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Found 93 results

  1. Game occurred on 9/11/17. My client crashed while parachuting at the beginning, but I was able to reconnect before landing. Ended up winning the match and getting around ~650 BP, but the points were never accredited to my account. As stated in title, gametype was Duos FPP. Is there any way to get those point retroactively added to my account? Thanks!
  2. rewards

    Hello I think we need something for winners of the season. My ideas: I would give TOP 3 players/teams unique skin or skin set with a sign: "S1winner" "s1top2" "season1winner" I really think there should be something to reward these good players and motivate other to try to grind What do you think?
  3. Hey guys, I'm a YouTuber who is looking for some fun people to play games with. Hopefully people who would be down to do unique challenges and fun activities within the game so i can edit out some great entertaining videos. If you would like to check me out before answering to this post you could click here to check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC24ToX7LFAHGX-nf55T9I5w I take it quite seriously so my content will both get far better and stay consistent. Hit me up if you're interested!
  4. Game ending in open field

    95% of the time the game ends in a open field. Is there a way to end the game more in cities, more often? Maybe add a few more cities?
  5. Hi, In the last days I've played 2 solo games, one in first person and one third person. Initially I had no wins in my statistics. Half an hour after the first win in third person, it updated my stats. Now 24h after my second win (first person) it still isn't there. As my leaderboard hasn't reset yet I would assume it is still there? My apologies if this is known. Kind regards
  6. Win not registered

    2 days ago (august 27) i won my first game after the new patch and it did not register the win and still hasnt. I didnt make a print screen of it.. maybe i shoul've done that to have more proof.. Am I the only one or are there more people? and is it possible that that data can be updated to my account?
  7. currently working on a video series featuring victory matches with my teammates, do you guys think there is any room in the market for videos like these or would i be better off testing other waters?my goal with this series is to edit out the boring parts (looting, running across empty fields) and try to focus on 15-20 minutes of the match eventually leading up to the win. hopefully my editing and quality will improve with time.
  8. Pubgg Pubg Highlights

    Mind Checking out my PUBG Video? I spent a long ass time on it thanks!
  9. I won a game on NA servers, And then I did a screenshot and then I was kicked out of the session, after that I did not receive the credits. *(I'm not trying to scam, I'm just warning.)*
  10. Hey guys I am starting a new series on my channel called PUBG challenge videos. In this series I will take your challenges and try to suscessfully do/win a game with them. For instace I just did a kar and shotgun challenge recently and I successfully completed it! PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR CHALLENGES FOR ME BELOW!! I WILL POST A VIDEO AS SOON AS I AM ABLE TO COMPLETE (OR FAIL AT) YOUR CHALLENGE!!!
  11. So... I've been talking about this for a while and I think it would be an awesome enhancement. what if winning a game allowed you to keep one piece of clothes or armour for a certain amount of days? I think that would just add to the salty, succulent, deliciousness that is a Chicken Dinner, BayBay! Cheers, SalveyB Twitch YouTube
  12. I have gotten 2 solo wins now and waited a day for each of them but neither have shown up in my stats. I have both of these wins in the first peson servers, do the first person servers wins not show up in solo win statistics. I also won a first person duo game but that has shown up in my stats someone please help me.
  13. Reconnect Feature Bug Report

    So after i reconnected from a Ram error i was able to win the game. Its been about two hours and the credits and game have not counted towards the leaderboards and credits to my account. I cant say what the ram error code was but it crashed while i was picking a backpack up in mylta power with the rainy game effect. My Specs for my computer is a Ryzen 1600, 8Gb Ram, Gtx1060 Msi edition.
  14. Hey guys, I was playing PUBG with some friends of mine, and we were talking about which crates there are, then we thought it would be cool if there was a crate which you would receive if you would win a game ( Chicken Dinner Crate ), the crate does not have to include something which is rare, it would just be cool if you would get a reward for winning a game ( next to coins of course ). I hope you like our idea, and we sincerely hope it gets concidered. Kind regards, ByeTon
  15. Leaderboard not tracking

    I played 6 solo games. 1 was a top 10 and 2 were wins. Leaderboard statistics did not update. My duo and squad stats updated though.
  16. Top1 kak skiluha 2007

  17. I went from 1 win to 0?

    So last month I got my first solo chicken dinner on the NA servers. But ever since a few days ago (after the update), it now says 0 wins. Is it because of the update, or did the game glitch out? Thanks
  18. Epic 2007 montage PUBG

    SUPER MONTAGE Straight 2007 year . ok [/youtube] [/youtube]
  19. PUBanterGrounds

    Hey guys! We are a group of english speaking lads, playing mainly PUBG we have a small community set up! If you like to win and cant take a laugh don't hesitate to come and join our discord and add me up on steam! See you soon in game ! Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198026245337/ Discord : https://discord.gg/seRwBUW