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Found 21 results

  1. Vídeos, Clips e Screenshots

    Vídeos, Clips e ScreenshotsTens vídeos, clips de Twitch ou screenshots que queiras partilhar com a comunidade? Deixa-os aqui!
  2. Vista la inmensa cantidad que surgen día a día de post de gente poniendo sus videos en youtube y haciendo nuevos post lo que provoca un spam en el foro tremendo he decidido hacer este post con el fin de REUNIR TODOS LOS VIDEOS Y CLIPS en un solo post. Asi tendremos un foro limpio de multiples post y todos los videos reunidos y con muy facil acceso para el que quiera verlos. Suerte gente postead vuestros clips y videos.

    I think I'm the only one that has a video on a sniper head shot with a kar98 x4 scope in a moving vehicle going 98km/h. what you all think? You think this could be a world record on PUBG? I don't think I'll be able to do that again lol but i do have more video on epic game play on my YouTube channel. All most hitting 50subscriber on my channel, lets hit 50subs by the end of this week & ill make a epic montage video. ♦ Subscribe to my channel and be updated when I release new Ultimate Gaming Videos. I'm Dedicated to giving you the most epic game play videos on YouTube. YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtCunUUoM-ePTd0XJ0VYlcg
  4. Hi guys! I've been making youtube videos for 11 years and I'm an ARMA 2 and Battlefield veteran. I already have several series for: DayZ Mod, H1Z1, Rust, Dying Light, Battlefield, and now I'm starting a PUBG series!
  5. Destiny 2 "BETA" 🔥 | The Inverted Spire: Strike Investigate the Cabal, Defeat All Hostiles in The The Inverted Spire Strike! The content is pretty limited. The first game with just one story mission that’s only accessible when you roll a new character. Once you get through that, you have two Crucible modes one Strike mission. what do you all think of the strike in Destiny 2 beta & have you all played the beta? 🔥 ♦ STAY CONNECTED!♦ 🔥 YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtCunUUoM-ePTd0XJ0VYlcg Twitter ► https://twitter.com/_SnipeTrocity
  6. PUBG Funny Compilation Channel!!!

    If you check out my channel and drop a sub or a like your a legend
  7. Onetap_ Introduction

    Hello PUBG Community, OneTap_ is your one stop network for gaming tips, tricks and news. Written by and for the players, OneTap provides pro insight on a variety of the hottest current games. We seek to up your game and put you one step ahead of the competition. With our knowledge you're only ever one tap away from all your gaming needs. Specifically for the PUBG community we hope to create videos every week to help new players to advanced players grow and become better. Each video we aim for quality and keeping it short so that its straight to the point . Hope to meet wonderful people in the community and continue to help it grow.
  8. Hey everybody! I upload battlegrounds weekly (among other things) as well as stream it a little as well. I always upload the most entertaining and funny rounds possible for you guys to enjoy! If you want to watch some quality games and have a laugh, stop by my channel and check it out. If you like what you see, subscribe and stay for more. Thank you! https://www.youtube.com/c/JTPLetsPlay
  9. what you think | New YouTuber!

    Hey everyone. Been playing video game since i was 7 on consuls to the PC. My hobby is creating Video's on my YouTube channel with Epic and funny content. I upload all kinds of vast variety of PC Games I hope one day i'll have to chance to do it full time. Games i play are Pubg, battlefield 1, Counter Strike:Go, Doom & more (Big List lol). I'm going to try and make video's ever other day and see how it go's from there & See if i can build up Subscriber. Comment on the video's you see and tell me what you thank i should add or take out. enjoy ⇢ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtCunUUoM-ePTd0XJ0VYlcg Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Snipetrocity/
  10. Hello, I'm confused

    Hello! Just made an account here. I've recently got in to PUBG and me and some friends recorded a really funny video at 2am with a lot of night humor that I obviously want to share. However, it seems that I can't post in the "Community Content" forum. It's just greyed out. Does anyone have any idea why this is? Thanks! //PresidentSlendy
  11. I just want to see some crazy kills people got and I it's hard to find them around. Post here your Lucky, skilled and/or strategized kills! Here's one I got, it's not that good but I don't want to leave it empty
  12. Обзор на игру
  13. Hello Pubgers, I just started a new youtube channel the other day and already got 2 pubg videos waiting for you to watch them! And if you like what u see feel free to hit me up with a comment, like or even subscribe. Any rewievs are appreciated! The channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3wOfEpTSzPokIJBSuOxdRg one of my videos:
  14. Good morrow, fellow Battleground-ians! Just a quick hey-ho from a coupla British lads who enjoy playing PUBG and occasionally throw out a video or two of our antics. We've a fairly casual and slapdash play-style, resulting in chaos and humor more so than l33t kill-streaks and rofl-stomp pwnage. We do occasionally bumble our way through to a tasty chicken dinner! If you're exceptionally bored and you're all out of wet paint, feel free to swing by and check out our channel - you might not loath it entirely. We've got some duo and squad play up, with more to follow. See you on the battlegrounds! You can find our channel here: www.youtube.com/ranshitv And some of our videos: Epic-ish Squad Plays Brothers in Arms We're Goin' Jackie Chan On These Mofos!
  15. Para evitar el SPAM en este foro, pienso que es mejor tener un TEMA por cada canal que quiera subir vídeos a esta nuestra comunidad Me presento para los que no me conozcáis... Soy DelipsoN y tengo un canal de youtube dedicado a este maravilloso juego. En el cual podréis encontrar siempre algún vídeo interesante, pretendo subir tanto como vídeo-ayudas para mejorar el rendimiento de este juego taan mal optimizado, como gameplays de partidas GANADAS y otras que NO para que no siempre sepáis que es 100%WIN (Eso creo que le da un toque de emoción a cada vídeo que veáis) ya que de esta manera sufriréis como yo cada tiro, ya que puede ser el ultimo ! Os dejo aquí mis vídeos: Espero que os guste/ayude a aprender conmigo más de este juego !!! Nos vemos en Battleground y que sobreviva EL MEJOR !
  16. Holaaa locuras! Como estan? Este sera mi Topic para subir mis videos mas importantes relacionados con battlegrounds , Información de actualizaciones,guías para el jugador, Noticias y mucho mas! Todo resumido y sencillo para que puedan informarse rápido! Les dejo el ultimo vídeo que hice sobre el nuevo parche que se atraso para la semana que viene! Espero su apoyo,sus consejos y sugerencias para poder mejorar. Un Saludo grande a todos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53SE2QCbw0w Si alguien me dice porfavor como poner el embed del video para que se pueda ver aca se lo agradeceria! Gracias
  17. Muy buenas a todos! Os dejo una serie de vídeos que he creado con ayudas para empezar, análisis de las zonas del mapa, y muchas mas cosas, espero que os sea útil y os guste! Hay mucho mas en el canal! Aparte de guías y recopilaciones también subo algún gameplay de vez en cuando, iré subiendo mas al canal, un saludo! =)
  18. 4k Youtube videos

    Hey everyone, I have been playing Battlegrounds and have been making 4k videos of some of the games that i play, If anyone has any feedback on how to make them better please let me know:
  19. Come YouTube with me!

    Just started playing this awesome game and I'm looking for people to play with! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=milk2qFV360 Find me on YouTube and hit me up:) https://www.youtube.com/user/Revile2nr
  20. New Content Creator

    Hey everyone! How's it going? I'm new to making Battlegrounds content and to the community in general. I've just started uploading recently so make sure to check out my channel which I'll link below! Thanks for taking the time to check me out! Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWRq7F0rKAaG1GA5nDt5fMQ
  21. Heyyy guys! Did you win the chicken dinner and you are very happy? POST IT HERE! P.S.: Are you better than me?