xbox - the console I´ve used since I was a little kid. But one thing that annoyed me while playing the game was *drumroll* aim acceleration. Probably the worst enemy to a console-player that have a built up muscle memory, both from Halo, Battlefield, Call of Duty (with 10 in sensitivity) and so on. How in the world are you gonna take out enemies under heavy fire who´s running like a snake over the Battleground, when your aim aggressively goes back and forth, left and right. How can a man know where his aim is 1 second in the future? The biggest issue with aim acceleration and how it destroys all kind of muscle memory, are the shots called "flick-shots" or "drag-shots". That is when you sweep your aim past your target and push the trigger just as your reticle goes by the enemy. This comes useful if you´re getting flanked, if you´re using any kind of shotgun, when moving vehicles are driving by, if two people are shooting at each other constantly changing position and so on. This works well in my first example too; when an enemy is running constantly swinging left and right and you just want to tap him in the back. The only time you won´t need muscle memory are when targets stands still 2 meters in front of you, or if you´re a guy who likes to spray and pray. I would say i`m an experienced console-player and the sniper have been my reliable buddy for a long time. Today the sniper wasn`t reliable at all; I adjusted my Kar98K for so long that my player in-game lost his breath (steady aim) at a target who was laying down 100 meters away from me. This got me furious. Dear engineers of this game - make aim acceleration an option to turn on and off. Thank you. Picture: Had a big dinner today, and it could´ve been bigger... *hint hint*
  6. Is this a bug, is it a hacker who flies to the aridrops before they land, or is it programmed to sometimes not have loot, and I just got unlucky twice in a row? I have screenshots. This happened twice in one match, and it's the only time it's ever happened to me. I know for a fact that I was the first person to the crates, as I tried looting them as soon as the touched the ground.
  7. kakkakuulia

    Shooting to water deals no damage

    Shooting player whom is swimming deals no damage.
  8. DrPuncake

    Wall bugging out

    Hello I'm a player of PubG and I find many different bugs in the game that I don't know how to send them in and I hope this will get more word out and it could get fixed! Here is a link to the video, Sorry for the audio :
  9. As you guys can see the crosshair is pretty much a dot at lower resolutions giving my enemies a huge advantage.
  10. I was playing a game earlier this week where I was duoing with a friend, and we were in two pretty distant locations (still could see each other on the minimap, but we were by no means close). Right as I revealed myself behind cover I got instantly headshot, and my duo partner did too. From the same guy. But we were very far apart. My conclusion is that A) he's hacking, or B) there's a bug where if one person goes down then you both die instantly. Either way it would be much appreciated if it got addressed. Here's a link to the video I posted on my channel about it:
  11. Phosphyr

    Soundless buggy glitch

    Buggy completely silent, freaked me out a lot, and definately woke me up, video:
  12. Vazul

    Pioneer Crates

    Bought my first pionner crate, opened it then got nothing. Bought my second crate, it said that it failed to open, then I also got nothing, lost the crate and now I have to buy the third crate. Why can't you fix this already? I've read that you have had these kind of problems since launch.