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Found 25 results

  1. Hey all, just been watching @KAR98. 's stream on Twitch and got me thinking we should try to support each other with subs and follows. If you're a streamer starting out, or a long running streamer, post here and I'll make a list. I'm just about to start out streaming, but would appreciate the support - I'm sure everyone else would too. Apologies in advance if this is against forum rules - I checked but couldn't see anything. @Kizy - link @KAR98. - link
  2. hello guys ! I'm streaming in Facebook ! Please stop by in my page thank you! https://www.facebook.com/flipgamingus/ enjoy!
  3. Skidline87

    hi guys

    hi there im a small time streamer from New Zealand recently affiliated(but isnt everyone now it seems since it became an easy thing to achieve like dipping your toes in the big boy pool). i pretty much solely play PUBG i fell in love even through the dramas cheaters etc i still love the game and try to remember it is just a game afterall. anyway if you wish to come say hi and check out my channel hell some feedback into what i can do to improve would also be appreciated my channel is athttps://www.twitch.tv/hermaphrodite_nz . also to not spam posts something else im massively impressed with is wiping a squad with a crossbow so if you want to check out that video here it is
  4. Hey guys. I want to introduce you a brand new Twitch channel. - Daily PUBG streams. - High quality videos. - Interesting content There's a link below, I suggest you to check it out and even follow that channel. Have a nice day! https://www.twitch.tv/mantas_tv
  5. Top 50 Duos/Squads FPP twitch.tv/undrNourishdEgo's Highlight Pack 9
  6. Come join me for my first Twitch stream ever! Say hi in chat so I know you're watching The stream's pretty casual, in English and everyone's welcomed! https://www.twitch.tv/hagyn0
  7. Hey guys! I just wanted to share my first highlight content video "Get Kar'd" I have been playing pubg for months now and decided to start sharing some of the great and fun moments me and my Angel Squad have together. I am planning a weekly episode and if you like the first one feel free to keep watching! Always open to suggestions! -Stridah "The People's Champion"
  8. http://twitch.tv/th4ldy Mainly Duo FPP Eu - Always top 100-500 end of each season. Season 2 final rank #60. Come on by, check me out, would be great to have some more viewers, people to occassionally play with and some chit chat going to help grow a cool little community PS. Live now as of 10am GMT / 11am CET
  9. I will be streaming on twitch (twitch.tv/NobleNoBama) providing some badass content. Also doing a 10 - follower challenge tonight, join now! Thanks!
  10. Clip from me streaming last night on twitch: https://clips.twitch.tv/AuspiciousObliqueKittenItsBoshyTime?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url Twitch.tv/NobleNoBama
  11. Salut, voici notre chaîne twitch, Venez regarder des vieux noobs sans réflexe Un petit follow pour nous soutenir ça mange pas de pain! à Bientôt! https://www.twitch.tv/ogccoop (on est des vieux qui debutont... merci de votre indulgence)
  12. Happening people! If you can manage the Scottish accent, why not stop by and have a wee chat?! I'm live now <3 Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/pcgonemad
  13. Auf gehts das neueste Video abchecken! Viel Spaß! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDQtvy7ZvtQ&feature=youtu.be Mit freundlichen Grüßen PUBG Highlights Deutschland
  14. Gingerino

    Suche Streamer für BAAL10

    Hi, ich suche einen PUBG-Streamer für die Anmeldung am BAAL10 Turnier. Was ist das? -> siehe LINK Einfach bei Gelegenheit bei mir auf dem channel melden -> LINK
  15. Then why not come and hang out for the test www.twitch.tv/pcgonemad
  16. If anyone that can’t play wants to see the new update i’m starting a stream now. Feel free to ask any questions. Twitch: Deepsnipes
  17. El Pantolonesless

    streaming pubg mobile now!!!

  18. El Pantolonesless

    PUBG Mobile Owned

    Hey Everyone, SalveyB here! I do live broadcasts of PUBG (and other games) on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube but I also do some prerecorded content like the one below! I would love to see you joing in on this video! Over 5 kills and I make it to top 5 in the game, and if you want to see if I win just watch the vid and let me know your thoughts! Facebook: YouTube:
  19. SuperMarioBroOs

    Stream DUO FPP -> ;)

    Buenas comunidad, espero no molestar. Si estás aburrido y querés escuchar buen rock + pubg pasate: https://www.twitch.tv/jhonnybravok/
  20. Hey guys, I am doing a live stream on Xbox using a capture card. Stop by and say hello if you like. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYEV4fVEf7zIxb9heoLHiaw/live
  21. Live now from SCOTLAND! Looking for something a little different? Think you can handle that Scottish accent? Come & hang out as we wind up our weekend with some PUBG <3 If you check out my channel, you might see a little bonus for any new followers too! www.twitch.tv/pcgonemad
  22. Heya boys and girls, as the title says, i want to introduce my tiny little german stream, from a casual for casuals. Non-Pro Action but sometimes even some dinners. Most of the time i provide fail, rage and complain, solo and with friends .....but i got motto evenings with "positive attitude" too. If you dont speak german, thats fine... i got some youtube vids for your enjoyment where no language knowledge is needed Check it out if you want ... Btw. i introduce this here, cause there is no "german" forum sub, where it would fit... so maybe i reach some people here https://www.youtube.com/Saberhagen2501 https://www.twitch.tv/saberhagen2501 Thx in advance for stepping by.. greets Saberhagen2501
  23. Und was gibt es besseres als ein neues PUBG Highlights Deutschland Video am Wochenende? Richtig nix! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ItKDvynxM4 Nichts mehr verpassen und den Kanal abonnieren #PUBG #PlayerunknownsBattlegrounds #PUBGHighlights #PUBGHighlightsDeutschland #Twitch #TwitchClips #Lostaiming #Moondye7 #Whiteydude #Vengaard #Spoonpai Mit freundlichen Grüßen PUBG Highlights Deutschland
  24. Auf gehts Boyz and Girlz neues Video ist online! Jetzt abchecken liken / abonnieren #Roadto1000Abos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bvezu6K3zvc #PUBG #PUBGDE #PUBGHighlights #Highlights #Kunshikitty#PlayerunknownsBattlegrounds #Funny #Fails #PUBGMoments#Twitchclips #Clips #Youtube #Germany #Deutschland#TwitchDeutschland #Whiteydude #Spoonpai #Bierbankb #Vengaard#Kavalierpirat #Marcoopz #Graphix1 #Atok030 #Halitic #Marcoopz#F1rstlady33 #Behlatv #Austrianshope Mit freundlichen Grüßen PUBG Highlights Deutschland
  25. First of all, I double checked my stream with OBS logs, and confirmed that my stream to twitch is working fine with other games. However with PUBG specifically I get frames not drawn on the stream, resulting in 14% of frames lag/stalling. (in my test example, 6622 frames were outputted, and 5761 frames were drawn with 6703 attempted. This percent of lagged/stalled frames does not decrease if I lower my graphic setting as well. Having it at Ultra or Very Low does not matter. In other games this amount of lagged/stalled frames is negligible, at a 0.1%. Also to note, I get a perfectly fine frame rate while playing the game, and even in recording the video looks good. However there is something about streaming this game that is not cooperating with me. In my conclusion, I believe that my computer is fine, my streaming program (OBS) is fine, however there is something about the game's performance that is hindering this process. Does anybody else have some input on this? Is there anything I'm missing, should fix, etc? Or perhaps is this a known issue and is being looked into?