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Found 25 results

  1. To whom it may concern, (Note in screenshots no buildings in background at Mylta) Game begins, a friend and I dropping into little milta power and having myself somehow able to walk and see through walls as well as see loot and see other players. I have a video that starts with my friend and I just looting, getting shot at by another player and chatting with mates. We discussed whether to not disconnect but decided it was best. Was super glitchy, at video end, I do the right thing and try to disconnect and reconnect but game doesn't allow the reconnect... Please look into very frustrating to happen, possibly would of even allowed me to shoot through walls so very game breaking. Thanks heaps, from Leckermadchen
  2. Game starts. I jump out of plane. I see no buildings at all when I land but there is clearly one in front of me on the map. I go to building and looks like I can glitch through walls. I am able to go through and collect weapons and such. I am playing with 2 other friends and I go to one and I can see him and other players in buildings and pretty much can tell them where they are and help him. I died just as I got to him. So now he can spectate us. Me he can see building but with my other friend he cant, he can see what I see. So with me he can tell me where the walls and doors are and with my other friend he can see through building. Now if we were good we could use that to our vantage, right? He didn't make it to the play area and he died and I almost didn't make it. I got to get to the military base because that's where the next play area will be. Get to the bridge and it looks not rendered and is very bumpy and the "cars" on the bridge are just giant lumps. Halfway I give up because I'm glitching and cant use my scope so I jump off and swim. When I get to the island I can see houses but wait they are morphed. I end up dying because I suck. Ill post the screenshots. Also didn't really think of taking screenshots for bugs reasons until I got past the bridge. The computer is new and I didn't put the any recording software on it or else I probably would have used it.
  3. Prison Buildings Solo FPP

    Dropped into a solo FPP lobby at prison. Was able to see players through non existant walls and floors to get kills.
  4. I was able to shoot a guy with my VSS through a wall because he was proning behind it and his knee and foot was visible, and hittable as well. I'm pretty sure this is a known bug, but just putting it out there in case there isn't enough feedback on this.
  5. So my buddy accidentally discovered this clip at the school, it allows you to easily see through the walls of the building, with the ability to see the hill and the apartments nearby. You can in fact see players moving through this clip, and as I will explain in a moment, your fov through the walls varies depending on how high you are looking. Pic 1) showing which room specifically (door on left) pic 2) shows where your character must be positioned to see the clip pic 4) what you see while crouched pic 3,5,6) possible vision angles, there is obviously more but this should give you an idea as to just how much you can see Obviously we did not abuse the bug, we took our screenshots and left. I can confirm however that in the last pic, which is obviously another match, I went back to the spot to attempt to spot another player. I did see 2, however I could not get them in the screenshot. You can see the bike though.
  6. Glitch and See Through Walls

    In SQUAD FPP I couldn't see any of the buildings but I see the loot inside them. I was able to go through the buildings using a vehicle with no issue. Though when I get out, I would glitch into the floor and so would the vehicle. I heard people getting banned because of this issue so I am here to stand for them as well. I exited the game knowing I would've cheated using this function so I decided to actually leave. If you do not believe me devs, check my logs. https://prnt.sc/g8gx1c
  7. Encountered a major bug today that potentially could be exploited/game breaking. I parachuted in on FPP only mode. Landed in Pochinki. None of the buildings were visible. I just landed essentially in a huge empty field but I could see all the loot and all of the players that landed around me. I was able to run through buildings and grab loot. I was also able to shoot players who were in buildings. People crouched all the way across the city clearly hiding in a building and I could shoot them with clear damage being done. Blood splashes and they would try to run for more cover. I disconnected before killing anyone. Has happened 2 times today.
  8. I just tried out my first game of first person in solo and I landed at the hill next to mansion. As I landed none of the buildings would load in but I could see all the loot around and could pick some up. I ended up starting w/ a Kar98 and a pistol and immediately someone ran up the hill and went behind a house and I could kill him while shooting right through it. I continued through the round to see how bad it would get and the circle ended up on Rohzok and Water world. I easily was able to shoot people through buildings and I ended up killing 12 people before I died. I died by trying to walk through a wall to kill someone and I got killed by the world. This is a serious bug that easily could have won me the game. If the devs see this could they please remove any stats I have for that game and take away the 800 credits I got from that round. my ingame name is Nettles and here is my steam account http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198109421513/
  9. Idk what a hell is going on. I can hit and run through walls
  10. This might sound super suss and I swear I am not hacking but sometimes I am able to run through buildings. It begins with houses and building that do not render fully that are ridiculously low quality. Except these houses never fully load in to full quality. I have browsed the web and noticed some people have similar problems but the houses eventually load in. However, mine never load in and I can physically walk through them and see through some of them. This has happened to me three times (out of like 30) and I am afraid I might get banned for hacking. While I was duoing with a friend, he said I was physically walking through walls without opening any doors. Has anyone else experienced this bug?
  11. I can see thru buildings when i first land and it lasts for like 1 min then it would crash or half load. any suggestions that will help me fix that?
  12. I had a glitch where by my buildings didn't load up and was able to view other players and items through the walls. In my video, skip to 23:00 minutes to see the glitch which I was surprised about. What do I do to avoid this and have my buildings rendered? It doesn't happen all the time but I've seen this a few times on my machine. I've reinstalled the game on a different hard drive and ahve 100mb fiber connection so I'm not sure what the issue is. I stay in South Africa so my ping would be about 180ms to EU servers where I play on.
  13. Hello support team! We just ran into a very annoying bug in the latest update where some enemies and my duo partner aswell could walk through walls but not interact with the doors because the textures weren't loading properly. It's like the character is noclipping through whole buildings. This is an absolutely game breaking experience. Please get this fixed ASAP since this is a major exploit and advantage for players having this bug.
  14. I started a new game, and after falling from the plane, all of the buildings didn't look quite right from a distance, as I got closer, the walls looked weird and distorted, and I was able to jump through the walls like they weren't really there. Eventually we found a storm drain, and I ended up falling through the storm drain under the map until I was killed by being out of the Playzone.
  15. https://clips.twitch.tv/SucculentToughLemurTinyFace Watching my friend stream and he goes to play the first person duo mode and this is all he sees take a look
  16. Hello, as you can see on screen I can see everything throught walls. I don't know how it happend. First I didn't see door, than wall dissapeared in another buildings.
  17. Everything is shown on screenshots
  18. In these hangar-like houses you can see through stairs if you're beneath them In houses with 1 room and tv on stand, you can climb on TV and see through roof... also, there's HUGE WINDOWS in BATHROOM in these houses. Pervertly normal
  19. I was lying in Knocked-Out State in the building in E5 M4, South-East-corner of the bathroom. I could move so far back into the corner that my legs would have been sticking through the walls. There was no angle from which i could have been normally shot. Plus, the player's walking and gunfire sounds matched the direction to which my legs were sticking out. Only conclusion I can get to is that my legs were sticking through the walls and I got killed by someone standing outside, shooting my legs, while I was lyring inside.
  20. Grenades and Walls

    I just saw this today while I was recording some random duo. My teammate cooked a grenade inside the house, and at the moment of throwing it, his arm was outside the building, making the grenade magically bounce with the exterior wall. Here is the proof... I'm not sure if this is already reported as a bug. In that case... Fix it, BH, sooner or later!
  21. Bug

    hello i don't really know if its already mentioned or not but a bug exist and its so annoying, when people are swimming on surface and/or under water you cant hit them. i have tried this several times and today it happened to me when i was knocked out on the shore and went inside water so the other guys wasn't able to shoot me anymore. another bug its about seeing the weapon suppressor behind the wall, so if a guy is hiding and his gun is pointed to the wall( no idea if its working on all walls in-game) you can see its suppressor and then spot his location because of it and thanks
  22. As im not able to load video evidence please see link below to a subreddit i posted showing myself able to look through and loot through walls https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/6k0w7o/a_new_bug_devs_please_fix/
  23. Hacking & Lag

    Some I've come up with two major things holding this game back at the moment. Both of these items appear in virtually every single game, for most players, most of the time. They are the following: Hacking I'd say in almost every single instance there is some type of forced lag/aimbot/wall hacker. I've had people run up to a cottage I've been in for 10 minutes, come up right to the room wall I'm in and attempt to kill me -- no windows to peak, no seeing me travel within the house, just come right up to the wall and attempt to shoot through the wall at me. No my gun isn't sticking out so they can see me. They can see through the walls, they are killing through the walls. Other times I'll have Level 3 helmet, level 3 vest, and someone will pull out a pistol and two tap me for a head-shot. Two-tap. Pistol. Headshot. Level 3 armor. Do something about this. Lag The game right now is unplayable. I understand it's beta. I understand you're working on it. I understand all of that. I write software myself, I understand how long it takes, and the complexity of creating an automated system that matches tens of thousands of players together so they can play 24/7. But the pings we're talking about here are massive. I'll have a 200ms ping, the other player will have a 200ms ping, and attempting a fire fight will essentially be both of us shooting at ghosts of eachother. This is basically a Random Number Generator game. If I wanted to play an RNG, I'd roll dice. Please fix your game so it's an actual game, and not a shell of a game, which it currently is. Thanks.
  24. There's a rare camera glitch I've gotten a few times over my 30 hours of playing the game. Only thing I could find by searching that was close to this is the bug that lets you walk through certain walls. But this bug permanently changes the position of your character to the right, witch makes me think it has something to do with the shoulder swapping?
  25. "Wallbang" ?

    Quick question: Has anyone encountered walls or objects that can be shot though? I feel like standard doors and sheds should be able to be shot through. If anything with reduced damage, but still. Perhaps even some interior walls within houses depending on ammo type. A 7.62mm round would go through your avrage wall that isnt concrete. Has there been any word as to if this is a thing, going to be a thing, or being otherwise talked about?