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What are your current thoughts on the new pinging / 3d marker implementation?

What do you think of the current pinging system?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of the current pinging system?

    • It should be nerfed even more or get removed from the game entirely.
    • I like it as it is.
    • It was over-nerfed and should be closer to its initial implementation.
    • I don't care.

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When 3d marking / pinging (I'll refer to it as pinging from now) was initially added to the test server it was a very controversial topic, and people's opinions on it was very divided (I can remember a big poll where votes were nearly perfectly 50% split between "remove" and "keep").


Nearly 2 months later, pinging has now been added to live servers in a revised form. These are the changes:

  • You don't see the marker in the world itself (in other words, there's no actual 3d marker anymore).
  • There's no marker on the map when you ping.
  • You'll see a line marker on the compass when you ping. The middle of the line corresponds to where you pinged.
  • This marker on the compass disappears after 4 and a half seconds.
  • Pinging has a cooldown of 2 and a half seconds.


I personally think Bluehole nerfed the pinging wrong way. They made it more finicky and difficult to use rather than making it less accurate. Though you only see the marker on the compass it does correspond the exact position you marked. So it's still possible to mark someone a target hiding behind a bush your teammate doesn't see and tell your teammate "shoot my ping" which is one of the scenarios people complained about with the previous system.


Personally, I think the previous system was fine but they could have randomized the exact position of the ping (let's say the game would modify the ping coordinates by up to 5 meters using a random horizontal vector). That way it simplifies communication (especially in situations where there's some kind of communication barrier, like someone not using a mic or two people speaking different languages) without letting you pinpoint a target's exact position.

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3D world marker had to be removed, way too op and too much abuse potential.


I don't use compass directions at all, don't even bother looking for 155° direction because I am in another place anyway and need the correct distance. I always call them out or mark the exact spot / house on the minimap. Now I still have to go into the map and place it manually.

Defeats the whole purpose of the marker system.


Why only radical approaches and no common sense approach in a rational way?

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The best way to make the marker useful is to place it like it is now but adds on minimap so on my compass will be the right place and not to have to calculate my position to my team mate position. 

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I don't have a strong opinion on the the 3D marker or no 3D marker discussion but "randomized position for marking" WHAT??? please no. just no.

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I would like this.

 Firstly the player can place a marker on the map as normal but he could also use a 3d marker system to indicate a place that is in his direct line of sight. This would only be visible to any teammates who also have direct line of sight. So if 2  are stood next to each other they must risk stepping out to place the marker and the second one must step out to view it. Example is they are viewing a building at the front then 1 could place a marker on a window where the enemy was seen. the teammates at the front could see the marker only if they peek to see it and it would not be visible through buildings. The other teammates at the back of the building or not in line of site would not be able to see the marker at all unless they moved to the front before the marker dissapears after say 5 secs. This would help in random squads especially with the language barrier. Maybe the marker could be a little man to separate it from the ordinary marker. 

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