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  1. FPS

    Msi GE63VR 7RF Spec : i7 7700HQ GTX 1070 with 391.05 driver (latest) 16 GB 2400mhz SSD NVME 256 GB + 1 TB HDD 7200rpm Windows 10home 64bit This happen since i bought this laptop on 8march 2018 At the airplane fps 100+, in a place where there no buildings (jungle/desert) my fps is 80-100+ When in a big city or in a lot of buildings my fps drop to 25-50 fps and little bit stuttering Setting all very low or all ultra the fps still the same. Every single time im quit from the lobby (to desktop) is crash, "send report bla bla bla" Reinstall nvidia driver and setting nvidia control panel already done. Reinstall the game already done three times Timespy 3Dmark benchmark test the score is 5648 where is the fault ? This is my laptop fault or the game fault ? Please help. Thanks
  2. Alright, since Patch 9 I have put a considerable amount of time into the game and compiled my thoughts and experiences about the patch and how PUBG stands as of right now. This comes the next day after there was some leader boards update which I'll get to. My current time played stands at 14d 8h 22m, 16 total wins (9 solo, 6 duo, 1 squad), most kills in a single game: 9 and 1008 matches played. If anyone knows how I can upload pics to a post I'd add them. This will be a long post so if you're not up for it TL:DR game made improvements, created more problems (some of which were fixed and then recreated ironically) and still needs work. I don't know how to get anyone important to look at these but it'd be useful if it could be directed towards someone who will read this and take note of it. I'll post it in several places. I don't think the official patch notes made note of ALL of the improvements they made, and it certainly didn't outline the problems. My intentions here are to bring light to the improvements/problems of this game in a serious fashion because I am one of millions who literally loves this game but understands it needs some work still. I believe, as I was one of the first to buy this game the week (or maybe it was the next week) it came out in Pre-Release on XB1, that serious UPDATING should be undertaken on PUBG for XB1. As a community we've got to keep up the feedback and encouragement to get at least some of these glaring issues resolved. I don't know everything about PUBG, if I've made mistakes or was incorrect I apologize I am merely going off of what I've read and my own (as well as friends and family) experiences. If I miss anything you don't have to rip my head off about it just add it. I"m just a guy who plays video games for fun and sport. I'd like to thank everyone though who is working on PUBG for XB1 and for Patch number 9, we truly appreciate your efforts and we eagerly look forward to the next fix; and of course when PUBG will be "complete". Improvements: 1. Good news first. The ridiculous damage players in vehicles were taking has been resolved, although it would appear they merely reverted back to previous settings only. This was a major issue that caused a ton of frustration. Rubbing your wheel well on a wall when backing out of a spot and TAKING DAMAGE was excruciating. You could not drive anywhere without having to take an energy drink afterwards. However, it would appear in my own experiences that now if your vehicle lands upside down it just EXPLODES instead of taking a high amount of damage. Several times I hit a bump or something in a buggie/UAZ, rotated over mid-air and the whole thing just EXPLODED. I ran into a wall with a motorcycle and I would understand if the player died but the whole thing EXPLODED. I prefer the current settings more than taking incremental damage indefinitely, but would still like to not have the vehicles literally explode in a ball of flames killing all inhabitants if possible. That's just my two cents on it though. Thank you for acknowledging this. 2. JET-SKIS. We got a new vehicle! Granted it looks like its a hunk of wood (the seat is literally a couple of planks) with a boat motor rigged onto the back, its pretty sweat to have a new vehicle. Cosmetics obviously don't matter if it functions. And hey, these are supposed to be backwards Soviet vehicles, so it makes sense! But seriously cool stuff. Also I didn't notice it myself but the boat noise was supposed to be fixed. Much appreciated, that was uber annoying and always made everyone think they were getting shot at. 3. Game DVR. Not very important to me personally but for those who like to record that seems to be (if it functions as it should) a huge plus. PUBG is an extremely popular game even on XB1 and everyone loves sharing their PUBG stuff with others. That's half the fun. 4. Pre-match locations and table gun removal. I'll mark this up as an improvement because getting into games isn't a giant laggy cluster like it had been with a violent chaos being the start menu. The devs seemed to have just split up the group to central locations around the map, took away table guns and windows in buildings to improve performance and speed up getting into games. The hatch on the plane was removed as well, not necessary anyways and if it improves the game performance its fine by me now. I will say this though: now I'm no coder or game developer and I won't pretend I know a lot about it (because I don't, I'm just a gamer) but it would appear to me instead of making their original setup WORK more fluid and functional they took a half measure by just splitting everyone up and didn't resolve the problem they had with improvements (which would have probably been more work on their part). They merely CHANGED their approach to pre-game areas. In any case, performance is better now than it was before and that's just my opinion. 5. My own observations say that there were MINOR graphics or resolution improvements in game. I don't know if its just me but things seems a touch brighter and clearer. Its marginal however. I think this was in the patch notes and I have read others say the same things. I guess this is an improvement, I would love to see Erangel in very high quality graphics or something though. Gamers would love to see a crisp, high quality map! Although it might arguably take away from the charm of PUBG, a substantial graphics/res. improvement would be a big plus. 6. Revive cancellation bug fix. I've had this happen to me a few times: you're reviving your comrade or being revived and then for no apparent reason the timer stops and you have to start all over again (maybe twice). In a high intensity situation this will get you #rekt. Another extremely irritating occurrence. However since the patch this bug has not occurred to me once and I'll take it. 7. Parachuting. Parachuting was, in my opinion, improved. Particularly with dropping you have more control over how much or little you want to drop meaning how low your parachute will open. It overall feels like you have more control over it. There isn't just a "high" jump and a "low" jump anymore. Hundreds of drops in before this patch it does take a little getting used to but I personally found this improving. This doesn't negate the issue of parachute and object collision lag, or being thrown off of objects and taking a substantial and unnecessary amount of damage which I will list later. 8. Another seriously useful but small improvement was the extended mag change improvement. When you switch from say an extended mag to an ext. quick draw mag your mag stays topped off upon switch, meaning you don't have to reload it again. Very useful, have been hoping for this for awhile actually. Thumbs up. 9. Red zone blimp bug fix. Another small fix but quite useful for trying to map out routes and avoid getting potentially mortared to death. Minor improvements: 1. OK these are some minor improvements made that, yeah are nice, but in the face of major game crashes, lag, FPS drops, falling through floors, shooting through corners and so on I can't help but find humorous. The energy drink and 1911 object items were changed (maybe I missed a few more, I didn't notice). I can only speculate why (did Red Bull notice or something?), but I can't help but find the fact that time was taken to make these changes given all of the other major problems PUBG on XB1 has to be almost ironic. Its an improvement, my energy drink looks like a can of beer, but its all superficial. 2. There are now water drip and electrical surge sound effects throughout the buildings in Erangel. Kind of the same story with the item icons, unnecessary and superficial but still technically an improvement to add to the game environment. Personally I could have done without. 3. Players can now rotate their character in customization. To speculate I've probably spent maybe around 60k BP on crates (I got the free 30k BP) and most of my items are still useless fashion items. In any case, I can now rotate my character around to see them on him. Yay. 4. Buggie racing strips and vehicle lights. Buggies have racing stripes now, and I think at some point another color or two was added to the buggie and Dacia (not sure). Vehicles now have their headlights on constantly. If you're hiding with your vehicle it may give away your position, but they're a nice feature. Superficial. It doesn't make the game stop crashing and I think that's what we're all more eager to have. Better than not having though! Problems: 1. Now the bad news. If you were hoping that random game crashes and failures were going to be a thing of the past we could all look back on and laugh at (or at least have kept marginal), you're terribly mistaken! Even player spectators are still randomly crashing. So far my friends'/family members' and my crashes have all been recoverable (meaning you could get back in game eventually) and we didn't receive the wretched "host lost connection" error message; but nonetheless we're still experiencing soul crushing, infuriating game crashes every time we have a game session. If you made it this far, or skipped here, please note this is the NUMBER ONE complaint (probably next to frame rate issues) that Xbox One players have and NEEDS TO BE RESOLVED ASAP! PLEASE FIX THIS FIRST! We cannot harp on this enough (I probably won't stop until its fixed), the crashes this game experiences are horrible and frequent. No console game should crash this often and this severely. If gamers are going to put their time, effort and money into PUBG on XB1 and for this matter PS4 (when it is released) we can't tolerate crashes. When the crashes are frequent, people question playing the game anymore because its wasting their time. I love PUBG, I have put literally weeks of play time into it, but I will not spend another cent in the future if it crashes on me like this. 2. The next problem/complaint of course are the frame rate issues. PUBG's fps on XB1 as it is on average is not great. Its certainly playable, but it could be much better. However when the frame rate gets BAD its hardly playable. This is my #2 complaint because my FPS is generally at a constant acceptable rate, but when it dips down its plainly very poor. Please address this, we'd LOVE 60 FPS and this game would be incredible at that rate. If anything please do what needs to be done to further stabilize the FPS. This is extremely important to smooth, functional game play especially in a high intensity shooter game. 3. Just recently there was some kind of leader boards update. I haven't read anything on it, but the only thing I noticed is that the three Chicken Dinners I won last night on duos (and inevitably all of the other stats I gained that night, including my high 9 kill duos game) are not showing up. The little in game message blurb said that "unfortunately" these stats won't be able to be restored. Well am I glad I take pics of my Chicken Dinners (yeah I'm a nerd) because that's pretty outrageous. Not only was there no noticeable improvements on the leader boards because they still plainly look very poor and are sometimes unintelligible (I personally hate them), the best duos night of gaming I have ever had was not tracked in the in game career stats (thankfully I can still see a general stats outline in the Xbox gamehub). Is anyone else outraged? Maybe I missed something? I do my best to be objective and reasonable, but I can't fathom how a multi-million dollar company makes these kinds of mistakes, along with going without consolation or apology. Was it incompetence? What happened? PUBG literally has no other rewards other than silly clothes and your STATS. Extremely outrageous. Please hire more people, raise their pay, or do whatever has to be done to get this game's functions going normally. I don't know what else to say! We will keep waiting patiently and persevering along with you but how are steps taken BACKWARDS?? I understand that a Pre-Release game has bugs and problems that take time to fix, and if they're gradually fixed this is normal behavior we acknowledge positively. But when things like this happen we are a bit more unforgiving. Maybe I'm missing something, but my true stats don't exist and I don't see them changing anytime soon. 4. Vehicle damage nerf? In my own post-patch experience and reading other posts we're wondering if the vehicle damage to other players was reduced again, this of course is only speculative because it was not in the patch notes (though then again not everything seemed to be). I hit several players in instances where they normally would have been KO'd but they only bounced off as they did when the damage was nerfed. This would be unfortunate if it was and then not in the patch notes (we noticed if this was a change). Perhaps they made another unintentional mistake and reverted back to previous nerfed settings. Uber annoying and unfortunate if so. 5. Another problem players encounter is the parachute and object collision lag or glitch. Often times players parachuting in will get stuck on buildings or objects and just sit there ("press B to cut cord" lol), and they're not always able to break free. Or they're just tossed off of a platform and then receive usually a lot of damage right off the bat in the beginning of a game which is pretty unfair. Also as they acknowledged in the patch notes the "B to cut cord" is supposed to be X. Again I don't know how a company like this makes this mistake that effects thousands of players game every day, and then doesn't even correct it during their patch but merely notes of it. 6. Unrendered buildings/textures. I've read that players' experience with these things often depends on their Xbox, but on my end and those I talk to the textures and buildings still take forever to render and are a slew of clay-like objects and messy ground textures.I STILL fall through buildings and can walk through/got shot through walls. Often items don't spawn after players are on the ground and that hampers the landing game-play experience. Not to mention players get stuck in unrendered objects and are often forced to lose their game solely because a box wasn't rendered and the player walked into it when it did. VERY unfortunate and one of the top major problems PUBG on XB1 faces. 7. The map cursor is back to being excruciatingly slow. Another step taken backwards, the map's cursor is now back to its original extremely slow pace and lessens the overall gaming experience. It now takes forever to mark areas on the map (again). This was fixed and since the patch it has been reverted back to its original settings. WTF? How does this happen? Please fix this ASAP. 8. Another issue that players are experiencing post-patch is the ghost step and the layered ghost reload sound. Post-patch everyone's footsteps have a "ghost" step following them that sounds like someone else is running with them when they really aren't. That and the reload sound effects are the same, essentially layered or "ghosted". The reload issue isn't as big of a deal as the foot step one is, as listening to enemy players near by is very important in game. I think I see how they created this problem: they tried to make these noises louder in game and instead of raising the volume as you normally would they, for some reason, poorly layered the sound effects. Another issue that wasn't originally a problem that needs to be smoothed out now. 9. Window bars? Perhaps this is more of a subjective problem, but I just didn't see the need to add window bars to seemingly random windows. Some windows got bars and some didn't. Why? Were people complaining about jumping out of windows or something? That made the game a lot more fun, competitive and intense. What was the point of trying to lock players into buildings? Does it have something to do with how difficult it can be to line up your player to the window so he/she will initiate the jump out of it? If anyone knows anything about this I would appreciate to hear about it. I personally would like to see less of these. 10. Mountains. Along with a lot of the rocks and other textures never really appearing to be fully rendered, mountains and other slopes can be a real issue for players. The ability to climb is rather rudimentary and difficult to navigate even at the basic level. Along with that the fall damage players can take from merely sliding down a slope (which initiates a fall instead of a slide) could use to be acknowledged and perhaps altered. I hate to bring up another game but Fortnite (which I hate) has a slide down feature like one would do in real life, perhaps the devs can work on something like that so players don't take a ton of damage falling down a decline instead of sliding down it. Can be pretty annoying at times. My opinion on that one. 11. Going back to the menu, the start button itself. Believe it or not even starting a game in PUBG can be buggy. Often others and I find ourselves having to keep hitting "start" at the main menu (game mode irrelevant) to initiate a game. This isn't a huge deal but I would guess this shouldn't be a very difficult problem to solve (I would hope). Just another annoyance along the way. 12. Multiple display screens showing after exiting a game. After exiting a game, I believe I only encounter this on duos and squad, a number of different screens flash on screen. This appears to be some kind of bug but I don't think its necessary for 4 or 5 different screens to rapidly flash to load back into the main menu, and it probably takes longer with these screens flashing to load back in anyways. I don't know why this happens but it would be another small issue that would make this game overall better to have resolved. 13. This may be more of an opinion again, but aiming while jumping. Players cannot aim/look down their sights/optics while in mid air. Other games allow players to do this, and it would be a useful feature (which PUBG does have a lot of very useful features). I would, in my opinion, like to see this change up for consideration. Being in mid air doesn't force a person to be unable to lift their gun up to their shoulder, especially on a running jump. I hate for the "cons" list to outnumber the "pros" list but that is in an honest review where this game stands today. This comes from a love for the game and its community, and a vision of great improvement to an already great, ground breaking, high achieving game and team. Miramar or another new map can't even be in reasonable consideration for XB1 yet until Erangel is fixed and good to go. The PUBG community and Battlegrounders keep in high hopes for further, major development and quite frankly with this mass of support for PC, XB1 and hopefully PS4 we hope to keep kicking the other competitors' (copy cats) ASS with PUBG. Please keep it up, we'll keep letting you know what needs to be addressed.
  3. Xbox s vs xbox x

    Ive read different info on the forum, with some comparing xbox og and xbox x and it usually is always my friend said, or I heard, etc. I'm in no way trying to discount or disregard your conversations but I wanted to find a specific small subset of pubg who actally own both an xbox s and and xbox x. Not just I heard or my buddy told me. Again Im not trying in anyway to be rude I just wanted to create a thread for those who own both consoles and have played both consoles. I think its valuable for the devs and or those of you who may think of buying an xbox x. So, the patch has made a tremendous difference. Thanks devs you delivered. Is it perfect? No. That's why it's a game preview but this patch gives me great confidence moving forward that you have both the ability and desire to make this a great title. Performance wise. Og xbox, pretty much smooth as butter but possibly a slight graphical downgrade. Since most people screamed about fps it seems devs listened and gave you what you wanted with a slight downgrade in textures. It's not significant but you can notice a difference. Particularly in wall texture and the guns when you pull them up ads. This is what the community screamed for and blue hole delivered. Significantly improved framerate at the expense of some graphical quality. Buildings render slower during jump, but for the most part all is good by the time you land. Lag is gone, fps drop is negligible, and never had a game with rubber banding. Xbox x / better graphics, faster rendering, smooth fps other then a few minor hiccups but so does every battlefield or cod title I've ever played and that's been 10 of them. Fps is pretty rock solid. 30 fps ain't 60fps and that kinda sucks. But 30 fps is really pretty solid at this point on both the x and the og. Never crashed in 5 hours this evening x or s, and everything was smooth in solo and duo. I did not play squads. If you want to upgrade to an x. You will see better graphics and rendering on jumping in is faster and more consistent. 15 years of multiplayer fps with an irl friend. I'm on x and he's on og. Plus I have an og in my house that I tested. Great job on the patch. Everything is running significantly better. There is still work to do, footsteps (cough,cough) and I'd love to see 60fps. I really think for sure the xbox x should meet that. Is the xbox x worth 500 bucks just to play pubg? Tough call. I'm loving pubg and I'm a pretty big fan of the xbox. I have also owned a l Ps1, ps2, and ps4. I don't think I could say buy an xbox x just for pubg. You will notice a difference in rendering, textures, and rendering when jumping in, but the core gameplay and framerate is basically identical. I personally wouldn't spend 500 dollars just for pubg. If you play a lot of games on xbox, or plan to, then it's a no brainer, grab an xbox x and enjoy. There is a noticeable difference. Hope this helps some people debating and I would like to see others users post if you actually own both consoles and have played it on both consoles, not just I heard from a friend. I get that we all have friends who own both consoles and they are going to share information. But again, I think this thread should be for opinions only of players who have played both versions and can speak to first hand knowledge.
  4. I have noticed a lot of feedback within the PUBG community regarding the leaderboards in PUBG not saving stats, and I am also one of the people affected by this and I grind for the leaderboards daily. I have played 4 solo games today and I have won 2 of them. I am top 3 for NA solo-fpp and every game in the top 10 counts and of course every win gets a lot of points. I want these stats saved to my account and I have everything recorded on my twitch account at twitch.tv/toons_live in order for these to have the potential of being saved. The save is titled "I Am Shroud Come Join the Fun" and was posted with 3:37:12 on 3/2.
  5. Well i played my first game in a few days and instantly saw the improvement in framerate. I noticed much less rubber banding when i dropped and even could rotate the camera around the plane and it was smooth. Imo this is one of the better updates so far.
  6. THE NEW UPDATE RELEASES 9:00 GMT. THATS 1 HOUR AWAY. YEEEESSSSSSS. There seems to be not much mention of crash fixes or rubber banding. 10/10 though.
  7. Patch 9 notes

    How come this patch 9 update is just a link to reddit? Usually it’s a huge patch note, and it has to some detail, an explanation on what there fixing? Is it just me or is anyone else confused by how this patch note got released
  8. For those of you wondering if there would be any new info regarding the next update, apatch 9 for Xbox. The questions was asked and answered by Brendan Greene himself saying, “soon”. cheers that it all 😊
  9. How to fix stuttering after the update.

    Many people are facing this issue the fix is simple go to options and then gameplay,scroll down and uncheck replay and deathcam. Thats all.
  10. Hey, Felt fast and responsive in pre-game landing map. Then in game either immediately or a few mins into game, it starts to stutter horribly! Making you feel a bit nasueous. NA servers worse, but EU servers too. Both me and friend had exact same issues. Please revert update, this is almost unplayable and does make you feel sick watching the screen when its doing this. -tylster
  11. Update Feedback

    I've been wanting to say something for a couple of weeks but have held off a little bit until todays update. I still get really mad at cheaters and people screaming mandarin in the lobby... but, it has improved. It's not where it needs to be at all but there has been a definite improvement in the amount of cheaters and Chinese people in general I come across. It's not a racism thing its just that I cannot communicate with them making the game a waste of time and the fact the cheaters are Chinese. I have come across 80% Australian/NZ people in my recent games and I am really impressed by that. It used to be closer to what it seemed like 10% Aus/NZ people in most games. It's not quite region lock but ping based matchmaking is the closest we will get I think. I can see you guys are doing something about it even though it is taking time, I am having so many more close games where people don't know where I am unless I move, which is the way it should be. Thank you for working on it, 280 hours in and I am finally enjoying myself as much as I would like to with this game. I am changing my steam review to positive today. Look forward to seeing the continued progress. Please work on the parachute fall damage Edit: Is ping based matchmaking not actually a thing yet? Cause it seems to be sort of happening anyway?
  12. Great update PU! Game runs smooth! Thanks!
  13. PC 1.0 Update #6 ~ Deutsch

    PC 1.0 Update #6 ~ Deutsch http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1307926052 Eine Positive Bewertung sowie ein Daumenhoch wären im Guide erwünschswert. Aktuell haben wir eine Gewinnspielverlosung, zu Gewinnen gibt es Steam Guthaben. 1. Platz | 20€ Steam 2. Platz | 10€ Steam 3. Platz | 5€ Steam Wie kann man gewinnen? Ihr müsst den Rang 5 bei unserem TeamSpeak³ Server erreichen um automatisch für die Verlosung am 01.03.2018 teilzunehmen. Teamspeak³: ts.grafikstein.de Lg euer Grafikstein
  14. Siked!

    I'm glad pubg Corp is taking their time to bring this next update as much as I've complained before I feel this update will please the majority of the pubg community. However you will still have those who will still get mad at cars, network lag, idk what else maybe someone will be like buildings are now falling out of the sky and killing them lol.
  15. We all know everyone's been itching for news on the update/roadmap for days. Even if its bare minimum it's something. Here you go ya little animals:
  16. Information about update

    This is disrespectful, I just read the news that the fortnite will be deploying servers located to Brazil soon and has already added to the east coast of the US, and has plans to increase the FPS to 60, although the update did not arrive until the At the moment I am writing it is interesting to observe the behavior of the company in giving satisfaction and informing the customer and fans of the game about what is happening. It is absurd that PUBG with the fan base of this size in the xbox, more than 4 million players do not receive any notification of the company within a period as extensive as 7 days, while on PC daily has twitter news, I am watching disrespectful on xbox.
  17. Curious when the next update is coming and also what it will implement. Hopefully these lag and fps issues will get fixed. Fps drops so low at times its hard to even see.
  18. После последнего патча стало сильно проседать ФПС, какой-то привязки нет, проседает как в пустом поле, так и в городе, с моих стабильных 80 фпс до 30-40. Это связанно именно с новым патчем так как ничего в компьютере не менялось, он не забит(установлена только ОС , TS, Steam, RB6 и Pubg) игра стоит на SSD.
  19. New update

    Hi, Has the new update made any difference?
  20. So here's another complaint to the new vehicle update. You can't kill someone with full health that is camping in the bridge by running them over. You get easily hurt by all laggy bumps and whatnot on the bridges. And you easily have your vehicle destroyed attempting to cross the bridges. So now, why not be a bridge troll? You are pretty much untouchable. The balance is now way off. You land and the circle is across the map? Just kill yourself and get it over with now, unless 15 minutes of running and attempting to loot already looted places until you find a group camping in a bahroom (which we all know has become standard precedure). It's pretty shameful this much damage was done in one update. A lot of potential and fun, despite lag... til this. And it's an absolute game changer. As in I'm changing my game till it gets sorted out (assuming it does).
  21. So last update I was so happy because it finally ran smooth and barely stuttered. But after this new update, It's smooth, but I'm getting way more stutters. It also freezes sometimes, especially when enemies come up, it comes back on and I'm dead. Please be consistent. This is unexceptable from a "1.0" game.

    Hola, quisiera saber qué fixea este update? y si luego del update el server estará off?
  23. hello guys it's me Nass3r here some highlight video youtube
  24. not for me. seems even more blurry than before. this was the only part of this update i was glad to see but now they are worse than ever
  25. So they fix some of the input lag and now the crashes are back more often. Smh back to mh.