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Having a mode like High Stakes in PUBG would be fun

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I hope it's not against the rules to talk about a small little game which is seen as PUBG's major rival, but I'd love to see this kind of mode in PUBG:


There are 4 jewels scattered around the map, and the first 4 teams to grab the jewels and successfully escape from the island win. Not only does it sound like a fun twist on the Battle Royale formula, I think the idea of having goals in very specific positions will funnel people into more fights, and I like the idea of having more than one winning team.


By the way, this is not a Fortnite vs PUBG thread (I don't even play Fortnite), but I do think it would be smart for Bluehole to look at anything clever Epic comes up with so they can borrow some of the ideas (the same way Epic borrowed the idea of Battle Royale from Bluehole to begin with).

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