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Found 12 results

  1. As the title suggests, I would love to see smaller rewards for the 2nd to fifth players and a bigger reward for the first player, apart from their chicken. I think it would add a better sense of achievement to the game.
  2. Simple idea. If you win a game, any clothing items you picked up during that round and are wearing when the game finishes., get added to your inventory.
  3. duo for wins

    yo wassup, you gud in dis game? then join ma discord nibba https://discord.gg/S7KtYz2 join pubg fap to play
  4. 3X Game Crash

    Me and my squad were playing a few games and than something happen. My first friend crashed first and thought it was just a bug. Then the game right afterwards, he crashed again and a few seconds later i crashed as well. This was very strange. So we decided to play one last game hoping it doesn't crash, but it crashed... again... Is this a glitch, bug, or maybe a new hack? we were close to winning many times.
  5. Help For Top 10?

    Hey guys, so I have a problem. I can easily reach the top 10 placement in say 2/3 matches just using basic strats like staying on the outskirts of the play area etc. But I always seem to come up short in the top 10, my best result so far being #2. I usually die around #4 or #5 just before the last one or two zones. Can anyone help with tips for actually staying alive in the last zones?
  6. Hi guys, I am Bubblepax, also know as Charlie, I have recently started up a gaming community for all gamers of all genders. I have a discord set up for anyone to join as they wish, and please bring your friends, here is a permanent discord server link https://discord.gg/kgHWy9m I hope to see you soon.
  7. [CHILL] 10 WINS 200+ GAMES

  8. LF Solid Group of NA guys

    Looking For : It honestly doesn't take being pro to win games...some of it is luck... and most of it is teamwork. I am looking for anybody with that willingness to win, and have an open mind , so please leave a message on here and ill be back from work 8 hours from this post. thanks guy!
  9. Chicken dinner?

    Winner winner chicken dinner!.. or? What if you are vegetarian/vegan? There should be a choice in the settings to choose between "chicken dinner" and "chickpea dinner" (or something like that) when you win the game. Be bold, be brave by having a great BR game but at the same time give the option to show something bold, like a preference. Maybe it might provoke unnecessary discussions that you do not want, but hey: they already started, if only by me. Friendly greetings from a gamer and vegan.
  10. Leveling Up System/Winner Rewards

    Leveling Up System/Winner Rewards Hello there, Before reading, if you think what i'm saying is either incorrect or you disagree with me please let me know, it would help give more suggestions/ideas for this game in the future, Thanks. So by the title of this post I am suggesting that there should be some sort of reward for winning a game, not just battle points. I understand you get alot more battle points for a win (around 1000) but that just doesn't feel as rewarding as some other games might be. I was suggesting something like a crate drop for every win or a free skin slot of your choice(Head piece,Body piece,Leg peace). I currently have 8 solo wins off 25 games played which to me isn't that bad as i didn't really play any other Battle Royale type of games(i played h1z1 for 100 hours total) Another thing i think should be in the game is a leveling system. Now in most games there is a leveling system like CSGO and H1Z1 but in those games leveling up doesnt really give you anything. In CSGO once you get lvl 40 you get this option to recieve a service medal showing you played in that current year. Im only level 43 in H1Z1 so i'm not sure if there is some sort of reward you get based on levels. With the idea of leveling up i was also taking Call of Duty's idea of unlocking gun's/camo's for your guns at certain levels. I no way think they should add unlocking guns at certain levels but i think there should be some sort of "Skin" or "Camo" you can add to you gun based on levels or by doing certain challenges in game, For example "Get 10 kills/headshots to unlock Winter camo" I feel it would add more reason or even just more fun to play the game instead of parachuting down into a city with 20 players then and getting maybe 4 kills and dieing(yes that has happened to me alot) so maybe i should get more of a reward based on what i did for that match, for example, Did i get alot of headshots? Did i get alot of sniper Kills? I understand the game has only been released which is exactly the reason why i am posting this as to give them more ideas for the future, Thanks to all the people who got this far in this long post, You are awesome! If you have any idea's or suggestions feel free to post them below, Thanks -PistolSwitch, The local Noob!
  11. Prizes

    Hi, Can we have better prizes when we win? It'll be a good incentive. Winning doesn't really feel good anymore, other than a relief of stress of the intensity. It'll keep people trying to win and play more. Also Anyway to make the game feel less sluggish, that'd make a lot of people happy. Thank you
  12. MagicFlowTV THE POTATO GOD

    Hi i'm Louis! I have had this channel for a while and just started streaming summer of 2016. I hope to share and build an awesome community with all of you! Can't wait for the laughs and scares we will experience together! Not the best at these kinds of games, won't tell you i am clearly from the Title. But I hope you all stop by and just enjoy yourself, would love to get more involved with this community! Hopefully I will get more keys To give out! www.twitch.tv/magicflowtv