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I have a few chicken dinners under my belt and I think there are some legit tips here.

As someone said previously, putting yourself in a position to win - Top 10 is half the battle. Once you are there execution is now key. You have to be extra alert and smart about your surroundings. Use the land to YOUR advantage. If you're going to take a shot - make sure you're in a position to kill them. If not, you have now given away your position and now that target or even a different one has now got you in their sights.

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I have almost 20 wins, so I hope I can be of assistance to anyone needing help in the top 10! 

So the biggest thing I noticed was that I always got scared and preemptively would run into the small circle.  I would get nervous about not being able to make it into the circle in time, so I would get up and run and usually get shot by the few guys that are left lurking around.  Also, if I made it to a late game circle while there was a lot of time left, I would often find myself in between the remaining players, and I would get shot from all around.  So, if you are doing what I used to do, stop that immediately as it will get you killed more times than not :D Here are a few more tips you should try to follow late game.

  1. Always try to be full boost if you have the meds to do so.  Being full boost is a thing that a lot of people take for granted.  The extra move speed works wonders for working the edge of the circle late game, as well as the health regen it gives if you get shot or take circle hits.
  2. Don't try to re position so early.  Usually people will get scared and run to a small late game circle, and this is your time to strike.  If you have to re position because you are very far from the next circle, give yourself enough time to run the edge of the circle, don't run straight to it, that is how you get pinched.
  3. One of the biggest tips here, and one of the most important, STAY CALM!!!! Before I got my first win, when I made it to top 10, I would get so nervous. My heart would race.  This leads to tensing up, which leads to bad decision making.  Stay calm, cool, and collected, play like you did for the whole game to get to where you are now, and get that dang Chicken dinner.
  4. Scout out the circle before hand: In super late game circles, you usually have view of the whole play area, but not all the players.  Scout out points in the next circle that you think will provide good cover, and then check to see if people are hiding there.  Usually if you think a spot is good to hide in, someone else does as well.
  5. Try to chose the right load out for the occasion:  Usually after the first or second circle, you will have a rough idea of where the circle will end, whether it being in a city, a field, or a tree area.  I always like to have a automatic AR as well as a sniper or SMG.  Some of my friends run double AR, and it baffles me sometimes.  You always want to have a load out that can make you deadly in every scenario.  My personal pic is an AR that can go automatic and a sniper rifle or SMG.

Most importantly, just have fun! When you try so hard to win, sometimes you find yourself camping, not getting good loot ,and just lurking around.  Play aggressive, get geared out of your mind, and demolish anyone in your path.  I hope your chicken dinners are plentiful! You can also look at my YouTube channel, Mellun Gaming, if you want to see how you should move late game, I am always happy to help if you have anyone has any questions!

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* Let the silencer choose your main weapon.

* Everytime you shot people will move to your location and try to loot you so unless you have a silencer make your shots count, don't shot at that car going full speed 300 meters away from you.

* If you see two guys fighting, hold your fire until one of them is dead. that way two guys is dead instead of just one, even if you can't get a clear shot on the winner of that fight you will know where he is so you can shot him next time he move.

* Remember how the plane did fly, one side of the circle will have much more people on it then the side away from the plane so try to go around and stay at the border when the circle gets smaller that way you can have your back free of enemys.

* When the circle is very small and there is like 5 guys left, drop your long range weapon and backpack, then it will be harder to spot you.

* Bring atleast 3 frag grenades, even smoke grenade work if you can't find enough frags because if you throw one behind a tree och rock there you know someone is hiding they will run.

* Don't be afraid of using cars in late game, yes everyone hear you and that go against all my other tips but it is still better to take a car then running 200 meter over a open field.

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