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Found 148 results

  1. https://imgur.com/a/tKG0B Date Seen:Yesterday. Almost every day I've played for as long as I can remember. Server: Live server and test servers for at least the last six months Error Message: N/A Other Information: This is stupid as heck. Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Happens on any system.
  2. Hey guys, made a steam guide on the new PUBG WEapon skins that will be released next month in the patch! Check it out! Please rate and favorite too! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1326052501
  3. Gun stats?

    So i know there's a post on reddit with the damage output for all the guns in the game. But is there anyway to look at the stats of the weapon in game on xbox? As in can i pull up the M4 damage stats and compare it to, lets say, my secondary? Or see what adding a suppressor vs a compensator and what not. I know what they do, but i want to see the actual stats
  4. Key bind to switch between primary weapons

    It would be nice to have a key bind (set by player) that switches between your two primary weapons. This will make switching between your primaries easier and more streamline. It will also reduce the chance of accidentally switching to the wrong one. It's easy to accidentally hit the wrong number or scroll the wrong way. (Scrolling is particularly troublesome since the weapon HUD is the reverse of the inventory for some reason.) Since most people use their two primary weapons more than anything, I think this would be a great addition to the game. This would probably be relatively easy to implement as well, and would have no negative impact on the game or the user experience - nothing is taken away and nothing significant is added. Just a small additional option to improve user experience. If a dev sees this, I would very much like to hear your thoughts too!
  5. Hello, Let's face it, the current meta of the game is all about the M416. The Scar L and M16 come next. Then you got the AKM with its huge recoil, low bullet velocity, and slower rate of fire; the only good thing is that the damage per shot is more important but that's not enough to compensate for its flaws. Right now the M416 reigns supreme and I do not really find this enjoyable. I like to be able to use different weapons for different play styles. But now the M416 does everything so well that there is no point in picking up anything else. Edit: please delete my other Topic as there was a typo in the title.
  6. Have a new update bring in armor piercing rounds as a pickup item. Sometimes engaging a opponent and you down a player in some building, but the player hides behind a wall in the house protected by his buddies. Armor piercing rounds will take care of this. Also, game needs new weapons like missile launchers, grenade launchers, flamethrower, etc, etc. Use your imagination. Off topic I would like to discuss reviving teammates. Players playing in a squad when down should only get 2 downs before dieing. In other words players who go down should get a maximum of 2 downs. Their will be no 3rd down, you just die if killed the 3rd time. Other topic, headshots should be insta-kill in a squad. Teammates should not be able to revive fallen teammates who have been headshoted and killed by grenades.
  7. This isn't the first time I have had this happen and it is getting kinda silly to me. This needs to be addressed. (Don't mind my storm trooper accuracy. I was being distracted by something on the TV.) Here's the clip: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/TheVerbalMurder/video/44916222 If you watch till the end you will see that I hit him well enough times to kill him with the S12K and even hit him in the head but he still managed to live through it somehow.
  8. I would love to see the L85 on this game. And the Dessert Eagle. Maybe even the 50cal that is oneshot no matter what but the rifle itself is extremly rare. Game is getting kinda bland at the moment so a little spice would be nice
  9. Currently, the weapon HUD displays your weapons in the opposite order of the inventory. This can get confusing, especially if you like to cycle through weapons instead of hitting hotkeys. I see absolutely no reason to have the order reversed like this. Change the order of the weapon HUD to match the order of the inventory. Better yet, give us the option to chose the order we like.
  10. More 9mm and .45 acp smg

    As all of you know ammo management is really important in this game. While you are looting you can find every kind of ammo and weapon and that randomness is perfect. But looting for late game that randomness could make a problem sometimes . Such as you can find a M16A4 SCAR M416 or Mini 14 but only 30 5.56 rounds while you have 120 7.62 and there is no AK SKS or Kar98. Or opposite you can simply find an AK and after that you can find 5.56 everywhere but no clue on 7.62. That problem generally won't happening while you are playing solo or duo but in squad game sometimes you are struggling about ammo management as a team because you gotto share loot with other 3 teammates. But in the other way you can find 9mm. and .45 ACP rounds everywhere but only some of weapons you can rely at mid-late game which is UMP Vector VSS and Win94(miramar only) .I am not counting VSS and Win94 for that problem because they are different type long range weapons and i know VSS is completely unique and different weapon anyway. And that situation one or two of squad member could use sniper rifle or using AR's like sniper because of the low ammo problem and using UMP or Vector for close quarter. In mid-late game other 9mm and .45 acp guns become kind of useless. My suggestion is it should be more 9mm and 45.acp submachineguns for mid-late game. 9mm. 1) MP5 : faster fire rate than UMP9 (yes I'm saying UMP9 because you will see the reason at bottom.) and less accuracy than fully decked UMP9.A little bit more range and same bullet speed+velocity. Attachments : muzzle, upper rail (up to 4x like UMP9) and magazine attachments. 2)MP5K : Such as the MP5 but this one is kinda unique because it has vertical grip in main weapon without any attachments, About accuracy without buttstock is lower than the MP5 but if you add the buttstock it will be more accurate and stable then MP5 yet it has more bullet drop + less range. Attachments: muzzle, upper rail (up to 2x), magazine and buttstock. 3) MP7 : More stable and accurate then MP5 but less range and more bullet drop. Attachments: muzzle and upper rail (up to 2x). .45 ACP UMP45: As all of you know UMP has 2 variants and one of them is UMP9 which we are currently using that weapon in game. And the other one is UMP45. The difference with its 9mm. version is that weapon has lower fire rate then UMP9, has more range because of the barrel length, more damage because it uses .45 ACP rounds and less accuracy in full auto. In game statistics UMP9 has 0.092s time between shots . UMP45 should have 0.105s time between shots which is slower than AKM . Initial bullet speed should be 500 (fastest bullet speed in submachine guns).And damage should be 40. Attachments are same with UMP9 In a conclusion UMP45 is most powerful about one bullet damage than the others smg's but about DPS it's ballanced with the others because of the low fire rate. What do you guys think with that weapons ? Tell me your opinions . Sorry my bad English . Good luck for more chicken dinners.
  11. Am I right in assuming there is an order to rendering and that weapons are the last thing to be added to the game? Anyone else had the issue where the landscape, buildings and internals are all rendered by the time you land and when you enter a room there are no weapons, maybe a clothing item, leave the room and when you return 20, 30 seconds later there is an arsenal of weapons suddenly rendered in? Maybe it's an X thing but it is happening frequently enough to become noticeable, usually if you make a fast vertical dive, ie fastest route down.
  12. Updated Weapons Chart

    Did an updated weapons chart for all weapons on PUBG as the last one I posted wasn’t fully complete hope this helps the community 😊
  13. Weapons "freezing"

    I have also had several occassions recently when I would equip a weapon and could not reload it or fire it until I switched to another weapon and then back. Thanks!
  14. Carbine Weapons

    As all of you know we have we have pistol, smg, assault rifle, sniper, light machine gun, grenades, melee and bow. But there are another classes except them which is carbine class. Carbine is short barreled assault rifles. They are easy to carry because they are light and better in close combat. However they have a penalty which is distance. So carbines are between in smg and AR and I really wanna see those weapons in game such as G36C M4A1 SIG552 TAR-21 ARX-160 AK 105 etc. .Weapon like AR but less range + more bullet drop, same damage and faster movement+lots of attachments.Was is necessary in game maybe no maybe yes but it always be really cool new variety in game. What do you guys think ?
  15. Personally I would like to see on basis of player appearance to make your character extremely buff with no real advantage other than looking like a gym rat would be hilarious a female type character bulked out running at you with a machete would definetly be worth a play through. I personally would sacrifice some visibility for this feature. As for melee weapons an implementation of a knife or some brass knuckles to pick up would definetly pursuade me to get into more fist fights or melee fights in the beginning of the game. In theory it is an excellent addition to the game. Any thoughts?
  16. New Weapons?

    Hey folks, how about adding a couple extra guns to the game to give it a bit more variation. British SA80-A2 - 5.56mm ammo Also able to take foregrips, sights/scopes and extended mags. TAR21 - 5.56mm ammo Extended mag, sights/scopes G3 - 7.62mm Foregrip, Extended mag, sights/scopes Just keeping it fresh.
  17. Unable to pickup previously dropped weapon... presumably because it's under the table.
  18. Hello, I hope all is well and thanks for all hard work y'all have put towards making in game improvements and enhancing the overall gameplay experience! I love the game thus far and have no complaints! My one suggestion that I would love to see implemented in the future is the ability to find Air Drop contents (Weapons, Weapon Mods, Clothing, Equipment, and Consumables) randomly throughout the map. In other words and once in a blue moon, it would be nice to find a M249, Ghillie Suit, Adrenaline Syringe, etc while looting an area. Obviously, the chances of finding these items should be at a very low probability (don't want to take away from the appeal of the overall airdrop or flood the game with OP weapons), but I think a couple of these items randomly spawning at random locations would add an interesting and exciting aspect to the game. In my opinion, Air Drop items are underutilized and too rare to ever find. Such wonderful content should not be restricted to only a successful airdrop loot or killing another, but slightly expanded to the possibility of receiving such an item through random looting luck. To be quite honest, there are several Airdrop Items I have yet to ever use or find. This in no way is a rant, but personally I think the overall gameplay experience would be enhanced by a slight increase in rare content throughout the map. Anyways, thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I would love to hear any feedback or responses from anyone. I really appreciate the dedication of the entire PUBG staff and the wonderful community as a whole towards making improvements and a better gameplay experience for all. Have a great one!
  19. What we've all been waiting for

    Dear supreme pubg devs, Although the game is superb, i think we can all agree that it lacks the variety in weapons. It is nice that you add a weapon once in a while, but we'd like to see much more and much quicker. For start I'd present the weapons I'd wish to see; 1. The original galil or galil SAR 2. The galil 7.62 as an SR 3. MP40 4. (So important) Swap the mini Uzi with the full size original Uzi, with its stock and perhaps a wooden stock as an attachment. 5. Tavor (tar21) and not in a bloody crate. 6. Dragunov 7. Browning BAR 8. Makarov PM GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT And just to add, the mini14 is a hell of a rifle but it has a rather disgusting stock, couldnt you put the original ac556 stock? And if you desided to have it as an 5.56 than atleast give a gun like the galil as an 7.62 SR. Thank with much love and such.
  20. Weapon skins

    I really love playing this game, and there is a lot that makes each player unique. What I would suggest though is the possibility of including weapon skins as part of the reward crate system. Then, for example, each time you collect an AKM it automatically adds on your skin that you may have been rewarded. Obviously it would be random, like what you receive from reward crates already, but I think it would add another layer of personality to each players character
  21. Not sure if this is the correct sub, but I'll try anyways. Controls have changed around a little which is fine with me. The only issue I have is when I'm zooming in on map map it switches my weapon to my handgun. It's just annoying. Also I think it is better to only use Y to switch between all weapons.
  22. As the title asks, will the entire trainwreck of a weapon class that is shotguns ever be fixed? Them being broken is not an opinion, they are objectively unsuitable to be used as a reliable weapon. They're unreliable, and to such a degree that I find them unusable. They are OBJECTIVELY unreliable in that beyond a pathetic range about TWO METERS if that, you cannot rely a well aimed shot to kill your target. The crux of the issue is that shotguns CAN one-shot, and many players don't like this, despite the fact that the vast majority of the time that they should, they don't. The role of shotguns in this game is to be a close range secondary weapon, and they are completely and utterly outperformed by submachine guns and full-auto assault rifles. In an even combat situation, shotguns (with the possible exception of the S12K or S686) give you ONE shot. It is on you to make that shot count with timing and aim. However, currently, it doesn't matter if you do everything right. Past the rough range of two meters, you're more likely than not just going to wound your target and not kill them. While you've fired your one shot (Maybe you get two with the S686 or S12K), your enemy has fired several bullets from their automatic weapon. In shotgun range, it's unlikely that they miss and you're dead. Watch your death cam, and most of the time they'll have 20% health or less. Your crosshair was right on them, but apparently it wasn't enough. I don't necessarily want shotguns to do more damage. I understand why people fear the one-shot getting out of hand, and I respect that to a point. However, shotguns should have an advantage in extreme close quarters, up to about 10-15 meters away. They should be capable of RELIABLY heavily damaging people in that range, so combat can be more CONSISTENT and REWARDING, not a matter of luck. I say drastically reduce the random spread of the pellets, and increase the effective range (50% health damage on a body hit) to perhaps a range of 25 meters or so. This is bearing in mind that a full barrel choked 12 guage shotgun in reality has an effective range of almost 100 meters. In making shotguns usable, we're still not coming close to realistic behavior. Furthermore increase the effect of the choke. I've spent about 6 hours of game time in the past week on a fresh server going shotguns only, and in actual use, the choke didn't make any noticeable difference. Bottom line is shotguns are unacceptably unreliable and feel terrible to use. Players die using them many times when they shouldn't (It happens to me too, where someone should kill me and they don't), and the entire class of weapons is inferior to others in almost every way. Curious what shotguns done right looks like? Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Knowing shotguns in that game makes the situation with these feel even worse. I'd like to actually hear something from Bluehole or if they commented on the situation and I missed it, but this is a discussion as well. What has your experience been like with shotguns, and do you think they should be buffed? If not, please give more than anecdotal evidence. I'm excluding the sawed-off from this because it's not a main weapon, and I think performs acceptably for a weapon in the pistol slot.
  23. People keep saying, 'yeah but that's not realistic', when people suggest things. Well how about adding some realism in the way that weapons behave and have random weapon malfunctions. Although malfunctions are rare they do happen and introducing the possibility of weapon malfunction could really enhance the tension in the game. Just a thought.