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Found 19 results

  1. So its self explainatory, i found a bug on one of the water houses, you can go up and walk on air as if there's a balcony there. I have attached the picts. Not game breaking but will do some help if fixed. Thanks in advance
  2. Underwater Glitch

    So I was riding a motorcycle and I had a connection error. The motorcycle vanished and I'm "swimming" under the map.
  3. Hey there, after my game crashed right now, i closed the client, reconnected to the existing game, and as i respawned and tried to hop in a car, i fell through the ground and landed in water some meters under the map, and were able to see the map from underwards. I was swimmin into the next border and reached it, but i was too slow for the next one and was killed by the border. hope i could help you, TimbabGG
  4. su sesi

    Merhaba ; oyunda neredeyse her yerde denizin sesini duyuyorum bunu önlemenin bir yolu varmı ? çok fazla sesi geliyor denizin 1000-1500 metreden duyuyorum
  5. Swimming Audio Bug

    This problem is minor however a bit annoying for me personally. When swimming underwater for a small amount of time, it replaces the audio for underwater swimming with the audio for swimming above water. as far as I've experienced it, it has happened every time I've been underwater and continues to happen regardless of rebooting the game. i was just wondering if it is a problem with the game itself or some really stupid bug with my game.
  6. Players in water invincble?

    Playing squad and encountered some players driving a boat between the military base island and the mainland, we shot out the driver and they were forced to swim, however despite us walking to the shore and firing on them with 8x and 4x scopes we were unable to kill them, we tried swimming in and stealing their boat, we beat them to the other side and again we tried to shoot them at point blank range however when the bullets hit the water it was like they completely stopped and we were unable to kill them this was confirmed when one member of there squad managed to sneak around and down us, however we just moved into the water and they were unable to kill us. pls fix hahah

    Heya guys was just letting you know that your invincible when your in the water! i had 3 guys trying to kill me and it did nothing! im currently uploading a video of it for validation i will update the thread when its done!
  8. Buddy Healing: Make it so that you can heal teammates with reduced time or bonus effects -Energy drink: other player just uses it -Pain Killers/First aid: reduce time from 7.5 seconds to 4.5 -Med kit/Adrenaline Syringe: Reduce time from 10 to 6 seconds -Banages: Increase use time from 4 seconds to 5 but healing is applied instantly instead of over time New Down System: Annoyed by campers and ridge squatters that will not stay dead? You will only be incapacitated twice and be able to revive normally for those two times afterwards, on the third down the player will go unconscious and just flop on the ground as if they were a dead body (better start a double tap rule) if they roll off a cliff or fall into the water well too bad for you its life. (Special equipment will be needed to revive from unconscious) 4th down will insta kill -Defibrillator Paddles: Rare two or three use item obtained from a crate in only duo and squad modes allowing teammates to revive a third time on an unconscious team member -Adrenaline Syringe: Keeps its full boost while now also resetting your down count allowing you to survive past more than 3 downs (thing does not do enough for how rare it is) Dealing With Water Endings: Because its not fun or competitive not being able to shoot people squatting in water under a cliff or bridge on final zone -Add water penetration: Bullets travel into water a small distance and deal reduced damage to players in water depending on the caliber of bullet -Add punching in water: Who does not want to beat someone else to death in the pool? (Should be added in addition to another solution) -Electric water: Water at the last and second to last circles start to not feel too good the second to last water damage doing 3rd normal circle level damage and the last circle doing 4th normal circle damage to the players in water. (To avoid water town being a death trap the player would at least need to be in swimming condition) More Special Clothing: Because things like the Guilly suit are fun (All lvl3 kind of rarity) (All items will glow to stand out from normal clothing drops) -Running shoes [Shoes]: 3% passive speed boost on foot -(Sneakers) or snow shoes [Shoes]: Reduce sound footprint when on foot depending on map terrain -Shooting gloves [Gloves]: Slight increase to gun handling and reload speed -Ballistic Jacket [Coat]: Rare crate drop that increases all body armor including arms by 5% (Testing for perfect number would be needed) (no help to head) this heavy armor reduces move speed by 5%, has a passive increase to sound whenever moving and slightly reduces handling to guns, 220 durability (Good item but without other special clothing items can be a hindrance) -Triage Pack [Coat]: Player gains the benefit of buddy healing on themselves but now has a bright red pack strapped to their waist -Tactical rig [Coat]: Additional 50 capacity What do you think could be changed or added?
  9. Bug

    hello i don't really know if its already mentioned or not but a bug exist and its so annoying, when people are swimming on surface and/or under water you cant hit them. i have tried this several times and today it happened to me when i was knocked out on the shore and went inside water so the other guys wasn't able to shoot me anymore. another bug its about seeing the weapon suppressor behind the wall, so if a guy is hiding and his gun is pointed to the wall( no idea if its working on all walls in-game) you can see its suppressor and then spot his location because of it and thanks
  10. Animation bug

    If this was mentioned before, please move it, tried looking for animation bugs but could not see it This is not a serious bug, its more funny and does not affect gameplay, but I thought it is good idea to mention it My friend and I drove into the river last night with a buggy, we got off the buggy once it was in the water to jump onto a boat When we were off the buggy and in the water, it look like my friend was falling and not swimming, like a endless fall, my friend told me that it looks to him the same way when he was looking at my character, although on my character on my game it look like I was swimming, I did have a recording of it, but accidentally deleted it sorry Like I mentioned, it is not effecting the way I play or making the game unplayable, had a laugh at it as it did look funny to me, but I thought it was worth mentioning it Will try and repeat it and post some screen shots
  11. Water/Car Bugs

    Water Glitch, I was playing the other day and could see someone swimming in the water. They where so close that they could see me and wouldn't come up for air. I put 2 clips into their body and nothing happened. Whats up with that? Car Glitch, When I was on the bridge I was able to crouch and move forward into a car. Once my body was up against it I as able to pull my scope out and see through the car and shoot people on the other side. Didn't seem like that should happen? Best of luck.... Get Schwifty
  12. Hey, yesterday (23. ‎April ‎2017, ‏‎22:30:09) I got these water bubbles the whole game. No swimming before just a parachute jump above water. Hope I can help to find the bug source. xardeus aka. Frede
  13. Our boat is ready for takeoff

    Hi, Yesterday we've noticed out boat was about to fly into the air after we speeded about 90KM/h. Is this a "bug" or a "feature"? Would be cool to have flying boats tho but I think this is not how it should be. Bug Description: The boat is about to lift off the water after speeding 90KM/h. Date Seen: April 23th 2017 3:50 (24HR) Server: Public server Troubleshooting Attempted: None, since this appears to be on the water. Other Information: Maybe some hidden obsticale arround the east coast? Launch Options: None. System Specifications:
  14. Bug Description: When throwing a Molotov (probably a grenade too) and going into the water, the Molotov is dropped and the trajectory path display stays stuck on. Date Seen: 22/04/2017 Server: Live Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: N/A
  15. Can't shoot someone in water

    I was on the ledge of the light house by the bridge and someone drove a boat into the sand between the bridge and light house they then walked into the water and they just floated there i then proceeded to fire at them with my m416 but he didnt take any damage. I kept shooting at him but he took no damage and he just swam behind a rock, i then died because i took too much time trying to kill him. fix that please
  16. Trapped

    So, i was running along the waterline and was getting shot at so i thought i just found a small crack in the mountain i could hide in. Turned out to be a hole in the mountain that i fell in to and could not get out of.
  17. We knocked out some guy at the beach right next to the water and we were not able to kill him. The water was like a wall where we couldnt shoot through...
  18. Hi, i was in the watertown near Rozhok and i downed a guy in the water, but i couldn kill him. I dont know if it was the other´s players fault but i think it is just a bug. -Nudelsuppe
  19. Possible map/game mode idea

    My suggestion would be (if you create any new maps) to have a city map with accessible taller buildings spread around (Like Cherno in DayZ). However, for the map instead of having an area players have to go to perhaps have a rising water level across the map (similar to GMod Flood Mode) where players have to move up buildings to not drown and survive. Although, this may be a problem getting between buildings there could be a way between them such as Zipwires travelling through windows etc. I know it might seem unrealistic but with the flooded areas of the game being quite fun to explore I feel it might be good to extend onto the flooded areas idea, it's also a unique idea as far as I know.