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I have been playing PUBG for about a week now and I have found numerous things that have been really making me quite upset with this game even though I LOVE :x this game. I can almost guarantee that the community will agree with this post.

1. The prices of crates is ridiculous, you increase the price but the chances dont get better.. doesn't make any sense why anyone would spend 4.2k for a crate to give you some bad pair of boots when we can wait tell Monday and spend 700 for the same odds. Fact of the matter is, when you buy a crate for 700, then 1400, then 2800 and then 4200, IT IS COMMON TO HAVE THE ITEMS FROM THOSE CRATES TO INCREASE IN QUALITY. Any game that you play, that has a currency system either has the currency at a stable rate that does not change, or they have the items that you can obtain to be of higher quality as the price of the reward item increases. PLEASE FIX THIS CURRENCY SYSTEM.

2. Grenades.. It takes way to long to sit and hold the button then wait for our player to pull the pin or light the cocktail then throw it just takes way to long and by the time I get one grenade off they get 6 shots and or kill me.

3. ONE HUGE ISSUE that I have and is REALLY REALLY making me mad is the rating loss when YOUR client crashes.. How do you expect players to climb the ranks due to a FLAW in your system. There has to be a way for you guys to make a script or something that tells the game if the client crashes to avoid penalties. ALSO server lag.... YOU HAVE TO FIX THAT because on a game this huge and a game that takes ALOT of tactical moves its nearly impossible to play this game the way its meant to be played with lag.

4. There needs to be more weapons spread through out the map because 99% of the time I go into a small town its only a pistol or shotgun and in order to get a GOOD weapon I have to run to a condensed city with 20 other people and HOPE I dont die getting a better weapon.

5. Another thing that needs to be done is we NEED more weapons put into the game (which will help with better variety in different zones/places). We also NEED a lot more choices for cosmetics from the crates, I hate spending 1k+ BP and getting the same item over and over which only sells for 30 BP for being a duplicate. 

6. We also need another map or maps because people are able to predict very easily where people will go and what spots are best to camp, with this being said just keep in mind that this game needs to be harder to know where people are and where to find them instead of just playing for 2 weeks and remembering every zone/city/hot spot.

7. I have also experienced NUMEROUS occasions where myself and my duo will be in the same game and then one of our clients will lag out and he/I will still be in the SAME game zone, but we cannot see one another and cannot group up. I have consistently seen this happen to myself and others that play. When your game lags or zones out while playing in a DUO/SQUAD and we cannot see one another, that is a big indicator that there are some coding flaws. This is another system flaw that lowers team rating and global rating and this is unfair to the players because this is something that we as the community cannot control. This is directly something that the developers control.

8. I also noticed when you RELOAD/LOAD the S1867 Shotgun, the person actually loads 6 bullets but the gun only holds 5. This causes EXTRA and UN-NECESSARY TIME when loading the weapon. If the weapon only has 5 bullets in the chamber, YOU SHOULD NOT BE LOADING 6. This is A HUGE bug as 1 seconds is the matter of life and death. PLEASE make sure to verify this, as I have verified it with 3 games consecutively.


I would like to add that I have a 3500$ computer that I have built myself, I have made sure the benchmarks of my hardware surpass the minimum requirements. When a computer, considered virtually a super computer, has issues with a game like the ones I am experiencing first hand... There is NO justification as to pointing the finger at the persons computer. Granted, there are some people who dont have viable computers or internet connection but I am an elite gamer that goes above and beyond any requirement that any game can posses. 400MBPS Download Speed, about 1G Upload Speed & computer hardware that has: 1000W Power Supply, 32GB RAM, 2TB Hard Drive Space, Radeon Graphic Card > NVIDIA Benchmarks. THERE IS NO WAY MY COMPUTER (or anyone else who has comparable hardware parameters) can be experiencing these issues and it lie directly within user error OR device/computer hardware discrepancies.


PLEASE TAKE ALL OF THIS FEEDBACK INTO CONSIDERATION WHEN "ENHANCING" THE GAME. It is IMPERATIVE that the people in the community are able to play this game and enjoy it. These are things that should be minor fixes, some not so much but I am providing feedback to your development team with care for the games evolution, and the communities enjoyment. 


I will be looking for other flaws/bugs as well to provide to your development team as I come across them. Thank you for taking the time to read this & I really hope you consider all of the above feedback. I am not your average gamer or person. I work for a multi-million dollar corporation as a software engineer/ I.T. / Technical Support for Intuit Quickbooks Online. I work with coding all day and fix the software that runs off of the code. I am fully aware of the capabilities and possibilities if the source, servers and hardware is sufficient on the development side. Once again, thank you for reading this! :D


Best Regards, 

XSnakeEyesX :ph34r:

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I'm kind of there ^ with you as well. Some of these issues have been addressed. Whether it's directly or indirectly could be up for interpretation. But yea. 

I've never noticed lag where I can't find my teammates. I also haven't had a game crash that was in the main island and not the starting lobby island. Even then, it's only happened to me once in lobby island and a few others to teammates. 


Also, 400MBPS = 3200Mbps.... I'm not gonna doubt your statement, but that's some pretty crazy internet you got there. 

Only one I agree is grenade and shotgun but eh, we'll see. Also, some of these (as I stated before) have been brought up before and have dedicated threads for discussion. We'll see what happens lol

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