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Found 21 results

  1. Traps Suggestions

    I would like to see more explosives implemented into the game as well as tear gas like items. We have gas masks why not make them useful, we have Jerry cans why not make them like a placeable trap. Also maybe c4 could be spawned in the airdrops just for fun. Any other suggestions for explosive or tear gas type devices or any comments would be great! Let's add a little more explosions to PUBG!
  2. Hello, At the beggining of the game the people jump of from the plane. But the 'afk' players doesnt jump and the plane kicks them automaticly at the end of the map. Some players doesnt jump to kill those afk players and try to gain kills. I think if a player doesnt jumps on the time the plane should kick that player(s) while the plane is flying over the sea. So other people wont be able to kill those afk players for collecting game money. Sometimes they just drive over the afk's or kill them with punches. Lots of people doesnt jumps on purpose utill the end to kill themand i think this should be fixed by dropping them to sea. Thanks.
  3. White zone bug

    Hello, I played recently and saw this on the map. I got no other problems/bugs concerning this.
  4. BattleGrounds is a great game, but one thing that surprised me is it has got enough people behind it to be pushed in to a E-sport. The issue I have with this is the game is far too random to be fair. Sure, you can be the best 360 no scope, MLG, Faze, Optic, kid in the whole game but this doesn't help you at all if the Zone is out of your favour. You guys ever watched the Hunger Games? Know the group of rich dudes in white outfits controlling what happens in the games? (i.e. loot drops and killer dogs.) My proposal just for the actual competitive tournaments is a person or group of people are consistently analysing the game behind the scenes and can actually decide the location of each zone. By doing this you will have a far fairer outcome for your hardcore players and won't have skilled players completely screwed over by a terrible zone in someone else's favour. You could also allow this group to decide bombing runs, crate drops or anything else that is added in the future of the game. This is just a suggestion for competitive tournaments not the over all game. Would give a unique aspect to Battlegrounds that no other game would have done previously making the esports a far better experience. Thankyou and may the zone be ever in your favour.
  5. WHat was that?

    Was a normal game when we knocked everyone out of the area and no one but us in the area was not, but alive was one enemy which was not in the zone. In the end, there was a complete restriction zone to the size which leave us no chance of survival, so intended? And what was it?
  6. Hello everyone, thanks for read , my idea is allow the last alive players have a more smart and tactical fight. Actual circle: I think the idea of the circle or the safe zone is made for make a final spot, what all players have to reach if want to stay alive and forces the players keep moving not camping as I understand, at the same time is a meet place for the different teams/solo players. but sometimes the players can have the luck of stay all of the time on the right spot of the map, "the final circle", meanwhile the other players have to spend a big amounts of supplys for stay alive vs "the electric field" , the difference is players having pressure vs other players on a hill or a house in the safety. And yes I have experienced the two sides of the coin. My Idea: Most of the time the players are well equipped when they reach the "Final Zafe Zone" or "Final Cicle" so, why don't we make the final circle a bit more big than the actually (the very final end circle). And make that circle "Stable", permanent, that gives the players on a very bad situation time for think on a solution, vs the players on the house or the hill who are relaxed because they don't have to care about anything. I think with this the most skilled players will win, because actually we have things like grenades, smoke grenades, and on the future we probably can have gas grenades? and other tools. The players on the safe spot will defend the area, while the players who reach the "Final Circle" will try to assault the others, With this now the enemy players will be the pressure and not "The electric field". Have a good fight on the battleground, and sorry if any misunderstand anything for a bad use of my english ^^. 8/5000 8/5000
  7. Hey, The game is very amazing so far and I admit, the play time before circle the starts shrinking seems to be kept short to avoid camping. It would possibly add some more depth and less irresponsible jump targets located in outside areas where you end up having no time whatsoever when each round's first two circles would get something like 2 more mins before shrinking, to make early and mid game a bit more distinct and the game not so hasty at times. Another idea is to have a game mode where the circle concept is exchanged with a squad based capture the object/vehicle mode with varying target locations that will be revealed once players have jumped or can be revealed by finding intel while looting. For instance; capture a truck and bring it from a. to b. It could be out of fuel, maybe it's not a truck but an item somewhere on the map that needs to be found. With many squads, this would result in diverse battles troughout the map with heinous attacks and desperate escapes. Overall I wish a bit more diversity when it comes to game modes and this just an idea. Keep the work up and I praise the bluehole team for their fast server error responses and hotfixes
  8. Killed by the Red Zone into a building

    Hi, I've just been killed by the Red Zone while I was into a building at Pochinki. I was at the 2nd floor close to a window (around 1 meter). I join a screenshot of my death. I thought that bug was over but I was wrong. Keep going, you are making a great game. Hope this report will help you.
  9. I was standing inside a building south-west of the School, and yet the red zone bombs still killed me. Video can be found here:
  10. Alone in the last circle (Duo FPP)

    Cheers, My mate an i were playing a normal Duo FPP Game, but when we reached the last circle, there was no opponent in range. Here's a clip of it(German). I doubt that somebody could find that many medics(especially for 2) to heal against the last circle for atleast 4 minutes. I still have no clue what happend there, so i thought i could just throw it in here for investigation
  11. Hello, i really hope someone reads this and get my point. I appreciate you as a developer very much. The first Patches were amazing and pushed the Game into the next Levels. Your game is still powerful! Everything i write now is just stuff what went through my head lately. Due to the last patches the Game became less playable for me. In my opinion, you fix things, which have long been properly balanced. For Example the Loot and the Zone. The Loot was such perfect before you have patched the latest adjustments. The reduced chance of good gear increases the "random-factor" of the Game and makes it less competitive As well as the Zone you adjusted lately. This Zone is such broken now. Every second Game you need to run through the whole Map. It causes extreme time-pressure, which makes extensive tactical gun fights impossible. And i think we all love extensive tactical gun fights! Please bring them back. I am also confused, why the server issues raised like this lately ? But back to the Gameplay. It would be just great if you could adjust the weapons and the weapon handling. It sometimes feels really weird. Too often I ask myself the question where my projectile has ever traveled again. Please understand this as constructive criticism - this is not a hate speech. Take care.
  12. Hallo Leute, ich spiele bisher glaube ich so ca. 14 Tage. Habe meine einzigen beiden Chicken Dinner am zweiten Tag geholt, also recht früh. Mittlerweile werde ich aber immer schlechter. Besonders im fortschreitenden Spiel weiß ich nie, ob ich mit der Zone laufen soll. Also eher etwas warten und die Spieler die Nachrücken abfarmen oder direkt versuchen in die letzte Zone zu kommen? Was funktioniert für euch besser? Letztens voll gefreut, dass ich mit den letzten 6 Leuten in die Zone komme, werde sofort mit der AWM weggeholt, der da schon ewig saß. Zweite Frage: Warum kann ich nichts in das englische "General DIscussion" Forum nichts posten? Grüße
  13. Jun 30th Patch Feedback

    Patch observations The Good: Game so much more responsive. Great for the Zone to visit outlying areas. Hit detection seems so much better, shots now landing correctly and not marred by lag. The Bad: Still getting a lot of frame rate stutters. I do believe its something to do with player textures. Two members of my squad rage quit last night as frustrations boiled over. Loot Loot is now far too rare. Took our squad ten minutes to find an AR between us in one game last night. IMO this makes the game less fun as you are spending more time searching for loot and a decent weapon and less time in combat situations ie. hiding/stalking/shooting. Solution: Loot spawn needs to be increased, its been nerfed too much. Is was about correct before the patch. The Zone The Zone spawn is now far more random and with the sparse amount of vehicles and with the Zone spawning in all corners of the map, when traveling to the Zone the Blue circle moves far too fast. Sometimes even too fast for a Car to keep up. This is a major frustration. Solution: More vehicles need to spawn (especially in outlying areas) and slow down the encircling Blue circle. Observations: So my observations and predictions will be that more players will spawn in the center of the map to alleviate the frustrations of spending most of their game time looting and traveling. Vehicles are now a premium commodity and too rare. At round start players will be unwilling and more than likely unable to travel stealthily on foot anymore until later on in the round. Technically is is a good patch, but unfortunately for me game play has taken a major hit... Conclusion: Loot spawn and Zone speed has majorly affected game play and needs re-addressing....... over to you devs!
  14. Truces and Zone Armour

    Hello Bluehole, I love the game. Myself and some friends have been talking and we'd like to pitch the idea that we would love to be implemented within the game. Picture the situation. You are alone, perhaps having just lost the last member of your squad and the zone is closing in behind you. You roll your eyes as there is a lot of gunfire ahead, and if running towards that deathtrap isn't bad enough.. glancing over to your right you see another player. THIS! is the perfect time to have two game mechanics in play. A: Truces. Where for a set amount of time (or just the auto-time set by default for quick hotkey pressing) you can team up with said person / people and take on a larger threat. Obviously during this time you cannot attack each other but if you are the last two you don't win together, you have to duel or something. (There could instead be a zone of truce which may just make you invincible inside it). B: An extra armour boost for people who are running from the blue zone, but are still out of the white zone. This would give them more incentive and hope for them when otherwise running straight towards their doom (the blue may still hurt them just as much though).
  15. I've played a decent amount of the A3 BG, and recently this standalone. For the majority of mechanics (with some exceptions, like magazine proxies, bolt action anims..) Arma 3 does everything better. But that's not a massive surprise given the time spent on arma 3 in comparison to bg at this stage. Anyway, here's my constructive criticism on the current build, biggest issues first: THERE IS NO REASON FOR PLAYERS TO DIE TO THE ZONE. This is a HUGE problem and basically kills any enthusiasm I have for the game (and looking at other threads here I see I'm not the only one). Here's my argument: (1) Shooting other players is fun. (2) Dying to the zone is not fun. (3). People play games to have fun. Therefore, dying to the zone should be minimised. Hopefully I don't need to make a case for any of the premises above. There is literally no reason that the blue zone should be killing such a vast number of players — all it needs to do is restrict the play area. So how do you stop it killing so many without destroying its purpose (restrict area?) Simple: 1. THE ZONE SHOULD NEVER EXCEED THE PLAYER'S RUN SPEED. This makes the zone itself the warning; you won't get caught out and killed by the game; but neither can you stay outside it forever. Additionally zone damage shouldn't ever increase, it should have a constant value (of the first wave — the later wave zone damage is fucking ridiculous). If you're worried about people staying outside the zone for too long, you could tie damage to their 'depth' in the zone, but that seems unnecessary to me. The additional fix you get from reducing the zone speed and damage is you're not as harshly forced to run into the open and die to players who happened to have the zone land on them; it's one of the worst bits of RNG in the game. It's not skill who wins the match, just luck on getting the zone 90% of the time. Making the last few zones fixed (ie always reduces to the center) would mitigate this somewhat. ATM it's a poor mechanic that forces you to do stupid things (run into enemy's who have cover) and die or get overtaken and die. Neither are much fun and remove any chance of strategic gameplay. With slower and less damaging zones you're still forcing their hand, but not in a way that completely fucks them. tl;dr: the zone should not be killing anyone, ever. It's the single biggest thing ruining this game for me, and such a simple fix. First person only is such an obvious fix for so many unfair third person exploits it boggles my mind the game even includes third person. I really hope it wasn't added because of the whole clothing-item-lootcrate nonsense. Damage. Does armour actually do anything? Sometimes with level3 vest/helmet I get killed in 4 shots with 5.56 in the blink of an eye. How much influence on damage does the ammo have, or is it all down to the gun? I don't have much hopes for accurate damage given how 7.62x39 seems to be a magical caliber that fits in everything from revolvers to, of all things, the M24. Damage does seem inconsistent too, sometimes players survive a lot more than is reasonable. Especially when downed, it takes way too many shots to totally kill them. What's the point of bolt actions when an assault rifle seems better in every way? I feel like it would've been nicer to have tiers of weapons from .22lr to the very rare .338, but having .338 actually mean something. Currently people seem able to shrug off a .338 shot (or two...) to the chest. Why even bother? Rare stuff should be good; especially considering how little time you have to actually use long range stuff given how harshly the zone contracts. Looting. Personally I don't have any issues with the amount of loot, but I fear having to repeatedly loot for gear will get tedious — especially when you tend to spend more time looting than you do in combat: the game split by time is probably 30% looting, 60% running from the zone, 10% combat. That's not a very fun ratio. Another element of RNG we've come to hate is the cars flipping. Hit a little bump? Roll the dice on whether you flip or not. Maybe having a helmet should stop you from being downed when thrown from a bike. I feel like medical could be a bit more advanced; it's a bit ridiculous how fast players get get back to 70%+, and there are no bleeding mechanics or slowness from damage (particularly to legs) and no deviation on your aim when hit, so you can just tank damage and returning perfectly accurate fire.... this is bad. Even slight deviations would be enough to stop people spinning and snap headshotting you. Why, why, why, did you feel the need to copy an arma3 workaround (spawning players on an island until the correct number of players joins)? Did you not consider making the waiting stage either a simple lobby, or, I don't know, a quick FFA DM with respawns, so you actually have something to do if you aren't already tabbed out watching it's always sunny in philadelphia? Minor gripes now; the time it takes to consume adrenaline makes it useless; it should be only take a second or so since it's an injection. Considering the rarity, you might want to make it useful. Another thought it allow downed players to use it to revive themselves; though you'd need to keep them alive if they're the last downed player in that case. ACOGs are so valueable and yet so rare; perhaps there needs to be an equivalent, like a 3.5x. If you add a system to combine items, you could have a G33 Magnifier, so if you find that by itself you get zoom but no reticle, but if you combine it with an eotech or whatever you get zoom+reticle.
  16. Since the last Update. Windows 10 Prof 64Bit GForce 1070 GTX
  17. Are you guys serious?! Every game there are ppl waiting outside the zone killing someone whos running in last seconds (me - want to win the game #1) killing me from behind to die 5 seconds after it from zone dmg! WTF?!?! Dont you want to win this game?? Are you just here to f*ck around with people? YOU CANT WIN LIKE THIS. So stop it or dont play the game! #thisismorestupidthenthetoiletshotguncampers #youwontwinasinglegameidiots -.-*******
  18. Players out of zone appear on map

    I wanted to suggest that if a player is outside of the zone he should be revealed on the map for other players, or atleast be "pinged" once every 10 seconds or similar showing his location.
  19. Zones to have two phases.

    I have been thinking about the zone aspect of the game. At the first zones the damage is small and it can be ignored for a while, and at the endgame the zone will do huge damage. This causes the game to be too much of a running simulator at the end. (imo). Just RNG who sees who while trying to survice the wall. What if the zone would be in two phases. First the normal shrinking as it is currently and after that a second phase that would gradually strengthen the zone damage. The in the first phase the wall would case the same amount of damage as the first circle and after that the damage would climb to the higher levels, untill it starts to shrink again. That would allow players to reach the target zones more reliably and still allow the endgame "out of zone" fights.
  20. You know, that blue zone that keeps closing more and more when you play ? I think it needs to do more damage. What I mean by that is that, the first/second and third round of the shield closing, is pretty irrelevant. You can be in the shield without worrying to die. You know that last moment when the shied does a lot of damage (when theres like 10 players left) ? This is how it should work.. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I find it stupid that people stays in the back for 5 minutes in the shield and just keep healing and therefor, wont die at all. Whats the point of the shield ? Its not FORCING people to get in the safe zone. Thats my point. TLDR: The shield should ALWAYS do the same amount of damage, regardless of the "wave" number.
  21. Zone shrink speed

    Hello, Sometime the game starts with less than 90 players online. Not very often but still it happens. My suggestion is to adapt shrink speed to number of players. The less players start the game, the faster speed of the shrink should be. It will make the game more dynamic and fun instead of long and boring looting with 40 players on the map from the start. Do not get me wrong, for 90+ players on the start, speed of zone is perfect. Not so good for less crowded games. Moreover the zone speed could adapt dynamically depending on living players (excluding spectators) in the same way I described above.