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Found 7 results

  1. I made a cool video of my buddy Lord Relyk and his top 10 moments thus far on XBOX. Wondering what you guys think of it, did I pick the correct number 1 and what crazy stuff has happened with you guys. Lord Relyk's Top 10 is the video, I hope y'all enjoy! I'd love to make more top 10s, 5s or whatever. Any critiques that are helpful, are welcomed!
  2. Could we get seperate playlists for the casual and try hard players? I'm starting to get really bored with the lack of challenege in the fpp games due to the absent matchmaking. It results in games where theres less than 30 people alive after the first circle closes on enrangel. In the past, there was matchmaking in 3rd person mode and the games were more exciting because your opponents were more numerous and,had better aim (smarter). I hear from other people that they also miss playing in those tougher games and are getting bored. Right now, players have to compete in league or tournamemts to get access to similar type of games - that is too time consuming or cumbersome for many players to participate in. If bluehole wants longevity for pubg, i suggest they add these seperate playlists so they can retain their more "hardcore" player base. If you look at other successful shooters, they offered the dedicated try hard players an outlet to challenge each other via stricter matchmaking or private lobbies. In the context of a 100 player br game, private lobbies aren't feasible for the majority of players so we need a ranked matchmaker mode. Thanks for reading.
  3. Vorstellung meines Streams!

    Hallo Zusammen Da ich momentan viel Zeit habe, streame ich auch jeden Tag. Ich und mein Mate FouR-TH belegen je nachdem Platz 1-4 in der Duo Europa TPP Rangliste. Die einzigen die uns den ersten Platz dauernd streitig machen sind 2 Schweden :D. Ich würd euch gern zeigen wie ich spiele, euch auch Fragen zum Spiel beantworten & euch hoffentlich weiterhelfen. Ich bitte sogar darum mir im Stream-Chat zu schreiben, da es sonst öde wird^^. Wäre natürlich super wenn wir den ersten (soweit ich weiss) grossen Schweizer Stream für PUBG aufbauen könnten An alle Deutschen: Keine Angst! Ihr versteht mich Tiptop, meine deutschen Mates haben auch keine Probleme ( bin auch nicht einer aus dem hintersten Bergdorf der kein "Hochdeutsch" spricht. Schaut gerne vorbei!! https://www.twitch.tv/swissgameplay Streame immer so ab Mittag bis Abends Freundliche Grüsse Swissgameplay
  4. I always get in first place I always get in second place, with only securing my chicken dinner 4-5 times in solo, and another 4-5 times in duo. How can I ensure to get in first place? any tips?
  5. Not Receiving BP from coming Top 10

    Bug Description: I have come top 10 3 times in the last week in duos (2 of those being wins) and I have not received the battlepoints I should have from placing in those positions. My friend also experienced this at the same time in one of the duo matches that we won. I believe a lot of other people have also reported this bug on Reddit (on the /r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS subreddit - www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS, though I have not seen it reported here despite my searching). Unfortunately I have no screenshots of before/after the win, and my shadowplay only captures the last minute of gameplay. This is not some beg for you to give me some free BP or anything, this is a legitimate concern and I would like to report the bug so that you are aware. I have no qualms over lost BP if it means you guys can find and fix bugs in the system. Date Seen: Date the bug you're reporting was experienced. Server: 1.0 Main game Troubleshooting Attempted: Winning again - did not help, noticed it the first time, tried to replicate it (successfully?) Other Information: All of these happened in duos. Happened on both Erangel and Miramar. Launch Options: I use default launch options, and no INI edits nor any mods like ReShade System Specifications: Not sure if this is necessary but: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.20GHz Ram: 16 GB DDR3
  6. It would be nice if there were a "Top 10" style stat for the other game types. I was thinking Elite Eight for Duos and Final Four for Squads. Just to have an additional stat marker for how far into the match you are making it and how often in other areas besides just the solo game type.
  7. Statistics/Leaderboard/BP Issues

    My top 10 finish is not showing in the stats (solo eu) why is that the case. I came 7th. It sucks to not be rewarded. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Just started today. EDIT: I am an idiot. The stat update was delayed.