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Found 126 results

  1. This isn't a complaint, just more of a concern for my game. I'm just curious to see if anyone has been having the same issues in the past few days. (I did do the uninstall/reinstall step and power cycled my Xbox One S as well). Also, I have 1GB fiber internet and Linksys WRX3200 gaming router and I've never had issues with my internet speeds or download speeds. 1. My squad mates and I are getting the Lost Connection to Host error almost every match now, and we're not changing a thing such as queues/modes/adding players/removing players. I know most people are having the issue, but is it almost every match like we're having? We quit playing last night because of it. 2. The other night in 3 matches, and in 1 match last night, my squad mates and myself were experiencing a sound glitch or bug that I have never experienced in the game before. All of the surrounding environment sounds (gunshots, footsteps, vehicles, etc.) were cutting out and we're sounding like a very static-y robotic sound. It was very loud on top of it and basically it pretty much costed us kills/wins. And then at the same time, our party chat voices were coming through very static-y and robotic as well. It would've happened in a 4th match the other night but we just quit out. Normally, I would cough that up to internet lag and what not, but all 4 us were having the same experience. When we quit out of the match, all of our party chat voices would return to normal sounds. It was very weird but it also made our game unplayable. 3. In the past 3 nights, last night especially, my game has been crashing and sending me to either my Xbox dashboard or my PUBG title screen before I even select a game mode. It took me 4 attempts of load-ins last night to finally be able to get to just the main menu. And when I finally got to the main menu, all of my UI was missing. There were no Play/Customization/Store/Leaderboards, etc. The only thing showing on my screen was my character and the background. Very weird. So I power cycled my Xbox again just to be safe, opened up PUBG again and then it shot me back to the Xbox dashboard, again. Very frustrating. Like I said in the beginning, I'm not complaining, it's just very annoying and very concerning. The better adjective to be using I guess would be that it's just flat out "exhausting" to play this game anymore dealing with those issues. The amount of attempts that we've made to play even just decent running match is staggering. I hear people say "the game's broken" all the time, but I feel like these three instances that I'm having is pretty much the definition of a "broken game". But I don't want to sound like I'm going on a rant because I do love this game but these issues are hindering people playing the game and it's very concerning to me. Has anyone else experienced these is the recent days?
  2. Hello there, I tried the new updates for a good couple of days now and was wondering, can we have an option to disable that your mouse is going to your second screen when in menu? Like when im on the map, it is ok for me.. but when looting, it is not cool that my mouse is going to my second screen. Makes looting it a lot harder for me. thank you :)
  3. Arthur Santos

    4:3 and 5:4 UI issues

    Bug Description: Many of the UI and HUD elements scale properly on 4:3 (haven't tested 5:3 and 16:10 resolutions personally) but the problem lies with the inventory being cut off by the screen. This prevents me from inspecting my attachments or comparing the stats of my weapons in the middle of the game. While in the main menu, I can't see many of the apparel options in the character customization menu. Date Seen: This has been an issue since I've owned the game. Server: I am on the regular server. Troubleshooting Attempted: I've been using 16:9 resolutions but they put me at a disadvantage since my CRT is 19" and the game is viewed in a letterbox display which is too small. Other Information: I am playing on a CRT that can display up to 1920x1440 if that helps. Launch Options: I don't believe there are launch options to fix this issue. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 750ti CPU: Intel i5 Ram: 8GB
  4. Hi, My character appeared twice in a squad lobby screen. The issue is fixed when the lobby is restarted, but should be polished out.
  5. this occured after dragging weapons onto each other to swap hotkey position, the weapon which name is displayed is the actual in slot equipped. no effect on gameplay noticed, simply visual
  6. I still have to reach around and unplug my controller before starting PUBG, or it gets stuck in controller UI mode. Didn't see any recent posts when I searched using the forum (Google still finds old posts, but forum search does not?), so I wanted to bring attention to this again. To be fair, I put as much blame on Steam and Microsoft for this, being able to hide specific hardware from a program seems like it would be invaluable for security reasons in addition to uses like this, yet the feature doesn't exist. In any case, this has been an ongoing problem with PUBG for over a year. If disabling the controller is too hard, what about getting the UI to stick to keyboard mode unless the controller is touched? Or just switching to the last input used, so if the controller is bumped during a game, it goes right back to keyboard as the player keeps playing.
  7. Windows 7 x64, and I'm using 1080 GTX with 390.77 driver. My desktop res. is 4k with with 200% DPI for text scaling. PUBG resolution is 2560 x 1440. I've been playing PUBG, deleted it and reinstalled it today. I hadn't had this problem before, but now with the full screen mode I can't click more than 1/4 of my screen in upper left area. Actual clicks happen in exactly half of the mouse cursor position, starting from upper left end. It's like clickable area is trapped in 1920 x 1080 in upper left. I can move the cursor around from end to end, but this problem happens both in the lobby screen and in-game. It seems that the game recognizes Windows' 200% DPI setting for text scaling, even with "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" option checked. Windowed mode works fine but I want the full screen mode for better performance and without Windows' taskbar. Yes, I changed settings in GameUserSettings.ini but it doesn't work. Even deleted all ini files, doesn't work either. Yes, I did check/uncheck high DPI aware option for tslgame.exe and also changed HIGHDPIAWARE option in registry, but no luck. In registry editor, I found out something strange. In HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers, if I run PUBG a couple of times, data entry looks like HIGHDPIAWARE HIGHDPIAWARE HIGHDPIAWARE HIGHDPIAWARE HIGHDPIAWARE HIGHDPIAWARE... It's not a single option but multiple, but the same option. Is this a BUG?? Other games work just ok. BLUEHOLE, PLEASE FIX IT.
  8. Alejanky

    UI Flickers/gets Stuck

    Hi Devs I don't know if this bug was previously reported by some one else. The bug appears when you are in te start screen of the game and i think it also happens in the loading of a mach And i don't know if some else can replicate it, but basically is that, with your keyboard, if you hold the TAB key the UI flickers or moves to the left and then after a few mili-seconds y returns to normal. If you hold it without release, the bug will repeat until you unpress the TAB key on the keyboard. if you do this and then quickly unpress the TAB key at the same time it moves to the left, i will stay like that. To return it to normal you just need to press TAB again. I don't think its crucial but hope this report help others and the devs. PS: Sorry for the bad English if you need some help don't hesitate to reply or send me a message and i will try to respond ASAP.
  9. When I start the game it stuck to this screen, the background is running but cannot go to the lobby (just stuck just like in the screenshot), tried verify the game, restart steam, computer, and internet connection and it's still the same. A help would be Appreciated. Thanks Sincerly GotArrow
  10. Quentoo

    Broken Chars in Ingame-Username

    Hello PUBG-Developer, Actually I detect a small bug in case of your ingame UI. The Username is reduced ingame. For more information you can check out the picture. The orgin name was "CptHodenKlopper".
  11. about one out of every three times I start PUBG and sometimes when I start a new match the ends up as the attached picture. all normal textures are yellow and certain things like hair and grass are green. the sky, water, UI, and any textures inside a building are fine, however. while it does make the game completely unplayable it takes only 3 minutes to fix bt verifying my local files and that does the trick. However, since steam takes a good minute to realize the game is closed and five minutes on average to verify the files. this is not acceptable though because I have to do this every single time I even reinstalled the game and rebooted several times to no avail. not sure if this is a user problem or not, I could use some help.
  12. Bug Description: Me and several friends can't see each other on the in game friends list (wont even show when searched) I can't see either of them, they can see me and they cant see each other. one is playing through steam family share (they aren't family sharing with each other), and the one that is family sharing i don't see the shared account either (they just appear offline) Date Seen: 1/16/18 Server: Not test Troubleshooting Attempted: searching for them via the in-game search (this finds them, but they appear offline or "busy"). Sometimes appears to work, need to do further testing. Verifying integrity of game files removing and re-adding friends via steam changing regions toggling block/unblock invites inviting via the steam friends list (the option doesn't appear) restarting the client (obviously) Setting profiles to public Other Information: Only recently started playing again and never saw this issue before Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 home 64-bit Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 980 CPU: Intel Core i7 4790k 4.0 gHz Ram: 8gb
  13. FrostBiitezZ

    Game-type selection. (RB & LB)

    After selecting squad by using the LB & RB controls and other players have accepted invite you cannot alternate game type by pressing RB, you must first press LB, and then RB again. Noticed first with a 3 player lobby, attempting to switch from squad to 3-man squad.
  14. fakeinternetlaw

    [minor]Replay Dates messed Up.

    https://i.imgur.com/aGNdT96.png Bug description: If a user alters his pc's date/time it changes the replay files time stamps and can cause some issues, with sorting or even viewing the replays.
  15. Xorboo

    Invisible mouse cursor

    Hi there, starting from 1.0 patch my mouse cursor is invisible almost every time i launch the game, and sometimes it disappears in mid-game. Only happening in fullscreen mode. Mouse actions still work (UI buttons are highlighted and clickable), but the cursor itself is invisible. In main menu, inventory/map popups, everywhere. Alt-tabing to the desktop and backwards shows cursor for a brief period (1-2 seconds), but then it quickly disappears again. Any ideas how can i fix this? Date Seen:24.12 (starting from patch 1.0) Server: Live server Other Information: Weird thing is that rarely the cursor is shown and working, without me changing any settings. Troubleshooting Attempted: Changing resolution modes, checking game files in steam, reinstalling the game, removing reshade, updating nvidia drivers, disabling pointer shadow/trail in settings, unplugging 2nd monitor. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Laptop MSI Apache GE70 2pl Operating System: Win10 64bit Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 850M CPU: Intel i5-4210H 2.9GHz Ram: 16 GM SSD drive
  16. sckiz1

    Mouse and UI problem

    The mouse Left click button stopped responding in the settings and main menu. Also the game would not let me pick up ammo in-game especially when looting killed players boxes.
  17. When i'm crouched and lean on any side with the pan in my hand it seams like i hold all my weapons at once.
  18. Husbeast

    Missing some killfeed deaths

    Every match, without fail, my killfeed will fail to report deaths, both by my teammates and others. There will be times when I don't know a teammate is down, or that we've killed a guy, because there is a blank space in the killfeed. At other times, the text overwrites itself so that there are two, three, or four reports in the same line, making it illegible. Is this a known bug, and if so, is there a fix?
  19. Myhrern

    Solo selected, gets put in Duo

    So I have been playing a lot of duos lately. So I was going to play a bit of solo. I just left the team lobby I was in (I was the leader), and I think I also exited the game. After going back to the game, the button saying solo was already clicked, so I just went in thinking I was gonna play a solo game. Turns out I was put in a duo game, and I realized that after I shot a guy and only knocked him... So I go out of that match and again the solo button is clicked (I thought I accidentally had it on duo in the previous game) so I went in another time, and again it was duo... Please make it so it either actually is a solo game it puts you in when the solo button is clicked, or change the button to what's actually clicked and selected. I have now clicked solo myself, so I'm gonna test if it actually puts me in a solo this time, or if I have to click a button that's not already clicked, then click solo again.
  20. GoddessHylia

    Text bug. Missing letters

    So Just recently, I have found out that the ui sometimes is missing letters. My name ingame is GoddessHylia yet as you can see in the image below, it is clearly missing. This picture is of a Custom game lobby which gives a bigger example of missing letters.
  21. SnowHazard

    3-Man Squad Description Incorrect

    When you have a squad of 3 people and select the "3-man squad" option, it says at the bottom, "Play squad with 2 friends". I know this is not game breaking but it's just a small issue I noticed.
  22. Hey all, i just came across this, in the customisation screen the letter 'P' Is not showing on item names so the new Pioneer shirt shows as 'ioneer shirt' and combat pants as 'Combat ants' but a space is left of the screen as if there is something there. i have a video of the error but its too big to upload. Cheers!
  23. YellowMustards

    'Ar you sur you want to I av your t am? "

    right monitor k bye have good day bluehole lov ur game
  24. prom0

    Squad matchmaking bugged

    Last couple days we had some problems with squads in the lobby. After finishing a game, we all press ready. However, everyone sees it different sometime. Example: Player A sees: A: ready B: ready C: not ready D: ready Playber C sees: Player A: ready Player b: not ready Player C: ready Player D: ready The above can change from time to time. So basically, everyone has pushed ready, but in some clients one of the squad members isn't ready. Therefore the client doesn't start matchmaking. Resetting the lobby cures the problem, but it's definitely annoying.
  25. Floww

    Menu UI bug

    The menu, after holding TAB for about a second or two, moves to the left. :thinking: