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Found 41 results

  1. Shadows are too dark

    hey i noticed coming from outside to inside areas it’s too dark or anything with shadows is too dark the side of the school building looks black when it’s suppose to be red, you need to brighten up the shadows
  2. I am blown away!

    So, not too long ago, about 10 minutes now. I was in a game with a friend. We were making our way to the mansion and then decided to take that area on top of a hill close to the masion. We go there, secure the area, we take out one guy and he appears to be there all alone, so we allow ourselves to not worry about being backstabbed as the area has been searched and there doesn't appear to be anyone here with us. So, we start scouting the area and then suddenly, my friend is being shot. I go to help him and look for the shooter and can't find them. I look all around us and don't hear any distant shots, the shots were close, right next to use. Then at the corner of my screen on the floor of the building, the shooter is in the floor, I was fucking blown away! I noticed him there when he switched weapons after he killed my friend. I was shooting the ground but didn't appear to affect him. There was no blood or anything and then he killed me. After I was dead, he came out of the ground and began looting me and my friend. I watched him after my death, and he went back to the spot he was at and sunk right back into the floor. Has anyone else seen this before? Has anyone have this happen to them? I am hoping this is a bug and not someone who managed to hack the game on the xbox. Because, man, that was some bullshit right there. Edit: I will be reporting this player immediately.
  3. Okay so Ill admit, i knocked the update before they dropped it, its actually really good, no more car campers, yay! The input lag fix is wonderful as well! Kar98k needs damage buff, and Frags need nerfed. Lets hear your opinions.
  4. Here is a list of ideas that I believe would be good to have or general feed back. 1. Im sure its been said before but again, better transitions when moving or aiming in the game as is i find it to be very choppy and chaotic at times ingame. 2. Death cam in game like on pc! 3. Rubber band effect at the beginning of the game, it hilariouse to watch happen but frustrating when ur trying to get to the nearest weapon asap. 4. Texture loading in game, enough said there bc its been said. 5. Car mechanics, and how they crash into each other, for intances when an enemy is on the other side of vehicle and you expect when u drive into that said vehicle for it to move and hit the enemy, instead its like hitting a wall and my own vehicle blows up. While the enemy behind the vehicle are unaffected. 6. This one im surprised is not added already but, i would like to see weapon stats, like damage, range, fire rate, etc and how weapon attachments effect the gun performance. 7. This might be a unpopular opinion but considering adding a vehicle icon on only the mini map. 8. When in game playing, if the batteries run out and/or controller disconnects, it doesnt allow the player to join in the game again once the controller is connect and/or batteries are replaced, it becomes stuck on the '' your Xbox one controller has been disconnected'' page while the game continues to play in the background. It doesnt alow 'A' to be clicked to continue. These are just some of the issues and suggestions, i encountered not including all the weird glitching like not being able to cycle through the pickup column and forced into the equipment column instead, or driving through a bridge and into the water. I hope developers see this and maybe even chime in the discussion. Thank you and have a great day guys!
  5. When in game playing, if the batteries run out and/or controller disconnects, it doesnt allow the player to join in the game again once the controller is connect and/or batteries are replaced, it becomes stuck on the '' your Xbox one controller has been disconnected'' page while the game continues to play in the background. It doesnt alow 'A' to be clicked to continue. Thank you I hope that was clear.
  6. Controller disconnect.

    So ive ran into the same problem a few times. It only really upsets me when my batteries die in the middle of a game. But when i leave my controller for a period of time it disc!onnects (of course) and when i reconnect it, it still shows the controller disconnect on the screen. No matter what i do it wont go away. So im forced to close out my game and restart. Now like i said its only a problem when my controller dies in the middle of a game so when that happens i restart and pray it will let me hop back in the same match and im not dead (yet 😂). I really just wanna know if this is a thing or am i the only one lol.
  7. Hey Guys, I just thought i'd share my PUBG Leaderboard with you. It shows thinks like matches, kills, Kill/Death Ratio etc. The leaderboard is generated enitirely by a gamers XBL stats. I posted it on Reddit earlier and its took off with nearly 3,000 gamertags on it in less than 24 hours. https://bonxystuff.com/pubg It's really simple to use, just add your gamertag and that's it. It gets your data straight from XBL. Id love to see if anyone on here can beat first place. *Note: Your profile privacy must be set to everyone* Let me know what you think. Cheers!
  8. Crashing

    Can’t even win a match because this game crashes like 5 times a match figure it out if your gonna sell a game for $40 CAD. Also before you parachute down maybe let the map load because I just die by getting stuck in the wall or in a crate, also fix the motor bikes that is annoying, can’t even get on my bike without it going 5 feet into the air and dropping again.
  9. Duo or squad for Xbox

    Just looking for people who actually have a mic to play with so the game gets more fun and intense. Got 11 wins across the board and a lot of top 10's. I normally play on EU servers. But i'm down to play in a different region if need be, since my internet is pretty decent. I'm 22 and live in Denmark but I speak english pretty well. Message me or hit me up if you wanna join in the shenanigans.. GT: GoRePyroCake1
  10. hit indicators

    i understand you guys are trying to make the game realistic as possible but can we please be notified which direction we’re getting shot from it’ll help a lot thanks

    okay well i grinded all my crates 4 of them were duplicated items why make me grind on this game for nothing, seriously this is upsetting put a ranking system on this game why am i playing for nothing, like i hate how i have over 2 thousand kills and 40 wins and my clothes look like crap. why am i playing if i cant receive good rewards man, this is very stupid, BLUE HOLE STOP WASTING PEOPLES TIMES AND BLESS US WITH SOMETHING WORTH GRINDING FOR STOP GIVING ME DUPLICATED ITEMS IF I CAN ONLY EXCHANGE IT FOR 30 BP DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?!

  13. It has happened 3 times already. Not everytime I drive but the times my game crashes on Xbox One it is while driving. Any fix for this?
  14. This has happened a couple times where a member of the squad has been shot down, a squad memeber then approaches to heal but the option is not there. Instead they are there switching weapons or reloading when trying to heal. Has this happened to anyone else?
  15. Unable to heal team (Xbox one)

    It’s happened a couple times where there has been a downed memeber of the squad, one of the squad approaches to heal but no option. Instead they’re stood there cycling weapons or reloading. Eventually the downed person bleeds out. Anyone else experienced this??
  16. BPs for what?

    soooooo.....sunday came the loot boxes reset i had 20k bp the first 3 crates 2 were duplicates, and one was a new item, what’s the point of giving duplicates if we only get 30bp for exchanging it lol you guys seriously have some issues

    the game keeps crashing. every time i’m in a car driving for a long time it crashes it’s annoying it crashed when there was 8 people alive and i lost come on man
  18. Yoo, I play on EU Servers(Mainly) and have multiple dinners on duo and squads. Need competent players who pull thier own weight and can win thier gun fights. Also play some chilled games but mainly going for wins... Add my GT @ Quadrophenia 16
  19. Hey! Just wondering when are the South America servers coming to XboxOne, I know we have a game preview and there is a long road ahead but it will help us with lag issues. So far my friends and I managed to get some chicken dinners on each game mode but our main issues are lag and game crashes. I know you are deploying parches to solve the game crashes and hopefully we will see servers on our region. Thanks for bringing PUBG to Xbox, keep it up! Cheers from Argentina!
  20. I currently own a set of Astro A40 TR's with the mixamp for Xbox One. This has been an amazing headset for me and I've never had any issues on any games except for when trying to enjoy PubG. Just to explain my setup, I stream, so I have the headset connected to both my PC and xbox one through my TR mixamp so I am able to hear both my console and PC's audio. When launching the game and sitting in the main menu, game audio is loud and clear just as in any other game. But the moment I join an invite and go into either squads or duos the game audio quiets by a significant amount, making it nearly impossible to hear any sort of footsteps or gunshots throughout the whole match. The game volume also does not quiet in solos, so this makes me wonder if for some reason the game is making the headset quiet to allow the option of game chat which becomes involved only in squads or duos? Wondering if anyone has had this issue along with me and if there has been any solutions found. Thanks.
  21. This is something I spotted playing yesterday. When you go to career on the main menu then you want to select which region and game mode you wish to view. The left analogue stick will only move the highlighted selection left but the right analogue stick will move it in all directions. Has anyone else spotted this??

    TDM GAME MODE PLEASE!!!! limit the map with play zone and put weapons all around the map have us spawn with pistols 20v20 !!!!!
  23. Targeting delay

    I have heard many diffrent complaints from friends and players experienceing targeting delay while shooting at enemy players. Many are finding it hard to target and/or shoot an enemy player after engagement. Many are saying the controls are delayed and stiff.
  24. New To PUBG

    Hey guys, I just joined this forum to stay in touch with updates for xbox and I am desperately waiting for proximity chat to come to console. I think it is one of the best parts of the game. I have watched many videos of gameplay on pc and waited over a year for it to come to console. I just like being updated.
  25. I have been receiving constant not authorized message PUBG. I have reset the game, my Xbox, even my router and nothing works