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Found 4 results

  1. As the title says, When using auto-run to swim and looking around with alt look your player will swim in the direction you look, limited by how far you could turn your head when you originally pressed alt.
  2. wouldnt it be worth reducing vision upon health reduction before being knocked out. and knocked out already dark? isnt the whole point of being knocked out being on the verge of dying rather being being at 100% bleed out and being able to look around making QB arm chair call outs.
  3. For unknown reasons I was riding in a boat towards the military base and when I got out of the boat I got this feeling that my camera looked a bit "off" than usual. I noticed something was really wrong when every time I passed through a door frame my camera would freak out for a second and I had to be a distance away from a door to even be able to open it. Then I found out that if i brushed up against a wall my camera would almost be pulled towards it and I could see inside buildings and through any nearby walls. It seems great in theory but the uncontrollable camera was giving me a headache after just the short period of time I experienced it. Resetting the application resolved the issue. Video Clip of the Bug:
  4. I have noticed that it's possible to see players through trees. It is not like the other posts where all trees and rocks etc becomes invisible, but it's when you thirds person around a tree, the other player appear in front of the tree and you can see his movements. I am pretty sure it's not possible to shoot him like that, because when I aim, he's behind the tree again. It's hard to explain and i'm not entirely sure how to reproduce this bug, but it has happened a couple of times with me where i can see the other player.