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Found 81 results

  1. AN-94 FAMAS G2 CZ Scorion Evo 3 FN P90 FN Five SeveN SPAS-12 SR-25 Steyr Scout Elite Steyr AUG LVOA-C
  2. Many of us would love to be able to play a mode where weapons, ammunition and other equipment were a lot ore difficult to find. Te problem today is that alternative weapons, such as crossbows and machetes are never used, because you will always find a SCAR or an AK in the NeXT house. This could force the players to be a lot more tactical, and scavenging would be much more important. You could really do what DayZ couldn't.
  3. Overall Weapon Stats

    I really do like the leaderboard system, but I would also love to see all my stats separated from the leaderboards. For example Kar98: 15 kills, Scar L: 106 kills Crossbow: 1034 kills etc.. And maybe not only for weapons but also walking distance, number of kills with the Jeep lol. And an overall K/D etc.. I could go on for ages but you get the point.
  4. Tec-9 FN P90 FN Five SeveN AK 5C F2000 MP40 SVD Dragunov Steyr AUG Steyr Scout USAS-12
  5. Kar98 is broken?!

    I noticed since the last update the kar98 needs about double the shots it first needed to kill someone. There is one very good example to proof this and that it was not for me only. Me and my friend needed 5 shots with the kar98 to kill someone, he did not heal in between because he was laying on the beach at about 200m. So we could se what he was doing. All the 5 shots were taken in about 6 seconds. And this is just one of many examples i've had over the couple of days. Also I'm not the only one it seems: http://steamcommunity.com/app/578080/discussions/1/1489987634016796200/ Maybe its a glitch or something but I hope it gets fixed soon because the kar98 is/was my favorite weapon.
  6. Suggestions & Bugs

    Hello dear Unknown Player at the Battlegrounds, as I am by nature a much thinking and creative Producer I always see have Ideas and thoughts about anything I do. In this Post i want to introduce you Guys some of my Ideas and thoughts about a few things that could be implemented to the Game. I put a lot of lot of love and time into this Thread and I hope it will be seen by the right persons. I think about doing a Video about all of what I describe here too. However, below I will list some Suggestions and Bugs. I see the hate incoming and want to tell you Guys that any hate will be ignored. •I want to start with the biggest Suggestion. *Nightmap* This suggestion will be hated the most, since I always see People leaving foggy and rainy Rounds, for a reason that I just dont really get. But I am pretty sure, some People enjoy it, for those who enjoy the more competetive Gameplay, this will be your Ultimate challenge. A completly dark Map, where you can barely see over 50 meters, only Lamps on the streets, in houses and on Cars light up the surroundings. The option to brighten the Screen will of course be disabled. Nightvisions in Airdrops only and a flashlight attachment for any Weapon such as flares commonly spawning buildings are youre only way to get a better vision. Since there would be a need of a few more Items this could be a big and timetaking investment that could also take a lot of time to be balanced. A lot of critism will be come in tho, from people that dont know they could simply leave the round to get another one. •The Nightmap would require a few attachments: •Flashligt attachment •Nightvision •Throwable: Flare •Landscape: Lamps on the Streets and Inside Buildings, able to shot them off for sneaky tactics. •Weapon Suggestion: The 500 Magnum Why are there no Secondary Weapons in Crates ? And why do many Players dont pick them up ? Well the G18C was a great update, with an extended Mag 25 Bullets and a full Auto mode is amazing, doing alot Pistol only Games with that. But why not motivate People to enjoy Secondary a little bit more ? Here comes the 500. Magnum into Play. The 500. Magnum is an really badass Revolver that hurts alot-not you enemys tho, no, it hurts you! In reallife the 500. Magnum is a Revolver with aaa looot of recoil, even Weaponfanatics on Youtube have troubles with it and complain how much it hurts to fire it. 500. stands for the caliber, a very very big one that can remove a Human Chest, you will not be able to find the Impact on the chest since it´s simply crushed all over the place. I say add it ingame as Airdrop with limited Ammo like the AWM and maximum 3 Bodyshots to level 3 geared player, simply ending any discussion with your enemies. A standard Scope on it like on VSS with 2x magnification, very very very big spread in noscope for the balance, ironic, in Reallife you would be scaref of using the sight since you could break youre nose. Recoil as hell and no Silencer add able. This would bring a very realistic Gun to the Game except the fact that you would be ingame dead with max 3 Shots on the Body, in reallife you bleed out very quick by a shot to the leg already, since If well aimed, the Bullet will rip it off completly. Sadly this is no a Joke. •Rangefinder Many people dont use the option to set up your Weapon for a specific Range, since they dont know how to calculate it accurate with the Map. The rangefinder coming in Airdrops will help you out! Since it would take a lot of time by now to implement another Weaponslot for a rangefinder, it will be more like a Scope, you aim at an enemy and it shows you the distance inscope. Simple and quickly added. •Laserattachment Adding a laser on your Weapon. Pointing at the Players Head will blind him for a bit. Decreasing ADS no Scope Spread. Found as rare as an 4x ACOG Scope. The Laser automaticly turn to On if in ADS (zoomed noscope), the bliding effect is limited to 25 meters, making sure it not get abused over hundreds of meters, since this attachment is made for closecombat only. Sunglasses could lower the blindingeffect but this is an advanced improvement and only semi important. Due to the lot of work that is going on at the moment with all the Cheaters all of the Suggestions shouldnt take to much time. •Different colours of Smokes. Make the Game more colourfull! •Different Ammotypes for Shotguns Some people hate it, some people love it. The Shotgun! In reallife there are Hundreds of Ammotypes: Glasspellets, Slugs, Firepellets with Magnesiumpowder and and and... Dont bring us Slugs, sniping Shotguns...No thanks. But Magnesiumpowdererd Pellets that look great when shooting, hell yeah. Google it, it looks awesome and can make your cloth taking fire. Ingame it will be very rare to be found with a very low chance of making the enemy and everything else burn for an of course shorter period of time then a Molotov and with less Damage. Its more to bring the shotgun Fans some more to play with. The balance is still a fact that shouldnt be forgotten. •More Scopes! Im not talking about more in mass, or higher magnification, I talk about different designs. There are so many out there, give us some change and chance to choose. •Picking up fired Arrows. Why not ? •Liveviewing Players can applicate to become volunteer Sheriff of the Community. In a 5 Minutes delay they get while in lobby invites to watch Games. Once they accept the invite they get into the Game with only the Map, no Playercharacter, one the Map they see every Player, they can click them to spectate. While spectacting a Player they can see like a Wallhack every other Player through Walls, sohow they can see if someone maybe use Cheats. Once they think someone is suspcious they can use the Video to send it to the Support, Tickets opened by Sheriff are in a priorized que and can be reviewed by employees that decide for any further step. Sheriffs abusing the Liveview can be banned. Thats about my Suggestions. Lets get to the Bugs. •Weapon through Walls. There is a Bug that let the Weapon stick out on the other Side of the Wall, if you are staying to close to it. "Dont stay to close than!" you say ? Wouldnt need to take care of that, if I wouldnt have the Magicpower to put things through walls. •Anticheat! *FairFight*I add that in the Bugsection, because it is clearly a Weakspot in the Game We have Battleye here detecting Software on your Computer that is made for Cheating. Sadly it doesnt detect most of the Cheats since there are to many so called "Privatecheats" out there, coded for around 100-2000€ for only a few Users to keep the User of a single Software small. Battleeye cant detect programs that are not known to BE. Sohow the "Free public" hacks get detected because of the big mass of Players using it, while the rare Users of privatecheats are so rare that this programs dont ever get detected as a cheat the bypasses are simply not in the blacklist of programs. FairFight is a well working Anticheat System detecting Cheaters by hidden Stats, known from Games like Battlefield 4, it counts any Shot you fire and calculate your Precision. The Gamedeveloper can add a limit of precision for each Weapon. An example: +35% Headshotrate with an Uzi on above 50 Meters, gets you flagged and set on a list to be reviewed, for an manual ban. The list will be updated by me as soon as I get more Ideas. For now, thanks for your Attention. Now go disrespect my work here to complain because you dont get that anything can get balanced. Please let me know if you have some Ideas too, I might add them to my list. Best regards
  7. Bullet drop

    Make bullet drop make sense. Currently, bullet drop is all over the map (or reticle). Take this advice from a competition long-range shooter. Bullet drop increases as distance increases. Meaning the bullet drop from 0-100 meters is miniscule, from 100-200 is slightly more, from 200-300 is slightly more than that, and so on. It doesn't go 0-100 is nothing, 100-200 is a huge gap, 200-300 are practically the same, 300-400 is small gap, 400-500 is huge gap, 500-600 are the same. That's just not how it works. Look at any ballistics table ever made.
  8. |ARMORY| Found on the main menu. Animation: pans to the left or right of screen and enters new room of church on main menu or what ever the DEVS want. Here it shows "Player Unknown" himself as an animated character(think of resident evil 4 "what are you buying"). UI: Drop down list; Assault rifles, Sub machine guns, Shotguns, Marksman rifles("Sniper" is the person who is firing the marksman rifle, should rename sniper to marksman IMO), Pistols, and MISC. Each option will display Damage, Max efficiency range, Bullet drop, Standard clip size, Ammunition required, and much more! THE HIGHLY REQUESTED GUN RANGE! I'm "eeeeh" about this. Play the game to learn how to handle the weapon. I am certain this has been suggested before, but hey! let me know what you all think.
  9. So Pistols/SMG/Snipers all have a different texture to match the model for the extended and extended quickdraw. This makes for easy and fast inventory management and brings motor skills into play. The AR extended and extended quickdraw however are all polymer PMAGs. This isn't something extremely critical but considering theres actually a trend I dont understand why the AR doesnt follow it and think it would be a great idea to just simply change the extended mag to a metal alloy.
  10. Claymores

    You could add claymores that you can place on a surface and last until they actually explode. Even when the person who placed it died.
  11. It's annoying when you want to loot an attachment but it's on the weapon from a dead body. I came up with an idea of how they can make so we take the attachment only and not the weapon and have to remove the attachment manually: > Scar-L; The arrow next to the weapon's name can be toggled like so; V Scar - L: *Attachment 1 *Attachment 2 *Attachment 3 and so on; you can click the arrow (V) again to toggle it > Scar-L: that's how you can pick up the attachment with taking the weapon and detach it manually
  12. loot spawn is the biggest issue!

    please fix the late loot rendering! if someone has a nice jump, they should not get penalized for late weapon spawns! no reason they should appear AFTER we have already looked in the same exact spot on a roof/building 20 seconds ago! other than that, the game runs great for me! thanks devs!
  13. Reloading

    Dear Devs and community members, One thing about PUBG that has been bothering me for a while now is most of the weapon reloads. The animations will show that you took the magazine out, put a new one in, but if you do anything to "interrupt" it your bullet count stays at 0. Since you have to load every gun you find and are most likely in a building with doors to open, that interrupt happens a lot. So I'd love to have the game recognize when the new magazine or clip is "in" and not "when your character has both hands where they should be holding the gun", so that you don't have to redo the whole animation over again. It feels very clunky. Let me know what you think about the reload animations. Thank you for your time, have a great
  14. Item Affected: Scopes Have a delay, similar to using a med kit, when fitting a scope onto your weapon. This would not only increase realism, but would also add an additional gameplay element. It would make pre planning more important, as switching from 8x to 4x to red dot in the middle of the engagement would become more difficult. It would make your weapon load out more important as it would be more of a static choice. Stopping to change scopes would become more of a strategic decision as well as tactical. The delay would trigger once both these conditions are met: 1) The scope is equipped onto the weapons scope slot and 2) The weapon is equipped. What do you think? Edit: This could also include a neat animation of fitting and sighting the scope...
  15. Melee Weapon - Idea

    Alright to start this off, I feel other melee weapons aren't being used as much as the signature Pan, so I thought it would be cool to see a mechanic with the already existing machete or a new melee weapon. For instance, with a knife. What if you could equip a knife losing the butt protection and just adding fast but low damage attacks, as well as adding in a takedown/execution mechanic. You could drop kill someone from jumping of a roof or with the new upcoming lunging over walls. It would deal a certain amount of damage based on where you land the hit with the knife, armor would also help negate the damage. The only down side to this would be the recovery time, giving the targeted player time to react. I'm not sure how hard this would be to implement it, or how unbalanced it could get. I feel this item/mechanic could be very situational. Its just an idea I thought could be pretty cool.
  16. 6.5mm Rifles with Grenade Launcher spawns in Military & Crates, like a Katiba GL in Arma 3 (High range low recoil Assault Rifles, with a noob tube option on some variants) Military & Crate Only Weapon Spawns Some kind of explosive launchers for both vehicles and infantry in crates. Increased Military Zones and Small Outposts in the next map so it has a good spread of military loot spots across the map. Rangefinders.
  17. 6.5mm Rifles with Grenade Launcher spawns in Military & Crates, like a Katiba GL in Arma 3 (High range low recoil Assault Rifles, with a noob tube option on some variants) Military & Crate Only Weapon Spawns Some kind of explosive launchers for both vehicles and infantry in crates. Increased Military Zones and Small Outposts in the next map so it has a good spread of military loot spots across the map. Rangefinders.
  18. Weapon & Attachments Suggestions

    Hello ! I have some weapons suggestion to request : FN P90 TR (or other variants) SIG Sauer P226 (pistol used by the U.S. Navy) SIG Sauer SP2022 (pistol used by the French Police) Walther PPK/S (pistol used by James Bond in the recent movies) Thanks a lot ! ^^
  19. With over 700 hours in the game, I have learned to hate shotguns. When I use a shotgun: https://streamable.com/gyd3q When my enemies use a shotgun: https://streamable.com/680rc So, why do shotguns have such varying degrees of power? How come they sometimes obliterate an armored enemy at range, then fail to down an unarmored enemy at point-blank range? I have discovered the two reasons: lack of a uniform spread pattern, and strong head/limb multipliers. What do I mean by uniform spread pattern? Here's a little something that I threw together to show what I'm explaining: https://imgur.com/a/FDGlh Most games with shotguns have a degree of randomness for each pellet. However, the spread is still loosely based on some form of pattern, so you can predict how many pellets will hit depending on your range and crosshair placement. In PUBG, this is not the case. It seems as though there is a cone that all pellets will fit into, but that each pellet chooses its own random path. This very often results in most of the shot clumping to one side, which can result in absurd shotgun snipes or perfectly-placed close range shots that hardly scratch the target, even when aiming down the sight. On top of that, most games have different body-part damage multipliers for each type of weapon, quite often removing them entirely for shotguns. This is not the case for PUBG, where having a pellet hit the head deals tremendous damage, despite such headshots usually being the result of luck. So, how can PUBG shotguns be fixed? Step 1: Make the pellet spread far more uniform. You could basically create a 3x3 grid where each pellet will always hit somewhere within its square, still using RNG to prevent shotguns from being exploitable while preventing RNG from causing shotguns to perform very strangely. Step 2: Even out the damage multipliers for shotguns. Instead of 2.5x headshot damage and .5x limb damage, it could be 1.5x headshot damage and .75x limb damage. This would leave purposeful headshots at close range still very effective while making lucky stray headshots at range less effective. Step 3: After steps 1 and 2, shotguns may or may not need some other small tweaks (such as damage changes) to make sure that they're balanced. Currently, I wish I could ignore shotguns due to their flaws. However, because they are common and potentially so powerful, shotguns have a massive impact on the game, so I really hope to see these changes to make them more consistent and fun to use.
  20. Why not add a sledge hammer and a truck. I want to be able to hammer down on my enemies and rev my Ford over their dead bodies.
  21. I'm looking at the weapon stats provided at https://pubg.me/weapons/assault-rifles and I would like to know how those stats are used. Most of them are intuitive, but others are a complete mistery to me. I.E: "Vertical Recovery Modifier", if it's a modifier, when is it really aplied? or "Pattern Scale", do weapons have an actual pre-defined pattern? I would love an answer from the Dev team regarding this stats, specially the Recoil/Deviation part. Thanks in advance!
  22. Not just a worse version of the Red Dot, the EOTech Holographic Sight is a marvel of engineering and optics. The whole trade-off with the holographic sight is that the housing is larger than a Red Dot's, but the illusion of a floating reticle projected at zeroing distance makes it worth it. Without implementing the hologram, the holographic sight is just a cosmetic variant of the Red Dot's reticle with a bulky and obstructive housing. Please refer to this:
  23. Clothing skins are a great feature, however, since FPP mode is available now I believe it's time to implement weapon skins. In first person you can't really appreciate what you are wearing so one thing you could appreciate is a groovy weapon skin :D. I don't know how you could add it to the game, but whichever skins you have for certain guns would change on pick up in game...
  24. Dropping weapons in the water

    Bug Description: I dropped my weapon by right clicking while traveling in a boat, as i went to go back and pick it up, it was hovering in the air, and i was unable to retrieve it, by either the boat or swimming. Date Seen: 28th Aug 1:10am Aus Central Time Server: Live Client Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 745 CPU: i7-4790 3.60ghz Ram: 16gb
  25. Yesterday I found love. TRUE love. I was playing squads with some friends and we decided to play it agressively and go for airdrops. Luckily enough the first airdrop landed right next to us and blessed me with an M249. I hadn't ever used the M249 much yet and from experience, didn't really like it. It had gotten to the point where I would leave the M249 in the airdrops everytime I saw one, but that was a big mistake. It was still very early in the match and, being undergeared, I snagged that M249 hoping for the best. I'm glad to say I was not disappointed. So far all uses I had seen of the M249 was people attempting to use it like an assault rifle for medium to long range but that's where mistakes were made. The M249 is just like a very big SMG and should be used as such. Short to medium range is where this thing excels. So do like me, give love a chance and embrace the M249. See you on the Battlegrounds, Vic.