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Found 284 results

  1. Alright so I have a weird situation admittedly. My dad bought PUBG and we use family share on Steam. I linked my Twitch account to my PUBG account while my dad owned the game but I did not. I just bought it tonight, hoping I'd be able to sell my twitch gear on the Steam Market. Once I bought the game, my entire inventory was wiped and it was as though I never played the game before. Is it possible to get the inventory back or even my original account? Secondly, I do not have a twitch icon on my main menu screen anymore and I do not see any mention of Twitch in the UI options. I would disconnect my account from PUBG and re-link it to my new PUBG account but I'm afraid I won't get the twitch crate again and that all of the boxes and gear I won over the past month will be gone forever. Any help?
  2. Twitch Prime Rewards

    So hey, I've had Twitch Prime about since it was introduced and occasionally have redeemed rewards for games I haven't owned, PUBG was one of them. I claimed the Twitch rewards for it with the intent to buy the game later, which I did. I attempted to link my PUBG account to my Twitch account but the PUBG API servers were unresponsive at that time. Therefore, I tried again day after day. Eventually, the button for it disappeared on the main menu. This was unusual, as other friends had it even after connecting their accounts. I've refreshed the UI, the game, my computer, it just doesn't exist for me. The only thing I've been hesitant on doing is reinstalling, as I'm unsure if that would negatively effect my settings. I attempted to make an official ticket on Bluehole, but only TERA seems to be supported for that kind of ticketing. Essentially, I need to be pointed the right direction on how I go about getting this Twitch Prime reward.
  3. Hi, Im looking Squad or a Duo mates, no jerks, only good guys, be friendly Age 26 Male Rating 2k+ Im good player with a good equipment, twitch, youtube and plays.tv Requiremnt 2k+ rating
  4. The Rage Returns...

    Finally we are back with some more random moments from this month's Twitch streams Hopefully there's one or two moments here that you enjoy
  5. First off: this thread is about theorizing over what a competitive mode could look like. I'm not suggesting tournaments couldn't be held in the current mode. Like many, I fell in love with this game. What I remember from falling in love with previous games was the pure excitement of watching the top of the world test their skills against each other in a tournament with high stakes (money prize). Now this game is inherently noncompetitive thanks to the amounts of RNG present. A squad could get amazing loot in their first few houses and another one could get stuck with a crossbow/shotgun/pistol combo. A game mode could be added to ensure RNG plays a smaller (or no) role in the outcome of a match. I've come up with 2 solutions. 1. Fixed loot The map's loot will be fixed, there will always be a Vector in this position, and always be a m16 in this house, etc.. This way true competitive teams will know where to drop for which loot, and a meta would form around which zones are important to take control of. It also allows for rebalancing the loot map. (For example: too much good loot in school, so the meta is hung up on everyone fighting to get in the school, so it could be rebalanced in a patch to have less loot in the fixed game mode). 2. No loot The map offers no loot, vehicles are in fixed positions. A squad may have the opportunity to select a loadout in the beginning of a match. They could decide who has which gun etc. Balancing could be done by only allowing (for example) one 8x scope per squad (in loadout, could loot by killing other sniper). Which could maybe play into interesting roles; Sniper, Assault rifle, Smg, and Shotgun guy per squad (again, for example). And keep it interesting by not allowing every single squad member to start out with level 3 armor. This way all the currently made items wouldn't become redundant, and it could offer for some form of strategic input to decide which member of your team gets the better armor. It would also make it so there is a reason to go loot a dead enemy squad, because they'll have armor that would be better for some of your own squad members. An extra thing to think about is game length and interesting gameplay. When I watched and played competitive StarCraft 2, I've seen the change that made the early game a lot shorter. The very beginning of the match was mainly focused around building the same buildings/strategy that was found in almost every matchup and didn't offer anything interesting to watch. By cutting this down was not only the beginning more interesting to watch, but the games were shorter as well. Which also helps for keeping spectators interseted. Having the 'no loot' option, this would cut down the games length by a lot. The blue zone should thus appear much sooner and more frequently. Starting every squad out with full loot. Please tell me what you think, or if you have any other ideas.
  6. MicroJacksonSVT Twitch Channel

    MicroJackson's Stream MicroJackson's Twitter Estimated Launch : Mid October 2017 as I put the polishing touches on my efforts Hey Everyone, Thanks for stopping by! A few years ago I used to dabble with streaming and even had a very small following of a few viewers here and there which was really a lot of fun for me. Unfortunately at the time, I was real busy with work and life situations so i never got to go full HAM on my passion. As of now, I'm pleased to announce that after getting married, buying a house, and transferring to a new career I have all the resources in place to FINALLY deal with my priorities in life, my stream. Besides PUBG, I also will be playing Overwatch, Starcraft, Battlefield, and many other games as well as dabbling in some live art streaming. GOAL HERE: I'm posting on here for 2 reasons. To attract potential viewers ..... and Network with other dedicated streamers looking to host / team play / and essentially grow each other's streams through mutually advantageous events. What to expect from MicroJackson's stream 2.0: Professional graphics & overlays created based on my personal art of mine (some my original, some freelanced) Dual PC (gaming/streaming) setup for the highest quality video/audio production Gaming PC: Case: NZXT H440 Razer Edition CPU: i7 - i7770k OC’d to 4.8 ghz GPU: GTX 1080 SLI with HB bridge MOBO: MSI M7 Z270 Memory: 32 gb GSkill Tridentz DDR4 3200 RGB Storage: 2x Samsung SSD 500 GB Monitor: Acer Predator 27” WQHD IPS 144hz G-Sync Streaming PC: CPU: i7 - i3770 GPU: GTX 970 100 ME SLI Capture Card: Razer Ripsaw MOBO: Asus Msi Extreme Z77 Memory : 32 gb Corsair Vengance DDR3 Storage: 250 SSD / 1 TB HDD Monitor: 3x Asus 24” 1080p Peripherals & Accessories: Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma Mouse: Razer Lancehead Headset: Logitech G933 Webcam: Logitech C922 & C615 Microphone: Blue Yeti Blackout Edition Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Medium tablet Clip Studio Paint Pro Adobe Illustrator/PS *coming soon* Creative & Arts streams that will feature mostly comic style drawing featuring products below
  7. https://clips.twitch.tv/FunnyCautiousReindeerSpicyBoy
  8. Come as you

    Just started this streaming thing maybe a month or so ago. I've been a gamer since I was 5 years old and I'm 33 right now. The way I see it is if you get even the slightest enjoyment of watching me look stupid or just want to make fun of someone then head on over cause I'm down for it. I'm not very good but feel like I'm getting better so feel free to stop by and shoot me some pointers. Any follow is much appreciated and know if you follow me I will damn sure follow you. https://www.twitch.tv/methodoneown
  9. Hi Guys, I'm just starting to take my first steps at streaming, i'm not aiming to go pro just wanna have some fun and share experiences As i'm new to this i'm still setting things up, so i might make some adjustments while streaming, be nice! I'm usually placed on the top 500, so if you'r new to this come in for some play tips. If you'r pro to this come in to give me some play tips, if you are neither, well just sit in the corner I also invite to the discord channel, anyone who wants to play to me or other streamers that would like to partner to make both streams more dynamic: https://discord.gg/HMHX4vK As i'm starting, i'm expecting an empty channel, so feel free to help out. Critcism is accepted and welcomed. My English is a bit rusty, but i'll get there, eventually Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/jhkennel
  10. Hello I am new to streaming but trying to help promote my stream. I sometimes play with friends in PUBG but also play with some random people I have met on these forums. I come from a backround of playing CS since 2004 up until about 3 years ago since I hated CSGO tbh. I am always down to play with a new squad. Im from NA and am usually on everyday. My stream is https://www.twitch.tv/sirgrudge , and if anyone wants to play can reach out to me on twitch and we can get some games going!
  11. I'm live on Twitch! Come hangout and tell me how beautiful I am! twitch.tv/Rii0tGaming
  12. Quais os seus YouTubers / Twich Streamers BR e PT de PUBG favoritos? Responde com o(s) teu(s) YouTubers / Twitch Streamers de PUBG favoritos. Não vale responder o vosso próprio canal de YouTube ou Twitch! TheSparrow Assistant Community Manager (BR/PT)
  13. Hello community of the great game of Playerunknowns Battleground! This is an introduction not only for myself but for my very good friends stream. He is a true gamer just like me with a great attitude towards winning! Tiltproof and skilled he will combat the obstacles in gaming without showing off too much! You will learn tactics from a skilled veteran with many battle scars should you join this beautifully hosted stream. As the title suggests these are not just words! He has the stats to back it up! TOP 50 In the world of europe with a distinguished top 15 finish in the duo section of the game! He aims higher than the clouds in the new first person player mode! Why don't you join me in spamming his chat with one two three and franker zee? Godspeed, Pubg community. And GG. And HF. And prosper. And be well. Quality 10/10 Audio 10/10 Gameplay 10/10 Languages; English, Swedish. https://www.twitch.tv/tejler https://pubg.me/player/sk0g
  14. PCGoneMAD YouTube Channel

    Hey everyone - So usually I've been posting videos seperately on the Community Content page and so I figured it may be best for all if I kept them on one thread as well. I love taking on some new feedback even if its negative - I just want to get better. Anyways, I love this game and I hope that at the very least that comes through in my videos. Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK8V5_dMrPjyz3yC5YV3PlQ I'll post my last 3 videos as replies as well so you can get a rough idea of what to expect
  15. Can I still link my twitch account

    Hello, I claimed my twitch prime loot in time but only just now bought the game. Since Aug. 31 they got rid of the twitch link icon. Can I still link my twitch prime account to receive my loot or is it gone?
  16. Hallo PUBG-Hobbits, mein Name ist Andy Baggins, wobei Baggins von meinem Nachnamen abgeleitet ist, welcher dem deutschen "Beutlin" sehr nahe kommt. Ich Stream seit Juli 2017 und es macht mir sehr viel Spaß eine Community aufzubauen. Computer spiele ich eigentlich seit ich denken kann -> Dadurch das mein Vater Informatiker ist und ich somit damals schon an seinem 486er Spielen konnte. PUBG hat mich gewissermaßen dazu verleitet zu Streamen und mich gefangen Ich freue mich über jeden Viewer/Follower/Lurker! Schaut doch mal vorbei -> http://twitch.tv/MrBagginss Euer Mr. Andy Baggins
  17. https://www.twitch.tv/wardinerotv
  18. HELLO!

    Hey guys my name is Matt and i have currently got about 700 hours in the game. I started a twitch account so some of my friends can watch me play, come stop by if you wanna watch and chat. Also always down to meet and play with new people! twitch.tv/thepathtoglory
  19. Live on Twitch

    Masz kanał na Twitchu? Regularnie streamujesz? Zaczynasz przygodę ze streamowaniem i chciałbyś zwrócić na siebie uwagę innych? A może chcesz pooglądać ciekawe rozgrywki? Mam nadzieję, że to miejsce ułatwi Wam dzielenie się swoimi kanałami, jak i pomoże w poszukiwaniu nowych, ciekawych streamerów w naszej społeczności.
  20. Wir, das Radioaktiv Squad, wollen unsere Community erweitern! Du suchst Teammitglieder, die lernfähig sind, Spaß am Spiel haben und nicht nur Kanonenfutter sind? Du suchst ein Stamm Squad oder einen Duo Partner? Du willst von einem erfahrenen Squad lernen? Was wir Bieten: Beratung, Hilfe und Tipps durch ein eingespieltes Team mit dem ihr auch gemeinsam in PUBG rocken könnt Freundliche Spieler, die ein gewisses potential mitbringen und bock auf Teamplay haben Übersichtliche Guids zu: Einstellungen, Taktische Grundlagen und ein Guide über profesionelles Ziehlen und Schießen Ts3 mit 75 Slots Erweiterte Kenntnisse über das Spiel Platz in unseren YouTube und Twitch Aktivitäten Was Ihr mitbringen solltet: Ein vernünftiges Headset Freundlichkeit, Hilfsbereitschaft und ein gewisser Grand an Lernfähigkeit Ein gewisses Alter Wir versuchen hier eine Community aufzubauen, die eine gewisse Größe nicht uberschreitet, so das man sich untereinander auch richtig kennen lernen kann! Aber immer nette und fähige Leute findet, mit denen man auf Jagt gehen kann. Wir versuchen auf Basis unseres Wissens andere Stamm Squads zu unterstützen! Wenn Ihr Interesse zeigt, meldet euch bei einen der Radioaktiv Mitgliedern (am besten bei mir) auf unserem Ts: radioaktiv.teamspeak.de Über unseres Squad: Jeder spezialisiert auf einen Waffentyp sind wir mitlerweile eine schlagfertige Truppe. Durch unser regelmäsiges Training 3x die Woche sind wir bestens eingespielt und freuen uns immer wenn wir unser Wissen mit Anderen teilen können. Außerhalb unseres Trainings spielen wir gerne auch außerhalb unseres Squads und Helfen neueren Spielern! Zu den Teammitgliedern des Radioaktiv Squads zählt: Martinatoro Walis HerrRainmann Philipp750 und ich Luigi Diablo - Luisi Für einen kleinen Vorgeschmack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKEL5bqPr7w Wir sind aktiv auf YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbopNHrbPNR10FLbg_sYucg Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/luigidiablo Schaut doch mal vorbei Ich wünsche euch allen eine erfolgreiche Hühnchen Jagt! MfG Luisi
  21. https://www.twitch.tv/xiellify Just sharing my twitch channel here. Most likely not in English. I will include a tag if I'll be purely speaking English tho. I am also looking forward to meeting/following other Filipino streamers. So feel free to PM me if you are.
  22. https://www.twitch.tv/gingerinotv if youre not sure to tune in just check out this -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5wK65xPK88rdhwBiVGOMjA
  23. Logo twitch disparu

    Bonjour à tous, J'ai récemment eu un nouveau PC, et lorsque je suis sur l'interface PUBG, je ne vois plus le logo twitch à coté de mon username et de ce fait impossible de lancer la liaison. Savez vous comment régler ce problème si c'en est un ? Il y a peut un quelque chose que je n'ai pas encore du faire. Merci de vos retours.
  24. Streaming

    Streaming Live on twitch at www.twitch.tv/litemanjr123 Going to be giving away a free copy of PUBG at 150 followers