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A few suggestions

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Hey all, 

So I had been under a rock for the first 2.5 weeks this game was released. With all truth this is the best gaming investment I've made in years.  -in love

the following are some ideas I'd like to see:

-the option to see a recent players list and or quick add for friends on steam.   

-the option to spectate in solo ques to watch how others play and learn from a match.  Maybe if you make it to the top 25 or less you have the option instead of returning to lobby.  

-add breathing apparatus drops to allow underwater breathing for double the time

-add a text chat feature with channels /s for squad, /d for duo, / w for open world.  

Those are all for now but I feel like I could sit for hours and brainstorm.  


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How about splitting up your sugestions into multiple threads so that every single one can be discuessed on it's own?

In this form your feedback will just get under because no one reads this list.

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