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ShatterNL's PUBG Map v0.09

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It's PUBG 1.0 Release day! Woohoo!




I've made a pretty big update for my Erangel map and a first version of my Miramar map is now available as well! Keep in mind that this is the first Miramar map, just like my Erangel map all feedback is welcome to make improvements!


You can also find this guide on Steam.

Or discuss it on Reddit!


Clarification on the legend:

  • Garages: Garage buildings that have a high chance of spawning vehiclest
  • Vehicle Spawn: Locations where vehicles can spawn.
  • Boat Spawn: Locations where boats can spawn.
  • Military Loot: Locations where there's a higher chance of finding Military Grade equipment. (Lvl 3 Gear, Attachments)
  • High Risk (Red) - Lots of players will go here if the airplane flies over or near it.
  • Medium Risk (Yellow): Players might go here if the airplane flies over/near it.


Main map legend idea inspired by /u/Pvtjace


0.9 Changes:

  • Changed the wording for "High/Medium % Loot" to "High/Medium Risk", these Red/Yellow areas now show popular drop locations where lots of players will be dropping if the plane comes close.
  • Changed the Legend description wording.
  • Added map names (Erangel/Miramar).


Erangel Changes:

  • Lots of boats and car spawns added, I'd say almost final. (Let me know if I miss any spawns!)
  • Shortened "Novorepnoye Radio" to "Novo Radio".
  • Removed a couple of Medium Risk areas



  • First version, lots of vehicles + boats, probably missing a bunch so feedback is appreciated.
  • High Risk, Medium Risk is based on my gameplay experience on Test Servers so far, but will probably have to be adjusted in the coming weeks with more info + feedback by you guys!
  • Extra name: "Construction Tunnel", more will probably come in the future, but Miramar has lots of callouts in comparison to Erangel.

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I would consider Hacienda del Patron as a popular drop zone too. It is sort of a school equivalent imo.

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