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Found 5 results

  1. Sound Issues: stuttering, lobbies, loss of, etc.

    Been troubleshooting this for a couple of days now... Since the recent update my ingame voice chat isn't working properly. I can't hear others but I do see that in squads my voice is getting activated and friends can hear me but I cannot hear anyone else. Same goes for solo and duo. To keep it short, my voice works fine and has worked fine since PUBG release but now I can't hear other since the latest update. I have verified my game integrity several times and tried CTRL+T countless of times.. My GameUserSettings.ini looks like this: bIsVoiceInputMute=False bIsVoiceOutputMute=False bUsePushToTalk=True bUseGlobalVoice=True bUseTeamVoice=True I'm out of options and it's really bugging me out that I cannot hear anyone speaking. (Software and hardware wise nothing has changed in or on my PC)
  2. Shouldn't be that hard to make it so people that wish to join into a team orientated match should be able to actually communicate with their teammates. I've seen this be done in other games which every match they'll ask you to do a simple calibration of your mic and if the test fails you'll be automatically marked as "micless" and prioritized to be teamed up with other people that have been marked mic-less for that game. Note that this doesn't actually stop them completely as its still possible to have micless people join with people who do have mics but it will make a huge improvement. Something like "Hi" or "Hello" for a quick verification that their mic is working and some sort of notification for the user stating rather or not their mic was detected and heard clearly. People who full party into the queue would be exempt as they're clearly friends or have willingly known some people they play with may not have a mic.
  3. hey guys i want to know voice chat is working? cuz i cant hear anyone and i thing noone can hear me i dont know whats wrong, my microphon is working fine and i can speak to people in other games but in this game i cant hear anybody!! anyone know how to fix this?
  4. Simple. Can someone make me a quick intro to the voip feature? Thanks
  5. Voip stops working

    Been playing since the 1st alpha keys were sent out and since the last patch my in game Voip usually stops working after 1-3 ish min in game. Have to relaunch game to fix. Some times I have to go into the recording device list and disable / re enable to get the entire headset mic to start working again. After a relaunch of the game I haven't seen this happen again.