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Version 6.0.0 is Live

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Hi Everyone! Thank you very much for your patience these last few days. Version 6.0.0 is now live.

Data Changes:

  • [PC] Season stats from 10/3 onwards will be global and sharded by platform. PC Data prior to 10/3 and Xbox data will still be accessible with the old URL format.
  • [PC] PC seasons after division.bro.official.2018-09 will be in the format division.bro.official.pc-{Year-Season number} rather than division.bro.official.{Year-Month}. The first season after division.bro.official.2018-09 is division.bro.official.pc-2018-01.


New Data:

  • [PC] participant.attributes.stats.rankPoints
  • [PC] match.attributes.seasonState
  • [PC] LogMatchDefinition.SeasonState
  • [PC] playerSeason.attributes.gameModeStats.{gameMode}.bestRankPoint
  • [PC] playerSeason.attributes.gameModeStats.{gameMode}.dailyWins
  • [PC] playerSeason.attributes.gameModeStats.{gameMode}.rankPoints
  • [PC] playerSeason.attributes.gameModeStats.{gameMode}.swimDistance
  • [PC] playerSeason.attributes.gameModeStats.{gameMode}.weeklyWins



  • [PC] participant.attributes.stats.killPoints
  • [PC] participant.attributes.stats.killPointsDelta
  • [PC] participant.attributes.stats.winPoints
  • [PC] participant.attributes.stats.winPointsDelta
  • [PC] playerSeason.attributes.gameModeStats.{gameMode}.killPoints
  • [PC] playerSeason.attributes.gameModeStats.{gameMode}.winPoints


Old PC (Prior to 10/3) / Xbox URL Format For Season Stats:


New PC URL Format For Season Stats (Beginning 10/3):
`https://api.pubg.com/shards/{steam or kakao}/players/{accountId}/seasons/{seasonId}`


The new data will not show up for records prior to 10/3 and the new season data will be empty for Xbox. Deprecated killPoints, killPointsDelta, winPoints, and winPointsDelta will be "0" for PC beginning on 10/3.

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