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New weapons?

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Sasuke    19
Posted (edited)

I want to make a thread where people can suggest what new weapons they would like to see in the game & possibly the devs could take a look at what the community wants :P Personally I'd like to see these guns:


Dragonov - SNIPER


STG 44 - AR

This is just a short list of guns I'd love to see in the game, let me know what type of guns you'd like to see as I'm interested :)



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Most of your suggestions have been previously discussed in an existing topic. We encourage users to use the search facility and add to existing discussions in an effort to keep the forum clean for the developers and community team for reporting purposes. 

As the rules point out if anything is created that already exists your post may be deleted or locked. 

Merging occurs if your post contributes towards an existing topic or on-going discussion and if it is feasible to do so. 

In addition to this topics that are merged help develop ideas and add further discussion for refinement. If there were a plethora of threads with the same suggestion, most would be overlooked; It would prove to be counter productive and not well organized for BlueHole and the community.

Thank you for the feedback and suggestions you have provided already! 

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