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We created a Discord group as well as XBOX Live Club for the over 25 crowd. (Currently 275+ members between our Discord Group and XBL Club.)


Our Discord has many subsection chats for LFG (Looking for Squad, Duo, & FPP) , Tips & Strategy , and General Chat. We have a few Voice channels for squads who prefer to use that way to communicate in the game. We also have a room dedicated to promoting our broadcasting players that sends out notifications when you go live. 


We are starting up our next Duo/Squad Tournaments on March 26th. The format is pretty simple: 2 games per week per team, Squad leader broadcasts team and takes a snapshot after each game to post for points in our Discord, tournament mods verify each teams broadcasts and points, depending on how many teams there are a certain amounts of teams a eliminated each week, final week is 3 teams that battle it out for 1st 2nd and 3rd place. We have talks about starting a pool system in the future for prizes. Bring your own team or join and meet someone new to play with. We have chat dedicated to pairing up people looking for squads and duos to enter the tournament. Signups end on Friday March 23rd. All players in tournament have to be signed up in our Discord or XBL club.


Please do not try to get our Discord to join your Discord to team up. Our group is not only based around the tournament. If your players aren't interested in joining our group or participating in our general play with other members this place is not for you.


Also if you are not interested in playing in the tournaments we have plenty of members from the US and UK playing at all hours. Our LFG chats make it easy to connect up to a group looking for additional players. We never have issues finding someone to play with. If you are in the US you have daytimes with the UK folks and all night with our US folks.


 The average age range in our group is between 30-35. Mic is a must. If you join the Discord chat use your gamertag as your name, if you already have Discord you can change your name for our group only. When you join we will verify your gamertag as well as send you an invite into our Xbox live club.


Here is a link to our Discord. https://discord.gg/4T326pz   XBL Club search for: LOWT PUBG Club

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14 hours ago, SvN Zeus said:

Great group to play with of casual gamers! 

Thanks SvN Zeus you guys are a fun group as well. 

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