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Found 3 results

  1. So let me get this straight, didn't Microsoft announce the ONE X to be running at a 60fps before the game ever dropped in early access? I'm still running at a eye straining and headache causing low fps. I've heard tails of the og xbox one ruining much more smoothly compared to the X. Wth blue, isn't the X supposed to be your poster child!!! One X enhanced my butt!!
  2. This new auto run is good when you are miles out of the circle, but when you get in a fight it sucks!! You lean left out of cover lean back then start auto running out of cover..... Great idea.....
  3. Please, Get rid of RNG Loot

    For the love of god i'm sick to death of every game relying on RNG now days, I's a terrible and flawed system that shouldn't even be considered usable.. STOP USING RNG FOR LOOT it is ruining this game.... how can i sometimes find 3 AR guns in 1 pile, yet others times i can search 20+ rooms/houses and not find even a pistol, Please REMOVE RNG FOR LOOT or at least fine tune it so its not so shitty and un-predictable, If you don't know what RNG is Google it, RNG LOOT is ruining this game, and should never of been the method of loot spawn