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Found 37 results

  1. Here's a video of what happens with the new zone times. Link starts at the second circle. I'm experiencing the zones and commenting on the issues that the changes present in real time. Keep in mind that I have the fast and agile buggy most of the time. TL:DW - I started by jumping to the new town to the northwest of Miramar. Wasn't too far from the first circle but I still found myself in the gas after looting just a few buildings. - By the time I drove up to the blue circle, it already started moving again. - I headed to a small compound on the edge of white and didn't have enough time to loot everything, nor fight a guy that I heard nearby, because I had less than 1 minute before the blue started moving again. - While driving to the white, I encountered someone. We exchanged a few shots, then had to start running to the zone because we had no time. - Got down to top 10, had to continue running from the blue (stay in constant motion) while fighting everyone else who's doing the same. He who shoots first, likely wins. The fundamental issue is that there isn't time to loot or deal with encounters. I feel the game is getting less and less tactical. BTW, I realize I wasn't playing perfectly. I was purposely testing the circles. Don't worry, we got a win eventually
  2. *Blue Zone Bug*

    Blue zone gauge doesn't move (5:20 in the video).
  3. In the middle of intense fire fight (or looting dead enemies that your teammate killed), sometimes we forgot about the blue zone, then died outside the play zone. can you add sounds like ticking in the last 10 sec, and some notification sound when blue zone starts moving. yeah, that yellow message in the middle of the screen, most of us ignore or can't even see that.
  4. So i think the Winchester 94 should be able to at least add a scope like you can in real life What do you guys think? Leave Comments below please
  5. just read about an already 6 days old news zone update is on test servers right now: Slightly decreased the waiting time of the blue zones in mid-to-late phase of a match Slightly decreased the shrinking speed of the blue zones in mid-to-late phase (In this phase, blue zones will now move at a slower speed and the travel time of blue zones has slightly increased due to this change) Slightly increased the damage per second of the last blue zone --> slower zone with more damage --> more focus on battles instead of running only or battle and getting wiped out by the faster zone IMO definitly a gameplay enrichment, because Player versus Player is always gameplay priority and not Player versus Zone. @DEVs: things move on fast, great job you people do. may the zone be with you.

    Message to Dev's: How about a game mode without the circle??? Simply survival! Server restart after an hour etc How about implementing hits more real as in, a headshot means death from any gun (1 shot)! Simply have it so the caliber of the weapon and the place hit determines damage!!! Hardcore Mode: One Shot Kill Mode!!! (NO CIRCLE) (One too many times me and my crew died from the circle moving in on us after us gearing up, looting for 35-40 mins to be had by the blue, it ruins the game in many ways)
  7. Texture Bug, Perfect camping abuse

    Hello, Bug Description: This bug is a texture glitch where a rock of a mountain isn't connected to the ground and allow you to get under it and then inside. From the inside, you can shoot and see through the rock but you can't get shot inside. To be able to beat those users, you need to crawl under the rock but you get visible and probably killed, or you throw a grenande in the little slot. Date Seen: 01/06/2018 Server: Official servers. ( Not test servers ) Launch Options: I'm using a vanilla version, no command lines System Specifications: Windows 10 Famille 64-bit (10.0, Build 16299) (16299.rs3_release.170928-1534) Nvidia geforce GTX 970 PNY Edition Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz (8 CPUs), ~4.0GHz 16326MB RAM I'm sending you a screenshot of the Seen glitch with the minimap informations to get the precise location. Hope I've Helped ! Thk for reading this post. SollStice
  8. Zone barrier vision bug

  9. Fucking broken zooooooone !!!

    There was a very interesting topic for the feedback about the zone in the test server section which seems to be closed... dev's go learn about the community feedback, zone must be improve !! Since the 1.0 release RNG is come back, the zone in Miramar is very agressive and became like Erangel, I didn't have this bad feeling before on the test server where we could play and have fight normally, now we have to fight with the zone every time, and we die more often by the zone than by opponents, however, we pay attention about it, it's very very very annoying... Not to mention that sometimes there is no vehicle for miles around... So improve this fucking zone to offer a good experience to players, i don't rewrite here all my proposals, there are in the feedback section. PS : I found why, in the 1.0 Test Build Patch Notes #3, there is a very bad modification imo : Adjusted the size of Miramar’s first blue zone, considering it was relatively large
  10. hi, anybody also thinks that the zone is too fast or to high ticking for consoles? it happens in a lot of matches that you have a intense shootout with an enemy squad and one or both teams get wasted by the zone.. really annoys me and my team, because we love the intense shootouts, especially the urban warfare. we got our most chicken dinners when we avoid any contact until endgame. but when we are going to raid an enemy team, the urban shooting in midmatch takes so long and are so intense and tactical, that we get interrupted by the zone really often. thats really dissapointing, because in our oppinion the gameplay should really tend more in fighting than say nope just keep walking and keep walking and keep walking also general gameplay is slower on console than on pc so even from the technical aspect the zone needs a little nerf how do you feel?
  11. 1.no more random circles every next circle in the middle of the last circle zone advantages lead to unfair situations. Example: if there is a need to run over a huge field without cover towards people behind cover who are sniping.(worst case: good players) if you know the next zone you can be more tactical and plan your next steps against potential campers, the way to the next zone a.s.o. (more like chess than gambling) 2.a dodge jump, uses endurance to jump behind cover if getting shot from unknown location or to jump from one cover to another or just to dodge predicted bullets =more depth to the fights 3.no more bombing zones 4.if camping too long without movement, you should get visible as silhouette for other players through walls, which is more fair 5.no more silencers for assault rifles 6.more cover like evalations, trees and rocks on Erangel the cover should be more evenly distributed on the whole map. (many more trees, also smaller evergreens and tree groups on the open gras areas) Some mentioned points are more detailed in other threads from me if someone wants more infos about them. If you have more ideas, just post here!
  12. Red Zone Screen Shake

    The new red zone sound is amazing. The whistling of the mortar strike is sufficiently scary. However, the dire situation reflected in the sound doesn't really transfer to the screen anymore. I really think you should add a screen shake while in the red zone to simulate how the ground would shake if you really were in such a bomb zone. If it's not possible or too complicated, then no worries. I just think it's something cool that could be added to the game, to add to the immersion, considering this is the most realistic BR game I've ever played.
  13. Final Circle Impossible Location

    Was just playing a game and the final few circles ended up just north-northwest of Pecado in an area with enormous rocks where it was impossible to climb from any direction other than East. I was on the south side and died simply because there was no path up, and I couldn't get around to a viable path without going outside of the blue and killing myself, which is what I ultimately tried to do. It made for a very disappointing and uninteractive finish.
  14. I have tried it today, and had 25 bandages, 4 energys; 2 painkillers 2 first aids. Even with this loot which needs not much luck, I reached the 14th place and I was not even close to the zone the whole game! There should be a zone counter, which leads to death if it is full! This zone counter should not be much more than 1 minute! Second possibility: The death zone should come with the second zone 30 seconds delayed. A different game I stayed also very long in the zone til nobody expected one more outside the playzone. Then I sniped from outside the playzone and drove into the zone. Such dirty tactics should not be possible!
  15. Bluezone

    The sound of the blue zone should imo. be louder and go farther while it's moving so you hear it incoming when close - while when it's static it should emmit less sound (like now) which does not go that far.
  16. So after my game crashed and I reconnected the dotted line did not get shown on the minimap, not problematic for me at all, but I still think its worth mentioning as the full release of the game is coming soon, although I hope that the game won't crash at all then.

    I am a pretty good player in pubg right now. I have around 50% top 10 also. I find that the ending zones are simply too fast ( speed wise , not time ) For the amount of damage you get done to you I think that you should be able to out run the zone. Because the game is so RNG based. You can't simply just find a vehicle and when you get down to the 4th 5th zone you basically dont need one or you are so close to other people you dont want to be a moving target or give away your position. When you run most of the game because the zone doesnt favor you sometimes you dont even have time to engage the people shooting at you when you are running in. Sometimes even when you arent being shot at and your gun isnt out you still cant outrun it and it will kill you . Pretty crappy way to die when you are doing well and just dont get "luck" of the zone. Which happens alot actually. I know you made it so certain areas will move faster than others but it simply doesnt make sense to have a competitive game run on so much luck . Make the zone even and make it outrunnable. keep the time the time is fine. I think you should just be able to outrun it.
  18. White zone bug

    Hello, I played recently and saw this on the map. I got no other problems/bugs concerning this.
  19. Traps Suggestions

    I would like to see more explosives implemented into the game as well as tear gas like items. We have gas masks why not make them useful, we have Jerry cans why not make them like a placeable trap. Also maybe c4 could be spawned in the airdrops just for fun. Any other suggestions for explosive or tear gas type devices or any comments would be great! Let's add a little more explosions to PUBG!
  20. Competitive e-sports mode for tournament play

    BattleGrounds is a great game, but one thing that surprised me is it has got enough people behind it to be pushed in to a E-sport. The issue I have with this is the game is far too random to be fair. Sure, you can be the best 360 no scope, MLG, Faze, Optic, kid in the whole game but this doesn't help you at all if the Zone is out of your favour. You guys ever watched the Hunger Games? Know the group of rich dudes in white outfits controlling what happens in the games? (i.e. loot drops and killer dogs.) My proposal just for the actual competitive tournaments is a person or group of people are consistently analysing the game behind the scenes and can actually decide the location of each zone. By doing this you will have a far fairer outcome for your hardcore players and won't have skilled players completely screwed over by a terrible zone in someone else's favour. You could also allow this group to decide bombing runs, crate drops or anything else that is added in the future of the game. This is just a suggestion for competitive tournaments not the over all game. Would give a unique aspect to Battlegrounds that no other game would have done previously making the esports a far better experience. Thankyou and may the zone be ever in your favour.
  21. WHat was that?

    Was a normal game when we knocked everyone out of the area and no one but us in the area was not, but alive was one enemy which was not in the zone. In the end, there was a complete restriction zone to the size which leave us no chance of survival, so intended? And what was it?
  22. Hello everyone, thanks for read , my idea is allow the last alive players have a more smart and tactical fight. Actual circle: I think the idea of the circle or the safe zone is made for make a final spot, what all players have to reach if want to stay alive and forces the players keep moving not camping as I understand, at the same time is a meet place for the different teams/solo players. but sometimes the players can have the luck of stay all of the time on the right spot of the map, "the final circle", meanwhile the other players have to spend a big amounts of supplys for stay alive vs "the electric field" , the difference is players having pressure vs other players on a hill or a house in the safety. And yes I have experienced the two sides of the coin. My Idea: Most of the time the players are well equipped when they reach the "Final Zafe Zone" or "Final Cicle" so, why don't we make the final circle a bit more big than the actually (the very final end circle). And make that circle "Stable", permanent, that gives the players on a very bad situation time for think on a solution, vs the players on the house or the hill who are relaxed because they don't have to care about anything. I think with this the most skilled players will win, because actually we have things like grenades, smoke grenades, and on the future we probably can have gas grenades? and other tools. The players on the safe spot will defend the area, while the players who reach the "Final Circle" will try to assault the others, With this now the enemy players will be the pressure and not "The electric field". Have a good fight on the battleground, and sorry if any misunderstand anything for a bad use of my english ^^. 8/5000 8/5000
  23. Zone Time & Game Mode Idea

    Hey, The game is very amazing so far and I admit, the play time before circle the starts shrinking seems to be kept short to avoid camping. It would possibly add some more depth and less irresponsible jump targets located in outside areas where you end up having no time whatsoever when each round's first two circles would get something like 2 more mins before shrinking, to make early and mid game a bit more distinct and the game not so hasty at times. Another idea is to have a game mode where the circle concept is exchanged with a squad based capture the object/vehicle mode with varying target locations that will be revealed once players have jumped or can be revealed by finding intel while looting. For instance; capture a truck and bring it from a. to b. It could be out of fuel, maybe it's not a truck but an item somewhere on the map that needs to be found. With many squads, this would result in diverse battles troughout the map with heinous attacks and desperate escapes. Overall I wish a bit more diversity when it comes to game modes and this just an idea. Keep the work up and I praise the bluehole team for their fast server error responses and hotfixes
  24. I was standing inside a building south-west of the School, and yet the red zone bombs still killed me. Video can be found here:
  25. Alone in the last circle (Duo FPP)

    Cheers, My mate an i were playing a normal Duo FPP Game, but when we reached the last circle, there was no opponent in range. Here's a clip of it(German). I doubt that somebody could find that many medics(especially for 2) to heal against the last circle for atleast 4 minutes. I still have no clue what happend there, so i thought i could just throw it in here for investigation