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Found 130 results

  1. Here's a video I uploaded to my channel. Hope you all enjoy or leave some constructive comments for me (I know about the bad mic quality, im working on a fix). Anyway, here it is, enjoy yourselves and good luck in your games!
  2. твич канал cacau_kugacau

    Всем привет! Меня зовут Виталий, мне 23, живу в Москве. Стримить начал 4 месяца назад - стримы провожу каждый день без выходных 7/0, с 10:00 до 17:00 по московскому времени (бывает стримлю даже дольше), качество стрима от 160 до 1080р 60 fps, так что вы можете смотреть в любом разрешении, в котором вам удобно. Играю как соло, так и в пати всегда рад поиграть. Катаю соло и 1 vs сквад. На стриме всегда общаюсь с чатом и отвечаю на любые вопросы зрителей. В PUBG не профи, т.к. набил всего 200 часов, но уже не раз брал топ 1. На моем стриме приятная атмосфера, да бывает сгораю прилично, но на это весело смотреть Так что заходите ко мне на канал, я буду рад абсолютно всем, даже если вы просто подпишитесь я тоже буду очень рад! Помогите стримеру)) Мой канал - https://www.twitch.tv/cacau_kugacau
  3. Hi, I`ve created a web-site http://imonstream.com that analyze and index famous video streams on Twitch. You can search by your nickname and find exact moment when you met streamer in game. What do you think guys? If you will find yourself please share the link to that moment in comments it will help me to tune the search and index algorithm. Good luck on playgrounds, Victor
  4. New Player Here! : Xapharaoh!

    Hello everyone, I'm Xapharoh! (You could call me Xa for short) I'm currently new to PUBG (and PC gaming in general) and I just built my first ever PC last night! I'm absolutely loving this games and the community so far! I built my PC in hopes of streaming mainly AC:ORIGINS and PUBG! (Currently a few bucks off from a microphone bundle so I won't start until then!) About myself now : I'm Kea'ra, male, 15 years of age. I design Discord servers and other things for $$$ and I'm currently living the stressful highschool student life. I have a horrible resting face; the kind that makes me look like an axe murderer. Don't worry though, I'm probably just planning on stealing your waifu. You can currently find me on Twitter and my soon to be Twitch channel below! Feel free to comment about yourself too; I love learning about other people! https://twitter.com/xapharaoh https://www.twitch.tv/xapharaoh
  5. Scotland The Brave!

    We're going live again soon, using the new Bebo streaming ap! So I thought I'd add in some random clips from some of my streams to give you guys an idea of what to expect - I hope you enjoy!! "What [wit] A F*n Shot" https://clips.twitch.tv/GleamingProtectiveWoodpeckerDerp Last 2 fail Orrrrr? https://clips.twitch.tv/TsundereSpoopySamosaSeemsGood My biggest jump scare so far! https://clips.twitch.tv/WildFlaccidWolfMcaT Mad Max.. Kind of.. https://clips.twitch.tv/AmusedGrotesqueNostrilPoooound
  6. Hola qué tal! Salut les copains! Moi c'est Thibault, 23 ans, joueur PUBG quand j'ai du temps. Je suis de la région Montpellieraine! Je cherche des gens (qui sont un minimum mature!) pour faire des parties toutes en détente! On vise pas le TOP#1 a chaque parties quoi! Je vous explique le projet : J'ai une chaîne Twitch où je fais des lives, nommés " T I B I Z part en live" et je fais une sortes de "libre antenne". SI TU CHERCHES A PASSER JUSTE SUR TWITCH CA NE SERT A RIEN DE VENIR ME VOIR! Tous les lives se retrouvent sur Youtube en "VOD". J'ai une équipe avec qui je try hard (quand j'ai le temps!) mais je cherche une équipe avec la quelle je ne vise rien de particulier! donc si tu es intéressé par le projet, n’hésites pas et je te donnerais le lien du DISCORD ! Le but n'est pas de passer sur TWITCH, mais surtout de discuter de sujets qui parle a tout le monde et beaucoup de rigolade! Si je vous parle de ça, c'est juste pour vous informer! pas de surprise en me disant mais je veux pas être sur YouTube et Twitch! Les lives ne sont pas rémunérés et je ne demande pas de dons! Donc pas d'argent ! A bientôt en ligne les copains!!!
  7. Do things TheWookieWay GLHF

    I stream to Twitch, Mixer, Periscope (twitter), and Ustream at the same time via Restream.io #PUBG #Guitar #Music #ATS #Rocksmith #Improv #Variety https://www.twitch.tv/TheWookieWay https://mixer.com/TheWookieWay https://www.twitter.com/TheWookieWay
  8. Hey guys i'm going to be giving away $5 worth of stuff when i reach 100 twitch followers. All of my followers will be entered into the giveaway and when i reach 100 follower the next stream i will be announcing the winner. So don't be left and follow today. Also i stream every Friday and Saturday also Monday so if you are looking for a good laugh give me a follow and enjoy yourself
  9. Check my bro @ Twitch!

    Hey! Check out my bro and drop him a follow on twitch, he is top100 DUO FPP on EU servers, he's an amazing player and person but was to afraid to stream, he is live now: https://www.twitch.tv/difiss - sn0wduck
  10. Hello guys :), im starting a new channel for Twitch Moments. Right in the moment i will just produce PUBG Top Moments. If you want to sent me your best moments just write me an short Pm in the Board. Kind Regards Juareso
  11. New gaming stream

    What’s up i started a new gaming channel and will be doing a give away at 500 followers. Very active twitch, i promise to blow your phone up with “went live” notifications. I play several games, most active on PUBG currently. Twitch.tv/ironmedictm
  12. Feel free to drop by and say hi! www.twitch.tv/pastechi
  13. Kwijiboe TV

    Hey guys! https://go.twitch.tv/kwijiboetv Live - Monday to Thursday from 1930 onwards. Weekends vary! We consistently make top 10 and get the occasional win and laugh. Mostly it's just about having fun and cracking jokes. Hope to see you on!
  14. Looking for Frands :)

    Looking for Frands on pubg to play with~ Chill English please No Racism Doesn't need to be talkative but needs to know to call out Decent at PUBG Mic preferred. I have been experiencing bad teammates who have been toxic and thrashing on teammates and team killing. Maybe others who can help improve my game instead of spreading negativity. I want to try to play with others to strive to be positive and chill/fun. -LMK Targetlockon
  15. Intro To Synklair

    My name is Synklair. I am just your normal PUBG player. I like to make Youtube videos whenever i can. I occasionally do insane things while playing PUBG. Ill leave a link so you can see what i mean. If you want to play with me just comment down below and im down to play.
  16. twitch.tv/hellspawnftw https://www.youtube.com/hellspawnxxx https://twitter.com/hellspawnxxx "NOT ME OUCHY" !!! Lawl
  17. Hello! My name is tefnek and I am a leaderboard junky! I will be streaming occasionally while I rank up in both SOLO FPP and DUO FPP! I am currently ranked 181 in SOLO FPP as of posting this and have a KDR of 2.14! I am serious about keeping in the top 500 in SOLO FPP and will be streaming nearly every day in the evening hours pacific time likely between 6pm and 11pm or around those hours! If you'd like to hang out and watch me be horrible as hell at this game I'd love to have you! You can find my stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/tefnek Bonus Meme: every 100 followers I will be doing a giveaway for a $20 Steam Gift Card to one lucky randomly picked active viewer!
  18. For anyone who is interested i have started a new channel (linked below) uploading full playthroughs of chicken dinner games with lots more to come. Check it out: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLOjUd0upgPo6rpmR6TEW4w Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/tauridz Most Recent Video:
  19. "A man's game..."

    https://clips.twitch.tv/OilyReliableKoalaWoofer Don't know if I ought to be ashamed or elated
  20. Whenever you get the chance to use the Ghillie Suit take it! If you have the Ghillie Suit; Its pretty much an automatic Chicken Dinner. Heres a clip of Utilizing the Ghillie suit to its maximum potential.
  21. Feedback zu Videos und Stream

    Moin Leute, nach dem ich nun seit einem Monat auf Twitch streame und Ausschnitte davon auf Youtube hochlade, wollte ich nun mir mal eine ehrliche Meinung einholen zu meinem streams/videos. Desweiteren bin ich auf der Suche nach weiteren Streamen die sich eine Zusammenarbeit vorstellen könnten. Wenn es euch gefällt wäre es mega nett von euch, wenn Ihr ein Abo (youtube) oder Follow (twitch) da lassen würdet. Ich bin auf eure Meinung gespannt. - Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/wolfsklingetv - Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC57ga-_ijKS70PGs68QZgGw?view_as=subscriber - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wolfsklingetv/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/WolfsklingeT?lang=de Grüße WolfsklingeTV
  22. yo guys whatsup, i wanted to make a really silly pubg video just for fun. if you like it, you can check me out on twitch and twitter. https://go.twitch.tv/superc00l https://twitter.com/superc00l_ yo g
  23. Dois irmãos – um designer e um programador – criados em meio ao mundo dos games, desde o nosso bom e velho Counter Strike 1.3. No ano de 2017, conhecemos esse game maluco de batalha real onde, seu melhor escudo é uma Panela de Aço, o PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS ou como todos conhecemos PUBG! Inspirados pelas idas nas saudosas Lan Houses que, sempre precisávamos juntar moedas para jogar com os amigos e em torneios que vida nos proporcionava, surgiu a ideia: Por quê, não montar uma plataforma exclusiva de PUBG para o cenário competitivo? Juntando forças, Designer e Programador, resolvemos fazer disso o nosso projeto de vida e assim nasceu a GAMERSPUBG. Uma plataforma exclusiva e inteiramente voltada aos jogadores assíduos por PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, trazendo torneios, desafios e grandes premiações aos sobreviventes desse fantástico cenário competitivo. COMO FUNCIONA Os competidores devem se cadastrar no site e participar dos desafios diários para acumular pontos; esses pontos serão a moeda de troca dentro da plataforma para participar dos torneios; os desafios nada mais são que, jogar; a sua classificação em game determinará a quantidade de pontos que receberá, ou seja, o último sobrevivente receberá uma quantidade maior de pontos; é imprescindível que cada membro da equipe acumule, individualmente, a quantidade exigida de pontos para participar do torneio que deseja se inscrever; Todo o processo de cadastro, participação em desafios e torneios são totalmente GRATUITOS! A GAMERSPUBG é uma plataforma acessível a todos que têm garra e coragem para competir com os MELHORES DO MUNDO. E para isso, desenvolvemos uma plataforma gratuita que, além de competitiva, proporciona diversão a todos os jogadores sem se preocupar com mensalidades ou limitações de cadastro. No momento ainda estamos desenvolvendo a plataforma e ela será lançada inicialmente no Brasil e assim que aceita pelo público, iremos leva-la para o mundo! Se você gostou da ideia e quer conhecer um pouco mais sobre o projeto acesse o nosso site: Gamerspubg.com.br Convido vocês a participarem das nossas mídias sociais e contribuir com a sua presença: blog.gamerspubg.com.br twitch.tv/gamerspubg facebook.com/gamerspubg youtube.com/gamerspubg twitter.com/gamerspubg Faça parte do nosso Grupo do Facebook acessando o link: Entre no nosso grupo do Facebook Estamos nos preparando para a abertura de vagas da aplicação para Esports CGA da PUBG e precisamos do apoio da comunidade para tornar este projeto em realidade. Espero que gostem da proposta e aguardo o feedback da comunidade 😉
  24. Hey guys feel free to check out my montage or find me on twitch if you like!! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/176823467 https://go.twitch.tv/undrNourishdEgo Thanks and enjoy!!! Feel free to comment or like!! See you on the field
  25. Hey long time fan, first time caller...

    Hey long time fan, first time caller.... Just wanted to drop a line let everyone know whats up... I been streaming for just over 2 years on and off other games... recently took up PUBG 4 months ago and been streaming it ever since... I got the skills to pay the bills and you can see for yourself here if you like.. I've created 2 montages of my talent!! haha jk no but seriously... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/176823467 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/180949768 https://go.twitch.tv/undrnourishdego Thanks and enjoy!!! Feel free to comment or give some feedback!!