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Bug Teleportation

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So I was in a random squad match when our partner vaulted over a wall then teleported him to the middle of the ocean. I’ve read about this once and now i have personally experienced it.   



Map: erangel

location: rozhok

Tpp squads 



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I do not have a clip but the same thing happened to me last night. I was climbing on a crate in a hangar in El Pozo then I was falling a long way, I landed and took some damage,  then realized I had been magically transported to the opposite end of the map where the caverns are. WTF!! Just said to my squad look on the map and see where I am. First shock then a lot of laughter. 


I am using a One X and prior to the last update which is looking to me like it was designed to help owners of OG and S machines had really screwed it up for the X owners. I have never had any rendering issues either but every single game it is happening.  Please get it sorted.

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