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Found 53 results

  1. Is it my build, or the game?

    Ryzen 5 2400G Asus A320M-K mother board 8 GB DDR4 ram Not overclocked Windows 10 64 bit I can get 60+ frames on 1080p but anytime I go into a building, sprint, jump, or try to turn fast it just plummets to basically nothing. I've tried default settings all the way down to 720p very low everything. Nothing seems to stop this. Chalk this up to poor optimization or are the Vega 11 graphics just not cutting it? Edit: build is literally brand new and I'm not a PC nut by any means. I was told this build could run 1080p 60fps with no problem and expected it.
  2. Why not get the game working better instead of introducing more problems? This latest patch really messed the game up even worse. Patch 7 broke it, patch 8 fixed it, patch 9 broke it, so is patch 10 going to fix it again? Cant wait for Far cry 5 so I can just shelf this monstrosity of a game.
  3. I have the ONE X and wish to have a option that switches to OG Xbox mode because of extreme framedrops. Only to the point PUBG will run as good as on the OG Xbox or S. We have such great hardware... And we only have single frames on populated areas and in the final circle. Do this to us please. I will not wait till december
  4. I have the ONE X and wish to have a option that switches to OG Xbox mode because of extreme framedrops. Only to the point PUBG will run as good as on the OG Xbox or S. We have such great hardware... And we only have single frames on populated areas and in the final circle. Do this to us please. I will not wait till december
  5. Following the most recent update, I am now unable to go into any game in any region. I simply get the error message 'Connection Timeout 0.5.29 -'. I have tried restarting the game, restarting my internet and even uninstalling and reinstalling the game all of which have failed. Has anyone else had this issue?
  6. Every English-speaking person in the game knows we have one significant issue with Squad play: the language barrier. Let's be honest here - the NA servers are FLOODED with Chinese-speaking people, to the point where the majority of my games involve me + 3 Chinese-speaking individuals. I have no problem with playing with Chinese people; the issue is that I can't communicate with my squad at all, which makes play terrible. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way - when you do FINALLY meet another English-language player, they are usually full of hate about it. Fun mental exercise: think about a future Battlegrounds movie. As it stands now, if the movie were about a squad it would involve 1 person that local audiences understand and 3 they don't. That would be the worst movie ever. Let's fix it! But There Is A Solution Group players into squads by grouping ping times. That way if you're in China you'll be paired up with someone else who is about the same distance away from the server - probably in China. Similarly, if you're in NA you'll have an extremely good chance of being paired with someone in NA. It's simple & effective. Please Post Support - Keep This At The Top So We Can Get This Fixed
  7. Hello Bluehole, It's been a long time since 1.0 release now, and I can still quite honestly say that you ruined the game for me with your 1.0 release. I won't start about the desert map, since atleast THAT is fun to play once in a while. No, why I'm making this post today has a very different reason. Ever since 1.0 got introduced to live servers, I have been the victim of: extremely pixelated sights; ranging from the Red Dot Sight to the 2x Scope, as well as including the Crossbow default ADS. These sights are SO pixelated that they aren't playable anymore. It looks like the sights are "loading". Also, the blue zone has the usual lightning/electricity, but it becomes SO pixelated I can't even look through the zone anymore. Lastly, 200M+ distances and the water from out of the plane look SO blurry I have no idea what's going on. I have tried all fixes I could find, I've been trying fixes since 1.0 RELEASE. I'm really getting sick of it, I have been playing PUBG since last year, I never had trouble like this before Bluehole released the "1.0 official release" patch. Sometimes during a game, the scopes will fix themselves for a couple of minutes, as will the blue zone lightning. Every time this happens I feel so happy, because suddenly, I get my pre-1.0 accuracy scopes back and make it to top 10 almost always. But alas, as soon as I switch to another gun and ADS with that (usually a 4x/8x scope), the fixed scope is back to the fuzzy, pixelated format and the blue zone has such pixelated lightning that I can't see anything through it. I will once again say that I had ZERO problems until the 1.0 release. In fact, PUBG became my favorite game. Now? Every game where I feel like I have a chance, this stupid bug will come and instead of a small Red Dot Sight, I get a huge Red Square made of pixels. Same all the way to 2x Scope (including Holographic, Crossbow default, etc...) This is unplayable AND an EXTREME disadvantage to players suffering from this bug. I know I'm not the only one, just check this forum to know what's up (including screenshots): Now, so far I've tried EVERY POSSIBLE FIX IMAGINABLE, all the way to Windows reformat, I tried Windows 7 to 10, disabling/enabling DPI/screen scaling, ... This is a problem on YOUR end Bluehole, because I NEVER had this issue before patch 1.0 Yet not even a whisper of a response from Bluehole? They fucked up a game I paid 30€ for and could run perfectly, now it's a pixelated piece of garbage where other players have an advantage over me because they are lucky not to have this bug? Sorry but it's been over a month and NO WORD from Bluehole. I would understand if they had said "ok yeah, we understand and are looking to fix it", since I never, NEVER, had this problem when the game was Early Access. I'm sorry if I'm wrong for what I'm saying Bluehole, and I truly hope I am; but it feels like you have given up on PUBG and cashed in your prizes (combined with a couple "new" lootboxes to maximize the profits) while taking PUBG out of Early Access because you KNEW you wouldn't be able to fix the problems and wanted to cash in. Just like Day-Z. Sorry if this seems like I'm a little upset, but the game worked PERFECTLY up to 1.0 patch, and I'm really down that I can't enjoy my favorite game anymore. TL;DR: All I feel is frustrations because of this bug, because Bluehole REFUSES to answer to ALL THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE THIS BUG, it seems like they are denying/ignoring it exists. THIS is the reason I am so let down. Yeah, you put new lootboxes and keys in the game, but you let others play with ADS Sights so pixelated and blurry that I have to play without Red Dot, Holo, 2x, Crossbows, AND can no longer use a strategy around the Blue Zone? Where is the fix for this Bluehole? Do you want to make a proper game, or die like h1z1 in about 6 months? If you don't fix your bugs, and this is a MAJOR ONE, you will end like h1z1. You nor I want that to happen, I love PUBG to the core. Please make it so I can play PROPERLY again, without pixelated sights or bluezones, EQUAL chances? I beg of you... Rarely has a bug in a game affected me this much, it really makes me wish for the Early Access version again. Thanks for reading and I hope you fix it soon. PS: I have tried EVERY POSSIBLE FIX IMAGINABLE, from reformat to new drivers to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ versios, to DPI Scaling, etc... I've been trying stuff over a month, this is a PUBG problem. There are A LOT MORE posts about this issue, just google "pixelated sights pubg". I even read that a lot of people have this issue on XBox, the same issue!!! BLUEHOLE PLEASE FIX!!! I really hate Fortnite, but I gotta admit, their game is a lot more stable than this. I would never have said this when PUBG was still in Early Access. Sorry but you guys just rushed PUBG to 1.0 so you aren't obliged to fix the tons of bugs still remaining. I hope I'm wrong, please let me be wrong about that and make PUBG as awesome and bug-free as it used to be before patch 1.0, PROVE me wrong, but if not... It's pretty isn't it? TL;DR: Unplayable Sights/Blue Zone/200m+ distance, NO public fix works.
  8. Last 2 days has been a nightmare? what have changed? Startlag has gotten outa hand, rubber banding worse than ever and parachute damage every single round even without obsticles. All teammates experiences this. We come from 4 different parts of Scandinavia with good internet and high-end computers. Also shots clearly giving blood mists does not register. Confirmed by death cams.
  9. Since the last update, about every 4-5 matches at the conclusion I get the error: XBOX:FATAL_LIVE_ERROR_SYSTEM appear instead of going back to the menu screen. I am awarded no BP for the match some of the times, other times upon resetting the BP does, however, show up. I have a strong and stable internet connection and have no issues with other games online components; nor have had any issues with PUBG prior to the newest patch. I am playing on a day one X1X Scorpio Edition Console which has given me no other issues as of yet. If any other data is needed please let me know. I will be happy to furnish it.
  10. Could anyone at Blue hole reply? I tried PM, twitter and email... Not a single response. Brendan said that xbox one s would run at 30fps..did he mean as a finished product? Because now its unbareable for me (and a lot of other consumers) and no one really get an answer. Why? Why not be transparent and give us an ETA or if you are working on improving fps and what actions are being taken. Would it hurt to lower view distance? I'm having serious issues playing it as it is now (20fps) and it makes me motion sick. I start up any other game and its a joy to play. Is it corporate policy to not reply?
  11. Xbox One Input Lag

    My personal experience with this is near a HALF of a second of input lag, or a severe delay between when I move my right stick and when PUBG processes it. And this is with and Xbox One X and and Xbox One Elite controller. I also know that some people aren't affected by it as much because my friends say that this doesn't affect them as much, but it certainly affects me. Imo this is more game breaking than the 50+ crashes I've had because it makes the good games unplayable. The only solution I have is just aiming in front of the guy at 100m and then firing, rinse and repeat.
  12. For the past 10 games it has taken over 5-10 minutes of waiting for anything to load in after landing. No buildings, bridges, or even grass. Every step I am rubber-banding and can't fix it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, hard reset, and clear cache. I have no idea on how to fix this major problem and it has made the game unplayable. I am on the Xbox one S 1tb
  13. My personal experience with this is a HALF of a second of input lag, or a serve delay between when I move my right stick and when PUBG processes it. And this is with and Xbox One X and and Xbox One Elite controller. I also know that some people aren't affected by it as much because my friends say that this doesn't affect them as much, but it certainly affects me. Imo this is more game breaking than the 50+ crashes I've had because it makes the good games unplayable. The only solution I have is just aiming in front of the guy at 100m and then firing, rinse and repeat.
  14. Yellow screen

    I am trying to play duos with my friend but his screen in game is literally all yellow. When he goes in house the game is normal but anywhere there is sunlight the game is just glitched and completely yellow. Has anyone had this issue before or have a solution? I included a picture for reference. We have been playing this game for a while now and this just started happening after the new 1.0 update.
  15. After the last update I can't play. The sound is cutting off, the fps is 10 (YES, 10). Just before the update I was running the game with 80-150 fps and it was nice to play (when there was no cheaters). If it is not solved today I'll ask for a refund. The game support is worst than garbage. I'm tired of geting stressed with this shit. I play from a Acer Predator Helios 300, i7 7th gen., 16 GB RAM DDR4, GTX 1060 6GB.
  16. Bug Description: When I load into a game the entire game goes this blinding white colour apart from buildings, which are normal, foliage which is a dark green, and hair but the rest of the body, world and cars are all this blinding white colour. The screenshot was taken on the 22nd but you can see how unplayable it is. Also in the most recent occurrence of the bug, the game was really laggy and lag spikes of network lag detected kept coming. If I restart the game it persists and if I restart steam it persists. I have to restart my PC to fix it and it only occurs after a couple games of PUBG. I've also tried switching to windowed mode but it just froze my entire PC. Date Seen: 22/12/2017 & 24/12/2017 Server: Not Test Server Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarting the Game and Steam, Turning on and off reshade Other Information: It's not reshade due to me fiddling with it and turning it off. As far as I can remember it's only happened on Erangel. Only had the issue since 1.0. Touching the brightness setting doesn't change anything. Launch Options: -lowmemory System Specifications: OS - Windows 10 Home 64-bit (build 16299) GPU - Nvdia Geforce GTX 750ti CPU - AMD FX-4100 Quad-Core 4.0GH RAM - 8GB DDR3
  17. Region Locking Servers

    As of the new release of 1.0 why are we suddenly getting shocking rubber banding than before and lag spikes.. Obviously it is because of the crazy idea to have all regions open for players to play on any server location be it OC ,NA and so on, is just plain stupidity, this is not a racist issue this is common sense. As an Aussie player why are we inundated with Chinese players I mean really out of the 100 players in game I guarantee 70 would be Chinese nationals, just region lock the servers. Because at the moment these issues are ridiculous.
  18. Buenas noches! He decidido volver a jugar tras el lanzamiento del 1.0, pero llevo 3 días jugando y cada día es lo mismo. Ya no hablo de los tirones y rollbacks que hay al principio de la partida porqué eso es algo evidente y creo que no hace falta ni mencionarlo, voy a ir más allá. ¿Nadie se ha quejado en ningún sitio del hit registration, comida de balas, lag general por ningún foro? He estado ojeando reddit y no he visto nada, he visto twitter oficial de pubg y tampoco veo que estén al tanto de este problema que hace el juego INJUGABLE. Si a alguno no le ha pasado y cree que estoy exagerando, le invito a ver 3 ejemplos de estos últimos tres dias. https://clips.twitch.tv/OddCautiousCobblerItsBoshyTime Si tras ver ese clip aún crees que es casualidad o es impresión mía, sigue viendo. https://clips.twitch.tv/BitterPlausibleLobsterSoBayed ¿Aún te parece que estoy exagerando? https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazonianBillowingLobsterYouDontSay Si todavía crees que estoy exagerando o no ves problema en los servidores, no hace falta ni que respondas el post, no acepto fanboys defendiendo el juego. Sólo quiero saber si están al tanto, si a alguien más le ha pasado o si (de ser posible) los moderadores o encargados de dar feedback puedan hacerles llegar este problema que imagino que a muchos más os pasa. También podéis usar este post para pasar clips (DESPUÉS DEL LANZAMIENTO DEL 1.0) con cosas extrañas tipo comida de balas que os hayan pasado. De verdad estoy preocupado, no están diciendo nada sobre el problema y creo que va a ser el típico juego con problemas de comida de balas hasta que se muera o saquen otro mejor. Esperemos que no sea así y se pongan las pilas. #FIXPUBG
  19. Forgive me im new to forums but the problem im having is after the start menu where you hit A, and then a black loading screen with a PUBG logo, im greeted with a white screen with lobby music and in the top left of the screen i see "LOADING lobby" ive been getting this since the first update and the latest hasnt fixed it. Im not the only one with this problem as my friend has the same issue.
  20. The basic walking mechanic makes me play one game and then go play Fortnite, its basically unplayable! Your character slides around the map and can't keep straight in a gun battle, feels like my player is wearing roller blades. Every time I go to open a door my player slides right into it before I can even enter it. Not to mention how inconvenient and unusable the UI is for the inventory, why let you control your character if the pause button activates the inventory. Let us use the joystick in the inventory, and maybe switch the buttons. It gets confusing. Manually attaching and unattaching attachments is basically impossible also, lots of work needs to be done, makes me wish I never bought this game, I never feel like playing it because of these controls. I don't care much about the graphics, I just want to be able to play the game
  21. I was playing a match earlier today and was down to the top 25 and I went to go toss my smoke and it wouldn't leave my hand. I tried to dump all my inventory and dump the grenade and still wouldn't fix the issue. Hope this gets fixed soon.
  22. Can't connect to any match

    Bug Description: Since I bought the game 6 months ago I haven't been able to play because of an error that occurs when I want to join a match. So, every time I click play, it connects me to a match, but it doesn't load in, the loading screen stays around for like a minute (with the animation of the 3 dots on the botton corner running fluently, unlike my friends' that stutter) and then gets me back to the main menu with a message saying "Connection Timeout - [Current game version]". This has been happening since I bought the game like 6 months ago, I have done many report posts but no answers nor solutions. Date Seen: July 6 - December 12 (Current date) Server: Both, normal and Test Server have the same issue. Troubleshooting Attempted: Everything on this topic, I also tried using a mobile hotspot, which made me able to actually play. I had no problems at all but lag (high ping) because of the low bandwidth provided by it. So it must be something with my internet and the game itself, as I am able to play every other game I have ever tried. Other Information: None Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64bits Graphics Card: GTX 1050ti CPU: i5 6400 Ram: 8gb ddr4
  23. Bug Description: Every game I play, I am frozen in the start (when the kids run around abusing their mics and firing aimlessly into the air), all but for maybe 2-3 seconds when the "Match begins.." timer first starts. Once I am parachuting, about halfway down I will encounter the "NETWORK LAG DETECTED" screen which will stay on the screen for 3-4 minutes, hindering my progress towards actually playing the game. After the initial 'lagout', I have 1-2 minute sessions of gameplay before the "NETWORK LAG DETECTED" screen plagues me once again. The screen, and its frequency of appearance, make the game completely unplayable. And keep in mind, this happens every game. Date Seen: Purchase date through current date. (11/23/17-11/27/17) Server: NA - North America Troubleshooting Attempted: Allowed PUBG through firewall (Public and Private) Set all graphics to 'Very Low' ENABLED Dynamic QoS on my Netgear Nighthawk router Created a DMZ server for my computer in my router Set my computer to highest priority for QoS Fiddled with my Ethernet's IPV4 DNS settings in the Network and Sharing Center Had no extraneous background tasks running (like Chrome or another game) Opened NAT type Other Information: There is (for some odd reason) an excruciatingly poor connection to PUBG's servers ONLY IN GAME. I have pinged the servers from browser, and have received acceptable ping (avg. 70 ms). I have had no ping or internet problems on any other game I play regularly. Launch Options: I have not used any launch options. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-bitGraphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970CPU: AMD FX-4300 Quad-core 3.8 GHzRam: 8 GB DDR3 Internet Speed: 7.0 Down / 3.15 Up (I live in the middle of the desert, but again, I've never had real ping problems with other games)
  24. Hello, So this problem started about a month ago. I can get into a game no problem whatsoever, I'll Spawn, get some loot, maybe get a kill then I'll get with Network lag detected. My computer specs exceed the required as listed on the steam page. Any help would be appreciated.
  25. Game Bricking Computer

    So played yesterday i have to play on low to very low due to my wifi being barracks wifi otherwise when im wired in places i can play medium but besides the point. played yesterday everything ran smooth as can be . after three attempts to play today my computer bricked 3 times with trying to start it. once it let me get to the main screen it bricked on the main screen and now if i dont touch a thing it will load all the way up but now i have white spots flashing in and out of my screen all over the screen the play button is like a flashing sign. in order to make it go away i have to put my graphics to at least medium which makes it unplayable for me currently with my connection to the servers. im running an fx8300 with 2 r9 270x's crossfired and 24gb of ram. PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME A FIX OR IF ITS ON THEIR END FIX IT! I DONT CARE ABOUT VAULTING JUST PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME BEFORE YOU GO TO A NEW PLATFORM AND LEAVE US TO ROT LIKE H1Z1 DID!