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Frequent server lag

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Me and my duo partner have encountered a lot of server lag since the server update. Moving about in the game is fine, but any action (opening doors, vaulting, looting, etc) takes over a full second. Sometimes restarting our PCs work, but it's an inconsistent fix. In addition, we'll also encounter rubberbanding (although, that only happens for a few seconds, whereas the other lag is constant throughout the duration of the game). So far, we have:


Restarted our PCs (sometimes works, inconsistent)

Tried a different Internet connection (didn't work)

Updated graphics drivers (didn't work)

Tried different regions (happens on both EU and NA)

Restarted Steam (doesn't work)

Restarted PUBG (doesn't work)



This only happens in PUBG, not any other game (e.g. Overwatch)



System information for both me and my partner:


On the same Virgin Media 200Mbps connection


My PC:

Ryzen 5 1600 @ stock speeds
16GB of DDR4, CL15, 3000MHz Corsair RAM

Nvidia GTX 1080 @ stock speeds


1080,144Hz monitor


Their PC:

Intel i5-4690k @ stock speeds

16GB of DDR3, CL10, 1866MHz Kingston RAM

GTX1070 @ stock speeds

4K monitor



Please fix this soon!

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Posted (edited)

I'm not having full second delays, but I am seeing some pretty bad server stuttering.  Teleporting around at times.  Edit: this is on Solo NA servers.

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Same Here,, game still has not improved much at all over the last year.    Lag spikes. not being able to open doors until about the 4th try, getting 2 feet from someone and the game goes all herky jerky,  teleporting past doors , not being able to pick up shit the 1st attempt and getting knocked down 6 feet into a room around the corner  well out sight of the shooter from my end.. but yet I still seem to play this aggravating some of a %U%*(.........................I need my head checked I guess.  They just cant seem to get it together.

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I have the same problem and I am with Virgin Media 200 Mbps too. So I thought it might be related to the internet provider as from time to time it happens in battlefield 4 as well. But it coincided with the release of one of the updates in PUBG so it still might be the issue with the game. Have a look at your DNS make sure 'Auto' box is ticked as my DNS was and i have changed it to auto and it seemed to help a little bit, but lagging still returns from time to time.

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