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**Kiyres CLAN [ PUBG Mobile ]**

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In-Game Name: RoguePatriot27


Your level:32

Your highest Tier:Gold II

Your skills: Sniping and Running and Gunning 

Why should we accept you?:I'm a good team player decent on callouts. 

Have you read the rules?:yes

Do you accept the rules?:yes

What about the requirements?:I accept and meet all requirements 

Do you have a working microphone?:yes

What language do you speak?:English 

What's the most visited place in Erangel?:I either like going to Military Base or Somewhere along the outer edge

What's the most visited place in Miramar?: Dont play Miramar mucg but I go to the minas 

Last question
Tell us a bit about yourself ( Not Necessary, it helps us understand you
better.. I'm former military

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